I decided to do another fan fiction. I got bored wit the other one. I hope you enjoy!


This story has nothing to do with "Dang O' Ponies"

November 11, 2007

"I hope you live forever. I really do." Peggy Hill whispered. She was sitting to the dying Cotton Hill.

"Do you now?" Cotton quipped. He let out an evil laugh and rested his head on his pillow...dead.

Peggy shook his shoulder and then put her hand on her mouth, gasping.


That's all i could see.

After dyin' in mah death bed i woke up to find mahself in this whiteness.

i slowly stood up and began lookin' around.

"Where the hell am i?" i said in confusion.

i heard a loud voice said, "You are in the afterlife, Cotton Hill."

i looked up. "God?"

i heard the voice again. "Yes it is I."

i shook mah head chuckling. "So your sendin' me to hell, huh?"

"No. Though you have lived an evil life, I will give you a second chance."

i laughed. "Me? Change? Grow up God!"

"I will send you to a world that does not exist until about three years from now. A world that may change you."

i growled. "Where?"

i waited for a response but didn't get one.

When i blinked...

...i suddenly appeared in some forest.

i looked around but couldn't see anyone.

"Jesus Christ" i muttered, puttin' my hand on my head.

Wait a minute...

i looked at my hand, or should i say...HOOF!

i ran to a puddle and saw my reflection.


i was a horse. My body was army green. i had a white mane and tail. My skin looked slightly raggy. i also had blood red eyes.

i shook my head. i can't believe i'm in a world that looks like a kids' show.

i walked around, hopin' to find someone.

After a few minutes, i came across wit this yellow pony with a pink mane and tail. She was looking at this white rabbit who was pushing away a carrot.

"Come on, Angel." She said. "Eat your food."

i dropped my jaw. A TALKING PONY? !

All of a sudden, i saw this blue winged pony wit a freaking RAINBOW mane flying and landed next to the yellow pony.

"You ready for the picnic Fluttershy?" the blue pony asked, surprising me.

The yellow pony smiled weakly to the blue pony. "I'm almost done. Just give me a few more minutes."

The blue pony smiled. "Sure thing" She then started flying away.

i shook mah head. How did i get mahself into this mess?

Was it the fitty men i killed? ? ? ? ?

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