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"Yes, Ms. Poirot. I expect you to be able to talk to Holmes and finally capture Europe's most wanted; Houtarou Lupin and Satoshi Moriarty, got it?"

Mayaka Poirot had her arms crossed with a pout on her face. She doesn't want to work with anyone.

"Poirot, do you understand?" the Captain repeated. Mayaka sighed, and then faced her captain. "You know that I work best when I am alone." She reasoned. "But its Moriarty and Lupin we're talking about. Or have you forgotten your last encounter with Moriarty?"

"Nope, I remember it as clear as yesterday."

"Good. Now go and team up with Holmes."

"Yes, sir." She muttered. "I expect you at Ms. Holmes's residence by… 3 pm." He said. Mayaka nodded and agreed. "Is that all?" she asked.

"Yes, that is all. You are dismissed."

Mayaka walked out of the station and went in her car. "Well, Lupin is not my problem. It's Holmes'. It's that Moriarty that I have a bone to pick with." She muttered as she was starting her car.

After that car ride, she prepared herself in meeting Eru Holmes, London's most known detective. She went out of the car and walked towards the gate and rang the doorbell. After she rang, Eru got out of her house then opened the gate.

"I was expecting you, Ms. Poirot." Eru said politely. Mayaka nodded and presented her hand to her. "It's nice to meet you, Ms. Holmes." Eru took her hand and smiled. "The pleasure is mine."

Eru lead her guest in her house. She led the brunette to the living room and had their conversation there.

"We'll require a lot of thinking on this one." Mayaka said. "Both Lupin and Moriarty are geniuses when it comes to outsmarting us." She continued. Eru could only nod and agree. "Have you encountered Lupin, Ms. Holmes?" Eru glanced at Mayaka shyly.

"Yes, but only once. And please call me Eru." Mayaka raised an eyebrow at the detective opposite to her. Why was she acting so bashful? She thought.

The two detectives continued their talk until they landed on a plan.

"From a source I've got, Lupin and Moriarty teamed up to rob London's museum." Eru told her partner. Mayaka nodded. "Where did you get such information?" she asked.

"From my station." Eru answered. Mayaka thought about it for a while, and then agreed with her.

"Tonight, we'll wait for them." Eru said.

That night was the night of the raid. The raid of Lupin and Moriarty, Europe's most wanted. Inside Mayaka's car, Eru started to say something.

"Lupin is an enemy, don't stare at his eyes for so long and don't fall for his words again." said the raven-haired detective over and over again. Mayaka raised her eyebrow at her. Eru noticed this and blushed in embarrassment. "Have you heard what I said?"

"Yes, every single word."

Eru sighed, and then relaxed herself. "I think I should tell you about my first encounter with Houtarou Lupin." She said bashfully. Mayaka then started to drive slowly. "It was when he robbed the house of the mayor of London…"

Eru silently tip-toed her way on following Lupin through the corridors of the house. It was her first time to encounter Lupin, and she was confident to capture him since she did a small research about him. When the gentleman entered a room, Eru hurriedly went in, knowing that she had him cornered.

But it was the other way around. The door behind her closed, trapping her inside (the lock was outside the door). She gasped, and tried to open the door. Suddenly, she heard a gentle tap on the floor. She turned around to find where the noise came from, and found Lupin about two meters away from her.

"Having a nice night, Holmes?" Houtarou said with a smirk. Eru glared at him and tried to turn the tables. "I got you cornered, Lupin! Surrender peacefully or else-"

"I am only seeking for the precious necklace that the mayor has."

Eru felt a drop of sweat rolling at the side of her head. Lupin covered himself with his cape, then suddenly vanished, completely surprising the detective. "Huh? Where is-"

Before she could finish her sentence, she felt a hand that grabbed her waist. Europe's most wanted thief had London's finest detective at his arms. Her back facing him, he whispered something gently on her ear.

"I know that the necklace isn't anywhere in this house. You're quite the genius, Holmes." He said. Eru gulped and looked for an alternative weapon to knock the gentleman locking her. "But, you're not smart enough." Houtarou again whispered, making Eru completely think out of focus. Then, he grabbed the necklace from one of her pockets.

He released her. But before doing so, he let his lips graze her cheek. And this made the detective blush furiously. Houtarou looked back at Eru as he escaped. Eru saw nothing in his eyes but dullness. "Thanks for the help. Getting this from you helped me save some energy." He plainly said, and made his escape at the nearby window. Eru could only watch in shock, as her other free hand felt the cheek in where his lips had touched.

"He really did that?" Mayaka said in astonishment. Eru nodded lightly and fidgeted with her fingers. "He's quite the romanticist." The brunette said.

Moments later, they finally reached the said museum. They went through the backdoor and found different crowns and jewelries, probably from the medieval ages. There, they hid under a table with a small hole in it. With the whole, they can see the whole museum.

Minutes had passes, the saw a rope in the middle of the museum coming from above. Then, their first target came down; Satoshi Moriarty. He was signaling someone from above to come down. Then, Houtarou Lupin made his entrance, as gently as ever. Eru gulped as she once again saw him.

Sneakily the two thieves made their way to a tiara studded with rubies and emeralds. Satoshi opened the glass box while Houtarou gently grabbed the said tiara. The two other detectives sneakily made their way nearer the men, planning to surprise them.

"This tiara is such a beauty, right Satoshi?" He told his comrade. Satoshi agreed enthusiastically. "It certainly fits you, dear Holmes." He continued, as he revealed the two detectives behind a curtain. Mayaka glared at Houtarou, and then hit him with her cane. "Eru will take cake of you! Moriarty's mine." She said angrily. She made her to Satoshi, but he only smiled at her.

"It's good to see you again, Poirot~" he said sheepishly. Mayaka pouted and tried to hit him with her cane, but the gentleman dodged it easily and grabbed Mayaka's hand. "Not fast enough! But you are improving."

Satoshi revealed a rope, and then went for the detective's wrists. "Nuh-uh, not today Poirot." He said in a scolding way. Mayaka growled at him and tried to escape free from the rope. "Damn it, Moriarty!"

Eru pinned Houtarou to the ground, trying her best to not let him escape for the second time. "The tiara's not going anywhere, Lupin." She said. He stopped struggling, and then stared deeply into the detective's eyes. "When I said that the tiara fits you, I meant it."

"W-what?" Eru stuttered, and completely loosening her grip at Houtarou's wrists. The thief managed to break free, and went to the second floor of the museum with Moriarty. After recovering from shock, Eru tried to untie Mayaka. "Don't mind me, Eru! Go after them!" the brunette said.

"Okay!" she agreed and sprinted to the second floor. As she was about to catch up with the thieves, Satoshi aimed a small bomb at the balcony where Eru is. "Whoops. Sorry Holmes!" he said. Luckily, it didn't hit her. But, it destroyed the balcony. Eru lost her balance, and below her were the finest swords of the past. She closed her eyes tightly, hoping that a miracle would happen.

And it did.

She slowly opened her eyes to see what had happened, and why hasn't she died yet. Her eyes widened when she saw Houtarou's arm wrapped around her waist securely, as his other hand was clutching on a rope tied from above. Even the young thief was as shocked as she is. He safely landed on the floor with the flustered detective in his arm. He released her, and then went along with Moriarty.

"Are you okay, Eru?" Mayaka said and went to her friend's aid. "You managed to break free?" Eru asked, while Mayaka nodded.

"Gee, ladies. It would absolutely be my pleasure chatting with you but, we've got a tiara to sell!" Satoshi said, as he and Houtarou made a jump as an escape. The two detectives could only watch in daze.

"That was a good escape, right Houtarou?" Satoshi told his companion. The two were in Satoshi's hide out. "Yeah." He replied. Satoshi scratched his head, and then stared at Houtarou. "What I don't understand was your sudden heroic deed. Why did you save Holmes?" he said, in a teasing voice. Houtarou uttered a 'hmph' and turned his head to look at the other way.

"I don't know. I just did." He said in reply. "I just did."

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