My Shattered Darling

Summary: Okay, this is my first King's Speech fic. I read a really good story about Elizabeth getting pneumonia and that inspired me to watch the King's Speech. I loved it, so that is why I'm writing this story. It is set just after the end of the movie. Dedicated to ingrid-matthews, the author of that brilliant story and to my amazing beta, Bellatrix Nellie Le-Lovett. Thank you so much, both of you!

Disclaimer: I don't own the King's Speech. The characters belong to the Royal Family of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, and to their portrayers in the movie. The events belong to British history and the movie belongs to the Weinstein Company.

Chapter One

'I was right' thought Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth, as she strolled arm in arm through the grounds of the grand royal palace that she called her home with her husband, King George VI.

"Well, I must say your speech was brilliant, Bertie. Barely a trace of a stammer. When you began, I could hardly believe it was the same man I married all those years ago. Lionel Logue has done you the world of good."

"I know you, my darling, and this is purely your w-way of stating that you were right." sighed the King, looking over at his wife and cupping her cheek with his palm, smiling at her.

"You see what I mean? You're almost there, Bertie, you just need a few more sessions with Lionel and you're cured."

"Yes. I suppose so, though I think I shall remain friends with him."

"I wouldn't expect anything less, darling; he saved the future of your country. You obviously have a bond with him and that can't be broken, not by anyone."

"Yes, he saved my livelihood, maybe even my country, but it was you that saved my life. I couldn't have done it without you, Liza, darling, I really couldn't."

"Oh, what have I ever done for this country?" asked Liza, her tone half way between questioning and exasperated.

"You are the people's Queen, the mother of the future Queen. You are my w-wife and the people respect you, not only for that, but for being who you are."

"Technically, I am Queen consort."

"Technically, you are the most beautiful woman…I have ever seen." interrupted the King, wrapping her arms further around his wife and kissing relentlessly, her laughing all the while, just as they had in the car all those years previously. They strolled out very far away from the gravel walking path, doing this, blissfully unaware of where their journey was leading them and only realising that they had done so when they almost went flying face first into the iron gates surrounding the palace.

"Blimey, that was a close one!" laughed Elizabeth, turning them both around to head back towards the path.

"I am afraid we got a little carried away there, Liza."

"Just a little, yes." laughed the Queen, causing her husband to stop and smile at her.

"Bertie, what are you smiling at?" she questioned.

"You. During the past fifteen years, you laughed around four times. Now you've equalled that total in a mere few minutes. You are a wonder, Ma'am!" ended the King, mock bowing so far that his face almost collided with the gravel.

"Why, thank you, sir!" laughed the Queen, curtseyed so low that she lost her balance altogether and would have toppled to the ground had her husband not been quick enough to catch her around the waist, pulling her to her feet once more. They then proceeded to walk separately for a while, though judging by the proximity to each other that the couple had just shared, the few feets separation was equal to total isolation, were it not for the small smiles they threw at each other every few passing moments. The pair appeared to be drifting in their own separate worlds, but Elizabeth was brought back down to earth with rather a large bump. She thought that she had heard a click, soft though it was it was definitely there. She turned her head just in time to catch sight of a glint of silver. The woman only had a split second to react once she realised what it was. She knew she ought to think about this, to warn her still ignorant husband, but she realised she wouldn't have time. Her legs were moving once her brain had barely comprehended what was happening and she threw herself across the gravel path, leaping in front of her husband and shielding him with her body.

Just as the trigger was pulled.

A/N: Sorry for the shortness of the chapter, I just didn't want to drag it on too much. The next chapters will be longer, I promise. Also, sorry for the cliffhanger. It just came to me and I thought it was pretty much perfect to end the chapter with. Please review so I know how I did!