Danny POV

It was an average friday. My parents and Jazz were away for the weekend, something with a nomination for a prize. I was sitting in my room, making my homework, when the doorbell rang. That's weird, who could that be? Maybe Jazz forgot something. I walked to the door and opened it. Behind the door, I saw Sam, holding hands with a little toddler.

"Who is that?" I asked her.

"This is Flynn, my cousin. I accidently promised my aunt that I would babysit him this weekend, but I'm going on a vacation this weekend with my parents, and I can't take him with me. And I thought, since your parents are gone and everything..."

"If he could stay here." I guessed. "Pretty please?" Sam asked, using the infamous puppy eyes. I sighed. "Well, okay then." I said.

"Oh, thank you, thank you!" Sam looked really happy. It made me smile. "He goes to bed at 7 p.m., he is allergic to chocolate and if he cries, he likes cookies. He loves watching Sesame street. Here's his backpack, with clothes, bottles and his teddy bear Dodo. Thanks again. Really gotta go now." And she left, leaving Flynn with me. I closed the door.

"Are you Sammy's boyfriend?" Flynn suddenly asked. I turned red. Flynn laughed. "No, I'm Danny, her best friend. Uhm, are you hungry or something?" Flynn nodded. "What do you want?" Flynn started thinking. It took a while before he suddenly said, "I want a pizza."

"Hey, me too! Never expected to have so much in common." I ordered two pizzas by phone. One and a half for me, and a half for Flynn. While waiting, I put Flynn in front of the tv. Sam said he likes Sesame street, so this should keep him busy for a while. I went upstairs to finish my homework. Just when I finished it, the doorbell rang. I ran down, and paid for the pizzas. I walked to the kitchen. "Flynn! Look, pizza." But then I saw Flynn was gone. The tv was still on. I panicked. He's only 4 years old. How far can he be? I tried to think of places where he could have gone. The bathroom, the backyard, the basement... The basement! I ran down the stairs, hoping not to find him there.