We were flying through the Ghost Zone, and at some point we got lost, even me not knowing how to get back.

'Great... Totally lost,' Valerie mumbled. Then, suddenly, Valerie and Flynn started to get chills. The temperature lowered quite a lot. I didn't get cold because of what Frostbyte had taught me, but I pretended to. In a matter of time, we found ourselves in an area with nothing but snow. We flew over the snow, and I suddenly remembered where we were. We drew closer and closer to... Frostbyte's camp. Then we saw him walking through the snow. Flynn didn't seem to remember him, but Valerie did. She stopped her board and made it disappear. Frostbyte then noticed us.

'Ah children, good to see you.' He looked at Valerie. 'I see you have found your friends.' And he winked at me. But Valerie wasn't planning to sympathize with the big snow monster, so she grabbed a gun and wanted to shoot, but I pushed her and she didn't hit.

'What's up with you!' she asked me. I looked her in the eyes. 'He might be able to help us.' Frostbyte knew indeed how to get back, and gave us an accurate map. Valerie tried not to be grateful, but I knew she was. And in a matter of time, we had found the portal, and passed through. When arrived in the basement, I immediatly closed the portal, and we sat down for a moment, trying to catch some breath.

'You should go home,' I told Valerie. 'We'll work things out here.' She didn't really trust me with that last thing, but her dad was probably really worried, so she nodded and left home. I looked at the clock. It was about 9 a.m. 'Are you tired?' I asked Flynn. He looked to the ground. 'A little bit.' So we went to bed, and woke up around dinner time. we were really hungry so we ate the pizza's I had ordered before, not even bothering to warm them up. We stayed up late and did all sorts of things together. The next day Sam came to pick him up.

'Was he a good boy?' she asked me.

'Very good,' and I winked at Flynn. Sam smiled. 'I hope he wasn't a bother for you or anything.' Flynn and I looked at each other. 'No, not in the least.' Sam wanted to leave.

'Wait a minute!' I told them. I looked at Flynn. 'Here. You'll want this back.' And I gave him his teddybear Dodo. He smiled and thanked me. Then I whispered, 'Make sure not to tell it to anyone.' He understood me and nodded. He knew my secret, even though I would probably never see him again. He waved as he left and I waved back. And that was the end of the most difficult babysit job ever.