Chapter 5: To Tell you the Truth...

Sonic: Before we do ANYTHING, Skullzy are you back in the 21st century?

Me: Yes! Twenty-first century breakdown! I once was lost and never was found!

Shadow: You can't sing for shit.

Me: I know.

Sonic: Lemon now?

Me: No. I said in the later chapters.

Sonic: Damn it Shadow! You translated wrong!

Shadow: I summarised.

Sonic: When Then~!

Me: Chapter 7 is my guess.

Shadow: Two more chapters? Come on Skullzy!

Me: Do you want it to be chapter ten?

Shadow & Sonic: No.

Me: Then stop complaining.

Sonic POV

I was content, asleep and at peace.

That was until I hit the floor in a subconscious roll.

"Ooff!" slithered through my gritted teeth as I made contact with the carpeting. I put my hands out in front of me and pushed myself up off of the floor.

Geez, rough night, I thought. I cocked my head to look at the at ease black hedgehog still fast sleep. Least I got to spend it with Shads. Wait…

I had a mini flash back of the last moment of consciousness we had together. "Hey, what about Tails…?" was what I recalled to say. Shadow had already been deep in slumber land, consequently I kind of forgot about it.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit~! I mused, that single word running through my brain and probably making is way past my lips, repeating itself over and over again. I shouldn't have fallen asleep goddamn it! Tails is so going to chew my ear off!

I shook my head and quickly jumped up. Speaking of the kitsune, how was he going to handle this? Oh chaos I really should have thought this through…

I quickly dusted myself off, thinking that there was a chance that the yellow kit might not have realised where I had spent the night.

I cautiously stepped out into the second floor hallway, emerald eyes darting back and forth before stealthily creeping down the stairs. Thankfully, the foyer was free of little brothers.

I stretched my arms out and yawed, I had stayed up till the early hours of the morning and it was taking its toll. Dragging my feet, I shuffled to the kitchen. I pulled open the fridge and peered inside. We had some left over Dominoes from a couple nights ago, and it needed to be used up.

I pulled the pizza out of the fridge and shut the door with my foot. I yanked open the microwave door and set it to 40 seconds.

I wonder if Shadow likes pizza… I thought. I smiled before shutting the door and pressing start.

I pivoted, "Sonic the hedgehog!" and jumped out of my friging skin.

I was staring into the annoyed baby blue eyes of Tails, arms folded over his fluffy chest, twin tails thumping, and foot tapping impatiently. "Where in Chaos's name have you been?"

I put a hand to my chest, feeling my heart thrashing itself against my rib cage. "You scared the hell outta me!" I shouted, placing a hand on the granite bench top for stability.

"What were you doing all last night?" The fox kit growled, not moving from his position.

"W-what do you mean? I slept on the couch!" I said, pulling a phoney smile.

"Don't give me that! If you did, there would be pillows and blankets on there, and not stuffed back into the linen closet and I would have seen you sleeping when I got up!" He shouted, gesturing to the living room.

It was when I didn't reply that he really broke. "You're sneaking out! Oh, Amy was right…You are seeing a girl!" he hissed, turning his back and shaking his head.

"No-no! Tails…" I sighed putting a hand on his shoulder. "I never snuck out… It's just… Why are you getting so upset over this?" I turned him around, got down on one knee and made him look into my eyes.

"It's because I love you Sonic and if it you're troubled… I'm troubled…" He sighed, looking away from my gaze and putting a hand on mine.

"I love you to little buddy, and I hate it when you're sad." I said locking glairs with the twin tailed fox. "But I'd rather not let you worry about my personal problems."

"But I hate it when you keep secrets from me! All I want to do is help…" He said quietly, but not so quietly that it could pass for a whisper.

A heavy sigh escaped my lips. "Look, if I tell you the truth, you can't tell anyone okay?"

The fox shook his head frantically.

"Good, we might want to wait for Shadow to wake up then." I said, standing up and looking around.

"Why are we waiting for me?"

Both Tails and I looked to the stairs to see a familiar black hedgehog slowly making his way down. He looked rather roughed up with his bandages and gauzes, many of which I had not noticed the previous night. I noticed his entire lower right arm was wrapped up, including his hand. In fact, it looked as if whatever blow Shadow had taken, it was aimed at his right side. His right leg was bandaged at the thigh and knee, and there was a medium sized gauze on his hip. He also limped slightly, which probably meant it had mess his leg up pretty good.

"Wait Shads! I'll help!" I said running over to him. I pulled his arm over my shoulder and placed a hand on his hip.

"I don't need help faker! I'm fine." He growled, trying to get himself off of me.

"Geez, wha'd happened on that mission?" I said, inspecting his body further.

"The usual. Bombs, exploding mock bases, that sort of stuff." Shadow replied casually, watching his rocket shoed-footing and rather damaged right leg.

I simply shook my head, but quickly turned serious once I laid eyes on a certain twin-tailed fox who was studding us carefully, an expression of bewilderment on his young features.

Shadow noticed my expression, and then the fox youth. "Sonic, we need to talk about last night." He whispered, shifting his face closer as we stopped in front of the small kit.

"I know. I think we should tell Tails." I replied in a whisper. We untangled ourselves, and I looked to the small kitsune at my front. I looked to Shadow who seemed concerned, but he slowly nodded his head, looking away from the two of us. "Well, Tails… Why don't you go into the dining room? You'd wanna sit down for this…" I said smacking my hands together. "I'll be there in a minute. I just wanna get breakfast for me and Shads."

The kitsune nodded and walked slowly off into the other room. I pivoted around and headed for the microwave to re-heat my neglected pizza.

"Sonic, we need to talk about this now." Shadow said, limping over towards me.

"Sure, fire away!" I grinned, pulling the greasy dish from the microwave and placing it on the granite.

"What… What are we now?" He asked, with a worried tone.

I turned around and looked the other square in the eye. "We could be whatever you want us to be." I said, leaning in and placing my lips on his briefly.

"Well, what do you want us to be?" He asked nervously, avoiding my gaze.

I softly grabbed his hips and pulled him in, placing fawn lips on tanned. After a few seconds, I pulled back and looked deep into his scarlet eyes. "I want us to be boyfriends."

Shadow briefly nodded and gave one of his almost-there-smiles. "I want that to."

Tails POV

My gloved fingers tapped against the wooden table. Why does it take so long to heat up pizza? I mused, Tiffany blue eyes focused on the door-less arch that led to the foyer and kitchen.

Excited wasn't really a word to describe what I was feeling right now. I wasn't joyous (Like a kid on Christmas Eve joyous) to finally find out what was bothering my older brother. I simply was glad that he was getting whatever it was off his chest. And who knows, maybe I could tell him something I've wanted to for a while…

My thoughts were interrupted when a certain gorgeous cobalt hedgehog made his way through the arch, heroically helping his black and red artificial hedgehog companion.

The interest returned to my bored face as the two sat down and Sonic's expression turned serious. "Tails… Um… you might find this kinda weird, and it…it's okay if you, but just don't hate me for it…" Emerald eyes looked away from mine and a white gloved hand scratched the back of his owners blue quills. "Oh chaos this is hard…"

I was quite confused to what my pseudo brother might be talking about, what could I find weird? What is so hard to admit?

"Tails, to tell you the truth… I'm gay…"

Oh that.

I felt my heart slightly flutter at those two words. I tried to keep a straight face, but judging by their stares, my face must have lit up. I didn't know why Sonic had such a hard time admitting it; He had always struck me as someone who was queer, or bi at the least. I might be able to tell him my feelings after all…

"And…Uh… I'm kinda going out with Shadow…"

Or not.

Now, my heart had felt like a butterfly that had just been freed from a jar, only to be eaten by the neighbourhood cat...

I swallowed hard a looked at the two official lovers. I broke their gazes and looked to the polish wood underneath my hands.

"…Little buddy?" Sonic asked placing his head on the table so our eyes could meet.

I gulped down my feelings and looked at them both with an innocent smile. "I am very happy for you two."

Sonic immediately got up and wrapped his hands around me. "Aw! Thank you Tails! You really don't mind?"

I rested my head in the crook of his neck and placed my hands on his sides. "Yeah, I'm glad you finally found someone."

He let go and grabbed my shoulders. "Please don't tell anyone, especially Amy. We'll tell them in time."

I looked at him, then at Shadow and nodded. "You two should eat that pizza before it gets cold again. I'm going to my lab." I walked around the two and quickly paced back to destination, tears welling in my eyes.

I picked a bad time to start testing that mood shot on myself…

Sonic: One-sided Sonails?! Why wasn't this in the summary?!

Me: Not enough room.

Shadow: Isn't Tails nine? That's kind of pedophilia…

Me: It's an innocent crush! Everyone had one when they were little!

Shadow: I didn't.

Me: Well not everyone grew up on spaceship. So eh~!

Sonic: Aw, I think it's cute~! And I thought cute wasn't your style.

Shadow: Skullzy, a little kawaii writer! Drawing lots of panda's and love hearts in her note book!

Me: How about I get Scourge and Mephiles to come rape the both of you until cum comes out your ears?! Huh?! Is that kawaii enough for you?!

Shadow & Sonic: …

Me: That's what I thought.