Angel Burke is an OC one of my mates have created in our Roleplay group; this story has been inspired by none other than roleplay. Enjoy. :D

After a battle between Joseph Dolohov, Angel had been left with loss of memory after being knocked out by a curse during battle; she had just gotten out of hospital a week before; her memory foggy, though some things were coming back to her; there were many things she couldn't remember.

Angel walked about the corridor, trying to figure out where she was; her memory was still foggy and she could barely remember even where she was; let alone who people she passed, were. She had no recollection of her classmates or anyone; it was a shock to the system when she ran into a boy with scraggily black hair, glasses and a lightning scar, 'he's rather unusual...' she thought as she ran straight into him not watching where she was going. "Oh sorry... I didn't see you there..." she said.

Harry hadn't seen Angel for a while and wondered where she'd gone off to. "Angel!" he beamed and tackle-hugged her. "Why so serious about running into me?" he laughed.

Angel fell backwards, she looked at Harry blankly. "Uh..." she was obviously confused.

Harry looked at her, his head tilted to the side, 'can't tell if joking or serious... she's done this before.' he thought to himself, he chuckled and helped her to her feet, "How are you?" he said, a wide grin forming across his face.

Angel stared blankly at him and blinked, "I'm good... and you?" she asked, not knowing who he was.

"I'm great!" Harry beamed and handed her a miniature, fluffy elephant. He knew she liked animals; especially the ones he conjured for her just a few months ago; a miniature walrus, unicorn and a butterfly. It was his goal to give her an animal every now and then.

Angel blankly took the elephant and looked at it as it walked about in her hand, "Aww, it's so cute!" she cooed.

"I knew you'd like it..." Harry said, knowingly. "How's your unicorn, butterfly and walrus going?" he asked, to make a bit of conversation.

Angel blinked, "my what?"

Harry looked at her for moment; he knew then something odd was going on; whether she had indeed changed since he asked her out when he was drunk and found he was too late in asking her or she'd lost her memory; he couldn't tell, "Your walrus... and miniature unicorn... the ones I gave you?" he question, trying not chuckle at how strange this would sound to Angel if she indeed had no idea who he was.

Angel blinked again, "Oh... uh... they're good." she said quickly. 'Just go with it.' she told herself.

Harry looked at her again, "are you sure?" he said, feeling rather odd. 'Something's not right... at all.' he thought to himself and frowned.

Angel blinked again, "Yeah! Why wouldn't I be...?" she said and smiled. 'I should ask who he is... but I'd feel bad...' she said to herself.

Harry grinned, somewhat falsely as he deeply knew something wasn't quite right, "Well you just seemed unsure..." he looked at the ground then back at Angel for a moment, 'I think I need to talk to Dumbledore... this isn't Angel...'"

"Apparently I've been like that a lot lately." Angel chuckled. "But I'm really fine." She shrugged then smiled. 'He does look familiar...'

"If you say so..." Harry said and frowned, still confused to what was going on. 'This could be serious...' he thought.

Angel smiled, "I do say so." She looked at him and frowned just as he frowned, "What's wrong?" she asked suddenly.

"Nothing... I'm fine... I've got to go." Harry said quickly; he was eager to find Dumbledore; he knew something wasn't right and out of all people; Dumbledore would know what to do.

"Uh... okay..." Angel said, obviously confused. 'Confusing people...' she thought as she watched Harry run off.

Harry took off in a flat run towards Dumbledore's office; he didn't care how strange it would have seemed to Angel; he needed to find help... and fast. He looked behind him and saw Angel gazing in his direction; he realized just how strange it would have been but he knew she needed help before she found herself in trouble. Little did he know; he was too late for that.