After what seemed like seven hours, countless yells and screams about cramps, a near fall and one split pair of pants later...

Filch had finally made it to the fifth section of the shelf, he looked up at Mrs. Norris, "It's alright, dearie. I will bring you down." he said sweetly.

Another seven hours... or more passed. He'd climbed his way to the fifteenth section. By this time, his legs ached so much he could barely feel them, his muscles tense from the several cramps he'd acquired by one shelf alone. His chest heaved as he panted, trying to catch his breath. He wasn't game enough to look down, not just because it would worry him to see just how far above ground he was, in fear that he may fall again... from a greater height this time, but because he was afraid of just how many more books had fallen. He knew Hermione would already kill him just over one book falling, let alone the thousands that were already scattered on the ground. He looked at the books on the shelf, wondering how he could get to the next section in a less painful way; he still had what looked like over fifty more sections to climb to reach the top. He looked at the books on the section he stood on, holding the bottom of the shelf above him, his arms ached but he knew he had to think of a way to reach Mrs. Norris. He realized he could use the books on the section he stood on as some higher ground so it would be easier to climb up to the next section. He lifted his foot and stood on a tall, hard covered book; his foot between the top of the book and the floor of the next section, he realized some books he couldn't stand on either because they were uneven or had nothing to hold them up, he slid another hard covered book with his right foot and stood on it just as he had done with the other. He hoisted himself up to the sixteenth section.

"I'm comin' dearie. I'm closer than you think." he panted, failing to realize how much of a stalker he sounded like.

Several more hours passed, hundreds more books had fallen. One of the shelves was almost emptied from the books falling in a domino effect.

"CRAMP, CRAMP... CRAMP, CRAMP!" he yelled and screamed as he placed his foot on the edge of the section, from mid-air. He had no books he could really use to help him up so he had to use the same method he'd used before he found the book method. Over half an hour of yelling, screaming, spitting, stomping books and cursing himself of how much Hermione would kill him and the mess he made of the library. He made and the fact Mrs. Norris caused all this, he finally made it to the last section and looked under the book where Mrs. Norris hid.

"MRS. NORRIS!" he beamed, his face lit up as though he had just seen a sparkly clean corridor... until he realized something... something that was enough to change his mood in a split second. His eyes widened, almost popping out of his head once again. He was almost the exact resemblance of a shaken soda can as he shook with rage; his smile took shape of a grimace as his teeth clenched. He drew a deep breath and yelled at the top of his lungs, "MRS. NORRIS! YOUR MOTHER IS A *****ING ****** LAURA MIMSUM ******** ADMINVENIUM ************** TRAGOOLAW ******* HIPPOTAMUS ************* REPUBLICAN **************** AND DANIEL RADCLIFFE***************** WITH A BUCKET OF **************** AND A CASTLE FAR AWAY WHERE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU ********************** SO UP ************ WITH A BUCKET OF ************** MICKEY MOUSE ************* AND A STICK OF DYNAMITE******* MAGICAL *********** ALAKAZAM!" he shook in rage as he panted breathlessly after yelling in what seemed like one breath. He realized how little good that did and looked around as far as he could see, for any sign of Mrs. Norris, it was when he looked at the ground, he realized just how far up he was, "SOMEONE HELP ME!" he fumed, "I'M STUCK! CASSANDRA!? SOMEONE!? HELP!" his realization was fuel to the already-overly-lit fire of rage.

Severus strutted about the corridors; it would have been around midnight or passed, Filch guessed, though reality, it probably was earlier, doing his casual business of making sure no student... *cough* Harry Potter or Ari were wondering about the castle when they should have been asleep, when he heard yelling and the falling of books coming from the library. "First. The duel... then my potion, then the screaming students, then the fireworks and dung bombs and everything else... and now this." he muttered to himself, bitterly as he entered library.

Severus gazed about the library unamused; his eyes caught sight of the mess and flickered darkly. He scanned the shelves and found Filch. His expression remained unamused. 'Well he is a non-magical... being.' he thought and drew his wand, "Accio squib!" he muttered, pointing it at Filch.

In an instant Filch detached from the shelf, "YAAAARRRRR!" he screamed, flailing his arms and legs about, as he flew towards Severus.

Severus caught the idiot with a slight grunt and carelessly threw him to the ground and looked at the squib, which was now on his knees, trying to scramble to his feet. Severus's eyes flicked towards to the mess then back at Filch, "Clean it." he said coldly, turned on his heel and left the library, bothering not to question Filch on how all this mess came about; he was bound to find out anyway through one source or another.

Three hours of cleaning, searching for brains to find his ladder, searching for his ladder, finding his ladder and stacking the scattered books back on the shelves, Filch hobbled out of the library, toward the dungeons. He was weak and tired; countless times he almost fell over and was glad the day had ended. He entered the dungeons and saw Mrs. Norris, fast asleep in a corner. Filch's slight relief left him as soon as it came as his face flushed a deep red, his anger boiled up once more. He couldn't control himself, "YOUR MOTHER IS A *****ING ****** LAURA MIMSUM ******** ADMINVENIUM ************** TRAGOOLAW ******* HIPPOTAMUS ************* REPUBLICAN **************** AND DANIEL RADCLIFFE***************** WITH A BUCKET OF **************** AND A CASTLE FAR AWAY WHERE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU ********************** SO UP ************ WITH A BUCKET OF ************** MICKEY MOUSE ************* AND A STICK OF DYNAMITE******* MAGICAL *********** ALAKAZAM!" he yelled.

His rage didn't lessen any, as Mrs. Norris didn't stir one bit; she remained asleep comfortable in her corner, tired from the big day of running from Filch. Tired and sore, Filch heaved a heavy sigh, sat at his desk and closed his eyes. Within an instant, he fell asleep.

The next morning, Mrs. Norris promptly left the dungeon and came back with a dead rat, she leapt up on Filch's desk, dropped it in front of him and left again. 'This is all he deserves, treating me how he did yesterday. I'll forgive him later.' she thought as she made her way down the corridor.