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He looked at me from the otherside of the hallway, his blond hair gorgeously tousled and holding an expensive looking camera in one hand. Our eyes met. His blue eyes bore into my brown ones. His soft pink lips lips formed my name and his sweet capturing voice lured me into him. "Sadie," he said, seductively. "Sadie, Sadie, Sadie….Sadie," after a few moments, that illusive voice of his was remarkably sounding a lot like Margerets.

"Sadie, stop daydreaming and help me pick out a dress for the Prom already! Gosh, it's in two weeks and I've barely prepared. Speaking of preparing…." Margeret let her eyes take the elevator from my head to my toes and back to my head again. "Girl, you need to get an outfit too. Come on Sadie, think about it," she said. "The mystical lights, dancing with Ben under the night sky near a still pool of blue water. Geez, its like a flashback from 'She's all that'..." Margaret fantasised, waving her hand up in the air and painting a picture of the scene she was describing.

"Um…Margaret, sorry to 'burst your bubble', but the Prom is being held at the Brookly Hall." She looked at me quizzically. "Meaning….there is no moon. Possibly lights…but no moon," I informed Margaret. Her happiness faded away and it was replaced with an icy cold stare.

"Okay look, you are not going to ditch me again like you did at the last school dance. Don't you DARE give me the 'It's not my thing' or the 'I can't dance' excuse. We are finding you a dress and a date in time for the Prom. Come on, we're in year 12 now. Don't tell me that you seriously haven't thought about going to the Prom with Ben," Margaret said, raising her perfectly shaped eyebrows.

"I…uh…um….well….," I stuttered

"Right, well that settles it. We're going shopping tonight," Margaret said and then she turned on her heel, whipping her soft straight hair in my face, before stalking down the corridor to her next class. I turned and faced the birght green locker that covered the hallway and leaned my self into one for support. This was going to be one hell of a day!

Yeah, yeah I know it's a bit short. Okay, REALLY short but I was thinking that I would keep the suspense running a little. Reveiw if you please and Ill try and get a another chapter up as soon as possible.