"Okay, well the blue certainly matches your eyes and complements you skin tone…." the clerk told me. I just stood there, smiled at looked at her aimlessly. This kind of language was inferior to me. Just at that moment, my saviour came running into the ever lovely store. Margaret. She took one look at the dress, stopped in her tracks and shook her head. "Nuh uh. I am not being seen with you in THAT…" she said, her nose wrinkling up in digust.

"Um….Margaret…" I said quietly, eyeing the now pale and stunned clerk standing near the mirror. Margaret turned and gasped.

"H..ii…" she stuttered. "The dress is just….too…..too….Good! I mean it would totally make Sadie look better than me and that is just….just …..PREPOSTUROUS!" she finished, redfaced and nervous. She was now reaching the point of spontaneous combustion. I just stood and glanced from Margaret to the clerk then to Margaret and then back to the clerk. The clerk slowly forced her face to smile.

"That's quite a statement young lady. I do agree that the dress would make….Sadie…..look much superior to you.," she said with a taunting smile before walking away with her heels tapping on the reflective, shiny linoleum floor.

"Witch….," Margaret muttered as she turned back to the colourful rack behind her. She looked at my expression (now one of utter shock and disappointment) and shrugged. "What? It's not my fault if all her stock is like totally OF THE RACK!" she reasoned, pulling apart the clothes and examining them each separately. I sighed, shook my head and then continued to assess myself in the mirror.

"You know Margaret, maybe I'm not destined to find the perfect dress. Like adult dragonflies are destined to only last three months. Like bears are destined to hibernate in winter. I mean, don't you think that if there really was a 'perfect' dress waiting for me out there, I would have found it by now?" I sighed and started to walk back into the tiny green changing cubicle.

"Red? Margaret? What are you guys doing here?" a familiar voice said from across the store.

I cringed when my mind registered who that voice belonged to. Of course, his special nickname for me would have made that clearer faster. I slowly turned to face him. Ben looked as gorgeous as ever, worthy enough to make me stutter. But, he was one of my closest friends so that wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

"Ben? Ummm….this is a female clothes shop. Shouldn't we be asking why you're here?" I asked, staring as he weaved his way through the countless racks and stands that blocked his path to us. He stopped right in front of me. His eyes travelling down my body.

"Uh….Um…..what? Sorry….." he said nervously, wringing his hand near his stomach. I could notice the tinge of a blush escaping through his cheeks. I smirked.

"What. Are. You. Doing. Here. Smug. Boy?" I asked, making sure that I enunciated every word for his benefit seeing the nervous look in his eyes.

"Oh…..I…uh….I needed to get something for….uh….my mum," he said. "It's her birthday," he explained. I nodded. "By the way, you look…amazing!"

"Um….thanks I guess…." I said , looking awkwardly at him and then at the ground. "Hey, are you going to the school Prom? " I shot a question at him, wanting to break the silence between us.

"Um…yeah," he said with a shrug of his strong, broad shoulders.

"Got a date yet?" I asked nervously, pointing my fingers at him like the wiggles and nervously laughing. The question was really only for my benefit to see if I still had a chance.

"Yeah….Arden said she would go with me," he said, slowly looking up through his long shaggy fringe to see my reaction. It took all my strength to keep the grin plastered on my face. I was hoping he wouldn't notice my pain seeing as how a smile is impossible to fake because your eyes won't co-operate and all. I mean, I was in total distress. Arden? Of all the girls in year 12 at R.B. Bennet High, he still decided on Arden. I could already imagine it. Him and Arden, dancing in the middle of a garden filled with mystical lights, under the starry night sky near a pool filled with clear blue water. Then they would lean their heads in and slowly close their eyes…..and….they….would…"Sadie! You still with me here?" A voice said. I was pulled out of my daydream by Ben, looking at me weirdly. I mean, who wouldn't? Seeing as I was standing their in the middle of a shop wearing something ridiculous and having a stupid grin plastered all over my face.

"So do you have a date yet?" He asked, looking at me with eyes filled with curiosity. I went to answer but then thought about it. I mean, he wouldn't know if I actually had a date or not right? And it was the perfect chance to make him sweat a little. Just until he comes out and says that he wants to go to the Prom with me.

"Uh…yeah….I do….it's Chris. You remember him, right? Cute with dimples and soft brown hair. Replica of me. Yeah I asked him…..last week and he said yes," I explained. I instantly saw Ben stiffen. All the muscles on his arms popped out like eyes opening. I could just stare, grin and 'fangirl' in my head. He forced the corners of his lips to rise saying, "Well, then I'll see him there," through his teeth. "I have to go now, bye," he said, again forcing it through his teeth. He then turned and stormed out of the store not noticing the fact that his mother's birthday present was still un-bought.