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Raven couldn't ignore the large smile that lit up Jinx's face as the meta-human spotted the titan making her way down the sidewalk, and couldn't stop herself from smiling slightly in response. Raven had decided hanging out with the cotton-candy haired their was a good way to forget about shadows, bodies, and blood magic. Or would have been, if the same thoughts hadn't been plaguing Jinx.

"Raven! I am so glad you decided to turn up." Moving those last few steps to the empath, she wound her arms around the girl and pulled her in for a kiss, the greeting surprising Raven. Pulling back, though still keeping one of her arms around Raven, she tugged on the titan's currently black hair, and said, "I still prefer violet."

"So do I," She replied. "How are you?"

"Tired. Fed up… I can't close my eyes without seeing… her."

Raven sighed unhappily. "Jinx… I'm not sure what to say. I'm sorry you had to see that."

"So am I?"

"It helps if you think of the body as an it and not a 'she'."

"Yeah, well that's kinda hard." She replied, before resting her head on the titan's shoulder. Raven stood awkwardly for a moment, not sure what to do, before wrapping her arms tightly around Jinx's waist in what she hoped was a comforting embrace. "I still can't stop thinking that he was targeting you. I mean, all the girls resemble you in some way." Hearing Raven's impatient sigh, she added quickly, "It's not that far fetched. I mean, your hair's black right now, aint it?"

Raven's arms stiffened. "I am not being targeted!" She sighed again, before saying "You asked me out. What have you got planned?"

"Is this not botherin' you?" Jinx frowned, lifting her head of the empath's shoulder to look at her face.

"I can't afford to let it bother me. Besides, I've seen worse. Now, lets take your mind off it. What did you have planned?"

"Well lunch, first of all. I know a nice diner where the food's cheap and tasty." She stepped back and took hold of the empath's hand. "And then I've got something different in mind."

"And that is?"

"Nope. I'm not telling you until we're there." She started walking, pulling Raven along with her. "What did you tell Robin regarding my escape?" Intrigue leaked into her tired voice.

"That I was too occupied with the body, and you saw your chance and ran." Raven muttered uncomfortably. "I can't keep letting you go at-"

"I'm not expecting you to." Jinx interrupted with a smile. "You're the good guy, I'm the bad guy, its your job to arrest me, I know. I'm too professional to let relationships interfere with work." Her smile grew into a grin as Raven scowled.

"So what does that make me?"

"A big softy. Who'd have thought, the nightmare of a titan can't even bring herself to cuff me and hand me over to the big nasty cops and jail guards."

"Don't push it, or you'll be seeing your teammates sooner than you anticipated."

"Hah! You wouldn't." Jinx laughed, before coming to a dead stop, making Raven stop beside her, ignoring the muttered complaints from the people behind them. "Actually, not that I'm not focused on the dead girl, ah I mean body, you brushed me off again in the alleyway." Her eyes narrowed, and she poked Raven just below the collar bone. "Again."

"You know, it might be more convincing if I could actually feel anger or… some negative emotion from you."

The meta-human's jaw dropped. "How… what do you mean, feel?" Worry flooded through her as she started to think Raven might have picked up on her scheme to tear the Titans apart through her.

"I'm an empath." Raven replied, before smiling. "Don't be so worried – it's not like I can read your thoughts. Well, technically I am a telepath but I never use the ability."

"Good! Because the last thing I want to know is you've been… snoopin' around my head!"

"And I feel the same, hence why I don't use it unless the situation is dire."

"Yeah, well… good." She crossed her arms and pouted slightly. "Still, if you can feel what I'm feeling, that gives you a totally unfair advantage. It so cheating. I mean, it shouldn't be that easy."

"Would you like me to apologize?" The titan asked, a smile playing on her lips.

"Shut up and start walking. I'm hungry." Jinx grumbled as she started walking again.

"If I made you feel uncomfortable, I am sorry."

"It's fine. You just 'ave to keep me updated on what you're feeling." The thief grinned as Raven stared at her uncomfortably. "It's only fair."

"Well, right now I am feeling incredibly uncomfortable." She muttered.

"Good. Now you know how I feel." Jinx replied happily, taking hold of the empath's hand again. "Any other nasty surprises I should be aware of?"

Raven didn't answer straight away, the silence between them becoming uncomfortable until Raven shook her head, the movement stiff and jerky. "No."

"You sure 'bout that?"


"Mhmm. Anyway, I've thought of some more questions I wanted to ask. About that place you come from. Azpan?...Aza…"

"Azarath." Raven said. "Ask away, though I won't promise I'll answer all of your questions."

"What's it like?"

"'What's it like'?" Raven repeated with a frown.

"Yeah. What's Azarath like? Like compared to Jump?"

"Well… it's quiet. Nice… and there is definitely a lower crime rate. Only the city guards are permitted to carry weapons, and those who do break the peace are… magically altered, to make them more peaceful. It's not something I would wish upon anyone, but it means the Monastery has a fair few people to look after it. There is a currency in Azarath, but many live quite happily without ever having seen a coin. A lot of purchases are done through trade, and even if you have no skill, or nothing to trade, you can seek refuge in the Temple of Azar, who will feed you, clothe you, and usually teach you a trade in return for you tending to their farm land. Unless of course you're physically or mentally unable to do so. I suppose, being such a small dimension, they can afford to live as such."

"Seriously?" Jinx asked, and Raven nodded.


"But how do people like, afford places to live and stuff?"

"To my knowledge, extremely little building happens in the city. Most people live in the houses their families built when Azarath was first inhabited. They are large enough to hold several generations, and families over there rarely exceed numbers of four. The majority grow up as an only child."

"You mean you didn't live in the city?"

"My mother was born in this dimension. In Gotham City, in fact. She had no house to inherit. We lived in the monastery."

"But your dad?"

"While he was… born in Azarath, he doesn't live there."

Jinx noticed the venom in her voice and frowned slightly. "I know you've already told me you don't have much to do with him, but… I mean, what did he do? It's obvious you hate him."

Raven scowled, trying to figure out how much she wanted to tell the thief, and whether she should even tell her anything. "Well… for starters… I was born from rape."

Jinx stared at her for a moment, unsure on how to reply, finally managing to say, "…but from the way you talk, it sounds like you know him. You mean the creep hung around after you were born? Why didn't your Mom get like, a restraining order or somethin'?"

Raven suddenly started laughing, a genuinely amused sound that took Jinx by surprise, the thief looking at her like she'd gone mad.

"What did I say?"

"Nothing. Just… the thought of someone handing my father a restraining order…" She chuckled. "Sadly, it's not as simple as that. I don't think the Azarathian court even knows what a restraining order is." She started laughing again.

"Okay, seriously, are you like ill or something? I don't think I've ever heard you laugh that enthusiastically before. In fact I don't think I've ever heard you laugh before."

"My apologize. Your comment took me off guard."

"Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're laughing an' all, it's just… weird. And totally unexpected." Jinx told her. "Whatever I said must have been hilarious. It's making me wish I got it."

"Hopefully you never will." Raven commented, the laughter gone as quick as it had appeared.

Jinx suddenly stopped and crossed in front of Raven to push open a door on their left, the empath almost crashing into her. "Sorry. I wasn't concentratin' on where we were." She held the door open and motioned for Raven to step inside the large, clean space, the tables dotted about in booths to give the illusion if privacy "An' how about I pay for once?"

"We are not using 'your' money." Raven hissed quietly. "No."

"Oh come on, you're got to let me pay for something sooner or later!" She whined. "It's actually starting to make me think I'm a bad girlfriend."

"I said, no,"

"So, how's the murder case coming along?"

Raven didn't answer at first, too busy studying the part of town Jinx had slowly led them into, the maze of old apartment blocks all run down and un-kept, ancient factories abandoned, chimneys black with soot and ash. "Hmm? Not good. If the shadow is the killer we're looking for, he's allusive as hell, and is leaving nothing on the bodies – not a thing – that might help us catch him. To say it's frustrating would be to understate the situation. Jinx? Exactly where are we going?"

"It's just a side trip before we go. Chill. I'm sorry to hear your case sucks, but I'm kinda glad the shadow dude aint hanging around all the time. I mean, you said you couldn't touch him for one thing. If he did pop up, how the hell do you expect to fight him? And secondly, every time he bloody shows up, you disappear! It's not good."

Raven rolled her eyes. "If you want someone with a stable timetable, dating a titan who's on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week probably wasn't your best move. Besides, we'll find some way to fight him. Eventually."

Jinx paused and quickly kissed the emapth, no more than a small peck, before she starting walking again, and small smile on her lips.

"What was that for?" Raven frowned.

"You admitted we're in a relationship without the use of sarcasm or arguing for the first time. It was… nice."

Raven's brow rose as she struggled to come up with a reply. "Well, that was unusually… affectionate."

She watched Jinx's eyes pull together in a frown as she stared at the sidewalk, and could feel confusion radiating off the girl to match her expression. "Is something… wrong?" Raven asked, a frown adorning her own face.

Jinx quickly shook her head. "No, everything's fine." She tried to offer the girl a reassuring smile. "More than fine. Guess it's been a while since anyone genuinely like, cared for me, you know? I mean, besides Mammoth. Giz doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone, but Mammoth watches out for me." She came to a stop and motioned towards the large rundown factory and it's missing front door. "After you."

Raven's eyes narrowed as she studied the building and then the thief, suddenly afraid her original guess of Jinx's intensions were true. "Why?"

"Don't worry. It isn't a trap. It's perfectly safe and we'll be like, ten minutes tops." She moved towards the door and gently pulled on Raven's hand. "Trust me?"

The empath's sudden turmoil was instant and overpowering. Jinx noticed the confused, worried and almost scared look in the girl's amethyst eyes and winced slightly. 'What are you doin' Jinx?'

"I know I aint exactly given you much reason to over the years but…" Confusion filled her own eyes for a second, before saying, "I'm not gonna hurt you."

"You couldn't if you tried." Raven forced a smile, before slowly walking forward, following her to the back of the warehouse and into a storage room. She watched Jinx drag aside a large wooden crate, before reaching for the floor underneath. "Jinx, what on earth are you…" She trailed off as Jinx lifted her arm and a metal trapdoor seemed to materialise.

"Holographic covering. Pretty neat, huh? Of course it sucks when you're coming back from a night out an' you can't remember where the door is."

Raven's face fell as she realised where the meta-human had brought her. "Damn it Jinx! I can't be here! If Robin found out…. Withholding information about wanted criminals is-"

"We'll be ten minutes!" She tugged at the denim mini-skirt she was wearing and said, "What I have in mind isn't exactly skirt friendly." When Raven didn't move, she gave her a nudge forward. "You're already here now, so you might as well go in. Ten minutes. My teammates are in jail, so it's not like anyone's gonna see you here."

Raven frowned, cringing as she moved towards the trapdoor, not quite sure what was making her do it when she knew it was such a bad idea. Slowly and stiffly she climbed down the ladder, a sense of excitement creeping through her with the rush of adrenaline, making her both nervous and giddy, and almost drowning out her doubt. She tried to squash those feelings down as she looked around her, moving away from the ladder. The corridor was wide enough that two people Mammoth's build could have walked through shoulder to shoulder, the floor tiled in dark charcoal while the walls were painted a bright yellow – a colour so often linked to the H.I.V.E Academy. Jinx climbed down a few rungs and pulled the trapdoor shut before stepping back off the ladder and falling the last few feet, the noise of her feet hitting the floor making Raven jump slightly.

"An eye-catching colour, I know." Jinx said, looking at the walls. "But what can I say? The place was built when we were still at the Academy, and we figured our 'funds' could go on something more useful than a few cans of paint."

"One misspoken word to Robin and you'll no longer have a base." Raven muttered. "Won't Mammoth and Gizmo be furious that you brought me here?"

"You're not gonna tell bird-brain, an' we both know it." Jinx smiled as she started walking, ignoring her second question. "Besides, it isn't that easy to get in if you don't switch off all the alarms."

"What alarms?" Raven frowned, trying to keep up with the thief's fast pace.

"Ones you obviously didn't notice me deactivate so I'm not telling you about." Jinx grinned. "You're right, after all. One slip up in front of your teammates and, well…"

At the end of the corridor, the walls opened up to reveal a large common room, filled with several computers and other devices that were obviously Gizmo's, four large black sofas, and an oversized TV. The walls of this room were still painted a blinding shade of yellow, although the charcoal tiles had been replaced by a tar black carpet. An open kitchen stood off to one side the breakfast bar separating the kitchen from the rest of the common room. Jinx walked through the large room without pause, heading for one of the three silver doors, each placed on a different wall.

"Why am I even doing this?" Raven asked herself out loud. "It's one thing letting you go at the scene of the crime, but if Robin knew I had even the tiniest piece of information on this place and didn't tell him…"

The door reacted to the thief's proximity and silently slid open, letting them pass into another yellow and black corridor. "Relax Rae. How are they gonna find out unless you tell 'em?" She paused, holding her hand out for Raven to take. "And something tells me you won't tell."

The empath watched the door slide close behind them and nodded, before taking the offered hand. "Hmm. The doors here look suspiciously like the ones back at Titan's tower. It's making me wonder how many files Gizmo lifted off the computer while you were in there that day."

Jinx grinned. "Our first time meeting you, and the only time we seriously kicked your ass."

"Yes, well, if I don't tell my team, it because – and only because – I am petrified Cyborg will notice how… similar the doors are here and insist on redesigning the entire Tower."

"Oh, and the fact you'd have to explain how you 'found' our base has nothing to do with it?"

"I'm sure I could invent some explanation." Raven replied.

"You're used to lying to your teammates then?" The thief asked with a large smile.

She frowned a moment, before answering with, "I prefer to call them half truths. Besides, it isn't lying if people don't ask the right questions. Everyone has their secrets."

"Sounds like you have a lot." They approached another silver door, this one requiring a key-code before it would open. Jinx shielded the number pad from Raven's view with her body as she typed in the code. "You know, they seem to have quite a few differences with your teammates."

"They're my friends. That doesn't mean we have to have the same ideals, personalities, or that we need to know everything about each other. We all have our differences, our secrets."

The door slid open, and Jinx ushered the titan in. "This is my room. Probably one of the only rooms in the building that doesn't contain yellow."

Raven smiled slightly. "Still contains a lot of black."

And it did; the walls were painted as dark as oblivion, matching the glossy black furniture that included a wardrobe, bedside tables, a desk and a chest of drawers. The bed frame was a mix of painted iron and light, dusty pink material, forming a headboard that could have passed for a bat's wing. The carpet contained slightly more grey than the material on the bed, giving it a muted look, especially after the brightness of the hallways.

"Like you can complain. My room has more colour than yours, unless you decided to change that."

"My room hasn't changed." Raven told her.

Jinx moved into the room, unbuttoning the waistband of her jean skirt and letting it drop to the carpet on her way to her wardrobe, only pausing to pick it up. Raven quickly adverted her eyes, her cheeks a deep shade of crimson. Her eyes finding Jinx's desk, she wandered over, inspecting the few items neatly placed on its surface. A book, old and tatty, a mixture of different pencils…

"You draw?" She asked as her eyes landed on a sketch book. She went to flip open the cover, the thief suddenly behind her, one arm reaching around the right of Raven's wait to hold the cover of the sketchbook down, while her left arm went round the other side of the empath's waist and snatched the book off the table, moving it behind her back as she took a step back.

"That's uh… top secret stuff. Nothing you'd be interested in."

Raven smiled, turning around so she could look at the meta human. "I'm not going to laugh. I can't draw to save my life. Not that I've ever really tried."

She noticed Jinx's cheeks were a slightly darker shade of pink as she stepped back and moved round the titan to slip the sketchpad inside one of the drawers. "Even so, I'd prefer it if you didn't look."

She turned and had started to move back to the wardrobe when Raven used her telekinesis to slide open the drawer. Jinx heard the movement, and the smallest hexbolt Raven had ever seen the meta human produce hit the drawer, slamming it shut.

"Don't try me."

"You had hours to snoop around my room when you managed to kick us out of the tower."

"That's not relivant to now."

"You'd throw hexes around your own room?" Raven asked.

"It wouldn't be the first time." Jinx answered. "Wouldn't you rather look at me?" Raven's eyes followed the thief's hands as she motioned down her body, blushing again as she was reminded of the girl's state of undress. "I'm much more of a pretty picture than anything you'll find in there."

"Just get dressed." Raven muttered, looking away.

"Anyone would think you've never seen another girl before. Not like I've got anything you don't. Unless, you know, you're only half human, 'cause you never did tell me what your Dad is."

"And I probably never will." Raven replied, pausing before she added quietly, "My physique, however, is human. Ignoring my unnatural colouring."

"Well, that's good to know."

Raven quickly glanced back to see Jinx hadn't moved. Amethyst eyes met pink and she found it hard to look away again. "What happened to 'we'll be ten minutes tops'?"

"Well, it's not like I booked anything. We could always… take a rain check." She smiled, moving towards the empath.

"Or how about we don't. I wouldn't like to ruin anything you had planned." Watching Jinx, she felt the heat from her cheeks slowly spread through her body, and took an uncertain step back, almost tripping over her own feet.

"I wouldn't say it'd be ruining my plans." Jinx shrugged, but let it go, turning and making her way back to the wardrobe. "More like improving them."

Raven watched her pull a pair of jeans out of the wardrobe and quickly step into them, tugging on the waistband before searching the wardrobe for a belt. "So are you going to tell me where you're taking me?" Raven asked as her eyes drifted back to the black desk behind her before searching the rest of the room. She tried to ignore the heat slowly burning inside her, hoping it would go away but it didn't.

"As useful having your teleportation powers to get us around would be… you said you had the day off, right?"

"So long as an emergency isn't called in." Raven nodded.

"Then it's not like we're short on time." Jinx shrugged, finding a studded leather belt and threading it through the belt-loops on her jeans. "So no."

"I may have the entire day off, but that doesn't mean I'm in the habit of spending it all away from the Tower." The empath frowned at Jinx's back. "Starfire's already noticed a change in my behaviour and guessed I was seeing someone outside the tower. I don't need the others to do the same."

Jinx didn't understand the sudden feeing of dread that washed through her. After all, it was perfect – if the titans discovered Raven's recent 'activities' without Jinx having to shove it in their faces there would be less questions asked, less doubt. Even so, it was with worry in her voice that she asked, "They know?"

"No! Do you think I'd be here if they did? Starfire didn't ask for a name. She didn't seem to care who I'm with, so long as I'm happy." Raven frowned slightly. "Of course, I doubt she'll still feel the same way if she found out it's you I'm dating."

The thief closed her wardrobe doors before moving towards Raven. She studied the empath with a slight frown, before saying, "Thanks for making me worry for nothing."

Raven sighed. "My point was, regardless of whether I'm given the day off or not, I cannot suddenly start spending all my time with you without the titans noticing a change in my behaviour."

"Have you thought about just tellin' them?" The girl asked, adding when Raven scowled at her, "Don't give me that look. You don't know how'd they react."

"Associating with criminals outside patrols, fights and questionings is against the rules Jinx. In other words, no making friends. I know exactly how they'd react, Jinx."

"You serious?"

Raven nodded as though it were obvious, before motioning towards the bedroom door. "You ready yet?"

"Almost." The meta human smiled, still moving towards the girl. She invaded Raven's personal space and leaned forward to gently kiss the titan before pulling back and asking, amused, "So you can frolic around in a leotard all day, but as soon as I strip down to essentially the same amount of clothing, you can hardly even look at me?"

"I don't frolic." Raven frowned, and Jinx laughed, her hands going to hold the empath's waist.

"The point I'm making is you're… extremely easy to embarrass. I mean it's pretty obvious you've never been with a girl before from some of our earlier conversations but-"

"I've… never been with anyone before." She admitted quietly.

Jinx's jaw dropped slightly as she stared at the titan. "You serious?"

She shrugged uncomfortably.

"And here I was thinking you were just hung up over the part about me being a female and one of the bad guys."

"Well, there is that too."

Jinx grinned and shook her head. "Your least favourite place in town is a bunch of empty buildings, you don't have a favourite place, you're totally hung up about the fact you're dating a bad guy but that doesn't stop you from coming to see me and you've never dated anyone before? You really are somethin' else, you know that?"

"I said 'been with' not 'dated." Raven muttered. "Of course, if that could be classed as dating…"

"Oh, so you have. Okay, you're starting to seem slightly more like a normal person now."

The empath rolled her eyes, but allowed a small smile. "Do I look like a normal person to you?"

"So what happened to this date? Not your type?"

"He used me." Raven answered with a shrug.


"He won't be bothering anyone else, for many years to come." She said. "And let's leave it at that."

Jinx swallowed hard, before asking, "You ready to go?"

"You should have taken me shopping." Raven muttered as she looked up at the huge rides stood around them. "I hate shopping, but I'll go. There is no way, however, you are getting me on one of those. Ever."

"What? Is the big, bad titan afraid of a few meters of track?" Jinx teased.

"You've seen what my powers can do when my control slips!"

Laughing, she grabbed the empath's chin and turned her head so Raven was looking at her and not the rides. "Babe, I have a serious case of bad luck, and I've never broken a ride." She quickly kissed the titan and smiled. "We'll start with something easy. Like the water rapids. You don't leave the ground and there isn't much of a track for you to break."

Amethyst eyes narrowed into a glare. "If you're lying to me…"

"Would I lie to you, Rae?" She gave the empath her best innocent look before she started moving through the crowd.

Raven moved quickly to keep up with her, trying to ignore that every person they passed was one more person who might recognise her as she took hold of the thief's hand. "Yes, you would."

Jinx chuckled nervously. "Well I'm not lying about this. Promise. You'll enjoy it."

"Hmm. It has occurred to me, well, what if your teammates find out you let me into your base?" Her confusion was clear, and Jinx could understand why. If it weren't for her so called 'plan', dating the titan could seriously damage the relationship with her teammates, as well as with every other Jump City criminal. Just like Raven was in danger of losing her credibility with her fellow heroes if word got out about whom she was dating.

"They already know." She spoke quickly, as though it would make Raven take less notice of what she'd said, and just accept it.

Raven frowned. "They know? And didn't they have anything to say about it?"

Jinx chewed on her bottom lip as she considered how to answer. Her eyes searching around them, she found an unoccupied bench and dragged Raven over. She didn't sit down, but turned to face the empath, a slight frown on her face. Raven could feel waves of confusion and uncertainty pouring off her, and donned a frown to match the thief's.

"Jinx, what's wrong?"

"Promise you'll hear me out without interrupting?"

Raven slowly nodded, and Jinx smiled nervously.

"They guys knew I was gonna ask you out before that fight where I kissed you. See, I kinda had this idea…" Seeing the stony, emotional mask Jinx was so used to see the empath wearing slip onto her face, she began to speak faster, her words almost merging together. "The idea was that we could maybe pull you guys apart if just maybe I could get you interested in me then set you up so they found out but it's a stupid idea, and recently I've been having some doubts and I'm not sure I could do it anymore. Not sure I want to." Finished, Jinx watched her with an apologetic eyes.

They stared at each other for a moment, blank eyes meeting pleading ones, when the wooden bench beside them suddenly snapped in the middle, making Jinx jump and drawing attention from those nearest to them. For once Raven didn't seem to care as her crushing feelings of betrayal slowly morphed into a burning wave of anger.

"Fuck you, Jinx." Raven snapped before she spun around and marched back the way they'd come, towards the exit.

After recovering from the initial shock of hearing the empath swear, she started moving after her, almost running as she rushed to catch up. "Damn it Rae! Please, can't we just- MOVE!" She pushed an overweight man to the side as he walked in-between her and Raven, oblivious to the looks he – and some of the people nearby – gave her. "Didn't you hear me? I don't want to do it anymore! Can't you just stop so we can talk this out?"

Raven chose not to answer as she weaved her way through the crowd almost effortlessly, while Jinx seemed to run into just about everyone she passed. "I wouldn't have told you if I knew you'd storm off. Rae-"

The titan suddenly stopped, and the thief ran straight into her, almost tripping and falling. Raven didn't move to help her, her eyes cold as she said, no longer caring who was listening, "This may be all fun and games to you, but while I've been wasting time I don't have with you, I could have been out trying to catch the serial killer that has abducted at least six women, possibly more since the last body wasn't on our list of missing people, and is slowly leaving them one by one for us to find. So you keep playing your little games, and tell the whole damn world I was stupid enough to fall for it if you want, but I am done with you."

Raven started moving for the exit again, and Jinx followed her out of the amusement park and down the road, staying no more than a few feet behind her. Realising Jinx wasn't going to leave she started to gather her soul self around her when the meta human suddenly ran in front and waved her hand at her, a yellow and black communicator in her grip.

"You can leave now, but you'll be missin' something kinda important."

Seeing her Titan's Communicator in Jinx's grip, her eyes narrowed into a glare as she let the dark energy dissipate.

"That always works." Jinx smiled slightly.

"When did you take that?"

"When I ran into you just then. I always have a backup plan."

"Give it back."

Jinx shook her head. "No. Not until you've heard me out."

"I've already heard enough." Raven growled, holding out her hand for the communication device. "Now give. It. Back."

"You know, the whole intimidation thing might work on your friends, but I'm made of tougher stuff. You'll listen to what I have to say, then I'll give it you back." Jinx ignored the cold feeling that trickled down her spine as a reaction to the look she was being given, looking around before she pointed towards an alleyway off to the side. "Wanna do this away from the public eye?"