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Raven followed her into the alleyway, her feelings of anger and hurt growing with each step, until she felt like she was going to explode. Her emotions leaked out around her, and Jinx winced every time the empath's soul self attacked something around them. A trashcan, crumpled down to the size of a football, a drain-pipe splintering down the middle, a manhole cover shooting into the air and landing noisily next to the access tunnel that led to the sewers below. The thief kept it in mind as a potential escape route.

Figuring they had travelled far enough away from the main street to avoid being overheard, Jinx stopped and turned to face the titan. "Hell, I know how this sounds Rae, but do you really think I would'a told you about this if I were still gonna go ahead with it?"

Raven didn't reply, and the thief sighed heavily.

"Well of course I wouldn't. I mean talk about a stupid move. I wouldn't tell you until I'd told everyone else first. Hell, I wouldn't tell you at all. I wouldn't need to, an' it would reduce the risk of you catching me and beating my ass to a pulp."

"Are you finished?" Raven asked, managing to sound nothing more than impatient as she held her hand out for her communicator, but Jinx heard something explode, assuming it was another innocent trashcan victim to the empath's powers.

"Raven, please. Just… can't you just chill for a moment and-"

"Chill? Stupidly, I trusted you Jinx. I…" Her face crumbled, and the concrete around her feet suddenly cracked, spreading out around her like a spider web. A wind picked up out of nowhere, and fresh panic surged through the meta human as she began to wish she'd just let the empath walk.

"Rae you need to calm down." Jinx urged, watching as dead leaves and bits of rubbish were carried into the air by the unnatural wind as it swirled around them faster and faster.

The titan stumbled backwards until she'd made her way over to one of the walls, too busy biting back tears as she leaned against the wall to listen to what Jinx was saying.

"I'm not gonna tell anyone, Raven please believe me. I'll make sure Giz or Mammoth don't say a word either." Noticing Raven wasn't listening, she grabbed the girl's shoulder in an attempt to get her attention and found herself airborn. Instinct and years of training kicked in and she tucked her head down, chin touching her chest, milliseconds before her back hit the wall opposite the empath, a sharp pain shooting down her spine as all the air was forced out of her lungs.

The sudden stop jerked her body, her head rocking back and smashing against the bricks, stars exploding behind her eyes as gravity pulled her down and she found the side of her face pressed against cold, damp concrete.

Her breath came in painful gasps as she fought the urge to throw up, the pain pulsating around her skull. She tried to move but the pain increased until she couldn't see anything, a moan slipping from her lips. Raven stood frozen with shock, panic, guilt, the new emotions cooling her anger until it was almost forgotten.

"Jinx… oh Azar!" She moved forward and dropped to her knees next to the villain, forgetting under the weight of her emotions that she could have easily healed Jinx. "I'm sorry. I didn't… I don't… that wasn't me, I wasn't… I lost control."

"I deserve it." Jinx managed to say. She tried to rise to her hands and knees but the pain was too much, making her head spin until she thought she would pass out. She muttered weakly, "I think you've given me a concussion." She smiled despite the situation, thinking, 'She ain't walked off yet. That's gotta count for something.' "Rae, I'm not tellin' anyone. Not your teammates, or the press, or… anyone. We can go back to just meetin' at night, I can make a better effort to not look like me, I'll try to convince the boys we'll do better picking targets outside the city." Jinx didn't understand why she was panicking, or why she'd list the will to carry out her plan for when she'd changed her mind, but she tried not to think about it as she said, "I'll even let you throw me again. Not that I could stop you right now. You really do hold back during fights, don't ya'?"

As Raven started to calm down and think again, she remembered she could heal people and gently placed her hand on Jinx's back.

"Shit! Rae that hurts! What are you…" She trailed off as she felt a warm feeling spread through her veins, erasing her pain, relaxing as it reached her head and the feelings of nausea vanished. "Damn."

With Jinx healed, Raven tried to recall her anger at the pink haired thief but couldn't, another apology escaping her lips instead of the accusation she'd intended. "I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"You lost control, I know. I heard you the first time." Jinx sat up. "And like I said, I deserve it. Although it's made me wonder, if you lose that much control when you're pissed off, how much control do you lose durin'… other things?"

Raven frowned at her a moment, and Jinx grinned. Catching on, the empath's frown morphed into a scowl. "You really think you're in a position to even think about something like that?"

Jinx laughed slightly, shaking her head as she tried to smoother the sound with her hand. "No. I'm sorry."

"I should be so angry right now." Raven told her. "I should be furious, yelling at you, ignoring you… something." She frowned again. "Azar knows I'm try to be mad at you. But I can't."

"Believe me, I'm with you on this one. I mean I'm a bad guy for hell's sake – using you should be…" Jinx had looked away from the empath, only for her eyes to land on someone else.

"Should be..?" Raven asked, not picking up on the thief's fear straight away. "Jinx?" She followed the girl's gaze, instantly seeing the tall shadow of a man. "No…"

"You really are ignorant of your surroundings when you're distracted, you know. And I'd been told you could be unstable, but…" He laughed, "That's one hell of a temper you have." He walked forward, his footfalls silent.

Raven was aware of Jinx scooting backwards. She could feel the thief's fear but still felt nothing from the being in front of her. She got to her feet, her pride preventing her from retreating like Jinx. "What do you want?"

"You know, I've done so much planning. So much work, it never occurred to me their might be an easier way to do it. And you've presented her to me, practically gift wrapped."

Raven's eyes widened as Jinx called out from behind her, sounding almost pleased, "I told you! But no, you wouldn't listen! And now he's after my ass too!"

"Touch her, and it'll be the last thing you do." Raven growled.

The shadow laughed again, and with his next step forward disappeared. Raven's eyes widened and her pulse shot up, her blood going cold as she spun round in time to see the creature reappear behind Jinx and lift her up by the back of her top. The pink hex-bolt she threw behind her travelled through the shadow and hit the wall behind him, cracking several bricks. She struggled, trying to break his grip, but it didn't seem to do anything but leave her breathless.

"Put her down. Now!" Raven tried to sound threatening as she moved towards them, but an edge of fear creeped into her voice.


Jinx let out a short, high pitched squeal as he threw her with as much force as Raven had, this time able to watch the bricks of the wall grow closer and closer. She slammed her eyes shut and started to move her hands in front of her to ward off the impact when she felt something cold wrap around her waist and pull her in the other direction, jerking the muscles in her neck.

The titan's rage was instant, the switch flicked the moment the Shadow's arm had tensed to throw Jinx. Her amethyst eyes bled to crimson while the obsidian vine that had saved Jinx – formed by an unconscious thought – moved her away from the Shadow, putting her down behind her while an identical vine attacked the being, jabbing his shoulder. Jinx's eyes widened as he stumbled backwards while a sense of triumph filled the demon halfling as she moved forward, a blade of dark energy forming and piercing his gut.

"Good. You can fight me." He said, a hand going to touch the blade of dark energy, it dissipating before he could grab it. Raven was sure that if he'd had a face, he would have been grinning like a lunatic. "I do enjoy a challenge."

Jinx watched, shocked, as one of the vine bleeding off Raven wrapped itself around the creature's neck and slammed him into a wall, the noise echoing down the alleyway. "He hit it… but Rae said…"

The empath ran forward and threw a punch at his featureless face. The Shadow, somehow, managed to move his head just enough for the fist to miss him, burying into the wall instead, making a whole and raising a cloud of dust into the air, more than alarming Jinx as she made a mental note to avoid getting on Raven's bad side.

"Touch her again, and I will tear you apart." Raven warned him, her voice sending chills down Jinx's spine. It wasn't Raven's voice. At least it wasn't the quiet, hoarse voice she was used to hearing. This voice seemed to echo without losing it's volume. It was deep, but high pitched, and smooth, yet jagged. "No one can defeat me. Not my father, and definitely not you."

He smirked. "You didn't defeat him Raven. Not really. But you know that, don't you? Now, go ahead and kill me, if you can. Because it's the only way you're going to stop me."

Jinx watched the exchange with wide, confused eyes. She knew Raven wouldn't kill anyone. For any reason. But then she wasn't so sure this was the Raven she was used to dealing with. Raven didn't move, an internal battle going off between her two halves, taking up most of her concentration. Seeing she was already distracted, the Shadow spat, "Pathetic. Too damned to be Human. Too weak to be Demon. And you wonder why you don't fit in anywhere."

Raven's grip on his neck loosened slightly as one work in particular echoed around her skull. 'Demon'. She wanted to look behind her, to see Jinx's reaction. She had hesitated for too long, the creature taking the opportunity to kick her in the shin. Already distracted, she failed to protect herself and the attack hit. Her face creased in lines of pain and the obsidian vine holding him against the wall dissipated. He quickly loved behind the empath, out of her reach, and when Raven turned to face him, Jinx saw for the first time her crimson coloured eyes. Raven threw a dumpster at him with her dark energy and he didn't either bother dodging it, the bin passing straight through him. Whatever had been holding him together, making him solid, had stopped working. As he moved closer to Jinx, her anger flared back to it's full strength.

"Do not make the mistake of thinking I am joking. Touch her, and I will personally ensure you rot in the seventh circle of hell."

"Been there, done that." He said, but didn't move any closer to the thief. "I'd gladly go back just to see how you'd fair down there, though." He turned to face Jinx, who quickly stepped back and prepared to throw a hex-bolt. "Don't worry – you'll be seeing me again soon."

With a roar, Raven surged forward, ready to tear into him but he vanished, and Raven met nothing but air. A large crack spread up the wall to her left, damage caused but her frustration, and she closed her eyes, trying to stuff her emotions back in their cages. It was almost too silent for Jinx as she watched the empath, her mind frozen with shock though managing to constantly glance around her as she waited for the Shadow to make a reappearance.

"Well, Dr Light wasn't lying about the red eye trick you have." Jinx managed to say. Raven didn't react, her eyes still closed. The meta-human shook her head in disbelief. "Raven, why'd he use the term 'demon'?"

With a small sigh, Raven opened her eyes, the irises back to their usual amethyst hue. She refused to look at Jinx as she said, "You're a target. Simply because you were spending time with me." Her voice was her own again, soft and hoarse.

"Answer my question Rae."

"The damage is done now; we need to stop him from reaching you… but how?"

"Damn it, Raven!" Jinx yelled, making the titan jump. "Why did you eyes go red? Who exactly is your dad, because I really don't like the way the short exchange about him sounded, and why in hell did he use the term demon?"

"I'd… rather discuss this elsewhere." Raven muttered when she realised Jinx wasn't going to drop it.

"I don't see why anywhere else is better than here. We had an argument, got our butts kicked, and no one heard us. I doubt they're going to overheard a low key conversation."

The titan sighed unhappily as their roles switched, and she became the one in the frying pan. "The red eyes come from my other half – the none human part. I have more than one form, and sometimes they can… overlap."

"Great. So who's your dad?"

"I don't need to tell you anything. I don't owe you anything." She scowled, suddenly defensive, an automatic reflex.

"You owe me for not listening when I first said that… thing was targeting you!" Jinx argued.

"Fine! He used the term demon because that's what I am. A halfling, crossbreed, a mutt. There. You have all the dirt on me you'll ever need, not go tell the whole world and see if I care." Raven snapped.

Jinx would have turned a shade paler had she not already been white. "You're… but… demons are real?" She shook her head. "I don't believe you."

"I'll set up some wards around your base, similar to what we have around Titan's Tower, then I'm going."

"No way. I mean, I have way too many question! Besides, haven't I gotten the point through to you that I'm not going ahead with that stupid plan anymore? Who else knows you're half demon?"

"It wasn't a 'stupid' plan." Raven muttered. "It almost worked. Would have worked if you'd kept your mouth shut."

"Who else knows?" She asked again, ignoring her.

"My teammates, the Justice League, the inhabitants of Azarath…"

"Well… at least I kinda understand why you hate your dad so much now. Does that mean Angels are real? And am I goin' to hell when I die?"

"I've never seen an angel, and I hope I never will. I have enough to deal with without having to fight off one of the holy warriors. As for your soul?" Raven shrugged. "It won't be decided until your death. The Shadow didn't hurt you, did he?"

"No I'm fine. So there is a hell?"

Raven nodded.

"That means there's a heaven."

"There is something, but if it is Heaven…" Raven shrugged. "I can't say."

"Then how can you be so sure there's a hell?"

She looked away. "Because I am."

"So how come you're a superhero? I mean you of all people should be-"

"Can we finish this conversation elsewhere, after I've set up the wards around your base?" Raven interrupted. "It's my fault he's targeting you – though I don't know why he'd be after me anyway – the least I can do is set up some form of protection for you."

"I promise you Rae, I'm not telling anyone. If I give you your communicator back, promise you won't suddenly start ignoring me or somethin'?"

Raven watched her for a moment, before asking in a small voice. "You aren't just… using me?"

"You're an empath, aren't you? Answer the damn question for yourself. I couldn't if I tried. And I know, because I did try." Jinx smiled and passed her the black and yellow device. "Although I don't appreciate you not telling me your Dad's some… creature from hell until now."

Cup of tea in hand, the two girls sat in silence, bother deep in thought, before Raven eventually asked out loud. "Why is he targeting me? What does he get out of it? And what could he possibly know about my father?" Lines of worry creased her face.

"You should have asked him." Jinx answered, grinning when the empath scowled at her. "What? It was worth a shot – you don't know he wouldn't have answered."

"I was a little too busy threatening him to ask questions." Raven frowned.

"Yeah, about that. I thought you said you couldn't touch him. That's not what I saw."

"I know. That was… unexpected. And something I have to discuss with Cyborg."

"You make it sound like it's a bad thing." Jinx leaned forward. "Raven, you have a way to fight him – to defeat him!"

The titan slowly shook her head. "He only seemed to solidify when I had hold of him while I was between forms."


"So, it's too dangerous to repeat. Jinx, I have both human and demonic instincts, and they aren't welded together. My human part contains some demonic aspects, just as my demonic part contains some humane aspects, but my physical body altering like that means my demonic side is winning over my mind and body, and that must never happen. She… isn't exactly much of a team player."

Jinx thought about that for a moment, before smiling. "She didn't seem to have a problem with me."

"Think yourself lucky." Raven muttered, frowning. "I don't think you understand quite what it means."

"I know what it means. It means I'm dating a badass chick who has control issues, could easily tear me to shreds by accident, and belongs to the good guys. Seriously though, did you see how big a hole you punched in that wall? Just never introduce me to your parents. I get the feelin' neither side would be impressed."

Raven smiled slightly before she put her mug down on the black coffee table in front of them. "I should get a start on these wards."

"How long is it gonna take you?"

The empath shrugged. "How big is the building in comparison to Titans Tower?"

"Aint much bigger. Maybe a story or two, and wider, probably double the lower grounds of your tower."

"The maybe just over an hour."

Jinx nodded. "And it'll keep this Shadow creep out?"

"It should keep out anything that tries to enter without a physical body. Of course it'll let me teleport in and out, being my magic."

"Thank you." Jinx smiled sincerely and started to lean forward to kiss Raven, before pausing and asking, "I am okay to kiss you, right? I mean, you're not still really mad at me or anything?"

"You're okay to kiss me." Raven smiled after a moment's thought. "But that doesn't mean you're totally forgiven." The kiss was soft, tender… a lingering touch that made Raven melt. Pulling back, she said, "It's only fair to warn you, if you change your mind later and decide to continue with your plan, I don't think you, or a large portion of Jump City, would survive it."

"Gosh! Some people use family to try and get you to stick around, others use illness. Only you would use the health of the City." The thief grinned. "I'm not gonna use you Rae. Not like that. Promise."

One quick kiss turned into five, and five turned into fifteen. Jinx managed to place her mug down without looking, her hand groping through the air a moment before she felt the bottom of the mug find the surface of the table, her hand then finding Raven's waist, slowly tugging the empath closer. Quick, careful kisses evolved into deeper yet playful caresses of lips, while Raven slowly tested her control, giving the feelings battering the back of her mind more breathing room, wanting to let go of them completely every time the warm embers of feeling she wasn't familiar with spread that little bit further through her body.

A quiet sigh left her lips as Jinx's hands slid down to Raven's lower back and pulled her that last inch closer, melding the lines of their bodies together. They both heard something shatter, but when the titan tried to pull back Jinx threaded her slim fingers through Raven's violet hair and grabbed a fistful, stopping her. Something low in the empath's stomach seemed to tighten and she gasped, the sound being eaten up by the kiss.

"Jinx." She managed to pull back enough to mumble. "Now probably isn't… the best time to be… testing my control. It's still… unstable."

Jinx caught the girl's lower lip between her teeth and softly tugged before letting go and tracing the curve of her lower lip with her tongue, something else smashing as Raven's control slipped that bit more. She gently coaxed Raven to part her lips, the initial feeling of Jinx's tongue brushing against hers surprising the empath, but as the meta-human slowly and softly introduced the girl to new territory Raven began to kiss back with growing urgency. Until something else smashed.


"Everything in here's stolen – it's not like we can't replace it." Jinx mumbled, bother her hands finding Raven's hips and pulling until the titan was on her lap. "At least it lets me know you're enjoying this."

She kissed the corner of Raven's lips, then her cheek, trailing kiss after kiss down to the empath's neck, able to feel Raven relax in her arms as she tilted her head to the side in order to expose more skin to Jinx's wandering kisses. As Raven felt the thief's teeth gently brush against the skin of her neck, the slow, growing feelings of bliss spreading through her started to change, and she froze as something hotter, darker, before to entwine with it, clouding her vision, her mind, her judgement. She quickly scooted back as she realised what it was, dumping herself onto the floor away from the meta-human.

Jinx leaned forward and frowned down at the empath. "What's wrong?"

"I told you, my control isn't…" She looked away as she blushed with embarrassment.

The thief grinned, before she spotted the pieces of a mug sat on the coffee table where her undamaged mug had been, laughing. "I put it there so it wouldn't get broken, not so you could attack it."

Raven's blush got darker. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Like I'd said, everything where is stolen or built by Gizmo. You're doing your side a favour."

"…Do you think you could go into another room or something so I can set up these wards. It shouldn't take me more than an hour." Raven muttered, avoiding looking at Jinx.

"That your way of telling me I'm a distraction?" She smiled. Raven nodded, and Jinx rose to her feet. "I'll be hiding in my room. Come and find me when you're done."

Raven watched her leave the room before she pushed her hair back away from her face with a shaky breath, trying to clear her thoughts. Raven looked around the room and tried to find the things she heard smash. The thin glass from two light bulbs glittered on the carpet, and she cleaned it up before dealing with the broken mug, making sure there was nothing she'd missed before she sat down on the floor in the middle of the room, closed her eyes, and began by muttering her mantra.