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The team dispersed as they reached the common room; Robin, Starfire and Beast Boy all made their way over to the sofa while Cyborg and Raven had their sights on the kitchen, one for a late lunch – the robotic titan the only one with a stomach stable enough for food – and the other for a cup of tea. On the sofa, Robin twisted in his seat so he could look over the back of the sofa at Cyborg.

"So did you find anything on any of the security tapes?"

"A few things similar to what we saw with the footage from the cameras around the docks, but until I've had the chance to run the footage through a few programs…" The titan told his leader as he rummaged through the fridge. "But we found a body. I mean, doesn't that kinda trump a few seconds of footage?"

"For us, yeah, but we have to think about the court case too, and the more evidence we have for that, the better." Robin replied.

"I'm not exactly sure this'll reach court." Raven muttered, leaning against the kitchen counter as she waited for the kettle to boil.

"Why not?" Beast Bo asked, and Raven's eyes found him, frowning.

"How would we hold him for a court case? It would take far too long to develop the technology to hold him, especially since we only have my abilities to go from-"

"We what?" Robin interrupted, and the empath tense slightly.

"Oh. Perhaps I forgot to mention it." She quickly made herself busy, putting much more concentration into making her tea than she usually would have.

"Mention what?" He asked sternly.

"I told you about running into the Shadow the other day?" Raven didn't look up from her tea, her avoidance very unlike her.

"And you said you handled it." His eyes narrowed. "Raven, what did you do?"

"Depending on how you see it, I didn't do anything. Things may have… gotten slightly out of hand. For some reason, powers or no powers we can't touch him. She can."

"'She'?" Starfire frowned, but the boys were quick to catch on, Robin and Beast Boy looking at her with horror and Cyborg stopping in his tracks to ask her,

"Rae what did you do?"

"They're her abilities – maybe she knows a trick I don't, but she pinned him to a wall." She finally looked up at Robin, ignoring everyone else. "She held him, attacked him, and he couldn't escape."

Everyone else seemed exited by the news, but not Robin, his expression concerned. "Did anyone see you?"

The empath hesitated, not opposed to telling Robin someone had been there, but more than aware of Beast Boy and Cyborg,

"I… oh, damn it, yes. Someone did see."

"Raven, if word gets out-"

"It won't. Everything is fine. We talked it out. Besides, it probably saved their life." She cut him short.

"We? Who's we?" Cyborg asked about the same time as the changeling shouted, "I knew it! You're dating!"

Robin ignored them both. "You mean you told them? Raven, having people know you're not a human – or meta – is one thing, especially because your… eyes don't exactly do you any favours, but to tell them-"

"We talked it out." She repeated, "And it's all fine. Anyway, as I was saying, we don't have enough to really create any technology to use against him any time soon. I think we should apply for a warrant."

Everyone seemed to freeze, a ripple of shock and horror travelling through the room. Beast Boy was the first to speak.

"You can't mean that."

"Can't I?" She replied. "There is a reason capital punishment for metas or anything else 'with more than the basic human DNA structure' is used in every state but New York. Even if we did manage to contain him – and I highly doubt it – that is what's waiting for him." Seeing the horror still on their faces, she added, "If he's what we think he is – a creature created by summoning someone's essence with blood magic – he's already dead. We're just sending him back where he belongs."

"That's not how we work." Robin frowned.

"We might have to make an exception." Raven pressed, before telling them, "I'll do it – I'm not going to bring it up and then expect anyone else to step forward. Maybe we won't need it, but if we didn't have the warrant and things got… out of hand, Robin you're the only one who could expect to go into the court with charges of homicide, plea it was justified, and have an entire jury back you."

"Well how about we just don't let things 'get out of hand'?" Cyborg replied loudly, his shock still evident.

It was Starfire who delivered the second surprise, saying slowly but with conviction, "I believe Raven has the point. We do not know how to contain him, and he is already sentenced to death. We would be saving the lives of innocents. On my planet such an obvious crime would not need a trial."

"Well we're not on your planet. And you-" Cyborg pointed at the empath, "I'm not sure where your head is at the moment, but what happened to being raised by pacifists? No. We are not approved officials with the right to kill in the immediate defence of self or others, so we don't. We play by the rules. And even if we did, it wouldn't make it right. We certainly shouldn't look at tryin' to get a warrant that encourages discrimination, because you're right, without it you would risk getting charged with a death sentence, and Robin wouldn't – it's a classic example of discrimination that we of all people shouldn't be encouraging!"

"What he said." Beast Boy quickly nodded.

Both girls turned to look at Robin, Starfire's stare one of intrigue as she waited to hear the man's opinion while Raven glared at him, saying, "If he's involved with the church… either we put a stop to this or…" She faltered slightly before finishing, "I will not sit back and let anything like that happen again, consequences be damned."

His internal debate was easy to read on his face, and he expression was almost one of pain as he decided, "I'll look into it. Just in case, although I'm not sure we can even apply for a warrant. Cyborg's right – we're not cops."

"Then you know I'm right about the rest of it. Come on Rob, this aint right man." Cyborg shook his head.

"I'm not saying it is. But we don't exactly have much choice at the moment. It's not like we could invite the police along, and get Raven to hold him in place for them to shoot – they'd probably shoot her too."

"There's always a choice." Beast Boy muttered.

"We're talking about demons, Garfield. Exactly what do you think your choices are?" Raven asked sharply. "But please, if you'd like to fight off an entire army again, go ahead!"

"Well if you're gonna treat it like that, how about getting a warrant for yourself while you're at it?" He snapped back.

"I wouldn't expect you to do anything less if it came to it." She replied through gritted teeth, and Beast Boy shot to his feet.

"Enough!" Robin stood, as though preparing to have to tear them apart. "The decision's been made." Both titans fell silent, and Robin sighed, sitting down. "Raven and I'll be leaving for Gotham City as soon as I can organise it. Cyborg, you'll be in charge while we're gone. If you encounter the shadow-"

"Don't start a fight. You don't need to tell me that."

"Call us if something goes wrong, and Raven will teleport us back. Before we leave, we should have a list of locations for you guys to check you."

The news didn't settle well on top of his already foul mood. "Alright, though I don't like the idea of losin' two team mates right now. Even if one of them is premeditating murder."

"We'll be gone three days max." Robin stood and moved over to the computer, choosing to ignore the comment. He typed in his passcode and set up communications. "Take the rest of the day off, team. It's been a long morning. I don't want to see anyone working – even I'm going to join you once I've spoken with Batman."

"You don't have to tell me twice." Beast Boy said as he stood up, quickly leaving the common room.

Starfire quickly turned to look at Raven. "Raven perhaps we could go to the mall? And perhaps your favourite café?"

"Sorry Star. I've already got plans. Sort of. Maybe once we're back from Gotham?" She started to stand, but Robin stopped her.

"Wait a minute Raven. This person who saw you…" He turned away from the computer to look at her. "Was it...?"

She looked at Cyborg before deciding she no longer cared and asked, "My date? Yes. It was. And yes, they know I'm half demon, though I failed to mention my father's name – and surprise, surprise we're still dating. Happy?"

"You're sure this isn't going to get out?"

"Look, I didn't have much choice. He attacked them and my demon got… upset. Perhaps the fact that it was for their protection helped, I don't know. And considering they saw me punch a hole in a brick wall, I think they're aware of the risks. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a call to make."

"So Rae's actually dating?" Cyborg asked as the common room doors closed behind the empath. "More importantly you guys knew and you didn't think to tell me?"

"She wanted to keep it quiet. She only told me because I confronted her. You know what she's like."

"Well, it explains why she wants the shadow guy dead so much." Cyborg muttered, leaning against the counters.

"It does?"

"Think about it, man. Not only is the damn thing possibly involved with her dad, it attacked her date. Remember when she took down an entire ship and all but one member of the crew because her 'friends' were getting their arses handed to them? Because let's be honest, those Gordanians were pretty tough."

"Just because Raven has a personal investment in the death of the Shadow does not mean it's the wrong move to make. It is-" Starfire spoke up, but was cut short.

"Enough." Robin snapped. "We're no longer discussing the warrant, and I don't want to hear any more on it until I've spoken to the authorities."

"So do we know the guy?" Cyborg asked after a moment of silence. Robin shook his head, but Starfire smiled, the robotic titan instantly honing in on her. "She's told you?"

"She told me she was dating, however she did not mention any 'guy'."

"Then why are you smiling?" He challenged, not clicking on to what she'd said. "What do you know?"

"It was said during the girl talk and it shall stay there. I do not think Raven would like it to come from me."

"Come on Star. Please? We have to know! I mean this is Rae. Dating."

"It is only the smallest of details and adds little. I have no name, or description." Starfire shook her head.

"Then I'll ask her myself."

Robin raised his brow. "I thought she'd be the last person you want to talk to at the moment, considering."

"I don't agree with her on this, but we can't always see eye to eye on everything. Besides, we're off duty remember? I aint gonna bring it up if she don't."

Raven sat on the edge of her bed as she waited for Jinx to pick up, her thoughts still on the warrant and whether or not Cyborg and Beast Boy were right. She thought about bringing it up with Jinx but very quickly dismissed the idea, thinking that if anyone was going to have a problem with that particular law it would be Jinx.

"Hello? You've reached your Mistress of Bad Luck's phone. To ask her out on a date, please press 1. To go straight to the dirty talk, please press 2. Please note she is not accepting social calls or voice mails right now."

The empath rolled her eyes even though Jinx couldn't see it, smiling. "Do you even know what a mistress is?"

"Someone with a particular skill, who owns or controls something, or you're married and you forgot to mention it. It's also used in certain 'social' circles, but that's for when you press 2. So, what's up?"

"Two things. First of all, when I answer your call and tell you I'm at a murder site, it's your cue to hang up. Not to start asking questions or to ask me on a-"

"Voice mails are not accepted. To ask her out on a date, press 1. To go straight to-"

"Okay, okay! Second thing – I'm calling because Robin gave us the rest of the day off and you mentioned you wanted to meet up."

"That's better. Meet me inside the H.I.V.E base – the common room – whenever you're ready. Wear swimwear underneath your clothes or whatever, unless you're into skinny dipping, which I can totally arrange."

"Swimwear it is." She looked up as someone knocked on the door. "I've got to go – one of my teammates is at the door. See you in five minutes?"

"See you in five."

Raven hung up and dropped the communicator on her bed before calling out, "The door's open."

For a moment nothing happened, then the door slid open to revile Cyborg. He stepped forward slightly to stop the door from sliding shut on his face. "Well as your acting older brother, it's my job and duty to discourage, scare and threaten anyone with… 'bad intensions'. I can't do that if I don't know who they are."

Raven stood and moved over to her wardrobe. "Nice try, but if they didn't run from my demon – and she was in a foul mood – I doubt they'd run from you."

"So they, you know, really took it well?"

"I'm as surprised as you are. I told them early on about only being half human, I just skipped a few details, and there was some confusion and obviously shock, but yes." She realised she was grinning and made herself stop, grabbing a pair of jeans and throwing them onto the bed.

"Then why don't you introduce him? Seems like you've got something pretty solid goin' on there."

The thought seemed to freeze her slightly. While it was true their physical affections were not perhaps what most people would call 'serious', Jinx was still there, and although reluctant to admit it, the emotions of both parties seemed to be 'serious'. Yet she'd never stopped to explore the idea of it being a long term relationship, and she realised she should have. Dating the thief in secret was only going to get harder as time passed.

"I… don't want to make a big deal of it yet. We're still getting to know each other, and it still might not work out."

"Alright. Just so long as it's not another dragon – I mean I'm not judging your preferences or anything but-"

"Shut up, idiot. It's not another dragon." She shot him a smile before going back to her wardrobe, mentally finishing the sentence, 'though she's probably just as bad'.

"I'm just sayin', some people like butts, some people like scales. Now personally I like girls with a fiery attitude."

"I am not attracted to dragons!" She protested, stopping what she was doing and putting her hands on her hips as she glared at Cyborg, "so stop insinuating she is one! It was only funny the first time."

She watched Cyborg's eyebrow rise before he asked, "'She', huh?" Colour rushed to the empath's face, and her teammate laughed as she turned back towards the wardrobe. "So you're a boobs kinda girl? It's cool."

"Alright, you've had your fun. Now get out. I need to get ready." She told him, still refusing to look at him.

"Well I still think you should introduce her. Having boobs doesn't mean she gets a free pass from the older brother talk."

"I'll keep it in mind, now out."

"I'm goin', I'm goin'." She heard the door begin to slide shut, then stop, and she looked round to find Cyborg holding it open with one hand, smiling. "And Rae? It's good to hear you laugh about, you know, what happened."

"When you said wear something to swim in, I foolishly expected we'd be going somewhere like, I don't know, the coast?" Raven commented dryly, trailing behind Jinx as she led them through the harsh desert that bordered the east side of the city. Her eyes flickered back and forth across the towering rock formations, all too aware of the large – large being an extreme understatement – scorpions the titans had seen on their first and last trip this far out from the city.

The thief stopped to turn and grin at the empath. "Where would the fun be in that?" She waited for Raven to catch up before taking hold of her hand and starting forward again.

"Of course. It would be a little straightforward for you," Raven acknowledged, before falling for the bait and asking, "So exactly where are we going?"

"Some place I found a few years ago."

"Out here?" She asked in disbelief, looking back behind them. They were a good hour away from the nearest building, and well past the spot where the Titans had first seen Terra.

"I get itchy feet." Jinx shrugged.

"Really itchy feet apparently. I… just took you for being a city girl."

"I am most of the time," she nodded, before reminding the titan, "I was born in an Indian village, remember? And when I saw village I mean seven roads and two dozen houses. It's nice to get away from the city every now and then, you know?"

She nodded. "I do. Azarath may be a city, but it's a lot quieter than any city I've seen on Earth. Especially as I spent most of my time in the temple."

"Well I'm pretty sure you'll love this place." Jinx led her towards a high rock formation that ran alongside them to their right. Letting go of Raven's hand, she leaned against a large boulder and started to remove her boots.

"Jinx what on earth are you doing?"

The meta human glanced up at Raven, before nodding towards the steep incline. "We're going up there, and in these boots I'd break my neck."

"So you're going to rip the soles of your feet open instead? Don't you have some other shoes you could have worn?"

Jinx shook her head. "My boots are the most sensible pair of footwear I own. Why get something smaller if I can execute perfect back flips in them? Besides I don't wear chunky boots because I have delicate toes. Relax." She laughed, pulling off her socks and stuffing them inside her boots before turning to the rock formation, starting to make her way up. "And before you ask, yes, this is the easiest way up."

Raven watched with disbelief as Jinx easily climbed up an almost sheer ledge, her lack of shoes not appearing to have any obvious effect. "I can carry us both to the top."

Jinx paused and looked down the few feet at her. "Nuh-uh. You fly if you want, but I wanna climb. It's relaxing, and not to mention great exercise."

The empath hesitated before deciding to follow on foot, trying to mimic Jinx's path as closely as she could. The climb was easy enough really, though it took a good half an hour before Raven found herself stood on the highest point, able to see the narrow 'V' the rocks made. The bottom of the valley was hidden from sight by a ledge that stuck out half way down – it was a good couple dozen feet across, easy. She looked at Jinx to find the thief stood with her hands on her hips, studying the view as though she hadn't seen it before. She turned to meet Raven's stare, suddenly frowning.

"I forgot to mention we'd be out in the open. I usually make the walk early in the mornin'. The heat isn't bothering you too much, is it?"

She shook her head. "Not even close to bothering me."

There was a pause before Jinx laughed at herself. "Duh. What with you being, you know. Right, better start down then. You can fly – don't feel like you have to struggle on my behalf."

"Just because I can levitate, it doesn't mean I always feel the need to. It takes quite a bit of concentration you know." Raven informed her, brow raised.

"Huh. Never would have guessed from the way you fight." She told her with a smile, before she started to walk down the slope into the valley. "This bit's quicker, promise."

And it was. What had been half an hour's climb was a twenty minute – if that – decent. Jinx quickly manoeuvred the ledges and boulders with easy, calling out every time she came across some loose rocks, her path well memorised. Raven followed closely behind, carefully watching the thief when she wasn't facing the rocks, trying to find finger holds, silently laughing at herself the entire way.

Finally at the bottom, she turned to look at the valley. The dry, red rock was littered with green trees, their roots all reaching for the river that slowly bubbled through, the stony bottom easy to see through the water.

"So, what do you think?"

"Where's the water coming from?"

"Underground." She answered. "Come on."

Taking hold of Raven's hand, she headed up stream, where the valley started to get narrower, staying close to the edge of the water in an attempt to stick to the flattest ground.

"When you punched through that wall, did it hurt?"

The question was unexplained, and Raven frowned a moment before answering, "No. It didn't even leave a scratch."

"Watching it actually kinda scared me." She admitted. "I mean, I'd never seen you so angry and, well, not everyone can put their fist through brick like it's a sheet of paper. Even Mammoth picks up scratches. Even broke a knuckle once."

"My strength isn't something I use often."

"Yeah, I noticed. So, is it there all the time or..?"

"There all the time."

"So how come during fights…"

"It doesn't show?" She finished. "Years of practice and self control."

"I was actually gonna ask why you don't use it." Jinx corrected her with a smile. "I mean you could overpower Mammoth!"

"First of all, I was raised not to use any of my… abilities that come from my demon. At all, after they'd taught me control. I may actively use my soul self but past that, I try not to. Habit, I suppose, but not without reason. Ever heard of the expression 'great power comes with great responsibility?'"

Jinx laughed. "Seriously? Raven, you're like… I mean you could be practically unstoppable."

"My demon could be practically unstoppable. And she also happens to be very violent, among other things. I'm a titan – one of the good guys. That means holding back. Demons aren't known for being good guys for a reason."

"I dunno Rae, I mean she did save my life." Jinx pointed out.

"I know. I'm still trying to figure that one out." She frowned.

Jinx stopped, turning to face the empath, grinning. "Figure out you're totally infatuated with me?"

"Infatuated?" Raven pretended to look ill at the thought, before asking, "How do you know she didn't just save you so she could devour your soul later?"

"Mmmm, I love it when you talk dirty." She murmured playfully, wrapping her arms around Raven's waist.

The titan rolled her eyes, but was blushing slightly. "You're impossible."

"It's part of my charm, and don't pretend you don't love it, cause I know the truth."

"Which is?"


"You ought to be careful, using big words like that." Raven smiled, and Jinx whacked her round the back of the head. "I know we've already talked about it, but are you sure you're, you know, okay with it?"

"Rae I've known you for what? Seven years now? Well, not known you known you, but… my point is you'll always be the creepy ass witch with a nasty temper to me."

"I'm not a witch." Raven protested, but the thief ignored her.

"Just because I know you're some demon spawn doesn't mean you're suddenly gonna stop being 'Raven'."

"And you're not… worried about any of fit?" She asked, recalling Robin's short lecture. –just want to make sure you're aware of the risks-

"Like what?"

"My strength, or my demon making any unexpected appearances… that kind of thing?"

"I like to take each day as it comes." She quickly kissed Raven. "If a problem arises, we'll deal with it. But in the mean time?" She stepped back and started walking again. "Come on, we're almost there."

'There' was a decent sized pool that marked the start of the river. As clear as the rest, Raven knew it was deep when she realised she couldn't make out the bottom.

"It's a spring." She noted.

"You sound surprised."

"For this much water, and from the shape of the valley, I half expected a waterfall."

"Nope. It's a spring. It's also our own private swimming pool for the rest of the day." Jinx announced, pulling off her black t-shirt she'd been wearing, revealing a black bikini top. She'd started to wriggle out of her shorts when Raven realised she was staring and made herself look away, back down the valley.

"What's at the other end?"

"A cave. Pretty sure the water disappears back underground at that point."

There was a pause, then a loud 'splash', and Raven whipped her head round in time to see Jinx appear on the top of the water, shock on her face.

"Cold. That was cold." She laughed breathlessly, pushing hair out of her eyes.

Raven moved closer to the water's edge and eyed it cautiously. "How deep is it?"

Jinx shrugged before diving under. Raven watched, counting the seconds.

One… two… three… four…

The thief resurfaced on twenty three, taking a hungry breath of air. "If I swim like hell I can touch the bottom. There's a pretty good current down there though." She paused to wipe water from her eyes. "If you were lookin' for meters, I'm afraid I forgot my measurin' tape."

Raven rolled her eyes. "No, that was fine."

She hesitated before stripping down to her tankini , navy in colour, and carefully stepping onto a shallow ledge she spotted, the cold water reaching mid calf. And it was cold. She sat down, trying to ignore the chill as she hung her legs over the edge, not able to feel any sort of bottom to stand on.

She scooted back slightly so she was in no risk of slipping off into the deeper water before announcing, "I'm good here."

Jinx laughed as she swam over. "If you're bothered by the cold just jump straight in – easiest way to do it, honest."

"It's not the temperature that's bothering me."

Reaching the ledge, Jinx folding her arms and rested them on Raven's legs to anchor herself, having to tilt her head back to look at the empath. "Then what is?"

"I… didn't really learn to swim until I joined the Teen Titans. Most people in Azarath can't swim." She admitted quietly. "I can swim now, but that doesn't mean I'm comfortable with it."

"I didn't learn until I joined H.I.V.E Academy." Jinx shrugged, still smiling. "And I can guarantee their methods of teaching were worse than anything your friends could have done." Floating back slightly, she grabbed Raven's arms and tugged gently. "Ten minutes. You'll be fine. Besides, I thought you wanted to know where the water was coming from – the actual opening in the rock is under the water."

"This was answer enough."

"So what was the point of coming out here? If you'd have said something we could have done something else."

"I thought you meant the coast. Coast means being able to stand while being deep enough to swim, and that means a happy Raven." She defended herself.

"So you don't like this place?" Jinx asked.

"What? No. It's quite stunning, and it's nice not having to worry about someone recognising me with you, or any of that, but deep water just really isn't my thing. Runs in the family." Jinx arched her brow, and Raven asked, "When did you ever hear of a demon that could swim?"

"Cuthulu? The Leviathan? Davy Jones? Kelpies? No wait, Kelpies are faerie. My mistake."

"Stop being a smart ass."

Jinx laughed, before taunting, "Awh, is the big, bad demon scared of a little water?"

"I know what you're trying to do and it won't work."

"Who'd of thought? You are scared of something."

"No one is fearless." Raven's eyes narrowed, and Jinx smiled, trying to look as innocent as she could.

"But water? That's kind of irrational you know."

"Laugh it up, Jinx, because it might be the last thing you do."

"You'll have to catch me first." She grinned, pushing off from the ledge with her feet, propelling herself towards the centre of the pool.

Raven hesitated before quickly moving forward, letting herself drop into deeper water, the cold taking her breath away. She swam out to jinx, trying to ignore the smug smile on the girl's face.

"How about…" When Raven reached her, the Jinx wrapped her arms around the titan's waist, pulling her closer. "…I give you a reason to like water?"

Jinx kissed the empath slowly and sweetly, and Raven forgot she was meant to by trying to stay afloat until the water was suddenly above her chin. She panicked, pulling back as she kicked the water hard, the meta human laughing.

"Yes, drowning me is a really good way of making me like water." She scowled.

"You weren't supposed to stop swimming." Jinx laughed in reply. "This isn't salt water – you do have to work to stay buoyant."

"Stop laughing. It isn't funny." Raven insisted, only making the thief laugh harder. Until Raven splashed her, and she almost choked.

"Okay, now that wasn't funny." Jinx declared when she'd finished coughing.

"Wanna bet?" Raven asked, letting out a yell of shock and protest when Jinx splashed her back.

Jinx looked up from the DVD shelf as Raven walked into the common room, towelling her hair dry. "How 'bout we finish Frankenstein?"

Raven smiled slightly as she took a seat on the sofa. "I'd forgotten we never saw the end of that movie."

"I hadn't." Jinx replied. "I made you tea – yours is the green mug."

Raven quickly spotted the two mugs on the coffee table and grabbed hers, taking a sip. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it. Just try not to explode either of them." She offered the empath a smile as she stood, DVD in one hand, and made her way to the TV. "I don't wanna explain why we have no mugs when the boys get back."

DVD in, she moved over to the sofa, grabbing her own mug before she sat down, boldly snuggling up to Raven's side and pulling the empath's arm round her shoulders as she curled her legs up on the sofa.

"So what time does bird-boy want you back?"

"He didn't say." Raven shrugged.

"Wanna stick a pizza on after the movie or something then?"

Raven smiled. "Sounds good."

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