The small "coffee room" reserved for the Church of Blood's senior members was a hive of activity, the TV only just audible over the buzz of too many people whispering at once as they watched the news in disbelief.

A woman in a pretty blue petticoat stared at them from the TV as she spoke, stood in front of Jump City's police headquarters.

"That's right Arthur. Up until an hour ago the Police and a local team of superheroes, known as 'The Teen Titans', were part of a manhunt for five missing girls and their kidnapper. The case has been active for almost three months now, during which the bodies of six young women were found in various places around the city. But is the storm really over?" The picture on the TV changed to what looked like a demolition site, several members of the emergency services trying to sort through the pile of concrete and brick. "The rubble that you can see now was a three story building not but an hour ago. After closing in on the killer's trail the Teen Titans went inside and rescued five hostages before the member Raven attempted to subdue the man who earned the nickname 'Shadow'. The results of the fight brought the building down with both still inside, and while the Teen Titan has since been found alive search teams are still looking for the serial killer."

A man's voice cut over the picture. "And what about this hero, Raven? Last time we spoke to you her condition had been reported critical and unstable."

"As far as we know that's still the case. After initial treatment from paramedics on site she was moved to Titans Tower, where they have their own infirmary specifically set up to treat team members, most of who are meta-humans."

"And the hostages?"

"They have since been reunited with their families at one of the local hospitals. The women suffered minimal damage though there are concerns over the methods of sedation used by the Shadow."

"Thank you Christine." The scene changed to a studio, a man in a pressed suit sat behind a large desk talking into the camera. "We'll be speaking to Christine regularly throughout the morning to keep up to date on the progress of the search. Our hearts go out to the woman and their families and with the Teen Titan Raven as we wish them all a fast recovery. Anyone worried about family members living in the area, or knows someone who was reported missing from Jump, are encouraged to contact the JCPD, the number of which is at the bottom of the screen now. Moving on, in New York City-"

Someone hit the mute button and it was the cue for everyone to start talking. Two words seemed to be haunting everyone's lips.

"It failed."

And it had. Despite the careful planning and research, the Daughter of Trigon had once again proven her strength.

"Damien was being too reckless," someone shouted out over everyone, and another voice agreed.

"Leaving those bodies like he did was both stupid and pointless. I say he deserved what he got."

"Someone needs to tell Brother Blood."

Silence fell over the room, no-one wanting to face the certain wrath of the man. After a few minutes Sister Abigail – "call me Abby" – stood and sneered at the others as she passed.

"And you call yourselves men. I'll go."

Her courage didn't last long, leaving her the moment she'd left the room and she dragged her feet as she crossed through the empty church and towards the door leading to the day-time offices. It was late, but the evening service was due to start within the next few hours and Abby knew she'd find Brother Blood in his office, pouring over last minute notes.

She picked up speed as she walked down the long white corridor to her destination, wondering if the service would be cancelled. Abby quietly knocked on the door, her heart sinking when the priest's voice answered her, wondering what the hell she'd gotten herself into.

"Come in!"

Brother Blood, head of the Church of Blood, was sat behind his desk with a binder and a glass of red wine. He barely glanced up as Abby entered the room and dropped respectfully onto one knee.

"I'm sorry to disturb you so close to the service but… Damien. He failed." The woman cautiously glanced up when she didn't get a response, unable to read the expression on his face. "It's all over the news. The Daughter of Trigon beat him. Though she's hurt – in critical condition. If we acted now we could-"

"Arrive in Jump City to find her well and recovered," Brother Blood cut her short. "She's a fast healer."

"They said her condition was unstable. She might not recover at all."

He did look angry then, and under that anger was fear. "You'd better pray she recovers or our Lord Trigon's wrath will not only find the unworthy."

"… So what should we do?" The woman asked.

"We can't approach her, not yet. Raven is still but a child – she can't even begin to comprehend the potential locked away within her – but we do not want to risk her testing that potential on us. Find Sister Margret. Tell her to find the paperwork for the Brides taken after Angela, then bring it to me. Perhaps Raven just needs a little more persuading."

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