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"You were out late last night." Robin spoke as the common room doors opened, watching Raven walk through.

Everyone turned to look at the empath and she tried to ignore the guilty feeling that was slowly filling her. It wasn't often the common room could be found full at six in the morning when their hadn't been a call, the exceptions being Christmas morning and when Robin had scheduled a morning training session. Raven decided the universe had purposely tried to put her in the most awkward situation it could.

"I went for a walk." She nodded, barely missing a beat as she moved towards the kitchen, the kettle her goal. "Why? Did you need me? You should have called me on the communicator."

"It wasn't anything urgent. I just wanted to ask - Kyd Wykkyd's portals... do you know how they work?"

Raven stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Robin, her surprise easy to see. "You don't think he's a possible suspect, do you?"

Robin shrugged. "We're just looking at all the possible candidates we know of."

"Well you can cross Kyd off the list. Not only do I struggle to believe he is capable of doing that-"

"He tried to kill you with Psimon during all the trouble with the Brotherhood of Evil."

"-I have information on our killer." She finished as though her leader hadn't interrupted, before adding, "Kyd Wykkyd did not attempt to kill me, and neither did Psimon. They sent me to another dimension not knowing I had a way to get back. Psimon gained his powers through a deal he made with my father; he wouldn't dare harm me, something the Brotherhood obviously wasn't aware of."

"So what's the info?" Cyborg asked.

"It isn't much." Raven admitted as she pulled a mug down at random from the cupboard. "But apparently they aren't local, and most of the local criminals are doing their best to stay out of the way of the killer. My source couldn't give me a description or a name."

"And your source is?" Robin inquired with a frown.


"And you believe them?"

"I didn't pick up any of the emotions that usually accompany someone who is lying." She answered, putting her mug down and dropping a tea bag in it. "Is this information useful or not?"

"It helps. At least we know we don't have to worry it's one of our local criminals. A description really would have been nice though. You sure they haven't..?"

"They'd received the information second hand themself." Raven shook her head.

"I'll fax the police and let them know we can cross off locals with a previous criminal record for any offences made in Jump." Robin decided, before giving Raven a look that should have belonged on the face of an older brother or father. "I don't like you disappearing at night on your own while this case is still open. If they targeted you-"

Internally she winced - she hadn't been out on her own - but externally her face remained as stoic as ever. "If they decided to go after me, we wouldn't have to worry about the case dragging out. Of course I couldn't guarantee the police would find them alive. I am much more dangerous than anything on the streets of Jump City."

Robin didn't call her bluff, but didn't hide his sceptical look either, and Raven sighed somewhat impatiently.

"Look, Robin, right now the storm cloud of irritation and worry you're giving off is really making the tower an uncomfortable place to linger. I need you to understand that I'll be able to work on the case better away from the tower where I can think. I have a few leads I can follow up - a few more possible sources - and I can look after myself, whether it's against Cinderblock, Trigon or some serial killer. And believe me, I will have no reservations about holding back should this serial killer make the attempt of targeting me."

"You haven't been going around threatening criminals have you?" The boy wonder frowned.

"No. Not that you haven't resorted to it in the past." Raven answered. "People are scared, and scared people talk. They want them gone as much as we do. A serial killer isn't someone you can make deals or alliances with."

"Give us the names of these sources you've found and we can cover it faster."

"They want to remain anonymous for a reason." Raven shook her head. "I believe my... darker nature puts them at comfort. If the mysterious titan has a lot of secrets, she obviously knows how to keep them, or something like that. They're afraid their names will get out and the killer will go after them."

The grabbed the kettle as it started whistling and filled her mug with the boiling water. She hadn't lied - Jinx had expressed how much she didn't want anything to do with the dangerous stranger.

"I say leave it to her." Beast Boy shrugged. "She's found out more than we have, and it's not like anyone's been dying to talk to us about it."

"Agreed. Her logic does make sense. Rae is good at keeping things to herself. Even things she shouldn't." Cyborg nodded.

"I am standing right here." Raven muttered.

"...Fine. Do you know when you're going to get to speak with them?" Robin asked, and Raven shook her head.

"Not yet. We're still working on that."

Starfire suddenly gasped, making everyone jump. "Friends! I have had an idea! What if we went back to the warehouse and the security cameras that had the anomalies and see if Beast Boy can pick up the scent of the killer?"

"Star, you genius." Cyborg beamed at the princess, while the changeling turned a shade paler.

Robin looked at him. "What do you think?"

"I think I really don't wanna do it." Beast Boy whined, before saying. "It's been a few days now - if the scent of whoever did this is still there, it'll be real feint. Not to mention I don't know what I'm supposed to smell. But... it's worth a shot. I might pick up someone that seems out of place."

Robin smiled, happy they'd found something they could focus their efforts on. "Good. The area's been blocked off since the body was found so hopefully there shouldn't be too much contamination."

"And we haven't had another body turn up?" Raven asked as she added milk to her tea and stirred, before taking a sip.

"Not yet. It really does make me think we stumbled across the first body before we should have." Robin frowned. "And the police don't even know where to start looking for them."

"I doubt that matters. Keeping ten people hostage without people noticing? There just aren't that many rural, out of the way places in or near Jump for someone to be able pull that off. I've got the feeling we're not going to find them alive even if we found out where they were being kept."

"Cheerful thoughts, Rae." Beast Boy muttered.

"If I acquired a large number of hostages over a short amount of time, what's what I'd do." Raven shrugged. "Unless of course this is a serial killer we're dealing with and part of their profile is that they need to keep their victims alive for a certain amount of time before killing them."

"He wants people to know he's killing otherwise we wouldn't have found that second body like we did, but keeping his hostages alive does seem too... risky. If one escaped or someone heard them it'd be game over."

"You're doing the 'he' thing again." Raven told her leader.

"Sorry. Profiling the killer from his targets and the way he works, it just hints towards him being male. Most of the women are on the short side, but according to the police report they were fairly active individuals. We're looking for either a physically fit and strong woman who could detain one of the victims or more likely a male, again physically fit."

"Remember we're looking for a possible meta." Cyborg reminded him. "We don't know how strong they are - they could be as thin and ropey as Beast Boy and still pull it off."

"Please, but could we not ask the heroes of other cities about this killer? If out own city's villains fear them, that logically means they are not new to the crime circuit, no? Someone has probably encountered or heard of them before."

Robin nodded slowly. "That's definitely a possibility Star. Cyborg, can you call all honorary titans and ask them about it? Maybe the Doom Patrol too. As much as I wouldn't like to involve Mento, as controlling as he can be, they might know something." He looked at Beast Boy to make sure his friend wasn't offended, relieved to find the changeling smiling at him.

"Yeah, he likes to be involved. A little too much. I can call him if you want."

"And you, Robin, should contact Batman or the Justice League." Raven spoke up.

"No, we can figure this out without their-"

"I'm not too keen on asking for their help either." She interrupted, "But they're widespread and have the experience of years we don't."

"They wouldn't just help. They'd take over the case."

"Good. I saw we let 'em." Cyborg muttered. "The less bodies we have to deal with the better."

"They know we managed to deal with Trigon - they're not going to take the case away from us."

"We never told them-"

"I'd gone to the Justice League before going to Jump City. They knew what was going to happen, and they know we defeated Him as a team. If you talked to them more often, you might know that."

"You know the members of the Justice League?" Starfire asked Raven.

"As nothing more than acquittances, although I have spoken to J'onn and Dianna a few times. If you won't contact them, I will." She said, speaking to Robin once more. "We have next to no information on the killer and ten people missing. We need the help."

"Okay, I'll contact them." He submitted grudgingly. "But only if the other Titans, or the Doom Patrol, don't know anything."

Raven nodded, watching Robin as he moved towards the common room doors.

"Morning training is being rescheduled. Get to work on contacting people. Raven, Starfire, I want you both to run some aerial sweeps of the city. Meet back here for nine, and we'll go down to the warehouse."

"Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman?" Cyborg asked as the doors closed behind their leader.

"Both have been able to offer some valuable advice from time to time." Raven shrugged.


"Who else might understand some of the internal conflicts of the daughter of Trigon, than the daughter of Zeus?" Raven asked. "We aren't friends by any definition of the word, but we have talked, and we both share a mutual understanding of each other."

"And Manhunter?"

"Being a telepath himself we have shared and compared a few notes on technique."

"If you had told them about the Trigon, why did they not offer their help?" Starfire frowned, the question obviously having been on her mind since Raven's mention of the intergalactic heroes.

"A certain member did not believe I had contacted them for assistance, and the others took her advice. Not that I blame them. I'm afraid I had gone about it the wrong way - I wasn't aware people from earth didn't always react well to blunt facts. Hence why I avoided informing you until the last minute."

Cyborg laughed. "You can say that again."

Beast Boy took a deep breath, trying to prepare himself for any nasty surprises before he took the form of a blood hound and breathed in through his nose, picking up scents his human nose hadn't been able to smell.

The first scent he picked up was of rubber, fresh enough Beast Boy knew it was from the friction of someone's shoes on the asphalt - cops doing their rounds of the crime site perhaps. With the wind came the scent of lavender, tea, parchment and a dark and sticky undernote that made the skin of his back crawl with unease. Raven. He'd know what scent anywhere. It was just as distinctive as the warm scent that came from Starfire- something close to sandalwood and orange, mixed with the smell of some fruity shampoo the alien had used that morning. Pushing that aside, he focused instead on the tangy scent of oil. Cyborg always smelt faintly of the stuff, but this was just too strong to be all Cyborg. Not that oil was particularly useful to them. The docks were bound to stink of the stuff, along with every boat packed into storage nearby. Robin's hair gel was easy to smell, even under the stink of oil, harsh enough that it almost covered up any other smell he would have gotten from the boy wonder.

He was tempted to tell them to all move back a bit, but gritted his teeth instead, pushing his nose closer to the floor and trying again, this time picking up the putrid scent of rot lingering under everything else, a mixture of the rubbish in the nearby dumpsters, the old water-logged wood that made up the docks and more than likely the residue from the body that'd been found nearby. Clogging and bitter, he almost missed the subtle but burning scent of alcohol. He was pretty confidant it had come from a group of teenagers, or perhaps a homeless man who'd spent a night in the alley, but he filed the scent away anyway, not wanting to take any chances. He took a few steps forward and sniffed the ground again, this time picking up the scent of someone's deodorant, or cologne, growling with frustration. Despite the fact the smell wasn't specific enough for them to use, a hundred other people possibly using the same brand, there was nothing to say the scent hadn't come from one of the police officers that had made their way through the alley since it had become a scene of a crime.

"Beast Boy?"

The changeling ignored Robin as he took another deep breath through his nose, this time picking up a dull tang that smelt suspiciously like blood. Shifting back into his human form, he looked at his team mates, his hope easy to read.

"I think I got something."

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