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Knight of the Raven: "Rae is good at keeping things to herself. Even things she shouldn't."
"I am standing right here."
I loved this part, haha. Robin's cheap hair gel being smelly enough to almost overdose Beast Boy and Raven deciding "the universe had purposely tried to put her in the most awkward situation it could" as well, but not as much.
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I spotted a few typos; "The (She) grabbed the kettle as it started whistling and filled her mug with the boiling water," ""If I acquired a large number of hostages over a short amount of time, what's (that's) what I'd do" and "as nothing more than acquittances (acquaintances)."

Glad you liked those particular snippits. As for the names, I'm going by the comic standards. In which they pretty much all know each other's aliases. I always thought it was odd in the animation how they could go the equivalent of 5 years and only know each other by their superhero names (excluding Gar, and perhaps Kori. I'm sure her real name was mentioned during that 'Betrothed' episode). Anyway, thanks for the extended review!

"… And then I was like, 'seriously'?" Jinx pulled a face and picked up her fork. "But what can you do? Guys are gross."

"Agreed." Raven muttered, taking a small bite from her plate of waffles. "You wouldn't believe half of the things Cyborg and Beast Boy do."

"Try me."



"It's a 'sport' they invented. The rules are very similar to dodge ball or so I've been told, only aiming for the face gets you extra points, and the 'ball' is either made up of dirty laundry, or an old soccer ball that's been left to rot in the mud outside for a substantial time." Raven explained, grimacing.

"Okay, that is gross." She stabbed at her own plate of waffles as she spoke. "How's the murder case coming along? Find anything yet?"

"Not really." The titan answered unhappily. "Beast Boy spent four hours as a blood hound going over one of the crime scenes and he still didn't have anything specific enough to track the killer with. Are you sure you can't give us a name or description?"

"Perhaps." Jinx smiled coyly as Raven regarded her hopefully. "But it'll cost you."

"Cost me?"

She put her fork down and put her arms on the table, leaning forward slightly. "Mhmm."

Raven's eyes narrowed. "Cost me what?"

"That would depend on how much information you want. Don't worry; I'll make sure you enjoy it."

The empath's suspicious stare contorted into something of a glare as she clicked onto what the metahuman was hinting at. "This isn't the time for you to play some… game. Do you or do you not have any information on the murders."

Jinx shook her head as she leaned back and went back to her waffles, taking a mouthful before mumbling around it, "I tolb yew, whe all twyim to hmeep our dbistamce."

Raven arched her brow. "Very articulate."

Jinx shrugged, and swallowed the mouthful of waffle before repeating. "We're tryin' to keep our distance."

"Someone must have seen something."

"If they have, they aint talkin', and I don't blame them." She ate another mouthful, this time taking the time to swallow before changing the subject. "This is a pretty nice place. Food's good."

"Cyborg thinks so." Raven shrugged. "And it's open late, not that it's exactly an issue anymore." She tugged on her hair, running a few strands through her fingers. The diner wasn't full, but it was busy, and seeing as it was only 6pm Raven had used a little magic to turn her violet hair black. So far she'd gone unrecognised.

"So, it's not one of your favourite places?" Jinx watched the empath shake her head. "So how about you show me one? Once we're done here."

She frowned at the thief. "Why?"

"Well, for starters it's a good way to get to know someone – get an idea on what kinda things they like."

"Titans Tower."

"Homes don't count." Jinx shook her head.

"I… don't really have a favourite place." Raven replied somewhat uncomfortably. "Growing attached to the city had never really been a good idea, and old habits die hard."

"What's that supposed to mean? You plannin' on leaving or something?"

"No. It… doesn't matter." Raven shook her head.

"I know. I 'wouldn't understand'." Jinx rolled her eyes. "Do you even know how irritating it is when you say that?"

"You could always stop asking questions."

She grinned. "Hah! Not gonna happen." Raven did reply, just stared at her plate of food, so Jinx continued talking. "Okay. So let's say you're telling the truth and you don't have a favourite place – not that I believe you – how about your least favourite place?"

"Why on earth would you want to see that?"

"Why not? It might not be as informative as seeing your favourite place, but it's still a way for me to get to know you a little better."

"I doubt that." The empath muttered, and Jinx shrugged.

"You don't have to explain it to me. I just wanna see it."


"Why not?" The thief retorted, before sighing impatiently, "I liked what I saw so I asked you out, and maybe I wanna get to know you better; to know you as more than just the Teen Titan with a scary attitude who can kick some serious ass. There something wrong with that?"

"You had no indication I would call the number you gave me." Raven stated.

"I know. I was more than expecting you to try and track it."

"So why did you give it to me?"

"Because what's the point of living if you aren't going to take a few risks? An' sometimes it pays off. You're taking a huge risk right now, sitting with me in a public place. Are you regretting it?"


"And I don't regret giving you my number." Jinx smiled.

Raven waited for Jinx to join her on top of the twenty story building, the thief panting lightly as she appeared atop the fire escape.

"Thanks for waiting."

The empath shrugged. "I offered you my help, and you declined."

"Your 'help' involved that freaky dark energy of yours. Of course I said no. Still you could have been civilised and climbed the fire escape with me." She straightened out her top and fixed her hair, looking at the view they got from the roof. "So, how much further we got to go?"

"We're here." Raven answered, to Jinx's confusion.


"You wanted to see my least favourite place."

"Are we talking about this particular roof or..?"

The empath rolled her eyes at her companion. "There is a particular building – not the one we're standing on – but this is as close as I'm willing to get."

"Which building?" Jinx followed the Titan's hand as she pointed towards a structure with several large pillars supporting a overhanging roof. She studied it a moment, before asking, "You do know this entire block is up for demolition?"

"It's been up for demolition for years. The plans will never go ahead."

"What makes you say that?"

Raven shrugged, otherwise didn't answer the thief, her eyes remaining fixed on the city's old library.

"So why this place? Out of everywhere in Jump City, why is an empty building your least favourite place?"

"I wouldn't say the building is empty exactly. Anyway, you said no explanation was necessary."

"Yeah, but I was kinda expecting it to be something obvious, like a certain shop. The Disney Store or something."

"I don't hate Disney." Raven smiled slightly, before looking away from the building and giving the thief a threatening look. "Of course you understand I do have appearances to keep up."

Jinx grinned. "Don't worry; your secret's safe with me. But why this place?"

The hint of amusement faded from Raven's face and was replaced by something much more serious. Jinx could tell the empath was pulling back into the shell she always kept so tightly closed. "Something bad happened there. Something I couldn't stop, and that's all you need to know."

Something made Jinx grab for the titan's hand, surprising herself as much as she surprised Raven. "Even superheroes can't save everyone."

Raven suddenly tried to take back her hand, resorting to struggling when the meta human tightened her grip. "You don't understand." Her eyes dropped to the roof they were standing on when she realised Jinx wasn't going to let go.

"Obviously, since you haven't even hinted at what happened." The empath didn't reply, so Jinx asked, "wanna know what place I hate the most? It's kinda more obvious than yours is." Receiving nothing but silence, she continued. "H.I.V.E Academy. Mostly because Brother Blood mind fucked all of us. I don't care who's running the place, that is one thing I'll never let my team get sucked into again."

"… That's understandable." Raven eventually murmured. "I think a lot of those who were students at the time would agree with you."

"Don't take me wrong; I can take all the verbal and physical shit you can throw at me, but when someone starts messing with your mind… that's just a whole new level of wrong." Jinx looked at the titan, giving the girl's hand a comforting squeeze. "So care to share what's so bad about this place?"

Raven took her time answering, wanting to tell Jinx what had happened, but knowing it was important she worded it right. "… What happened here… it was perhaps both the best and worst day of my life so far. The day I let my teammates and the world down. But it was also the day I defeated… something that had been haunting me from the day of my birth. Despite this, the 'bad' side of it still outweighs what good came from it, and it's twenty four hours I wish I could forget, or wish that had never happened."

"The day you let the world down? I dunno, I'm pretty sure I would have remembered something to that scale." Jinx shrugged, trying to cheer her up.

"And that's half the problem. Something that… horrendous happened and only a handful of people remember it. It's just… wrong."

"What could you of all people possibly do that was so bad?"

"I gave up." Raven answered without pause, "I gave up on my team. On myself. I know now if I'd been persistent enough it might never have happened and-"

"Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Being able to look back and pick out everything you could have done differently. I'm sure you acted as best as you could during the moment, and who cares past that? I mean, does your team give you grief about it?"

"No, but I…" Raven trailed off as a shadow below them caught her attention, her sharp eyes following it as it hurried down one of the deserted side streets.

"But you..?"

"Shush. Someone's down there." The empath quickly snapped.

Jinx glanced down at the streets below her, dismissing the information with a wave of her hand. "So? It's a free country."

"You don't understand. About a year after what happened here, I set up some wards to keep people out. Nothing dangerous, just something to make people feel incredibly uncomfortable if they pass through. No-one should be down there."

"You… what? Why the hell would you-"

"There are some things that are best left undisturbed. I didn't want anyone accidently triggering something." The shadow slipped out of view behind an old shop, and Raven waited for it to re-appear the other side, frowning when it didn't.

"Okay… where the fuck did it go?" Jinx asked nervously, her eyes trained on the same spot.

"I'm not sure. I'm going to take a closer look. Just in case. Maybe we'll get lucky, and this is the killer we're looking for."

Raven started to move forward and Jinx quickly moved her grip from the empath's hand to her arm, halting her. "Or how about we ignore it and pretend we never saw it so it doesn't haunt our asses for the next thirty years."

"You're superstitious?" Raven asked, glancing back in surprise.

"I'm walking bad luck – of course I am. Raven, it was a shadow. Look around you; it's getting late, and we're standing on the closest light source. How the fuck do you want to explain that?" Her pink cat eyes followed the side street back. "There isn't enough light to make a shadow like that."

"We aren't expecting our killer to be a clean-cut human either." Something moved out the corner of her eye, and Raven turned her head in time to see something pass through the doorway of one of the old buildings. "There."

"I got a real bad feeling about this." Jinx said unhappily as she watched Raven pull out her titan communicator.

Flipping the yellow and black device open, she used the bottom touch screen to select the open channel, connecting her to all four other communicators. "Raven calling everyone. I've encountered a suspicious character that just entered an empty building near my location. Requesting permission to engage."

There was a moment of static before Robin's voice could be heard. "Stand down. We'll be at your location shortly. Only pursue if the target leaves the building. Robin out."

Raven closed her communicator and pocketed it. "Now would probably be a great time to disappear."

Apologies for the short chapter. Hopefully the next one will be longer.