Clove storms straight to her room and locks herself inside. I run after her, but she's faster, so I bang on her door. Of course, she doesn't answer. I'm quite patient though, so I wait, still banging, until Enobaria takes me away.

'That's no use. She'll come out eventually' she says and I have nothing left but to agree. I go to my room to collect the little stuff I took to Capitol and then I'm all ready to go back home. Enobaria knocks on Clove's door.

'Clove, if you don't come out by yourself, we leave you here!' she warns. Clove opens her door and storms to me. I see her eyes puffy and the next thing I know is her slapping me hard across face. I rub my swelling cheek while she glares at me.

'Enjoyed your superhero time, huh?!' she snarls. I tower over her and pin her wrists to wall.

'Not really. We were supposed to be two superheroes' I say patiently. She opens her mouth to protest, but I lean down and silence her with a kiss. A deep one. Then I pull away with a smile.

'I'm glad you're back' I whisper. 'Real you.'

She grunts, but I can see she isn't angry anymore. She does it more not to appear too soft.

'Beats me how you could put up with me' she smirks. I poke her chest.

'It's because I was hoping, all the time, that real you will be back. By the way… that last knife throw was amazing.'

This time her smile is filled with pride.

'You know, let's watch the recap again, together' she says. 'Once we're back home. What would you say to this?'

'Sure! Right after all this celebration mess is over' I laugh. 'Or no, wait. I want first to put on a tracksuit and jog around Victors' Village!'

'Count me in!' Clove exclaims. 'Unlike certain other districts, victors from Two always keep fit!'

Enobaria smiles, seeing us friendly again. Clove shivers slightly, but then laughs.

'Don't worry, kids' Enobaria pulls us both into a hug. 'You'll have plenty of time to get used to my smile. We'll be neighbors, right?'

I smile, thinking of the Victors' Village, thrilling with life. Oh yes, District Two has plenty of victors, some of them have children… we'll be invited to each of them as a "welcome-in-the-community" habit. Clove obviously thinks of the same.

'Imagine that, thirty coffees?' she chuckles. Enobaria hears it and laughs.

'I'll get hot chocolate then' she says. 'And I'll tell others to have a wider variety!'

In perfect harmony, holding hands, we get on train. Quickly, we wash off make-up, we change into more "normal" clothes and we spend the rest of train ride planning our next days. It's weird. We just won, but nothing really changed. We are still the same pair of teenagers that left District Two a few weeks ago. We don't feel any different just because we are victors now. Maybe we were born to be victors.

And as we put on our tracksuits and jog around Victors' Village every day, as we watch Enobaria gardening and Brutus swinging his nieces, I'm glad we are the same. Our relationship grew of course.

I feel it every time I look at Clove's ring finger.


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