Challenge: Tomo/Soi

Hi guys!
From the first time I've read Fushigi Yuugi, my favorite pairing's been Tomo/Soi. Why? Probably because they dislike each other and I like 'em both, soo...^^
Anyway, how about this: Tomo hasn't been killed by that Suboshi-brat, but "just" severely wounded. After he's found and brought back to his quartes, some doctor (or fellow Seishi or some unknown person, whatever) is able to heal his wounds, although Tomo remains very weak. Nakago is worried about it because he'll need his Seishis alive and in good condition for the war, so he asks Soi to use her Seishi powers on Tomo. Of course Soi doesn't like the idea, but she'll do it - because Nakago wants it. Tomo is not happy about it, too, but he can't do anything else than weakly rant about it. He'll eventually discover that sleeping with a woman is not that bad, even if it's Soi. (I don't ask you to change Tomo's sexual preferences. But he can like it anyway ^^ And maybe getting his ki raised by Soi will even be necessary a second time XD) I haven't thougt about an ending for this challenge. Maybe you'd like to end it right after they had "fun"...maybe you'll let them talk about it when Tomo feels's up to you ^^ One last thing, though: I really like Tomo's painted face, so unless you don't really dislike it, let him keep it (-;
Hope someone will write it ^^

The "plot" above is just an idea I came up with. But I'll gladly accept anything else you might have in mind - romantic-fluffy, sad, angst...but please no AU (-: