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Chapter 1 – Dreams

I was surrounded by crystal, beautiful blue crystals shining with an eerie light from a source I couldn't see. I sat slumped with my back against one such gem; my head bowed and body slack with exhaustion. I slowly lifted my head, turning my head from one side to the other in an attempt to see around me. I stood, taking in the blue-black emptiness that lay beyond the floating gemstones.

My eyes were drawn to one of the crystals, this one a deep cobalt blue shining with a piercing white light. I moved towards it, stopping with my hands resting on the crystal's smooth surface and peered into its depths. At first, all I could see was my own reflection; emerald eyes, teal hair, all with a bluish tinge to them from the light all around me.

Then the image changed.

I could see someone, someone I knew so well. I knew his duo-brown hair, milk chocolate eyes and goofy grin. Though there was no goofy grin now, only a profound look of loss and fear.

I saw him kneeling in a sea of blackness, lost and confused and so very alone. I reached out to him, calling to him, but he couldn't hear me. I clenched my hands into fists and pounded on the solid, glassy surface until the skin tore and my hands bled, smearing the beautiful blue stone with red.

Then something happened. I paused, watching.

Another boy appeared in the picture alongside the first. The two looked so alike; they could've been brothers, or twins. The only noticeable difference, aside from his clothes, was the evil smirk on the newcomer's face, and his glowing, amber eyes. The amber-eyed one reached towards his mirror image, his face still twisted into that evil smirk. My eyes widened.

"No…" I whispered. "Don't hurt Judai, please!"

And he didn't hurt Judai, just talked to him, that malicious grin plastered on his face. Slowly but surely, I saw Judai's eyes fill with sorrow, and I cried for him, pleading for him not to fall to the dark one.

The golden-eyed boy pulled Judai into an embrace, stroking his hair and speaking to him in quiet whispers. I gasped as I saw that he was slightly transparent, Judai's hair clearly visible through his hand. I watched as Judai nodded and said something back, clinging to his look-alike as if it would kill him to let go.

The other boy disappeared in a shower of golden sparks, leaving Judai by himself in the blackness once again. He stood, turning around as he prepared to walk away, unknowingly revealing his face to me. I looked into his eyes and gasped at what I saw.

Golden eyes and an evil, sadistic smile.




I shot bolt upright, shivering and panting. I held my breath as the echoes of a scream died away. I tilted my head. Who had screamed? Why had they screamed?

I sighed and I coughed, my throat burning. I heard my door being opened and someone calling my name as they ran to me, shaking me a little as he demanded that I not die on him. I started to feel dizzy, lacking air as I coughed mercilessly.

Finally after what felt like forever, my fit subsided and I sat there panting, drawing much needed air into my tired lungs. As the dizziness wore off, I felt someone rubbing my back. It was soothing and I felt myself starting to nod off again. I shook my head to stay awake and glanced beside me.

Judai was sitting next to me, his hand on my back, concern filled eyes focused on me. I gave him a weak smile.

"Judai, why are you here?" I asked weakly, wiping away the trail of saliva running down my chin.

"What do you mean, why am I here?" Judai exclaimed, apparently shocked by my question. "Johan, I heard you screaming and got worried!"

"Screaming…" I murmured, remembering the fading echoes of that anguished cry. "That was me?"

Judai nodded. "Yeah… what happened?"

I shook my head. "Nothing. Just a nightmare."

"Must've been a bad one… what with you screaming like that." He started rubbing my back again. I shook my head.

"It wasn't that bad, really." I sighed, leaning back into his touch. Judai looked at me suspiciously. I looked back at him, trying to seem as innocent as possible; and failing miserably at it. The unease from the nightmare was still too fresh in my mind. I moved reluctantly away from him.

"Don't worry." I said, forcing a smile. "I'm fine. What time is it?"

Judai paused and glanced at the clock. "2:05 am." He said. I frowned.

"Judai, why are you still in your uniform… you should be asleep by now…"

"…" Judai looked at me in confusion, before realisation dawned in his eyes. "OH!" I smirked. "I was duelling with Shou up in my room and we lost track of time. I was just putting my cards away and going to bed when I heard you scream. Shou's already gone back to the Ra dorms."

"Oh, sorry about that, but I'm fine, honestly." I forced my smile to widen. "Now, if we're all finished, may I go to sleep? I'm tired."

Judai laughed and ruffled my hair, throwing it into an even greater mess. "Sure!" Judai gave me a one-armed hug and hopped off the bed. I hid my face in my blankets, watching as he turned around. "Night, Johan!"