Chapter 1

"Guys, Guys, Guess what!" yelled an unusually perky blonde named Amber,

"What?" asked Nina

"JONAS is coming to do a concert at Anubis House" Amber yelled excitedly

"Who?" asked Jerome entering the room

"You don't know who JONAS are?" Amber said

"No I don't, but they must be pretty famous, because Fabian over there is screaming" joked Jerome

"What…What…What? I wasn't screaming, I was just being supportive of the girls" said Fabian defensively

"Right…." Everyone said

"Anyway, I can't wait, They said that during their concert, they would pull someone up on stage" Amber carried on excitedly

Amber was probably the biggest JONAS fan EVER! She had all of their CD's and Merchandise and her room at home was cluttered with posters.

"OMG, Amber want to go shopping?" asked Nina

"Yeah, we need to look good for the boys" said Amber

Just that second Mara walked in screaming

"Guys have you heard…..JONAS is coming to Anubis House"

"Yeah we were just talking about it, do you want to come shopping with us" Amber asked Mara


"Wait…I'm coming then" said Jerome strictly

"Why, you don't know who they are" Amber said

"I'm going because my girlfriend is" Jerome stated

"Oh My God, I can't believe you don't trust me" Mara said, in an upset tone

"Listen let's just go" Nina said

And with that, they left.