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The nightmare!

"Hello, Suzie... how've you been?" I stared up into the icy blue irises of Paul Slater.

Since leaving me and Jack up in the shadow land, all alone, he had been haunting my dreams every night; trapping me, taunting me, leaving me to die, in this stupid afterlife! Just knowing that someone on earth could be so careless, so heartless as to leave their little brother and some innocent mediator-sorry shifter, as Paul said I am- to become one of the souls we work so hard to help, gives me the chills! Is there any justice in the world...?

At first, the dreams would go something like this:

I'm in the shadow land, all alone,

A void of pure white light opens in the starry, night sky,

Jesse comes tumbling out,

He sees me trembling and comes over assuring me it'll be okay,

His liquid brown eyes gaze lovingly into mine as do my emerald greens, into his,

A black flash of lightning illuminates the sky, turning Jesse's irises a freaky, midnight black,

He's ripped from his spot in front of me, into a gaping black hole up above,

And so I collapse on the floor, a sobbing lump in the horrid, hallway of doom,

Before waking up in my bed...

Well, on the floor, next to it, but that's irrelevant.

Unfortunately, the more time I spent thinking about it the worse the dreams got...

So my dreams went from that to this;

"P-P-Paul!" I stuttered. For some unknown reason my mind lost all capability of forming coherent thoughts when I'm around Paul Slater. I wonder whyyyyyy...

He grinned, but in a totally evil way, before saying, sarcastically" Wow! Now who's a clever Suzie?" It should be illegal to look that good, yet be so, damn evil!

""What do you w-want?" I squealed. Not literally, 'cause that'd be stupid, but you know. My voice went all squeaky.

"Oh, the same as usual.-'he smiled in mock sweetness as he spoke his next words'- world peace, to help others... you to be mine... De Silva to go to the fiery pits of hell..."

"Shut up!" I shrieked. "Just don't, Paul!"

"No, Suze!" he shouted back, sounding very, very mad. "You know I'm right, you just don't want to admit it! You know, good and well as I do that you WILL be mine and De Silva will burn in hell for-"

I broke him off by screaming "Stop it!" and tearing down the corridor. Oh shut up, it was soooooo a fight or flight moment. And I find that when faced with that option, if the opponent is a 16 year old guy, who happens to be VERY muscular, it is perfectly okay to leg it. I mean, it's not like I was running because I was scared or anything. I was being... smart. Yeah, smart Suze...

My fingers were in my ears, but they couldn't drown out Paul's words.

"Come on, Suze. Stop running; you know you won't get anywhere. This hallways never-ending, remember? Hey, I can think of something else-or someone, should I say-that will stop you getting anywhere..." I could practically feel his self-assurance, drenching the chilly air. He was so full of himself!

I chose to ignore his Jesse comment, deciding giving him an answer would be too nice... even if that answer was just 'shut the hell up, you idiot!'

He carried on saying" I hate to sound like a cheesy horror movie or something, but really Suze. Just stop, already. You can't run and you can't hide, so just give in! Hey, kind of like that song from the Scooby doo movie, bump in the night! You cannot run, and you cannot hide, so you better face it baby, things go bump in the night!"

I carried on sprinting, and heard a weird noise. It sounded like a sigh mixed with a moan...

I was contemplating stopping, as had Paul's insufferable voice but just as I was about to, smacked my head on an incredibly hard wall. It hurt like hell! I fell back, landing on my butt, and held my head. Then I realized...


I squeaked, looking up to a-once-again-smirking Paul.

"I have a pretty hard chest, don't I Suze? Almost like a... wall."

I couldn't speak. I couldn't think. All I could do was stare at him in... Well I was staring at him for a lot of reasons, but let's just say it was because I hit my head a little too hard.

"You alright down there, Suze? You look like you're trying to catch flies... But you know, you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar." I only then realized I had been gaping up at him, when he repeated what Maria had said to me.

He moved towards me, slowly, but deliberately. He then walked behind me and my back seized up. I gasped involuntarily, preparing myself for something to happen. I waited roughly a minute before turning around to look.

I couldn't help it!

The suspense was killing me!

But anyway, when I rotated to peer behind me, nobody was there. How suspicious...

I quickly swivelled around again, however, expecting him to surprise me by moving back round to there and for him to hold me at gun point, or something equally bad. Much to my shock-and happiness-he was not there! Hurray!

Damn! Ah well, to feel happiness for just an instance is better than to never feel it at all!

I had just been getting ready to celebrate, when I felt slight pressure on my waist. Oh, man!

Paul had materialized behind me. He was sat behind me-well, up against my back really, but whatever-with his long legs intertwining with mine. I shuddered at the warmth he was providing me with, up in this creepy place. He felt so good and warm compared to my frozen body, but I knew it was wrong... so why did I like it so much...?

"Paul, what the hell do you think you doing?" I meant to say it with a powerful, commanding voice, but it-like usual when I'm near Paul- decided to go all squeaky and scared on me. I wasn't scared!

Susannah Simon is immune to fear!

Stop laughing!

I attempted trying to slide away but his hands snaked around my waist, rendering me immobile and dragging me back. Crud! Gathering all the courage I could muster, I demanded" Let me go, Paul! And what do you want, anyway?" my voice shook a little on the last note, but otherwise stayed strong.

"Hahaha. Sorry Suze, but I'm growing quite fond of the seating arrangements and I told you earlier."

"Told me what?" I moaned in confusion.

He sighed and replied "I've already told you what I want." Oh. Realization dawned on me and I immediately regretted bringing up the topic.

I gulped, feeling uneasy. Paul's breath was like minty fire against my neck and he rested his chin on my right shoulder. Before, his hands had been trailing up and down my spine, but he-for some unknown reason- had decided it would be better to tickle me! I kid you not! We were just sat there, in silence, when all of a sudden he started tickling me! Now, just between me and you, I am a little ticklish, but I was determined not to show how good and funny it felt. I bit my tongue to stop myself letting out any noise, but failed and emitted a large moan. He obviously heard it, as he laughed and decided to change position again. He crossed his legs, pulled me onto his lap and knotted our arms together. I didn't have the energy to fight him off, due to all the running earlier and, quite frankly, Paul was cosy and warm and my skin was freezing. So yeah, staying was simply my survival instinct.

"Susannah!" a pained voice cried.


"Paul, let me go you jerk, or I swear I will banish you butt to some parallel hell!" I was panicking by then; worried Jesse would get the wrong idea. I had no clue where he was as his voice had come from all around so I added "I'm coming, Jesse! Get off Paul, I mean it! I will banish you!" I also had no clue if this was even possible, but I was willing to wager it is.

"No you won't, Suze. You don't know how. I however-' he yanked my head around, so I had to face him. From my new position, I could see he was smirking, smugly '-do!" As he was saying that, Jesse materialized right in front of us.

I screamed his name, and Paul recoiled slightly at the pitch and volume of my voice, which had been right next to his ear. I then drank in Jesse's appearance, checking to see if he was hurt...

He had a large crimson gash, leaking blood above his right eye. An ugly purple bruise was forming on his left cheek and his shirt was soaked...

In his blood!

"Jesse!" I shrieked, close to tears. But I couldn't cry in front of Paul. I just couldn't. So instead, I settled for screaming. Yes, you read right. I decided to scream bloody murder.

I heard Paul sigh-well felt it actually-and stopped for a second catching my breath.

"God, Suze...-'he laughed a little as he spoke, which I didn't understand at first'-you have the most amazing scream I have ever heard! I mean, come on, there's nothing like a good scream. But anyway, we have a guest, you know. It would be rather rude to make them stand there..." As he spoke, his attention wavered from me to Jesse a few times, before settling on Jesse. I didn't know what was going to happen and the anticipation was killing me, as it had earlier on when Paul had temporarily vanished.

He tightened his grip on my arms, restricting me from moving anything but my head.

"Get off of mi querida, Slater! She has done you no harm. This is between me and you!" For the first time in ages, Jesse spoke. I didn't understand what he meant, but I was glad to hear his voice, even if it was a little croaky.

"Ha ha. I always thought you would be too gentlemanly to claim her! Oh well. Suze can finally see that you aren't all she thought you were."

Claim me? What the hell was he on about? Jesse didn't claim me. Did he?

Ahhhhhhhhhh! I don't know!

"What's between you two? Jesse I can help!" I shouted.

"No, Susannah. You might get hurt!" Jesse replied firmly.

"Awwwww, yeah Jesse'. Suze wants to play! I think we should let her join in."

"No Susannah. You absolutely cannot!"

"Ha-ha! He's worried you'll end up spending too much time around me and realize that I am your true love! The one which Madame Zara told you would last all eternity! Oh, and who is he to tell you what you can and cannot do?" He finished, pretending to be outraged.

I knew he was just trying to wind me up, but it was true. Jesse shouldn't have been telling me what I can and can't do. I know he was just worried, but it's my choice, right?

Or am I just over-reacting?

Ah! It's so confusing!

And how did he know about Madame Zara?

I must have spaced out just then, because the next thing I knew, Jesse was lying on the floor, twisting, writhing and screaming in pain!

I tried to scream, but Paul had clamped his hand over my mouth! Paul is such a...


I hadn't realized, but tears were pooling my eyes, threatening to spill. I tried moving my head, but when he moved his hand to my mouth, it stopped me from moving my head at all.

In an attempt to make him move, I bit him, but because of the angle his hand was at, I ended up licking him!

It made him chuckle silently, but otherwise he stayed focused on Jesse. Suddenly, a loud roar of pain came from Jesse. Paul was using telekinesis to lift him way up, before slamming him back down on the cold, hard floor as hard as he could.

I struggled, but all it did was cause me to end up closer to Paul. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I couldn't scream. I couldn't even think, clearly.

"THIS is for all the pain you're going to cause her! THIS is for all the pain you're making me cause her! THIS is for all the pain you already have caused her! THIS is for toying with an innocent girl's heart! AND THIS is for all the pain you've caused ME to feel, because of the pain you caused SUZE to feel!" On every this, he was thrown down and when he said the last sentence Jesse's shirt got a colossal cut down the front, which went through his skin, a couple of inches thick!

Jesse was lying on the floor, moaning and twisting in pain. To anyone else, it would look like he was complaining about his physical pain, but my shifters intuition told me it was mental pain, too. I desperately wanted to jump up and help him, or smack Paul around the face!

I couldn't quite decide...

The silent tears were free falling now, drenching Pauls shirt. Oh well, he deserved it!

They were both panting, hard, and kept looking from me back to each other.

Pauls grip seemed to slacken and I jumped off his lap. He didn't say anything as I moved, but when I got close to Jesse, a barrier seemed to form around him, preventing me from getting within a metre of him.

Paul laughed, darkly, as I fell back. I think I forgot to mention, but that barrier?

Yeah, it burnt! Like, make your hand go bright red, forcing you to recoil in pain!

I then fell to the floor, unable to move. Again, my shifter intuition told me something was up. I looked at Paul, and he seemed to have a gigantic, neon sign on his head that said 'Yay me! I've stopped Suze from moving, using my fancy pants shifter skills! Hurray!'

"Paul." I growled. Thankfully, I could still move my mouth and eyes. "Let. Me. Go!"

"Sorry Suze, but unlike you, I don't make empty threats..." He turned away to face Jesse and realization hit me like a ton of bricks...

"Paul, let me go, or I swear, I will banish you to some parallel hell!" I had told him.

I knew he wouldn't do that me, as he supposedly thought he 'loved' me. But there was nothing to stop him doing that to Jesse...

"Paul! Don't!" As I said it, a gaping black hole was opening up in the sky. Through the hole, tortured screams and demented howls of pain, filtered through, filling the foggy air in the form of inky-black smoke.

He wanted to send Jesse there?

"Paul! Please, don't! Let him go! Jesse!" I was hysterical! No, I was past hysterical, I was...


Black tendrils of smoke encased Jesse, as Heathers had done, except these were far more sinister.

"I'm sorry Suze, no can do. He doesn't belong on earth, with you. I do..." And with that, Jesse was roughly jerked into the hole, leaving with one final scream of intense pain.

And then he was gone.

Paul no longer found it necessary to stop me moving, as I couldn't do that anyway. My sobs were hurting my chest so much, I couldn't even be bothered.

All I could think was;

He's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone, he's gone...

Paul cautiously tiptoed over to me lifted my head and softly kissed me. It wasn't a loving kiss-although he probably thought it was-and then left.

I woke up, a blonde head looming over me.

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