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Ch 1: Beginnings in a New World

Everyone knows about the story of the attack of the biju, Kyuubi no Kitsune. It had attacked Konoha at the day of October 10, 1556 A.R., and had wreaked havoc across the village. It had killed many shinobi and civilians, and brought the village into despair.

What caused the creature to be stopped? Well, it was the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato. You see, he had come on the top of his summon, Gammabunta, and had stalled the Kyuubi. He had a plan, but it was suicidal to those who knew. He was going to sacrifice himself in order to seal the biju.

The fight was long, hard, and catastrophic in nature. The Kyuubi, who was actually being controlled at the time, tried to break free of it and go away. It was tired of being sealed up and being used as a tool. When it broke free, it had thought that it could finally live in peace. Alas, that was not meant to be, as Tobi made sure of that.

The Kyuubi had tried its hardest to break free of thee Genjutsu that the false Uchiha had cast upon it, that was when it was about to launch a Bijudama at the giant toad and Hokage. Taking quick action, the toad jumped and slammed itself into the biju, disrupting the incoming attack. Minato then takes his chance to finish the handsigns required for the Shiki Fuin.

He had done the sacrificial jutsu and sealed the biju into his own son, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. Now, you would expect him to be respected for keeping the beast pinned up. Sadly, that was not the case at all. Maybe in an alternate universe, but in this one, they all but made his life good.

He was not even a day old and there were already assassins out for his blood, and why is this so? Well, in his infinite wisdom, one Sarutobi Hiruzen had decided to let the entire village, one who had just been attacked by a fucking Biju of things and still had very vivid memories that the said Biju was sealed up in Naruto.

Of course, the reaction was expected as pretty much all of them had demanded the boy's blood, claiming him to be the 'Kyuubi Reborn', or some other useless and baseless name. Of course, this was all a part of the Sandaime's master plan to make the perfect Jinchuriki. Unfortunately, he did not count on one single factor.

That single factor was a person, and the said person is in fact the mother of the 3rd Kyuubi Jinchuriki, one Uzumaki Kushina. It turned out that she had survived the extraction better than most would have hoped for. And with that quick recovery, there came the job that all mothers would do when it concerns the factors of danger and a child that belongs to a mother. And that would be protection.

Ever since she could lift up her trusty katana, Sainan ni Senkai, handed down by the Uzumaki Royal family back at her home village, Uzushiogakure, she was the defined protector of her child. Any attackers or would-be attackers were met with either a swift, brutal death or a painful amputation. Any attempts by her now becoming ex-friends to dissuade her were met with a rhetorical 'what would you do if it were your child?'. Any attempts by Hiruzen or the Elders to take away the child for 'proper care' were met with a rebuttal, harsh glare, and a death threat.

It was needless to say that Naruto was indeed taken care of to the best of Kushina's abilities. Hell, she even had erected a barrier made to repel any attackers while she was sleeping or out to get food and supplies. She would always meet some stragglers who would be stupid enough to try every time.

That was how life was like for Naruto and Kushina. It was fine at first, but then again, attacks and negotiations that happened on practically a daily basis can get tiring on a person, especially if the said person was one who had just given birth to a child. Now, Kushina, as much as people loathe admitting it, had outgrown her impulsive, brash side since the 2nd Ninja War. But, one must let it be known that even the most patient person can eventually break.

That time was now.

It had been 4 months since the birthing of Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto and the attack by Kyuubi, or that masked man as she remembered from that day. 4 months of attacks, 4 months of annoying ass leaders who think they know what is best for her son, 4 months of her now ex-friends always trying to bait Kushina to give up Naruto and run away from the village, and she was about to crack.

(Date: Feb. 21, 1557 A.R.)

Kushina had decided that day that she would take a walk around the village, which was a rare occurrence. She would normally only leave the safety of her compound and her beloved sochi for food for the family, money in the bank, and the occasional training session.

Truth be told in her mind, she didn't really want to walk around the village that had basically spat on Minato's efforts. But she had decided to it this once before she would come to a decision. The thought had been plaguing her mind for a while, and it became more tempting each time it came into her head. That thought is what brings us here now.

Kushina was wearing a gray ANBU pants with sandals, a tight black shirt that had orange Uzumaki swirls on the sleeves, and an orange vest that was open. On her waist was he Sainin ni Senkai which she had been keeping by her side at all times. The few times that she had been outside of her house she was attacked by ROOT. They were disposed easily, but the fact that Danzo was resorting to such tactics was enough for her to always bring her ninja gear with her, regardless of what task she was doing.

She had a calm smile on her face, which was yet another oddity to those who know the latest happenings that revolved around Kushina and her son.

Ah, it is actually a nice day today. I am glad that I had decided to go along with this. Kami do I need it more than ever.

Her calm expression though would turn blank and apathetic as she saw a familiar person coming her way. Across the pathway, a Uchiha Mikoto was walking around the town, carrying her own son, Sasuke of the name was right.

Not wanting to really talk to anyone yet, Kushina walks off to the side, trying to blend in with the crowd. But today was not her day. Strike one.

"Kushina, is that you?" Mikoto asked.

Damn it all. Kushina cursed in her mind. She really did not want to talk to one of the main proprietors that were always goading her to give up on Naruto and believe that he was Kyuubi or some other bullshit thing or creature.

Ha! Not like I will ever believe that crap! Seriously, most of them KNOW that I was the last Jinchuriki, and yet they seem to think that I would abandon my own flesh and blood because of the same status. What kind of bakas are they?

"Kushina, I haven't seen you in a while. How have you been?" Mikoto asked as she walked on up to her.

"I have been doing fine until now. Naruto-kun slept well last night and is doing well with the Kage Bunshin that I left with him. Thank you for asking," she answered coolly.

Mikoto frowned at the mentioning of Naruto before smiling. "Kushina-chan, do you think that you can come on over for a girl's night with me and the others? We haven't done something like that in a while."

"Can't. Have to make sure that I have enough formula for Naruto-kun," Kushina answered in the same tone.

"Oh, come on! We would LOVE for you to come with us. I am sure that you can trust your son with someone while you are away."

"Not a chance," Kushina said coldly.

Kushina tried to walk away at that, but Mikoto wasn't having it today apparently, as she had appeared in front of Kushina's path. "Kushina, why do you insist on hanging onto the thing? Don't you know that he is only using its powers to keep you at bay?"

"You are suggesting that a 4 to 5 month old baby can do complex genjutsu at a mere whim. If you believe that, then I worry about how your clan and their oh-so-Kami-given-Sharingan would live on. Seriously. And lastly, HE is MY SON. Get it through your damned skull Mikoto. Good day," Kushina rebutted before walking off pass a glaring Mikoto.

Kushina had then gone on with her walking around the village like nothing had happened, though inwardly she was counting backwards. It was really infuriating to her that her former friends would be so inconsiderate about a child's life and this lingering grudge against the Kyuubi. Hell, even SHE knew exactly what happened that night.

She remembered quite clearly. That masked man that had attacked and had taken her son hostage then would be the only time he would be able to do that. She had no idea why he would do such an action, but let it be known that if he were to show his face, she would tear the mask off and shove it up his ass.

Oh, she would enjoy dealing her righteous fury upon that damned man. That aside, she did indeed tell the old, ex-former Hokage about the encounter, but again, in his infinite wisdom, didn't tell the village. They might have backed off if they were to know that it was a man that had set the Biju after Konoha, and not the beast itself. Or not. She would never know really, or care any less.

The morning turned into noon as tie passed on, and the thought that was plaguing had returned yet again. She was really starting to consider it as a choice and just got with, but she was still not sure on what she would do.

Her thoughts were once again brought to a halt as she heard, "Kushina-sama, matte!"

Not recognizing the voice, she turns to the left of an intersection to see who was calling her. Running up to her, there was a petite young teenage girl that had a bright face. She had short black hair that reached to the lower part of her face, coal black eyes, and was wearing a black kimono that didn't really look to be fitted for travel, but more for medical purposes.

She would have asked the young girl on who she was, but the giveaway was the pig trailing behind her. She knew instantly on who this girl is, and who would be following her shortly.

"Ohayo Shizune, I didn't know that you and Tsunade had returned. What is the occasion?" Kushina asked.

"Oh, we just got here earlier in the morning. Tsunade-sama said that she had wanted to talk to you about something. I didn't know what. Little Tonfon here helped us find you. Say hi Tonfon!"

"Oink oink!" the little pig snorted affectionately.

I would never understand why they would have bought that pig.

"So where is Tsunade? Shouldn't she be behind you?" Kushina asked.

That got Shizune to look confused before looking around. "You know…she was right behind me. Where could she have gone off to?"

"Why are you asking me? I don't know her well enough to know her habits," Kushina stated.

"Habits…oh. *sigh* I get it now. She is probably at a bar now," Shizune admitted.

"She is still being a drunkard? Damn, it has been long enough since his death. She should move the fuck on."

"Kushina-sama!" Shizune shouted. "How could you say that? She lost her husband and her brother during the war!"

"Let me amend that with this then. I lost my entire clan to the same said war, my surrogate grandmother who is also Tsunade's as well to old age, and just recently Minato due to a sacrificial fuinjutsu. Don't tell me that bullshit," Kushina berated.

Shizune immediately deflated at that. "Gomen Kushina-sama."

"It is fine. Forget it. Now, guide me to where the drunkard is please. I would like to get home to my sochi soon."

Nodding to that, she had given the command to the pig to find the medic Sannin. They later found the said Sannin at a bar, just like her habit dictates.

"Tsunade-sama! What are you doing?" Shizune shouted.

"What do ya want brat? Can't you see that I am enjoying myself here?" Tsunade grunted.

Shizune would have tried to retort, but instead Kushina intervenes by saying, "So, it seems that some things don't change considering how time flows. Glad to know that."

Tsunade stared at the idiot who would insult her like that, but then recomposes herself when she saw the stoic Kushina. "Hey there Kushina, how have you been? Working hard?"

Kushina shrugged nonchalantly. "Meh, not really. Sochi keeps me occupied most of the time along with the other bigots and dumbasses who try to attack him or make me separate myself from him."

"Yeah, speaking of which, want me to do a check-up on him for you?"

"I am sorry Tsunade, but I can't really do that now considering on how things have been lately," Kushina answered while narrowing her eyes.

"Oh, and why would that be?" Tsunade asked in turn.

"I don't know if you are the real Tsunade, though everything you have done this far suggests that you are, but then again, why the sudden request? How would I know that this isn't some part of a plot against me and Naruto-kun? I don't. And my trust in this village and its leaders have lead that doubt further," Kushina explained.

"Why would that be Kushina-sama?" Shizune asked.

"Ask around, and you will see what I mean."

Tsunade narrows her eyes. "Why are you being difficult Kushina? Just let me in the house so I can check up on the gaki."

Now, there were many things that would set off the current Kushina. One of which was the persistence of those that think they know what is best for HER son. Sure, she doesn't all of the medical expertise like Tsunade, but she was knowledgeable enough to know that she was doing everything right. Of course, there is the act of Tsunade actually BEING here in Konoha that causes her to suspect something is up.

She was about to give her answer to the slowly becoming irritating woman, but that was when something caught her eye in Tsunade's robes. It looked like she had tried to hide it from plain view, but Kushina can clearly see what looks like the outline of a scroll in the pocket of her robe.

It was too well hidden just for her to cast aside as baggage, so in turn, she decides to play a game of sorts. She would put on her acting skills she got from her days at the Academy, lure Tsunade close to her, and snatch that scroll.

When initiated, the plan was all too short and well executed. She had acted like she was a tired mother from all of the fighting and caring of her son. They fell right into her hands. Shizune of course, being the naïve young teenager said her praises of a woman for enduring so long. Tsunade, although it looked reluctant to the busty woman, had hugged the red head out of sympathy. That was when Kushina made her move.

As Tsunade had gripped her, Kushina had guided her hand right into the pocket. Feeling the scroll come into contact, she grips it, and yanks it out quickly. Tsunade was none the wiser to what she had done.

After releasing the hug, Tsunade said, "Well, come one Kushina. I want to see the little gaki in all his glory before he becomes a pain."

Of course, she had failed to keep the slight edge off of her tone, which again, Kushina took notice as suspect. As the woman and her apprentice were paying off the bill, Kushina examines the scroll and opens it quite easily. She saw that it was previously sealed off by a blood seal, which Tsunade had obviously broken prior to reading it.

Upon reading it, her face was unreadable. Nothing betrayed the feelings that were now raging inside her. Strike two.

"You ready Kushina? Let's be on-"

"I am sorry Tsunade, but there has been a change of plans," Kushina said abruptly.

Tsunade would have asked what she meant by that, but that was denied as she was met with the tip of Kushina's blade.

"Kushina-sama! What is going on here?" Shizune screeched.

"What is the meaning of this Kushina?" Tsunade growled out, though she couldn't hide the surprise look on her face.

"I'm sorry, but due to the contents of the letter you received from Hiruzen that I have just read here, I find myself in a rather odd predicament. Whether I should leave it be, or I should gut you like the traitorous woman you are. Hmmm," Kushina replied coldly.

As soon as she mentioned about the letter, Tsunade couldn't hide her shock even if she tried. She was caught redhanded.

"Kushina, you don't understand. I-"

"Oh, no need to explain Tsunade, I can see perfectly now. You are just merely doing this not out of the goodness of your empty heart, but out of greed and the idiocy of the foolish Hokage. I wonder what Mito-baa-chan would think of you betraying your own family in such a way," Kushina interrupted.

That was a low blow to Tsunade. Normally, her brash, impulsive personality would have out lashed and made her beat up anyone who would dare insult her in such a manner, but now, she thought otherwise. Kushina had youth, experience, and a whole lot more dangerous jutsu that would indeed kill her; and that isn't including her kenjutsu skills. All Tsunade had were her fists, and they were out of practice too.

Seeing her point was made to the faltering woman, Kushina swiftly pulls her blade away before walking off. "You know, I had once respected you Tsunade, but to see you fall so far makes me wonder about the future of the Senju. Mito would not only be ashamed of you, but I shudder on what to think of how Dan and Nawaki would react as well. Even Hashirama and Tobirama would be inclined to be disappointed in how you choose to act. As far as you are concerned, the Senju may as well be dead."

And with that, she walked off, leaving behind an extremely confused teenage girl and a shuddering Tsunade.

Kushina had now arrived back at her home. It was a place nothing special. It is just a standard two story house with a backyard and other rooms not needed for the current size of family.

She was about to enter, but then decides to stop for a moment. Taking in a deep breath and releasing it, she relents to who was watching her. She had figured that this was coming sooner or later.

"You three can come out please. It is no use trying to hide from me. You could never do so anyway."

Confirming to what she said, three people had appeared out from Kami knows where. The three of them looked nothing more than about 13-14 years of age. The first person had long purple hair that seemed to flow, brown eyes, small lips, and wore a standard Chunin outfit. On her back was a standard tanto issued to those training for ANBU. This was the Chunin, Yugao Uzuki.

The next person was her boyfriend, another Chunin, Hayate Gekko. He looked very sickly due to the bags under his eyes and the pale skin. He had dull brown eyes, scraggly brown hair, which was covered mostly by a bandana that had the Konoha hitae attached and a standard Chunin outfit with a katana hanging off his back.

The final person was another male Chunin, Genma Shirunai. He had semi-long brown hair for a male, which was covered by a bandana like Hayate. He also had a senbon hanging loosely from his mouth, a habit that Kushina had failed to break. He was also wearing a standard Chunin outfit with his tanto hanging off his right hip.

What was special about them though was that they were also Kushina's Genin students whenever she had taught them.

Yugao decides to take the lead. "Kushina-sensei, we have been worrying about you lately. We don't see you taking missions lately and have yet to do our usual spar with us."

"Nothing is wrong you three. You all should know that it will take a lot to hurt me," Kushina commented.

"We know Sensei, but that isn't all," Genma said. That statement made Kushina narrow her eyes.

Please, tell me that my own students have the same mindset as these bigots. I've taught them better than this, and they have the gall to toss it away for something that wasn't my flesh and blood's fault?

"Please. Enlighten me."

The Chunin seemed to flinch at the harsh command, but they complied nonetheless.

"Sensei *cough* we are worried that *cough* you are being controlled by *cough* the Kyuubi," Hayate started.

"You may think that you are immune to it, but Kyuubi could be working its claws into your mind while you are not aware. It would be beneficial for the village and you if you would leave for a while to recuperate," Yugao explained.

Kushina was silent. In her mind though, she could feel the incoming storm that was her anger. She had never shown it to her students, or to any of her old comrades. She would always keep a calm and cool head in all situations. But now wasn't the time. Her patience was cracking.

"So," Kushina started, "you seem to believe that you know what is best for me, even after all of the years that I have dealt with the biju and a jinchuriki. You also seem to have placed more trust in the village than me. Am I correct?"

"We are Konoha shinobi first before everything. You should know that considering who you were with most of the time," Genma said.

Kushina only sighed at that. Minato was deadly loyal to Konoha before his death. He may had thought that sealing Kyuubi into Naruto was the only option, he could have just as easily have the Shinigami take Kyuubi at its whole instead a part of it. it would have brought the same result.

And yet, he still chose to seal it into his own son. Son…did she think that Minato would treat Naruto like one? Would he be a father to him, or a leader to a village full of bigots who can't let go of a baseless grudge?

She would never know really. He was dead, sealed inside the Shinigami's stomach for all of eternity, no way of coming back whatsoever. She would not even be able to meet him in the next realm after death.

She shook her head out of those thoughts, wondering why she would go there. She then released a bitter chuckle, her inwardly knowing the answer to her question. Of course, the baka would be village first before family. It was how he was, but not how SHE was. She was an Uzumaki first and foremost, and they take care of their own, regardless of what background.

She turns around, and gazes at them with her amethyst eyes, analyzing them if they were to make a move. They looked not ready to do so, so she could as easily walk into the confines of her apartment and be protected by the barrier she had erected.

"And here, I thought that I have taught the three of you better than that. Well, that must be a failure on my part," Kushina sighed out.

"Eh? What are you talking about Sensei?" Yugao asked.

Kushina looked at all of them with pointedly, making them flinch at her piercing gaze. "You all were content with me being like my sochi, yet now you are acting like this. Care to tell me why this is so?"

"Sensei, you don't know how much damage the Kyuubi had caused that day. We are still recovering…" Genma started.

"And that gives you the right to bully and punish the jail that keeps him at bay, the same way that I had done so? Please, spare me your faulty reasoning. I can see that my words can't reach into the ignorance of Konoha," Kushina said coldly.

"Sensei…we were only thinking," Hayate started.

"No. Not. One. Word. Out of you. All of you. You all disappoint me so much. *sigh* Well, not like I can expect much from here anyway."

Kushina turned into the direction of her apartment and walked into the confines of the barrier. She stopped once just outside of the door,

"Go tell Hiruzen that your mission was a failure, again, and that he should pay attention to the restoration of Konoha and not what the conditions of living for a child, MY CHILD nonetheless like the leader he should. After all, Minato had done the same."

She left behind the stunned Chunin team, wondering how she was able to figure out who had sent them out. But let it be known that was the final straw.

Strike three, and Konoha is out.

(Hours later, nighttime)

Kushina had been cradling her son while sitting in a chair next to Naruto's crib. The little bundle in her arms had been giggling quite a lot today once she had gotten back. In fact, he seemed to be excited that she was back. Perhaps he knew the difference of Kage Bunshin and the original.

She chuckled at that though, as preposterous as it was, it was an entertaining thought bubble.

Seeing that she had to do her business, she got up, and set her baby into his crib. Naruto looked at her curiously, wondering what the woman was doing, but he soon got too tired enough for his feeble mind to care. He got to play around with her, and that was all that mattered.

Kushina smiled softly at the bundle that lay in his crib. Oh, how he was so energetic when she had returned up until she had set him to bed. He also seemed to be highly aware of what was around him, as he would try to inspect as many things with his eyes as he could. He was a natural explorer at most, another thought that made Kushina giggle.

Setting and tucking Naruto into his blanket, she breathed out a soft sigh in contentment. Oh, how she would enjoy this when she was done. Done with her tasks that would end with her and her son being away from all of the hate, the pain, and the sorrow. Away from it all, even that masked man as she doubted that he could be able to do what she was going to do.

She then gained a look of determination on her face. She had a lot to do, and a short amount of time to do so. She was going to go through it, and no one was going to stop her. Her faith in Konoha was low enough that if she could try and escape with her son, but that would be a tiresome effort on her part. She did not want to be running from Hunter Nin all of her life, and her son's as well. There was a better option than that.

She makes the all-known handsign and as she called out, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

After the smoke came and gone, there was about thirty physical copies of the famed Aka Shi, all with the same determined expression. Since there was no needing to be told what was going on, the clones had set off to do their assign jobs.

The real one though had set off to a different area of the apartment. Walking into the attic, she places her hand onto a random panel on the wall. Channeling chakra into it, a seal appears out of nowhere a couple of paces to her right. She then pricks her thumb hard enough for it to start bleeding, and smears the seal with her blood.

The seal glows in recognition of the blood and chakra before fading. A click was heard as the panel moved on its own, revealing a hidden compartment in the wall. She reaches in and takes hold of the item that was inside.

Doing the same action to the seal that was on it as she did on the wall; she opens the scroll and begins reading the contents of what it entailed. A smile of self-satisfaction formed on her face. This was what she was going to do. All that she needed to do was go to a proper location, more than likely an empty training ground, and set everything up. Including a barrier since she had figured that once Hiruzen would find out what she was up to, he would not allow it to happen on his watch.

She walks back into her room and gazes at the crib yet again, her determination to do what she was planning building in earnest. She had to do this. For the betterment of her son. No matter what.

(Date: Feb 22, 2012. 12:00 AM)

(Location: Training Ground 27)

Kushina had laid her son onto the soft grass ground as soft as she could, not wanting to disturb the little boy's slumber. She smiled softly and rubbed the little baby's soft, golden locks that signified the relationship of who his father was. Then there were the three whisker marks that adorned each side of his cheeks that resembled his relationship with his tenant.

Amending herself of the current thoughts, she looks around and sees that her cones were nearing the completion of the sealing circle. Looking down to her left on the ground, there were several large scrolls lying. They contained all of the funds of the Namikaze and Uzumaki clans, thought the former wasn't much due to there never being no Namikaze clan in the first place, along with mini scrolls of clan treasures and jewelry. Another contained all of the furnishings of her ex-home, and another contained all of the jutsu and weapons that she and Minato had learned over the years. It even contained the scrolls for the Rasengan and Hiraishin, with Kunai included. She was fully set to go wherever she is going, her son in two of course.

Her gazing was put to a stop as she looked up, receiving the memories of some of her clones. The Sealing circle was finished, and the ritual can begin.

Taking in a deep breath, she and her clones formed the handsigns before she called out, "Kekkai: Chakra Chains!"

That was when golden chains popped out of the ground, encircling the perimeter of the sealing circle. The chains leapt, made an arc overhead, and inserted themselves into the ground opposite to them. All chains did this to where some of them were tightly overlapping each other. Seeing that enough were made, she pushes her chakra into the chains, letting the barrier form completely. Now she would have no interruptions.

She then walked on over to her son, kneeling next to him as she said, "I am almost done Naruto-kun. We are close to going to a new home. A new place where we can start anew, for the both of us. I love you."

She kisses her baby on the forehead, making the infant Naruto squirm a bit from the contact before falling back to sleep. Nodding to herself, Kushina resolved herself to get started with the ritual. And that was by channeling copious amounts of chakra, no doubt getting the attention of Hiruzen and most of the ninja.

And with the devil's luck that she had, people did turn up.

As the ritual began, she could feel the presences of multiple ninja coming her way. Not wanting to put up with them, she calls out more clones to help out with the channeling. After doing so, she popped in a chakra pill for the extra boost. She felt that she was going to need it very soon.

She turned slightly and saw that some ninja were already taking action against the barrier that Kushina had erected. Of course, none of them were even strong enough to make a dent in it. They would have to be Kage level AND a Fuinjutsu master. Luckily, the nearest Fuinjutsu master was far away from here as possible, not counting herself, more than likely peeping like the pervert he is. And the only notable Kage level were Hiruzen, who was WAY past his prime, the damned war hawk Danzo, who is in the same category as Hiruzen, and Tsunade, who by now would still be drinking off her misery.

Casting them off as annoyances, Kushina focuses back to the seal. With the amount of chakra being pumped into the seal, she could seal the seal diagram glowing slightly. She grinned slightly at this. Things were progressing faster than she thought it would be.

"SENSEI!" a person called out. It was probably one of her former students.

"KUSHINA-SAMA!" another one called out. That was Hatake if she remembered right. He was a former student of Minato and a diehard Minato fanboy at that.

She turned to see that her suspicions were correct. She saw her students and Minato's fanboy outside, banging on the barrier, screaming for her. She just shrugged them off before going back to channeling chakra into the seal. By now, the seal looked to be a little more than 50% until it was ready for activation. She was close.

"Kusina!" and aged voice called out.

Kushina only sighed at that. She knew that the old fart would come crawling to her once her plan was beginning. Not like he would be able to stop her. She turned to see that the said old man was wearing his battle armor from his days past, but had a look of desperation on his face. She also saw Danzo trying to behind him, clutching his cane angrily. It was a sight that brought a smirk to Kushina's face.

Her face though quickly returns to a harsh, cold, piercing glare as she asked, "What do you want Hiruzen?"

"Kushina, what on earth are you doing? Get out of there this instant! I command you as your Hokage!" Hiruzen shouted.

Kushina just laughed humorlessly. "Not a chance there. I already had started the ritual, so it has to be completed without it being stopped. I have to thank my barrier for that."

"What is it that you are planning Uzumaki?" Danzo bluntly asked while trying to find a way to break the barrier.

"Oh, nothing too complicated really," Kushina admitted nonchalantly, while looking at her fingernails with disinterest. "I am just doing an old Uzumaki Fuinjutsu ritual that allows someone, or a mother and her child to travel dimensions into different worlds."

"WHAT?" was what the majority of the Konoha nin shouted. That was followed by some denials of such a feat along with some more people baiting Kushina to stop and abandon her activities.

"Sensei! You can't do this! We need you! Please!" Yugao shouted.

"I would have reconsidered that if you and my former students weren't trying to bait me away from Naruto-kun due to the machinations of a deranged old man, but sorry, not going to happen," Kushina retorted.

"Kushina, you must stop this! This isn't what Minato would want!" Hatake shouted while he tried to break the barrier with his Raikiri, which failed epically. He was hoping to save his sensei's lover while also getting an opportunity to kill the 'demon' that lay beside her. Obviously that wasn't going to happen today.

"Oh? And how do you know? Can you talk to him?" Kushina asked.

No direct answer was given, so Kushina just flipped him off as she said, "Yeah, you can't. He is dead, sealed inside the Shinigami's stomach for all of eternity. As much as I would love to see him again so I can beat the shit out of him, he is gone. And I moved on. Part of that brings me here."

"Kushina, you must reconsider what you're doing! Think of the consequences! Think of the village!" Hiruzen begged and pleaded as he fruitlessly tried to break the barrier.

"Why? Why must I do so? You all don't appreciate the fact that MY son, MINATO'S SON, is the very same Jinchuriki that holds the beast that could have annihilated Konoha like I once did. Hell, you all have the GALL to try and get ME to abandon my own flesh and blood! What the hell is going through your heads!

(She shakes her head before fixing a glare onto Hiruzen.)

I know that me going to another village is only delaying the inevitable conflict with you, Konoha, and that masked fake Uchiha that unleashed the Kyuubi onto the village. And I don't plan on having my own son fighting against him and others for the good of the village. As far as I am concerned, my son and I are getting our asses out of this cesspool!

And with that in your bigoted minds, Uzumaki Shinsei na Fuinjutsu: Sekai no Oudan!"

That marked the completion of the Fuinjutsu ritual, as the seal was glowing brightly before the power was unleashed. With a loud bang that woke Naruto up into a crying fit, which should be surprising since he had slept this far into the event, and a wormhole was formed. It was nothing more than a swirling mass of space forced open, a portal of sorts.

As a final wave to them, Kushina flips them off as she slings the scrolls onto her back with a strap and grabs her son. She then slowly rocks him back and forth, whispering sweet nothings to the crying blond. Naruto, seeing someone he recognized, just giggled at her.

She then sends a victorious look to what looked to be a fuming Danzo, Fuming and desperate Hiruzen, saddened former Genin team, and shocked people before she said, "Sayonara Fakkazu, have a nice long life in this hell! Uzumaki clan out!"

She then lunged forward, jumping into the portal. That was also when all of Kushina's clones had dispelled out of existence, and the barrier dropped. The elder ninja would have chosen to pursue Kushina then, but that was when the reaction happened. The portal closed itself abruptly, before letting out another loud bang. The energy swirls at high speeds, the force of the energy and gathering wind current sending many ninja flying away. The swirling energy then condenses into a small ball about the size of a beach ball before shooting upwards to the stars, and disappearing from view.

Hiruzen, feeling utterly defeated, could only drop top his knees and punch the ground. "Damn it Kushina! Damn it all!"

The other ninja who knew Kushina were very depressed by what had occurred today, and a select few of them were feeling more of it. After all, they were the ones who had pushed Kushina over the edge, and now they had to pay the price for it.

Out into the distance, a humanoid, grotesque plant-man rises from the ground. "Leader-sama will not like this…all hope is lost without him."

"You don't have to tell me twice! That gaki was the only way for Tobi to gain power over all!" the other voice said, but it seemed to come from the same person.

"I know. But we will have to tell him that his ambition is dead…I pity the poor fool who will end up being on the other end of his wrath."

And with that, the plan-man sunk back into the ground to report to its master about how the Moon Eye Plan was a failure due to the rightful protectiveness of a mother. It was now a lost cause.

(Distortion World)

Darkness. Chaos. Anarchy. Disorder. Distortion. That was the state of the world in between that Kushina and her son had found themselves in, though they did not know due to them being unconscious.

They only lay there, motionless, but still breathing. Well, not until Naruto starts to cry out of something unknown.

Hearing the cries of an unknown presence, the great beast that ruled this unruly realm traveled across to the source of the sound, only to find a small infant human and what it assumes is its mother. The mother was unconscious, but alive. The infant however was awake and crying.

The beast wondered how these humans were able to traverse into its world. It has witnessed many other humans wander into its realm before, but they were merely glances from the reflections in water. This however was different. They were actually here.

The beast pondered on what had happened, but that was brought to a halt when it had felt an unknown energy. From the both of them. The creature examined the mother first. She seemed to have plenty of it, but now it was depleted. More than likely the reason why she was unconscious. The energy felt strange, not like Aura at all, but similar.

The creature turns its gaze to the still crying infant and scanned and was yet again shocked. The young infant had multiple energies. Quite a quandary this human is. There was the same energy it had felt in the mother, but more potent and ever growing. Then it had felt something like it, only it was ominous, dark. Tainted. It was something that it could fix easily. In fact, it could since he immediately found the source of the tainted energy.

Though not like Aura as well, it seemed to be affecting the boy, inflicting harm upon it. Whatever this malicious energy was doing, the beast was determined to fix it. It could feel that the energy was locked away from within the child, probably by a lesser being, but again, it was nothing it couldn't handle.

When he released the energy from the strange markings on the infant's stomach, the beast immediately attacked whatever came out. It looked to be like a creature from the world it had originated; only it was corrupted. Tainted. Again, something it could fix.

The Taint barely had put up a fight against the mighty beast, but it was easily subdued. The beats then removed all of the Taintness in the energy from the Taint and placed it back into the infant who it saw could highly benefit from it.

That was when the creature had felt two more energies, but this time, they were all too familiar to it. This human had an impressive amount of Aura, and could indeed have the ability to access it and use it, like it would with the infant's other energies. Then, there was the other one, one that revolved around a specific kind of its lesser kind. It would be something that he would have to train on, but again, the beast saw it worthy to wield it.

So, with its powers, the beast distorted the infant's genes slightly, allowing the boy to access the two latent energies later on in the infant's life cycle. This young infant would be truly gifted. That was when the beast had decided on two more actions. First, it would need a companion of sorts. Something that would stand by it and it knew just what would fit.

Looking at the Taint, the beast used its powers to further distort the Taint to remove anything left of its previous life. It would no longer be malicious to its partner, or to anyone or any of his fellow kind. It than distorted the Taint into a kind that would resemble it the best, and make it into an oval shaped stone. The stone will incubate the Taint into its new form, so it can live a new life with its partner, without the Taintness corrupting or the infant.

Placing the stone onto the infant, the beast then receives a revelation. Not long ago, the beast's Creator had prophesized a coming of a Chosen One, one who would bring balance to between the Humans and its lower Kin. The Creator had thought it to be someone else maybe, but this was too much of a coincidence to the beast for it to let go. Perhaps this was Destiny working its claws. It would never know, or would try to know.

The beast then had decided that it would help out this infant by sending challenges to help it grow, to help it understand its other kin, and to become one of its kin. It was a harsh task, but the beast felt that the infant may be able to do so. But, it would need help as well. Using more of its powers, it gave the infant one last gift: the ability to communicate, something that the infant would surely need for in the future.

Feeling that its task was done, the beast then opens a portal of its own to transport the infant and its mother to the human world where its kin live and prosper. It lifted the infant, its partner, and the infant's mother into the mother to the outside world, while giving the infant one last blessing of its own, a nod, before placing the group outside of a town where the beast knows where the infant will prosper. Now, its task was complete. The beast closes the portal and then wonders off into the distance, to later on report to its Creator about what it had found.

(Route 1: Just outside of Pallet Town)

Professor Samuel Oak had seen many strange things during his lifetime. He had seen a lot of things that if he were to utter them, people would call him crazy. People would probably have him lose his respect as one of the world's most renowned Pokémon Researcher.

But today, was more the stranger. He had visited his old student, Delia Ketchum and her husband Daniel at their new home. They were newlyweds that had just gotten back from their honeymoon and were now settling in their new home. Oak had wanted to give them his personal congratulations once again for their happy marriage while also breaking in their new couch.

He had talked with extensively about their plans of the future and similar topics, which were mostly lighthearted and full of concern on Oak's part. After all, he viewed the both of them as his children since they had known each other for so long.

The both of them had told the elder professor that they had planned on staying at Pallet and get jobs to raise money for necessities, and for future children as well. They had planned on having children not until they have a few years of experience living together under their breath, which was a wise choice on their part. Jumping in head first was always a bad idea, but then again, Oak was raised in a different time.

Now though, what was previously a clear sky with no cloud in sight had turned dark with ominous clouds. He was perplexed by this as the weather forecast had said that there was to be no more storms for quite a while. And now they had this? It was troubling the professor slightly.

Perhaps this is a Pokémon's doing?, he though in his head.

It was a highly likely possibility, as Pokémon tend to do such acts like this out of the blue for no apparent reason. It is events such as this that always made the professor wonder what else the glorious creatures are capable of.

He was brought tout of his musings though when he heard a loud bang sound out into the distance. When he looked over, he could see a light being shot down out of the sky and landing to where he thought would be one of the nearby lakes. He had thought on whether he should go on and see what had landed, or wait until the morning with backup.

His natural curiosity as being a Pokémon Professor took over him though as he began to run off, but not before grabbing a few spare Pokémon.

He had arrived at the lake shortly, but not before he saw something that he could not believe. At this specific lake, there was a waterfall that most of the Pokémon on his reserve love to hang around at, but now they were all assembled together, watching the spectacle that was going on before his very eyes.

"My word….what on…" was all that he could stammer out.

A portal was open at the waterfall, not around it, but literally on it, like the portal was literally there on the moving water. He tried to gaze to see what was on the other side, but he only saw darkness and what looked like multiple storms going on at once. Before he could make up any theories on this phenomenon, a terrifying roar was sounded. He looked to the portal again only see what looked like a giant Pokémon flying around it. He really couldn't get a good look at it in order to tell if it was a Pokémon he knew, or an entirely new one.

But it was negligent to what he saw next. The Pokémon floated close to the portal and was guiding something through the portal. Or whether, the Pokémon was guiding what looked like a young mother and her infant child through it. The mother was unconscious at the moment, looked beaten up, wore the strangest clothes he had ever seen, and had a certain flow to her crimson hair.

The infant however looked nothing like her at first glance since he had blond spikey hair, but upon closer examination, he saw that the young boy had the mother's face, and probably his eyes no doubt. The boy was also carrying a Pokémon egg too, probably given by that giant possible Legendary.

When he saw that the Legendary had placed them on solid ground, the beast retreated back to where it came while closing the portal. There was nothing left of it. Seeing that it was safe for the meantime, Oak ran on over to the two to check up on them. He was no expert in the medical field, but he was partially savvy in giving first aid and CPR, and that was good enough.

He checked to make sure that the infant was alright. He felt fine and was just probably sleeping, but he clutched onto the egg like it was his lifeline. Perhaps he should inspect it later, when they are both awake.

The mother on the other hand was more beat up, probably from what she was doing prior to her passing out. It must have been one hell of a ride if she was this tired. Once he had checked all of their vitals, and seeing that they were just fine, he was found with a problem. How and where was he going to take them?

Luckily for him, luck shined in him as he heard his student say, "Professor Oak! Are you around here? We saw the light shoot down to the ground and didn't see you at your lab. We –were-Oh My Arceus! What happened?"

"I do not know Delia, but it was perhaps one of the strangest things I have ever seen in my life, ever. I will explain though later. We need to take these two to the hospital. The mother here looks like she needs it."

"I'm here to help Professor. Just tell me what to do, "Daniel said as he entered into the clearing.

"Thank you young man. Call out your Machamp. He should be good enough for this," Oak ordered.

"Alright, go Machamp!" Daniel called out. He had thrown out a weird ball into the sky which opened while in midair. A beam of light was shot down and formed into a large humanoid figure with multiple and very muscular arms.

"Machamp!" the Pokémon called out.

"Machamp, I need your help with carrying this woman to the hospital. Quickly."

Receiving his orders, the muscle bound Pokémon picked up the sleeping red head woman wile Delia was carrying the baby in her arms. The baby though had just woken up and was looking at Delia strangely with his big cerulean eyes.

"Aw~, aren't you just the cutest little thing I have ever seen!" Delia cooed, which got Naruto giggling in return. Apparently, the lady looked friendly enough for him to like, so it was okay.

Oak was now carrying the Pokémon egg in his arms, cradling it like it was like young Naruto. He had never seen an egg like this before. It was mostly black with crimson red streaks adorning its side. The streaks look…chaotic and out of place, but also seemed to pull him in, almost hypnotizing. A strange quality in a Pokémon egg, but now was not the time to worry.

He ran off after his students, egg in two. Little did they know about that the potential destiny that they were starting for themselves in the new life of one Naruto Uzumaki, and no one was any the wiser.

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