The Story of the White Knight from Another World.

(a Infinite Stratos x Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari crossover)

[Prologue - A Forced Departure]

Orimura Ichika stared at the unknown black IS that stood at the center of tournament battle field. It just stood there, in the middle of the burning wreckage of what could have been a container or missile used to penetrate the energy barrier that protected the arena from both internal and external attacks, with its weapons pointed at him.

He had tried to call the arena's control room, where he was sure his sister and teacher was, but something was jamming the signal. He had examined the exit points only to find that the shield strength was at level 4... too high for even Byakushiki to cut through, especially when there is an IS with a two high density particle beam cannons ready to fire at him. It seemed that his only options were to defeat the Black IS or last long enough for the teachers to help him.

He had opted for the later at first, because he knew that his sister would chide him for being reckless. But then, his shield energy hit the half way mark and he realized his opponent was not a tournament grade model... it was a military grade. He was sure he'll run out of energy sooner than his enemy... and when that happens he'll have no means of fighting back. He didn't like that. Surely his beloved sister would understand his decision.

It was around that time that he noticed the pattern of its attack. It would shoot it's large high density cannons first, chase after him while firing low yield spread beam weapons keep his speed in check, and then return to the center and give him some reprieve. His mind had failed to consider it before, but now that he had decided to fight, his mind noted the probability that his opponent was an unmanned machine. A small part of him doesn't want to take that risk, but he'll just have to trust the absolute defense and his own reflexes... it was all he had.

So... with a clear mental voice he summoned his only weapon, Yukihira-Nigata, and triggered Reiraku Byakuya.

The trapped audience watched on with awe. The only male IS had finally drawn his weapon against the unknown enemy that seemed to be the cause of this incident. They watched as his sword opened up, like a dragon's mouth, and released a blade of light.

Orimura Chifuyu could only look on, prayed that a certain mad Scientist had not done anything to screw up.

Ichika took a stance, routed any energy he could spare to Byakushiki's wing thrusters for even a few extra meters per second of speed. And then he waited for the right moment.

The was an odd silence inside the area. Because this time the young man was not fighting to win... he was fighting for his life and maybe theirs. They watched as he got into position and stared down at his opponent. There was a moment of clarity for quite a few of the women and the young girls that have come to think of men as the inferior gender.

This was a man.

The silence was broken when the black IS' weapon fired. Ichika jumped high into the air, corrected his angle and triggered his last ignition boost towards his opponent. Without missing a beat, he positioned the tip of his energy sword straight towards the enemy's chest. If there was a pilot the Absolute Defense should kick in and put all its energy to preserving the pilot's life. If it was unmanned... then destroying the head is probably the best target to completely disable the machine.

But then to his surprise and everyone's horror, he and his weapon was held at bay by an unknown force.

'So she stole even Germany's new weapon.' Chifuyu silently thought to herself. Unsure whether she should applaud Tabane's foresight in adapting the weapon for this purpose or berate for her for stealing another country's weapon.

The black IS used its long and over sized arms to grab hold of Yukihira and Ichika arm. It pulled him in closer without much effort thanks to field that was holding Ichika in place. And before he could try anything to break free, the unknown IS started to shine brightly enveloping them both in the great white light.

Most of the could only cover or avert their eyes until it dissipated.

And when it did the were shocked to see that both the unknown IS and Byakushiki was gone; along with it the world's only male IS pilot.

Chifuyu wished that there had been a chance to properly say goodbye. But she knew that Ichika would rather face the challenges that might come; rather than to go along with their decision. So instead, she had conspired with Tabane to trap Ichika in the Arena and make the situation look like he had been disposed of.

'I'm sorry, Ichika. Take care.'

Steeling herself, Chifuyu put on her professional mask. She had a lot of work to do.

[Prologue - End]

Author's Notes: Usually when writing a fanfic, I send weeks on writing and rewriting a database of plots and my take on characters. And unfortunately by the time I'm almost done I start losing interest. So after finding and watching Tenchi Muyo spin off I decided to just start writing. I'm not going to follow Isekai's storyline. Heck I might not even finish. But I felt like trying something. The rest of the story will be set in the world of Geminar and its residents. Think of it as taking Ichika from a harem and sending him to a bigger harem.

Disclaimer: I do not own Isekai no Seikishi no Monogatari or Infinite Stratos.