Well Yeah... Lass and Lire...

I know... I know you guys are voting for Arme and Lass... and saying that "THEY SHOULD BE"
I know that couple is nice and all but for your info guys... the manwha doesn't think so...NO OFFENSE but... the couples in manwha is Arme/Ryan , Ronan/Elesis , Lire/Lass

Don't flame or badmouth me for this... this is what i saw in the manwha... but still i respect your opinion about them...

Lass were running to his classroom. He was already late, the bell had rung 2 minutes ago.

"Crap! Knight Master will give me an earful again!"

He was running as fast as he could. Then he bumped on someone.

"Ow!" Lass exclaimed

"Oh… im sorry…. "A voice said

Lass saw a girl a head smaller than him. She has pretty emerald eyes and a long straight blond hair.

"No its okay i'm being reckless..." Lass assured her

"Oh ok…." She said as she looked at her watch "Oh my. I'm sorry I can't stay to chat with you…you see , I'm late for my class…well see you again next time!" She said as she run away

"Oh! Me too! Knight Master will kill me!" Lass said as he proceeds to run towards his classroom.

"Lass Isolet! You're late again!" Knight Master exclaimed angrily

"Sorry Knight Master…. I woke up late…" Lass said as he bow his head a little

"You're always like that! Go to detention later!" She barked

"Yes Knight Master…" Lass said as he went to his respective seat

Lass was already a junior high at Grand Chase Academy. He is always late since he's alarm clock don't work and Lass has no idea where to buy one since that alarm clock is antique.

"Lass… Late again as usual huh?" His seat mate whispered

Lass turned to his seat mate. It was Ronan Erudon . His best friend since kindergarten. Ronan is opposite of Lass… always come early at school. He is also the son of a influential company.

"Yeah…." Lass said

"You really should change your alarm clock…" Ronan whispered again

Lass shrugged "Well I'll try…."

It was break time Lass decided to go down to the cafeteria. He went down and bought a pocky. He was eating unconsciously when someone bumped on him again

"Oh im sorry!"

"Hey that voice is familiar…." Lass thought

He looked who bumped on him and it was the girl earlier

"Hey! You're the girl earlier!" He exclaimed

"Oh yes…yes I am…" The he heard the girl gasped "you're the guy bumped on earlier im sorry…."

Lass nodded "No problem…"

"Oh! I haven't introduced myself yet.. Hi im Lire" She said as she held out her hand

"Lire? Lire Eruyell?" Lass asked , shocked

"Um…yes why?" Lire asked

"Don't you know? You had a lot of fanboys you Amy Aruha, Arme Glenstid and Ley von Crimson River " Lass replied

Lire looked surprised "Oh..my… I didn't know that…" She said

"Is this really Lire? Isn't she supposed to be like a brat? Like that Ley chick? I don't get it…maybe.. she's just pretending…. I'll go along with her "act" for awhile…."

"Nice to meet you Lire… I'm Lass" Lass said as he shooked her hand

"Nice to meet you Lass…" She said with a smile

The bell rings. This startled the two

"Oh see you later Lass!" Lire said as she broke the handshake and run towards the high school department

"Bye…" Lass said as he start walking towards to the short cut

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