Oh yeah baby, here's a special Kise x Kuroko fic. And yes, it's pure smex. I'm having a trouble making a plot for this story so… Just have a delicious smex my OTP. Enjoy~

"Haah…hnnng…" kuroko moaned as kise licked his harden nipple and sucked it.

"K-kise-kun…" kuroko covered his mouth when kise pinched his other nipple.


"Kurokocchi… I will make you feel good, I promise." Kise gently smiled to the flustered blue haired boy. "Turn around Kurokocchi…"

Kuroko followed the blond and turned around.

"Now. Bend over."

"L-like this?"

Kise smiled.

"I'll make it soft for you." He pulled kuroko's hips and sucked his ass.

"Haa…ah…nnnng…" he rolled his tongue around kuroko's butt hole and gently entered him, licking the insides.

"Haaah… ahh… k-kise-kun…no…no more." The shorter boy moaned but it only made kise hard. He pulled his tongue out.

"Hehe…it's soft now. Just relax Kurokocchi." He placed his finger to his hole this time. One finger then two, stretching it like scissor, making it bigger.

"Ahh! T-that… aa…hh…" kuroko panted hard

"Relax. Kurokocchi. Trust me." Kise felt how hot kuroko's insides were, his fingers touching the walls.

"It's big now kurokocchi… are you ready for me?" kise asked gently. Kuroko nodded so kise pulled his fingers out and replaced it with his cock. He thrust slowly.


Kise widened his eyes at kuroko's sudden words.

"A-are you ok? Does it hurt?" he asked, worried.

"F-fuck… no… it…it's good…"

Kise just smiled at the reply and continued to thrust in and out slowly.

"Aaaah…ah!...ahh! ahh!" kuroko continued to moan as kise thrust fast. He couldn't stop himself anymore. This feels really good for the blond. And he wishes his partner feels the same too.

"Kurokocchi… does it feel good?" he asked, flustered.

"Y-yes… kise-kun… your thing… ahh… feels…so…good."

Kise, satisfied with the answer quickened his pace.

"I…love…you…kurokocchi…" he whispered.

"M-me too… k-kise-k-un!" they both came.

The two panted hard and kise fell on kuroko.

"Hah… that was… incredible… you are amazing kurokocchi."

Kise moved away from kuroko and lied down beside him. "I-it's so warm inside me… k-kise-kun…I… want more."

"Eh?" kise widened his eyes and looked at kuroko. "M-more." Kise gulped and felt his thing stood up again, being aroused by this adorable boy.

"Sure… kurokocchi." He sat.

"This time… let me pleasure you."

He couldn't take the blue haired boy's words. Kuroko stood up and knelt down in front of kise. "Kurokocchi…"

He touched kise's cock and rubbed it slowly. Then he started licking it. From the tip of the cock then around it. "You're really good at this kurokocchi…" kise chucked while panting.

Kuroko took a deep breath before shoving the blonde's cock whole to his mouth. He sucked it hard.

"Haa… kurokocchi. Y-you're so good." Kise moaned a bit.

He continued sucking it until…

"Kurokocchi. Close your eyes, I'll cum!" kise came leaving lots of his white fluid to kuroko's face.

"I'm so sorry kurokocchi!" he immediately grabbed the blanket and wiped the boy's face.

"No, it's fine kise-kun. Since I love you." He smiled. Kise almost melted at the scene. "I love you too kurokocchi." Kuroko stood up. "Nee, kise-kun…"


"Care for round 3?"

Kise widened his eyes again.

"This time, I'll be riding you."

Kise covered his face to hide his blush. "Stop saying embarrassing things kurokocchi…"

Kise lied down to the bed. And as what kuroko said he'll be riding him. "Kurokocchi… are you sure you're ok with this?" kise asked… worried.

"Yes kise-kun. I'm totally fine."

With that kuroko rode on top of him He slowly sat on kise's cock and filled his insides.

"Haah…" kise can clearly see how red kuroko is and his thing stood up again.

"Darn it. How many times will you turn me on kurokocchi?" Kise smirked. Kuroko smiled and answered 'Until you can't come anymore." Kise chucked at the reply. "Let's see about that."

Kuroko moved up and down thrusting the cock to himself. "Hnnng… ahh…"

"Wow… this feels really good. Your insides are so hot kurokocchi."

Kuroko continued to moan and moved up and down.

"Haah…" kise rubbed kuroko's cock as he watched him.

"K-kise-kun… there… f-faster…haa."

Kise rubbed it fast and soon after they both came. He caught the boy to his arms and hugged him.

"Seriously kurokocchi… this is too much for you. Your small body cant take it." Kise brushed his hair. Kuroko panted hard.

"Dog style…" kuroko muttered.

"E-eh! Kurokocchi! You're tired now! I can see tha-" before kise continued to speak he was interrupted by a kiss…

"Nnn…mmmm." Kuroko rolled his tongue to kise's dominating him completely.

"Mmmmg…" he sucked it and released after.

"Kise-kun. Can you… shut up please?" he smirked leaving kise all frozen. Kuroko moved to his side and bended over. "Kise-kun, ready for round four?" kuroko looked at him and as expected his thing stood up again.

Kuroko gasped at the hot rod slipped into him. Kise's hand ran over kuroko's hips soothingly as he sheathed himself inside. He thrust in and out hard and fast.

Soon, they came.

Kise panted hard. "Hah. You'll finish all of my milk kurokocchi." He said

"Then, I'll replace it with vanilla." Kuroko chuckled. "

"Stop joking around kurokocchi. See, you're exhausted already."

But kuroko ignored him and opened his legs wide. "Suck me."

Kise's jaw almost dropped with kuroko's seducing posture.

"Ahh… I'm hard again." Kise murmured.

"Drink me, kise-kun."

Kise gave up. "Hai. Hai." He leaned to kuroko and sucked his cock hard. He pressed his tongue on top of it and wrapped the tip of his penis with his tongue. He sucked it again and again. When kuroko was about to come, he slurped it quickly just like a straw and drank kuroko's white fluid. He wiped the leftovers into his lips.

"Tastes like vanilla… hehe…" kuroko fell to the bed and panted.

"Kurokocchi? Are you alright?" he leaned and kissed him in the forehead.

"69." Kuroko smiled.

"Wha-!" kise swallowed his own spit.

"Round six kise-kun." Kuroko teased but sounded so serious.

"Seriously. Don't blame me if you can't walk tomorrow kurokocchi." Kise turned him down to suck his cock again and for kuroko to suck his.

They reached up until round 12. kuroko almost fainted. Pants echoed in the room.

"Hey kurokocchi. Are you still alive?" kise asked and looked to his side. "Don't tell me you still want round 13?"

There was a silence before kuroko answered.


Kise exhaled in relief.

"I've tasted you enough kurokocchi. And I admit you're delicious. So yummy." He smiled.

Kuroko suddenly looked at him. "No… because I want until round 20."

Kise fell on the bed shouting. "KUROKOCCHI!"


Oh. The title is zero because of this wonderful vid www. youtube watch? v=IoclZn941aE (be sure to remove the spaces) new version www. youtube watch? v=vl_afoYKTQM&feature=related

Zero by varsity fanclub and it's the story's theme song too~ And since my story has no plot the title "Zero" is relevant to it. I immediately thought of that video but as you can see that video and my story are absolutely not related nor similar. please keep that in mind~

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