The Great Aliens of Edo

There was a place called Edo. It was a place for samurais and normal citizens, where policemen are the ones making the commotion. It is a place for war and jobless people. In Edo, there was a legend about six beautiful ladies who came to Earth from another planet. Of course, no one believed that silly story since it's a legend, and they believed that creatures from another planet don't exist because they haven't seen one…

Until one day…

It was a bright and sunny morning. In the Yorozuya, a guy with a perm hair sat up straight on his cozy sofa."Shinpachi-kun, I want pancakes with chocolate syrup for breakfast." He called to a boy who just finished mopping the floor.

"Gin-san, we can't afford pancakes for breakfast. We haven't had any customers since this past three months." "I don't care, just make me some." The so called "Gin" replied.

"Gin-san, we only have ANPAN FOR BREAKFAST FROM THE ANPAN DELIVERY BOY! If you're that picky then DON'T EAT!" "Oy, don't forget the honey syrup." "AAAAAAGH!" Shinpachi shouted in frustration.

From a far away planet a girl with a brown hair and eyes was waiting under a tree. It was always raining in their planet but nobody wondered why. She was waiting for her friends to come.

A girl with a long black hair tied in a ponytail. "Kyuubei, you're a bit late. Where are the others?" The brown haired girl asked.

"Otae-chan, they are—" Kyuubei was cut in mid-sentence when they heard voices from afar.

"Otae-chan! Kyuubei-chan!" "Sa-chan! Tsukuyo-chan!" both shouted. The two upcoming girls panted after reaching their destination."Tsukuyo-chan, you're unexpectedly late." Otae giggled.

"I know. The other two seem to have over slept… again." Tsukuyo put a palm on her face after glaring at her brown-haired friend.

"Guys, sorry we're 30 minutes late!" A petite girl shouted nearby, and there they saw the two most beautiful girls.

"Nobume-chan, Kagura-chan, you guys are really late! Anyway, let's go to the shrine for the wish making." Sa-chan said with excitement.

"What exciting about wishing? We do it every month but nothing happens anyway." Tsukuyo arched an eyebrow. "There's nothing wrong in believing." Otae said childishly while smiling with a hint of eagerness upon seeing the shrine.

The six were already at the shrine and making a wish, and left immediately since it was raining quite hard, but one wanted to be left behind. It was Kagura. She wanted to look at the sky from that shrine with her best friend Nobume, but her best friend wanted to torture an enemy so the orange head stayed alone.

While gazing at the gray sky, she saw an orb floating near her. When she touched it, she heard her own voice from the orb. The voice had said the things she wished for.

"I want to go to a place where I could see that blue sky Papi is talking about. That place where I would find my favorite food. I want to go there with my friends! I want to be away from this lonely planet."

Then everything went blurry before she fainted… and teleported to an unknown world.

Hurray, it is done! Sorry if it is quite short but I promise you guys that I will try my best on the next chapter. Try to know what world she teleported to… although it is obvious… and who'll be her first friend and her first enemy… :D