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At the Hoover building.

"Agent Shaw, can you come in here for a second?", Booth hollered from his office.

Agent Shaw stood up from her desk stacked with paper work and walked into Booth's office.

Booth gestured for her to close the door behind her and sit down.

"Can I ask you a personal question Shaw?".

"Depends on what the question is Sir", Shaw answered shyly.

"Well i'm meeting some old friend of mine from the army tonight and Bones and me were wondering if you wanted to join us if you are free".

"Well I … uhh".

"It's like a double date but not a date. Look me and Bones we like you, we really do, and we thought my friend is single you are single and you both deserve a night out", Booth said shifting in his seat feeling a little uncomfortable.

"That's true I could use a night out with all the work we've been getting lately, but what about my son Danny. I don't think I can find a sitter on such short notice and please call me Genny", Shaw was blushing a little.

She never had a blind date before. In the back of her mind a voice was telling her to be carefull. Knowing Booth the guy couldn't be so bad maybe he was really nice.

"We can ask Angela, Miss Montenegro, who is sitting Christine if she minds Danny coming over. I don't think that would be a problem. But offcourse it's what you want. Drink?", Booth stood and walked over to his mini fridge.

"Would she really do that? And yes, a diet coke please".

"I can call her iff you like Genny, she's picking up Christine at our place tonight and Bones likes to show you around the house before we go." Booth got his cell phone out of his pocket and searched for Angela's nuber while handing the coke to Shaw.

"Hey Ange it's Booth. Listen could you do me a huge favor? We invited Agent Shaw to come with us when we are meeting Lorean tonight but she doesn't think she can find a sitter on such short notice for her son Danny. So what I wanted to ask you is do you mind taking Danny too tonight? He's 5 Ange".

Shaw listened to Booth's explanation and heard the muffled sounds of Angela chirping from Booth's phone. She wondered what kind of man this "Lorean" was.

"Ok thank you so much Ange, see you at 6. Bye". Booth ended the call grinning hard at Shaw.

"I arranged a sitter for Danny. Really Genny you don't have to worry, Ange is great with kids and her son Michael will have a blast with Danny."

"Oh wow that's so nice of her! Where are we going and what time do you want me to be there", Shaw asked starting to feel a little excited and nervous.

"Actually you and me are leaving at 4 today. Bones said she has some beautifull dresses you can wear so not to worry about that. You know Genny, I think this a great opportunity to get to know eachother a little better. Oh and call me Seeley please".

"Oh I see everything is arranged then, Agent Booth...erm...Seeley".

"Ok great let's finish up and head home, you can leave your car i'll drop it at your place tomorrow".

Shaw grinned and stood up. "Thanks Seeley", she said blushing a bit.

Wow, Booth is really nice! Looks like the toughest FBI agent but is a really sweet guy. I never imagined this happening and sure as hell didn't expect this from Dr. Brennan. She acts all clinical and stuff but...AWESOME!

St. Gregory Hotel, Washington DC

Lorean walked through the lobby and greeted the attendant behind the desk when his cell rang.

Taking it out of his pocket he looked at the caller ID and saw Booth blinking on the little screen.

"What's up Booth?", he answered and got into the elevator.

"I'm staying at St. Gregory on 2033 M Street for the next mont before I head home again. So are we still going out tonight?". Booth told him to dress up but stay casual because he was bringing a date for him.

"You thought let's fix him a date. What is she like or don't you wanna tell?" another explanation from Booth followed but he didn't say anything only that her name was Genevieve Shaw.

They ended the call a few seconds later after Booth told him he should be at the steps of the Hoover at 4.

Looking at his watch he realised he only had about 45 minutes to get to the Hoover so he decided to jump in the shower the second he entered his suite. The suite was a big as his appartment in The Netherlands where he came from. It had a big living room like area with couches and a dining table, a kitchen where he could cook his own meals, a huge double bed in a big bedroom and an enormous bathroom with a tub and showercabin. If Dr. Brennan hadn't upgraded him he could never even think about how he would pay for it.

He undressed and turned on the shower while putting his teeth brush in his mouth. The water was still a little cold but he stepped under the stream anyway. When he was done brushing his teeth he washed himself and got out again. With the long flight he had and the little jet-lag he felt tired on the one hand but on the other hand he was excited to see Booth again and meet his family. The last time he saw Booth was in the army a few years back. Booth was the Sergeant Major of the unit Lorean was driving around. Booth had a huge thing for Dr. Brennan and he was turned down by her. Booth told him that was the reason he went back in the army to train rookies, to get over Dr. Brennan, Bones as Booth called her. While he and Booth got to know eachother Booth met Hannah. Being discharged before Booth did they lost contact. Lorean found pictures from his time in Afghanistan a few months ago and decided to try and get connected again. Booth told him he was with the FBI so it wasn't much of an effort to find him and Lorean gave Booth a call. That's why Lorean was in Washington now.

Lorean filled the sink with hot water and grabbed his shaving supplies from his wash bag when his cell beeped for an incoming text message.

"Hey Cabby don't be late, looking forward to see you again! Booth".

"I won't be late don't worry! And don't call me CABBY! He he". He typed rapidly.

"That's what Bones used to say "Don't call me Bones". You'll get used to it and love it anyway. 25 minutes!".

"Still the same Booth", Lorean muttered to himself looking at his reflection. "Jeez I look like a hobo with this beard, time to take it off".

He shaved in 5 minutes and drained the sink. With 20 minutes left he dressed grabbed his wallet and phone and left the hotel.

15 minutes later at the Hoover building

"You ready Shaw?", Booth asked casually leaning on her desk.

"Yes absolutely, let's go", Shaw turned off her computer stood up and flung her bag over her shoulder.

Her mind wandered off to Booth's mysterious friend again. Jeez Genevieve what got into you? You are going to have a nice evening with Booth and Dr. Brennan with or without the guy. Shaw chastised herself mentally.

She followed Booth out of the building when she saw a guy turn and wave at Booth.

"Cabby! Dude so great to see ya", Booth said giving the stranger a blow to the shoulder.

The guy was somewhere around 6ft tall with dark blonde spiky hair, same build as Booth and the most amazing green eyes!

"Ouch man, you wanna break me or something? Good to see you too and whom might this lovely lady be?", the stranger asked smiling at Shaw.

Shaw blushes the second the stranger looked at her. Oh My God! Is this Lorean, this is Booth's friend? Wow...he is...HOT!

"Allow me to introduce you this is Agent Genevieve Shaw. Genny this is Lorean Dekker a buddy of mine", Booth said gesturing to them both.

"How nice to meet you Lorean", Shaw said shyly with a tiny smile.

"The pleasure is all mine Genevieve", Lorean shook her hand smiling at her.

"Don't drool all over her Cabby. Let's go pick up Danny at the day care, you guys wait here i'm getting the car". Booth walked off back towards the building.

Shaw and Lorean looked at eachother not knowing what to say for a second.

Lorean was the first to find his tongue and said: "Have they done this before with you? Setting you up with a date?"

"Uhm no actually it is the first time they even asked me to tag along with them. Did they set you up before?".

"Ha ha no I met Booth in the army a few years ago so there weren't much women around. Booth got the only one there was as far as I know. I think it's nice of them though, now we both have someone to talk to if they get caught up in eachother at dinner".

"Phew that's for sure. There always was a tension between the two of them but it never was this bad before. I think they jump each other everytime they get a chance", Shaw said laughing.

"Wow like bunnies! I don't think their neighbours will be happy with them, Booth has a tendency to get a little loud sometimes and believe me I know! We slept in tents so we could hear everything. Whew Booth and Hannah could go on all night long screaming, grunting and moaning."

"Too much info. I guess he has great stamina then. So what do you do for a living?"

"Believe me he has! I work as an electrical engineer back home. Making electrical boxes for airconditioning and such things. I guess I don't have to ask what you do for a living huh, Agent", Lorean grinned hard at her.

"Nope, Booth is my boss. I'm so lucky everyone knows about him and Dr. Brennan otherwise they would've thought of me as a suck up, oh there's Booth".

Booth stopped the car a couple of metres from them. Lorean walked over and opened the front door. "Allow me miss", he said stepping behind the door holding it open for Shaw to get in.

Lorean got in the back seat and Booth drove off. The ride to day-care, Shaws house and Booth's home went by in a flash. Shaw listened to the stories the guys shared about what happened when they got home from Afghanistan. Booth told him all about his break-up with Hannah and the start of his life with his Bones. Lorean told him about having a girl for a year. She left with all his cash and his car without a reason so he had to build up everything for himself again. He told Booth about his new job and about his sister who recently had her first baby.

Booth and Brennan residence

When Booth parked the car in the driveway of his house Danny got all excited seeing the big white house.

"Mommy look how big this house is, can we buy one just like this?", Danny asked jumping on her lap.

"Mommy could never pay for a house like this honey. Let's go meet Christine an Dr. Brennan".

"Never say never Genny, maybe you will buy a house like this someday", Booth said with a gentle smile. "Come on let's go".

Booth opened the door for them "After you, welcome in our house".

Both Shaw and Lorean looked around them stunned.

"Dude this house looks amazing", Lorean said.

"Absolutely stunning", Shaw was mesmerized. Danny was wiggling in her arms while he too tried to look around.

"Hello Agent Shaw. And you must be Lorean", Bones said coming around the corner of the kitchen.

"Dr. Brennan how lovely to finally meet you. You look more stunning in real life then on the covers of your novels", Lorean said nodding and shaking her hand gently.

"Thank you Lorean. I guess this is Danny then. Hey little man how are you?", Bones smiled sweetly at the young boy in Shaws arms.

Danny saw Christine in her play-pen and wriggled out of his mothers arm. The second he stood he ran towards the play-pen. "Mommy look she is waving at me", he shouted happily.

"Aw look at that Booth, Christine is smiling at him. She's got all social traits from her father", Bones said pooring some coffee for everyone.

"She's got a lot from you too Dr. Brennan, she is gorgeous like her mother", Shaw replied instantly.

"She looks like an angel Booth. A pretty little princess, can I pick her up Dr. Brennan?", Lorean asked smiling at Christine.

"Thank you, both of you and offcourse. You two all me Tempe please, we are not at work".

"Thanks Tempe and you're welcome", Lorean picked up Christine who instantly giggled at his touch. She wriggled around kicking her feet squealing. "How old is she Seeley?".

"Just over 7 months, want some coffee?".

"Sure just let me put this adorable angel back in her play-pen. You are such an angel I bet your daddy gets a lot of boys to fight off of you", Lorean said. Before he put her back he gave her a tiny peck on the cheek. He smiled happily at the little girl and stroked her hair before turning around to join the others for coffee.

Now ain't he cute, he seems really good with kids. No.. no...no...Genevieve you can't fall in love with him he's gotta go back home sooner or later. Shaws mind went into overdrive when Lorean looked at her and winked. She felt her cheeks burning and just knew everyone saw it. Lorean smile grew wider and he waggled his eyebrows at her.

"I...i...ehhh...gotta go to the bathroom. Can you show me where it is DR. Br...Tempe?", shaw stuttered which Lorean found utterly cute.

"Offcourse Shaw follow me. Oh excuse me, i'm sorry, should I still call you shaw now?", Bones asked.

"My name is Genevieve but Genny will do just fine, Tempe".

They talked casually while Bones showed her around and to the bathroom.

"So what do you think Cabby?", Booth asked looking over the rim of his cup when he heard the ladies walking up the stairs.

"About what, your lady, your daughter, your house or Genny?". Lorean acted like he didn't know what Booth was talking about, but he was damn sure Booth wanted to know what he thought about Genny.

"Dude don't act stupid with me, everything but mostly Genny offcourse."

Lorean took a sip of the strong but wonderfull coffee, the best he had so far. He took a deep breath and startid answering Booth's question but what he didn't know was that both of the ladies were standing in the livingroom and could hear everything he said. Genny stood blushing and Bones winked at Booth with a big smile plastered all over her face.

"Well first of all your misses seems really nice and looks absolutely stunning just like I thought she would. Second your daughter, she is adorable a true angel. Third your house is amazing man I wish I had one just like it. And last but offcourse not the least, Genny...", he stopped mid-sentence and flushed.

"What do you think Cabby? You're blushing", Booth laughed.

"She...she...i don't think I have proper words for it. I think I had a crush the instant I saw her smiling at me. Those blue eyes mesmerize me really, but don't tell her I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable. We just met and I think I should keep my distance for now. Going home in 4 weeks remember?".

When he stopped talking to take a sip of his coffee he heard a giggle coming from behind him and he turned around so fast he almost fell of his chair. Bones stood behind him giggling with an open-mouthed Genny beside her. Bones nudged Shaw and she snapped her mouth closed. Her face a dark shade of red and eyes wide open.

"Oh boy, you heard all of it didn't you?", Lorean asked shocked finding his balance.

Shaw nodded and Bones went into a fit of laughter with Booth.

"You should see your faces now", Bones said when her laughter subsided.

Lorean shook his head and turned again to look into his cup. That didn't work out the way he hoped, what would Genny think of him now? Maybe she thought he was one of those guys, the guys who are using women for a night of fun and leave them after never to be seen or heard from again.

"Well lets all go freshen ourselves up. The guys can go first we're going after because after all ladies need more time ha ha", Bones said when everyone finished their coffee's.

"Actually I don't need to freshen up Tempe, I did before I left the hotel to meet Seeley and Genny".

"Just come up Cabby, you can look around while I freshen up. We take the little man with us. I can show you my man-cave", Booth waggled his eyebrows understanding that Bones wanted to talk a little with Genny.

Lorean stood up, put his cup in the sink and followed Booth without saying a word. He passed Bones and Genny but didn't dare looking at them now still flushed.

The guys went up the stairs and Bones knew she had some time with Genny now. She started rinsing the cups and load the dishwasher. Christine was fast asleep in her play-pen.

"I have to say Tempe, your house is amazing!", Genny said sitting down on the stool Lorean just vacated.

"Thank you Genny, I love it here Booth found this house for us. I adore it, I never knew life would be like this with Booth".

"Sometimes I just wish I had a life like the life you are having, without the bones mind you. I don't have such a strong stomach and I cannot detach the way you two can".

"That's just the appearance we keep up. To be honest, sometimes we take cases home emotionally. We do struggle with the horrors of work sometimes but we get over it eventually. Don't worry Genny, your time will come".

"So about Lorean, is this the first time you meet him?", Genny asked shifting a bit on the stool.

"Yes but he seems like a nice guy. Ha ha Booth told me that when they were in the Army together Lorean got hit by schrapnell in his ass. Booth said he couldn't sit normally for a month. Funny cause he was driving them around".

They both laughed about it and Bones took two glasses out of the cupboard next to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine. She placed the glasses on the sink and poured them both a healthy amount of wine.

"So what do you think about him, and I swear they are not listening see for yourself", Bones continued while Genny turned on her stool looking around.

"Well I must say he is handsome, he is not the only one with an instant crush. But i've got to think about Danny too Tempe, what if he gets attached to Lorean and be crushed when he heads home. Oh what am I saying maybe it doesn't even work out you know. I'm not that easy, he needs to convince me he's not only saying he has a crush on me, I mean Danny's father was the guy who screwed around and left me when he found out I was pregnant. I don't want that happening again, I need a guy who stays and takes responsibility. Not only to me but for Danny now too, it's been a long time. I haven't seen a guy after I got pregnant so it's been 5 years.".

"I understand and you are right. If I am honest I don't think a relationship works with the two of you so far apart but the heart wants what the heart wants, Booth told me once and he was right. Don't worry to much Genny you'll find out if he is serious before he leaves believe me. But the both of you just met, don't rush into things you don't even know eachother. Now let's go see what the guys are up too."

Bones placed a hand on Genny's shoulder and squeezed gently to comfort her a little. They heard Booth still in the shower whistling a tune and splashing. The door to Booth's man-cave was open and they saw a flicker of light coming from the cave, Bones thought it must have been the tv. When they peeked around the corner they saw Danny was laying on Loreans lap while Lorean stroked him through his hair watching cartoons.

"Wow they seem comfortable with eachother, Danny is never like this. Oh look he's asleep", Shaw whispered when Danny turned around on Loreans lap with closed eyes and his thumb in his mouth.

Lorean didn't notice the women looking at them and pulled the comforter that was on the back of the couch over Danny. The little man stirred: "Shhh it's okay Danny go back to sleep little man", Lorean whispered to him.

Shaws eyes filled with tears seeing her son so comfortable with a complete stranger. Danny never knew his father which made him distrust every man that came close to him or his mother. The only man he truly liked was his grandfather but he passed away a few months ago.

They saw Lorean was still stroking through Danny's hair and looked like he was engrossed with the cartoon. Bones nudged Shaw and gestured her to gon in. "Don't be shy i'm sure he won't bite you and if he does we still got Booth", she whispered.

Shaw hesitated a minute but stepped froward taking a deep breath. She walked around the couch and sat down at Danny's feet. Lorean pursed his lips and held his finger in front of it making a shhh sound.

"How long has he been asleep?", Shaw whispered.

"For about 15 minutes now, I think he's just tired from the new impressions his little mind has to progress now", Lorean whispered back.

They started talking whispering at eachother over Danny's back and Bones thought that was her cue to leave them be. She heard Booth get out of the bathroom and walked over to him fast to keep him quiet, she didn't want Lorean and Shaw to get disturbed now.

"Hey you", Bones said softly to Booth when she walked into their bedroom.

"Hey you too, so whats the matter?", Booth asked.

"They are in the man-cave talking. Danny fell asleep on his lap Booth it's just adorable. It makes me think of you and Christine sometimes, he is so much like you", she placed her palms on his pectoral muscles and leant over to peck him on the lips.

"Yeah well he could have been my younger brother, we are alike really", he kissed Bones again softly.

"You really like him don't you?", Booth asked after he broke their tender kiss wrapping his arms around her.

Bones nodded and placed her head on his still damp shoulder. Booth thought about the situation for a while and all of the sudden he thought he had this great idea.

"Hey Bones, honey, what iff it does work out between them? Can't we do something for them, I mean maybe we can find him a job or something, keep him here you know. He could stay in our guest house until he finds his own place".

"Sounds like a plan but let's see where they are heading first Booth we don't want to make decisions for them. Let them figure theirselves out first and if it turns out they are together we'll offer them your idea. We could use a handyman around or make him a manny ha ha, he seems good with kids. I've got to take a shower and get me and Genny dressed now so could you please ask Genny quietly to come to me Booth?", she pecked him on the cheek and gave his buttocks a little squeeze.

"You are driving me crazy with that woman! Let me get dressed first or do you want me to get Shaw like this?", Booth gestured to the towel around his hips.

Bones shook her head no and started undressing herself.

A few minutes later while Bones was in the shower Shaw entered her bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. She thought about what they talked about, the casual conversation as if they didn't hear him saying he had an instant crush the moment he saw her. Also the conversations between him an Booth popped back into her mind and what they talked about waiting for Booth to return with the car. Shaw couldn't stop herself from smiling, the stupid grin just wouldn't leave her face. All of the sudden Bones walked out into their bedroom butt naked and not aware of Shaw on the bed. She was toweling down her hair and walked into the walk-in closet.

"Uhm Tempe...".

"Oh Genny you just made me jump haha, you can go freshen up now i'll pick some dresses out which you can choose from".

"Wow you really don't mind me wearing one of them? Oh you're still butt naked haha ah well just us women right", Shaw said casually peaking into the closet unbuttoning her white blouse.

Bones smiled and opened a drawer to pick out some underwear.

"Did you bring underwear Genny?"

"Yes I did when we stopped at my house for a second".

"Can I see it?", Bones saw Genny blush instantly the why written in her eyes.

"Oh i'm sorry it's not me being curious but it helps to know what you are wearing when I pick out a dress for you, I mean you don't wanna show off your underwear right", Bones explained herself.

"O...offcourse. What was I thinking?", Shaw turned around and grabbed her bag from the floor next to the bed. She took out a black lace set and showed it to Bones.

"I don't know what you were thinking i'm not a mind reader. I think I have the perfect dress for you, we are about the same size so go freshen up and we will see if i'm correct when you come out".

It was close to 6pm now and Angela could be there any omoment to pick up the kids. Booth busied himself packing eveything up for Christine while the doorbell rang. Lorean stood "I'll get it".

Lorean opened the door to see a smiling woman standing there with a little boy in her arms. There was a short curly haired man behind her.

"Hi i'm Angela and this is my husband Jack are the kiddos ready?", Angela asked with a charming smile.

"Yeah I guess they are about ready, come in my name is Lorean and Whom might this little man be?", he asked stepping aside to let them enter.

"This is our son Michael, hey Booth where's Brenn?", Angela said handing Michael over to Lorean without hesitation.

Jack looked to his wife flabbergasted and went over to get Michael out of Loreans arms.

"S'ok I don't mind holding the little man", Lorean said when he saw Jack reaching for Michael.

"Whatever you want man but don't be to wild with him he just had his...", Jack was in the middle of his line when Michael threw up all over Lorean.

"Oh my you ate a lot mister. You made me and yourself dirty let's clean it up now", Lorean didn't even flinch and smiled at Michael while walking to the sink. He looked around grabbed a little towel and started cleaning up Michaels face. While rinsing the towel with warm water Bones came down the stairs looking at him.

"Oh hi Tempe, I guess i'll borrow one of Seeley shirts now he he, the little man puked on me he might not like me verry much", he said sarcastically with Michael on the sink next to him in a fit of laughter.

Bones started laughing and walked over to Angela. She gave her a friendly hug and turned to Jack to peck him on the cheek. Booth joined them while Lorean was tickling Mischael now.

"Thank you so much for taking the kids for a night, are you sure you don't mind having an extra guest?", Booth asked hugging Angela.

"No problem G-man the four of you have fun. We are leaving right away because we... oh WOW look at her", Angela said looking over to Shaw who just descended down the stairs in a black dress which hugged all of her curves just the right way.

Everyone turned to look at her and Loreans jaw dropped immediately. Michael was in his arms patting his face giggling.

"Oh...wow..you..you look...amazingly stunning", he stumbled over his own tongue.

"Thank you do you like it? You look...like you are puked on", Shaw laughed.

"Yeah it was Michael, the second Angela handed him to me he puked. Wow...just...wow", he walked over to Shaw and grabbed her hand in his.

He spun her around and the knee-length dress flared out. For them it felt like they were alone in the room and didn't even notice the smiles on everyones faces.

"Now you can stop flattering me and get changed i'm not going out with a guy that has been puked on", shaw said with a shaky voice.

Lorean nodded fast with googly eyes. Booth grabbed his arm telling him not to start drooling. Booth started to walk to the stairs but Bones stopped him putting her hand on his arm.

"Allow me Booth, just finish up down here so we can leave when we come down again", she said.

Booth nodded and kissed her tenderly releasing Loreans arm.

"Well like I was saying when Shaw came down the stairs we need to get going now. We have to be somewhere, got a play date with three little cuties", Angela said.

Booth walked with them to their car with Christine in her carrier and Shaw and Danny next to him. Danny was looking at Christines sleeping form all the time.

When everyone was seated in the car and the kids strapped Jack drove off leaving Booth and Shaw standing on the driveway. Bones and Lorean came out of the house and Booth noticed Bones gave Lorean a pair of dark blue stone washed jeans and a black dress shirt. It suited him well.

"So ready to go?", Booth asked.

Everyone nodded and they headed for Booth's SUV.

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