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In the Booth's cab

"So Cabby, what's the deal what are your plans with Genny, cuz you know i won't let you hurt her", Booth said when the taxi started following Brennans cab.

"Should i have immediate plans? I just really, really, like her you know. Like i said before i've got to go home at some point and i don't want to break her heart. I'm sure i fell for her but what if we take this one step at a time and it turns out to be real? I'm only here for one month Seeley".

"Stop calling me Seeley, there is one thing me and Bones want to do for the two of you but i've gotta warn you first though. If you ever hurt her on purpose or be untrue to her i am going to kill you. When i do that nobody will ever know it was me iffffff they even find you with Bones by my side you know". Booth gave Lorean a hard intense stare.

"I understand that, so what is that thing you could do for us?" Lorean asked, still a bit shaken by the intensity of Booth's voice. Booth was really protective when it came to Genny, he couldn't even imagine how protective Booth would've been when it came to Tempe or their daughter.

"We'll tell you later when we're at home i just wanted to make sure you understood how i thought about it. I really like Shaw and she had a rough time raising Danny on her own. I didn't even know she had a son untill she worked a case with me and i had to hurry to the store to get organic baby-wipes for Christine".

"It's cool man, you know? I think you're acting like a big brother or something."

The rest of the short ride home they spent talking about their jobs and Loreans hometown.

Meanwhile in Brennans cab

"Oh my god Tempe he is so cute", Shaw sighed smiling.

"I concur, he could've been Booths younger brother they are both cute. Well actually Jared is cute to but in a different way", Bones said giving the cab driver the adress.

"Did you see him blush when i asked him to dance with me? He smells amazing".

"Yes we could see that even from where we were seated, i liked dancing with him as well. He really knows how to lead rock and roll dancing aint that easy".

"I think i really fell for him Tempe, even when i know i shouldn't".

"Why shouldn't you Genny?".

"He's not staying here for long Tempe. I don't know where to go from here, how to handle the situation. I know it's a bad idea to take this further but i'm sure it's love at first side. He is funny too, we laughed about Booth in the army while Booth got the car at the Hoover today.".

"Genny you're rambling, don't worry Booth and i got a plan but you both have to agree and it will be a huge step to take for Lorean. We will tell you when we get home and changed into something more comfortable. Did you bring something comfortable?".

"No i didn't, i didn't think i would stay the night".

"No problem i've got more than enough and Lorean could get some of Booth, don't worry Genny if Lorean is willing to take that step i think everything will work out just fine", Bones said patting Genny's hand.

"You both are wonderfull people Tempe, don't get me wrong but i thought you were cold and distance but now i know that is just appearance, thanks".

Bones smiled at her "Thanks Genny".

Genny turned her head to look at the cab following them. She could see Booth sat turned with his face towards Lorean giving him an intense stare. She didn't know what he was saying but she saw Lorean looking down and smiled a little. She really liked her new friends.

B&B's residence.

"Thanks man, keep the change", Lorean said while he paid the drivers of both cabs.

Booth insisted he should pay but Lorean didn't give in to him.

"Don't be a pain in the ass Booth, just let me pay you two have paid enough allready".

"Booth just let him, honey", Bones said sweetly looping her arm through his.

"Did you just call me honey? Wow Bones that's a first!", Booth exclaimed happily and leaned in to peck her on the lips.

Bones just smiled and waved the other over to follow them into the house.

"Yo Cabby, get your butt comfortable this may take a while", Booth called out from the kitchen.

"Comfortable? How am i supposed to do that? I am nervous as hell thanks to your speech".

"Are you telling me you're affraid of me now? You should know me better by now, i meant grab some comfortable clothing. If you didn't bring any go to my bedroom in the top left drawer there are some sweatpants you could put on and in the walk-in are some shirts".

"Oh ehh he he i'm still used to get a speech or a firm talking to from my dad when i was younger. When me and my sister had done something out of line my dad used to say it the exact same way you did man. Hell no, im not affraid of you Seeley", he laughed.

"Just go asshole", was Booths only reply.

Lorean stood up and headed upstairs to get the clothes Booth offered him. What he didn't know was that Tempe and Genny followed him upstairs oblivious to the fact he was in the bedroom as well. He totally undressed and headed to the bathroom, remembering he got a text message he walked back into the room and ran smack into Bones.

"Oh my god you scared the hell out of me Lorean", Bones yelped.

"Oh my...", Shaw gasped not wanting to look at all his parts, only problem was she couldn't stop herself and flushed immediately.

"Err well i didn't know you two were coming up, sorry for scaring ya", Lorean didn't even tried to hide all of him but just stood there apologizing butt-naked.

"Shouldn't you put on something?", Genny asked still blushing.

"Why should i, i was heading for the shower and it won't be wise to take a shower fully dressed isn't it?".

"I...errrr...well i-i...", Genny stammered.

"Just take your cute gluteus maximus into the shower and join us downstairs", Bones said smacking him on his ass.

Lorean jumped a little knowing Brennans hand showed in red on his ass.

"Oh my, is he shameless?", Bones turned around to see Genny panting a little open mouthed and flushed a dark shade of red.

"Well at least now you saw everything. He's well-defined Genny, not as broad as Booth but still".

"I think i'm going to take a really cold shower later", was Genny's response.

Bones smiled knowing exactly how Genny felt, she felt the same when she saw Booth naked for the first time. They heard Lorean started to whistle in the bathroom and they both grinned sheepishly.

"What's taking you so long Cabby?", Booth asked coming around the corner.

"He is taking a shower and we ran into him butt-naked before that", Genny said still flushed.

"Oh is he whistling that song again? He drove me and the guys in the unit crazy".

Genny wondered what the song was called. It sounded very melodical and all of the sudden Lorean, not knowing they were still in there, started singing.

Over the hills and far away,
he swears he will return one day
Far from the mountains and blue seas,
back in her arms he swear he'll be
Over the hills and far away

"The band is called Nightwish he loves them, the song is a Gary Moore cover called Over The Hills And Far Away", Booth grunted rubbing the back of his neck.

"Do you know the band Booth?", Bones asked.

"Yeah he listened to it on his Blackberry an awfull lot, they got good song though".

"We could get out his SD-card and plug it into the computer. His singing made me curious it sounds pretty good."

"Let's go into my man-cave we could play guitar hero. We used to do that all the time when we weren't on an assignment", Booth said getting a little excited.

"Really? Guitar Hero? Ain't that a bit loud at this time of night?".

"What does it matter Bones, the room is almost fully sound proof, aw please you should see us", Booth gave her a crooked Boothy grin with raised eyebrows.

Bones nodded just when Lorean came out of the shower.

"Cabby game room with me and the girls and...dude you shave down there?".

"Aint that obvious? It irritates me otherwise, comfort above all. You mind me going commando in your sweatpants i didn't bring any boxers".

"Whatever just burn em when you take em off", Booth turned around grinning and walked to his cave.

The girls didn't change yet. Bones grabbed a pair of sweatpants from the drawer and threw them to Lorean.

"Now put it on before Genny here goes all gooey on my bedroom floor".

"Oh my god Tempe!", Shaw smacked her playfully on her arm.

Bones belly-laughed by this point while she undressed totally not ashamed of the two onlookers in the bedroom. When she finished taking off clothes she walked into teh walk in and her bra came flying in the bedroom. It landed on Loreans head and Shaw bursted out laughing.

"You look like mickey mouse with his ears hanging now", she pointed at him.

The black lace bra hung over his head, the cups at the sides of his head and the straps on his shoulders.

"Nice move Tempe, nice move", Lorean grinned taking them off his head and threw them on the bed.

He stepped closer to Genny and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Should i call 911? I think you might die choking with laughter now".

"No...its...its okay Lorean", Shaw tilted her head still laughing to look into his eyes.

Oh my god oh my god oh my god, his eyes are amazing i think i might drown. Don't look at his lips, shit i just did! Keep yourself together Gen are you crazy, going all gooey for a stranger. Oh no he looked at my lips! Is he going to kiss me? I think he wants to...and there it was. Lorean leaned in closer and his lips touched her lips very briefly just when Bones walked back into the room.

"I'm...", Lorean wanted to say something but Shaw put her fingers on his lips.

Lorean kissed the tips and turned around taking the shirt Bones held out for him.

They all got out of the room finally to let Genny change clothes. Booth grabbed three beers from his small fridge in the man cave and sat down on the couch next to Bones. He opened the bottles and handed one to Lorean and one to Bones.

"Wanna play some guitar hero Cabby?".

"Oh cool which ones you got?", Lorean answered after he swallowed his sip.

"Uh lets see, Metallica, world tour and Parkers favourite 5".

"Metallica? Cool i didn't know you liked them, you only have guitars or do you have the drum kit as well? Cause i love to play the drums".

"It's in there knock yourself out", Bones pointed to a door next to the tv.

Lorean took the drum kit out and started assembling it. "What i wanted to ask, is Parker coming over soon? I would love to see your little man".

"Parker is in Canada for another week with Rebecca and Todd, he will come over next week".

"Cool so i will get to meet him in the flesh?".

Booth nodded while Genny got in the room. She looked like she was cold and Bones started chuckling. Bones knew that Genny took the cold shower like she said earlier.

"Take a seat Genny, want a beer?", Booth asked standing up.

"A beer please", Genny shivered and sat down at the far left side of the couch.

Booth grabbed another beer and handed it over.

"So lets get this talk done cause i wanna kick Cabby's ass with guitar hero. Bones and me have been thinking, well actually it was more Bones than me but still we agreed together."

"We would like you to stay here Lorean", Bones said.

"What do you mean? Like stay here for a month?".

"No for good Cabby. You can stay in our guesthouse while you search for a job and when you get one you can get your own appartment", Bones exchanged glances with him and Shaw.

"What about my family, my job at home and my dog? I mean i would love too but i can't just leave all behind right?", he stuttered a little overwhelmed by their suggestions.

"Well your dog won't be a problem but you have to decide wether you stay here and try having a life here or go home and continue whatever life you had there", Bones scooted a little closer to Genny who looked completely shell shocked.

"Are you doing this for us?", she asked softly.

Booth nodded while Bones told Lorean he didn't have to decide right now but they needed to know before the end of next week so they could make arangements.

"Wow i gotta think about this but thanks anyway. My room at the hotel is paid for so i can stay there as long as it takes for me to come up with an answer to that".

"Ok sure Lor, lets play the game now huh, i really wanna kick your ass", Booth grabbed the guitar and loaded the Metallica disc into the xbox.

Genny sat watching them with her heart racing, she was sure Bones could see it pumping in her chest. To make it worse Lorean sat down behind the tiny drum kit and pulled off his shirt. He sat there bare chested twirling the drumsticks between his fingers while Booth went through the settingsmenu and free play modus.

"Oh man i can't wait to be behind a real drumkit again, here we go. Good luck Seels", Lorean bounced a little on the seat when the intro to For Whom The Bell Tolls started.

Booth bobbed his head to the beat while hitting all the notes, Bones bobbed her head and Genny sat watching Lorean muscles ripple while he played the drums.

Genny pick your jaw up from the floor, it's not like you've never seen a guy without a shirt so why should he be different? Damn he is hot! Genny chastised herself multiple times but still she couldn't take her eyes off of him.

"You missed a couple of notes there Seeley", Lorean laughed when the song was finsihed.

He took a large swig of his beer and drained the bottle. Booth did the same and pressed play again for another song.

"You wanna kill me? I haven't played The Shortest Straw in forever! You know how fast it goes?", Lorean shifted a bit readying himself cause this was going to bell for his right arm.

"Aw you're whining like a little girl now Cabby," Booth laughed aloud and Bones couldn't help laughing too.

Halfway through the song Bones jumped up and grabbed the guitar from Booth. She jumped up on the couch and started head banging. Genny laughed bobbing her head with Bones and Lorean couldn't help but turning around to look at the women going a little crazy. He started missing a lot of notes and it was game over.

"You killed us", Bones said pouting.

When they all turned to look at Lorean they saw him wiping his sweat of his face. He was panting a little and when he stood up they saw his legs tremble a bit.

"Want another cold one?", Booth asked walking over to his fridge.

Lorean nodded and put the drumsticks back in slot on the side of the kit. Still panting a bit he sat down between both women who jumped up at this.

"I don't mind getting sweaty but not because of you", Bones winked at him and went to sit down on Booths lap.

"I wouldn't mind doing that he he", Lorean chuckled and Booth shot him a glare.

"Don't even try, i will shoot you".

"Don't worry man i'm not interested in Tempe, she's gorgeous though but my eyes are fixed on someone else. Besides Tempe's taken". He smiled at Genny and said "My eyes are fixed on this lovely lady here".

Genny blushed and turned her eyes away from him. She grabbed her bottle of beer and took a sip.

Moments later she was nervously peeling the label from it and Bones chuckled remembering that was exactly what she did when she was nervous. How many times had she peeled of the label because Booth was in close proximity to her? Numerous times, so many times she couldn't even count them.

An hour and a lot of beers later Lorean started to feel sick but he was having so much fun with them he decided to ignore it. He knew he would regret this at some point but now he didn't really care, he just wanted this night to never end. Booth offered him another beer and even though he knew he shouldn't take it he accepted. He drained it fairly quickly and stood up to go to the bathroom, he felt like his blatter was going to explode. He couldn't find his balance and fell back to the couch, he lay draped over Genny and groaned trying to get up again.

"Way to go Cabby landing face down in her lap", Booth belly laughed.

"I...i-i uh i'm sorry Genny, excuse me i really need to crawl to the bathroom now before my blatter bursts".

Shaw couldn't stop het tingle taht ran from her feet up her spine and back. She knew it was because he was drunk but she couldn't help thinking about what would've happened if he wasn't drunk. She shifted a bit and flushed when she thought about his head between her legs.

"Everything ok Shaw?", Booth asked pulling her out of her own thoughts.

"Yes i'm fine it's just...nevermind it's nothing".

Lorean came back a few moments later, he was pale and they could tell he was goint to throw up.

"Let me grab a bucket and show you to the guest house", Bones said looking at him.

Lorean nodded and turned to walk after Bones, Genny followed them after saying good night to Booth. Booth turned everything off and headed to their bedroom.

Genny held Lorean up by his waist and pulled his arm around her shoulders pushing away her feelings and thought for the moment. He did tell them he couldn't handle alcohol very well why did he keep drinking? Must have been because he was enjoying himself. Bones opened the door to the guesthouse and flicked on the lights. She showed them the bedrooms and the bathroom before wishing them goodnight and handing Genny a bottle of painkillers.

"I think he might need them later, just keep him drinking water and give him two of these before he falls asleep. Goodnight Lorean, goodnight Genny".

"Thanks Tempe Goodnight", Genny said still holding Lorean up.

Lorean grunted something they couldn't understand and waved at Bones. When Bones closed the door behind her Gennytook Lorean into the bedroom with en-suite bathroom. She figured he would spent a lot of time in there so it was convenient that he'd stay in that room. Lorean let go off her and walked to the bathroom on shaky legs.

He fell immediately to his knees in front of the toilet and wretched. Genny felt really sorry for him and walked into the bathroom. Picking up a wash cloth she soaked it in warm water and knelt down next to him. She placed her hand onder his chin and wiped his face clean of the sweat and saliva on his chin. He looked at her with a question in his eyes.

"What is it Lorean?", she asked rinsing the cloth in the sink.

She got no answer and he threw up again. The only thing coming out of him was his beer.

Aw poor Lorean, having a great time and be sick straight after. Well fortunately for him he will feel a hell of a lot better when he finishes throwing up. It will help him sober up. Genny's mind rambled on while she kept wiping down his face. Her other hand was on his back rubbing in small circles. She felt him relax a little under her hand and it seems the wretching had subsided. Standing up she rinsed the cloth again and poored a glass of water for him.

"Here rinse your mouth", she handed him the glass of water and he took it with a shaking hand.

He rinsed his mouth quietly and stood up turning around wrapping his arms around Genny.

"Thank you Genny, i'm sorry", he croaked.

"No problem Lorean, what are you sorry for?", she asked raising an eyebrow patting his back.

"Well i thought i might have ruined your night now and i didn't mean to".

"Are you crazy? You didn't ruin anything, why would you think that? I had a great night".

"Well you being here with me a sick drunk stranger, you ok?".

"I don't mind being here with you. You are the only stranger i want to be around anyway. Don't worry about that Lorean i'm fine, now come on let's get you to bed".

She let go of him and pushed him backwards to the bed till his knees hit the edge and he sank down on it. Genny pulled away the comforter and pushed him flat on his back. He turned to lay sideways and looked at her.

"You know, i really like to be around you even though we've only met today. My head is full of you allready Genny, you're running around in there".

"Kinda strange isn't it? I mean we've indeed only met today but i feel like i've known you a lot longer, i haven't felt this way since i met Danny's father".

"Well i'm happy you feel that way cause i feel the exact same way about you. I think i love you allready Genny", Lorean placed his hand on hers and squeezed it softly when he continued: "do you believe in love at first sight? Or should i walk by again?".

Genny chuckled a little at his joke. Her mind screamed at her to remember he was drunk but her body took over not able to stop doing what it wanted. She leaned in to him and kissed his brow.

"Go to sleep Lorean, you'll need your energy tomorrow. You got to think about their offer plus the kids come back tomorrow. I'll be in the room next to this one, take the pills".

"Ok Genny good night, or as we say in the Netherlands welterusten".

"I like the way that sounds wel—te—rus-ten?"

"Exactly welterusten sleep tight".

Genny stood and turned around to him again, she leaned down again and kissed him on the cheek close to his mouth. She pulled the comforter over his shoulders and put the bucket next to him.

The next morning 10am

Lorean groaned when he opened his eyes, he had a pounding headache and the sun shining in his face wasn't helping. He sat up rubbing his temples and wondered how he got into this bed. At the same moment Genny came walking into the room.

"Goodmorning, did you sleep well".

He could tell she had taken a shower and he could smell the coffee she was holding in her hands.

"Like a rock, how the hell did i get into bed? I remember i had to much to drink but i can't remember how i got here, well not yet anyway."

"Tempe and i brought you here, when she left i brought you to this room and after you threw up multiple times in the bathroom i put you into bed".

"Oh wow that coffee smells great".

Ok so i haven't done anything stupid, i didn't do something to her i guess cause she's still here and brought me coffee. Wait what? I threw up? That's why my stomach aches for food!

"Genny did i-uh, did i...".

Reading the question in his eyes knowing what he was about to ask she shook her head and handed him the coffee.

"No Lorean you didn't try anything you threw up told me you thought you loved me allready said welte- what was it again in dutch? Anyway, you bad me goodnight in dutch and i went to my own room".

"Great, i was scared for a minute i did something really stupid. Usually when i'm drunk i make a complete ass of myself. That's why i don't drink alcohol very often".

"Drink your coffee and get ready we are having breakfast in 30 minutes in the house", she stood and kissed his brow again.

Before she could stand up straight Lorean grabbed her hand and stood in front of her.

"Thank you Genny. My god you are gorgeous", he bent over and kissed her softly on the lips.

She froze for a second. Her heart pounding in her chest she opened her mouth a little. Lorean took that as a permission to deepen the kiss. Neither of them fighting for dominance the kiss turned from soft and sweet to hungry and passionate. Genny threw her arms around his neck and plamed his nape.

When the need of oxygen became unbearable they broke the kiss both of them panting.

"Wow", was the only thing Lorean could say.

Genny could feel the tell-tale signs of his arousal pressing against her hip. She shifted a bit on her feet brushing against him causing him to groan.

"You should get ready i don't want any of the kids barging in on us and most certainly not Booth or Tempe", Shaw smiled at him and gave him another quick peck on the lips.

"Yeah i should but just...", he leaned in and kissed her again full of passion.

Genny reciprocated and after a while she pushed him away by his shoulders.

"Now go cutie, before i devour you instead of breakfast", she squeezed hif let buttock before she turned around and walked away.

Lorean sighed and headed for the shower.

Inside the residence.

"Booth get the door please Ange and Jack are here", Bones said flipping another pancake.

Booth walked to the front door and opened it with a smile.

"Goodmorning Studly", Angela said smiling at him.

"Hey Ange, did the kids behave?", Booth pecked her on the cheek and took Christine from her.

"Yes they did and Christine slept through the night. Danny is in love with her i think he watched her the whole evening", Jack came in after them.

"Oh is that so angel? Keeping mommy and daddy awake and sleep through the night with auntie Ange and uncle Jack? ", Booth cooed.

Christine smiled at him and squealed patting his face with her hands.

Bones came over and took her from him kissing and cuddling her.

"So where are Shaw and the foreign hottie?", Angela asked.

"I'm right here and Lorean is taking a shower", Shaw caught Danny midflight.

"Mommy Jacks house is awesome! It is huge!", he said wriggling in her arms.

"Did you have fun?", Shaw kissed her little man.

"Can i get a little sister mommy?", Danny asked looking at Christine again.

Shaw smiled and turned around to look at Bones and Christine. Lorean entered the room in just sweatpants looking really edible. Danny jumped out of Shaws arms and ran to him.

"Hey there buddy, did you enjoy yourself?", Loream picked Danny up and hugged him.

"Yes, they have a pool. Can you give me a little sister?", Danny asked hugging back.

Lorean grinned and winked at Shaw.

"Maybe, maybe not. Tempe where can i find my own clothes?", he asked putting Danny down again.

"They are hanging in the garden, you can find them on the washline there", Bones pointed to him.

Lorean walked out into the garden and got his shirt and jeans down. He took them back into the guest house and changed into them. He folded Booth's sweatpants and took them with him to the house so he could throw them in the hamper.

"Wow, did he look cute or what? Danny loves him, he didn't stop talking about him. He asked me if he was his daddy", Angela said looking over the rim of her cup.

"Really? Well who knows whats going to happen between the two of them", Bones waved her hand to the door and then to Shaw.

Shaw was grinning like a mad girl and her eyes started to tear up. She never thought Danny would accept another guy ever again. Offcourse she had some male friends but Danny never seemed to like he just started kicking and screaming but witnessing Danny running to Lorean and jumping in his arms warmed her heart. Danny was the most important in her life and although it was not his choice she really wanted a guy that Danny liked also.

"Genny whats wrong?", Bones asked putting plates stacked with food on the table.

"It's nothing really, it's just Danny seems to like him and...".

"I understand. Danny got separated from his dad and he doesn't care for other guys but he likes him", Booth said pouring some more coffee for everyone.

"How did you know?", Shaw asked totally amazed.

"Parker had the same thing, fear of getting abandoned again. Parker used to give me a hard time when i had a new girlfriend, he just wanted me and Becs back together and didn't accept any other guy or girl in our lives", Booth said. He gave Shaw a charming grin.

"Well he is cute though and seems to be nice to Danny, maybe he could give Danny a baby sister", Angela mused aloud helping Bones set up the table.

Danny ran towards the door to the garden and looked out for Lorean. He saw him coming around the corner and started jumping up and down. "Mommy mommy there he is", Danny yelled excited.

"Heya little man. Come on i think we are eating pancakes, do you like them?", Lorean picked him up again and Danny nodded if his life depended on it.

Lorean ruffled Danny's hair and sat down with him on his lap. Everyone else took their places at the table and they tucked in. Danny pointed towards ther honey and Lorean poured some on a pancake. He cut the pancake in little pieces and stabbed some on a fork. Danny opened his mouth grabbing Loreans hand and guided it to his mouth. Shaw looked at them stunned and couldn't swallow her throat was so tight. She shook her head and tried not to cry.

"Are you my daddy?", Danny asked, his mouth full of pancake and his chin sticky with honey.

"Only if you and your mommy want me to be", Lorean answered taking a bite himself.

"Oh wow, when he grows up he should start a dating agency, he is good only at five years old", Angela said.

The rest of their breakfast flew by with casual conversations about different subjects. Lorean decided to call home and tell them about his plans to stay here forever. Genny helped clearing the table while Michael and Danny played together. Christine was fed by Booth and Jack and Angela were getting ready to leave.

"Michael sweetie come to mommy, grandpa is coming today", Angela walked over to pick up her son.

"Thanks Dr. B for breakfast, see you at the lab on monday", Jack waved at them opening the front door.

"No problem Jack, thanks for watching the kids for us. See you on monday".

After they Lorean asked if he could use the phone to call home and after Bones told him he could he walked into the garden with the hand set.

Booth watched him talking through the kitchenwindow and wondered what he was saying.

"I really don't understand a word he says", he muttered.

"Well i guess i'll never learn it sounds difficult. So when do you want me to go home? I don't want to invade your privacy but i feel really comfortable right now, me and Danny are enjoying ourselves", Genny mused aloud.

"First thing when he's done calling is talk, second thing getting him a car, third and rest depends on the outcome of the first", Booth explained after draining a large glass of milk.

Genny nodded and turned around when she heard the door open.

Lorean stepped in with a faint smile and tears in his eyes. Genny walked over to him placed a hand on his shoulders and asked "What's wrong, what happened?".

"My mother says i gotta do what feels right for me and don't worry about them as long as i come over every year to see everyone. She cried and i'm an emotional guy so she made me cry too. She wishes you come over with Danny to meet her. I am still going home at the end of this vacation.."

Genny's heart sank, she thought he decided not to stay. She searched his eyes for answers but only saw sadness, she felt her throat tighten and tears threatened to spill.

"However, i'm only going home to arrange things. I need to bring my dog with me and i've got to talk to my boss and say goodbye to my friends and family at home."

He saw Genny's tears welling in her eyes and she started to smile through them.

"Don't worry Genny i want to stay here i want to be with you and Danny. I would never ask you to come with me and stay there it's easier for me to stay here. Would you come with me when i go home to arrange things?".

Genny sobbed now, touched by his words. She stepped closer into him and embraced him nodding her answer.

"Ok great my mom says she would love to meet the woman that stolemy heart the second i saw her. She also said she's gonna be a grandmother for the second time if things work out between us. When i told her about Danny she said he had to come and meet his granny and grandpa."

"Sorry to interrupt you two but i wanted to say Bones and i are really happy for you", Booth placed his hands of both of their shoulders and squeezed softly.

Lorean lifted his head and looked up to Bones, she stood in the kitchen with a smile and tears in her eyes. Christine on her hip half asleep. Slowly Lorean let go and walked over to Bones, he embraced her fiercely.

"Thank you Temperance, from the bottom of my heart".

"No problem just make it worth your and her while".

Lorean let go of her and kissed Christine on the top of her head. She was sound asleep now and didn't even stir. He turned around to see Booth hugging Genny, she still cried. Slowly he walked to them and Booth let go of Genny.

"Thanks Seeley, i didn't expect this to happen, never thought it even could happen but you are like a big brother to me and i totally owe you one now. Don't get me wrong but i love you all. Thanks for...", Booth didn't let him finish and grabbed him. Holding him tight in a guy hug he smiled and said "No problem little brother".

They both chuckled when he turned around to Genny again. He hugged her again and bent his head down. She looked into his eyes and tilted her chin to kiss him again. Lorean closed the distance and a single tear ran down his cheek. They stood there holding eachother, lips locked and trembling slightly untill Lorean broke the kiss with a grin curving his mouth.

"So i guess i will be Danny's daddy someday".

From that day forward the weeks flew by. Lorean and Genny both stayed in the guesthouse together with Danny. It was like they were really living there and Bones and Booth didn't seem to mind at all. Genny drove to work with Booth every day, dropping of Bones at The Jeffersonian, and Lorean took care of the kids between calls and making arrangements for their trip back to the Netherlands.

Danny grew really fond of Lorean and even started to call him daddy.

The day before leaving only to return again

They all sat down at the kitchentable for dinner. Bones prepared a lot of food and they all wondered what's gotten into her. Booth knew she liked to cook when she felt anxious about something but he had never seen a dinner of this proportions before, only at buffets on party's or in restaurants.

"Bones, is something bothering you?", he asked suddenly.

"I've got to tell you something yes, but lets enjoy dinner first, Tonight is more about them than us".

"Wow Tempe this looks amazing!", Lorean said looking over the table stacked with food.

Bones smiled and took down four glasses for the wine. She sat down at her usual spot while Booth opened a bottle of wine from the cooler.

"So lets make a toast, to our friendship, the young love ready to spread its wings, to the future in which there will be more love, familys, marriages, baby's and even stronger friendships", Bones said.

"To that but wait, who's getting married you think?", Booth asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We will Booth".

"Offcourse iff you really want to, you know i don't care anymore as long as i can be with you we don't have to get married".

"I want to Booth besides our family is getting bigger".

"Oh wow Temperance are you sure? I mean you are glowing but...since when?", Shaw asked.

"Wait wait wait...what? Are you .. are we?", Booth stammered.

"Yes Booth i'm pregnant again and i would like us to get married".

"Yes! I mean yes i want to marry you and we're getting another baby", Booth started to cry with tears of joy. He jumped up and pulled her into an embrace when something came to mind.

"See Bones i told you you were going to ask me to marry you!".

"I'm so happy for the two of you! Wow a marriage, another baby amazing!", Lorean stood and grabbed Bones's glass of wine. "No more alcohol for you Tempe".

"Oh please not another guy with huge alpha-male tendencies? Are you sure you two are not related", Bones said faking annoyance.

They all laughed, hugged, congratulated and started eating the marvelous food. They talked casually and after an hour they were ready for dessert.

"So what time do you fly home Cabby?".

"We fly out at 6am tomorrow morning from Dulles".

"Ok great we'll drive you there. Please let us know when you arrive and don't mind the time difference if there is anything we can do just give us a call", Bones said taking a box of rocky road icecream out of the freezer.

"Thank you Tempe we will, Seeley you want me to bring you something from the Netherlands?", Lorean helped clearing the table continuing their conversation.

"Yeah could you bring a pair of those tiny wooden shoes? I think they will look cute on Christine", Booth chuckled looking at Bones's shocked face.

"Just kidding, baby, just kidding".

Bones cocked her head with a look on her face as if she was telling him not to call her baby, she was not an infant. Booth didn't react to it and patted Lorean on his shoulder. "So this is your last night here. Well for now you will be back though but what i don't know, and what i really want to know is, where will you be staying when you come back, i don't think i heard you about an appartement".

"Well Genny here asked me to move in with her. At first i didn't think it was a good idea you know. We've been together for a month now and lived together in your guesthouse. That made it easy to choose. We can live together the only thing now is finding a job for me to pay my share. I don't want Genny to work her cute little butt off to pay everything on her own and besides i really want to get back to work now".

"Wow thats great, and talking about work you've been to the Jeffersonian a couple of times now and since our Technician will be retiring in 2 months i'd like to offer you on behalf of all the staff a job as our new technician", Bones said.

"I will take the job, wow Temperance you're to good for me. I want to thank the both of you again for the last month. It was totally amazing and i never expected it to be like this, i feel at home. Offcourse i've missed my family and all but i will have to get used to that", Lorean took a bite of his ice cream and swallowed slowly.

"No need to thank us, we've helped you made the choices", Booth said.

When everybody finished they all helped clearing the dishes and headed to bed. They had to get up early to be at the airport in time.

"Goodnight everyone, welterusten", Lorean waved while he walked out the door holding Genny's hand.

"Goodnight see you in a few hours", Booth waved back.

Lorean and Genny walked to the guesthouse slowly. Genny looped her arm through his and rested her head on his shoulder. When they arrived at the door Lorean opened it for her and stepped in after her.

"You know, this is going to be our new life now. I still can't believe you decided to be with me and leave everything behind. I don't think i could have made those choices", Genny said softly.

"Maybe it's to soon to say it but, i love you Genny, and i love the little man. It's like he is my own son. The last month was like being in heaven and i'm so glad you want me here. I, myself, still can't believe everything that happened over the last month. I found you thanks to Seeley. I just...".

"Let's make love", Genny interrupted him.

"Are you sure? I mean i want to but only if you're sure about this".

Genny turned in his arms and tilted her chin to kiss him. He swiped his tongue over her lower lip seeking entrance which she granted. Their tongues dancing around eachother neither fighting for dominance. Her hands roamed over his back while his hands squeezed her hips his thumbs rubbing tiny circles on the bare skin he found there. Slowly she backed him up untill they reached the couch.

He sat down and Genny moved to straddle him. His hands reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head slowly and flung it behind the couch. He sat up a litle to pull of his own shirt and threw it the same way as her shirt. Genny's hands roamed over his pecs and abdomen untill she reached the waistband of his jeans. Her hands found the button and unclasped it. Lorean placed hot open mouthed kisses along her jawline into her neck. He lingered on her pulsepoint for a while and dropped his head between her breasts. Reachind behind her he unclasped her bra in one swift move and pushed the straps off of her shoulders.

"Beautifull", he breathed against one of her nipples before taking it into his mouth. He sucked gently and turned to her other breast giving it the same attention. Genny's head fell backwards and she gasped the second his tongue touched her nipple. She moaned softly unable to sit still. She felt his arousal through his jeans and shifted her hips.

Reaching between them Lorean slowly unclasped the button on her jeans and lowered the zipper. He placed his hands on her hips and pushed her jeans down together with the black lace panties she was wearing. Genny stood and stepped out of her jeans and panties taking of her socks as well. She kneeled between his legs and reached for his jeans. Lorean lifted his hips a little and let her ease his jeans of. She noticed he wasn't wearing boxers and his raging erection sprung forward as soon as his jeans slid below his buttocks.

He gasped for air when he felt the fabric brush his erection and the next thing he knew Genny's hand grasped his shaft.

"Oh my god, feels so good", he groaned as Genny started stroking him slowly.

"You're a big boy Lorean", Genny mused standing up slowly.

Lorean felt the loss of contact as she released him from her grasp. He took her hand and pulled her forward. She straddled him again catching his erection between his belly and her core. Lorean could feel the heat radiating from her core and he could smell her arousal.

"You are so beautifull Genny", he grasped her lips between his again and gasped again when he felt her hips moving against him.

"It won't take long if you keep doing that gorgeous, it's been a while".

"I don't mind we've got all night, we can sleep on the plane".

"Did you bring any ehh...".

"No need it's safe", she reached for his erection and centered him at her core.

"I love you", she whispered softly against his lips when she lowered herself on him letting him slide home.

"Oh my god, i love you too", Lorean groaned.

Neither of them moved for a minute, enjoying their first true connection. Lorean started moving first thrusting up into her slowly burrying himself all the way over and over. Genny could feel the first signs of release building low in her belly. She picked up the pace a little and started to breathe heavily. Lorean breath became labored as well and he felt the familiar tingling at the base of his spine. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer and tried to hold back.

Genny leaned back and placed her hands on his knees behind her to change angles a little and met every thrust he made with one of her own.

"Close so close", she panted.

"Surrender, come with me Genny", Lorean pulled her flush against his chest. Her head burried in his neck, his thrusts became frantic and he started to lose control.

"Oh Genny, i'm...coming", he moaned.

"Oh god..close...close", she moaned back at him.

Lorean reached between them with his right hand and placed his thumb on her swollen nub. He rubbed tight little circles tipping her over the edge with him.

They both almost screamed with their release and breathed heavily into eachothers necks while they rode out their orgasms. When their breathing started to slow down again Lorean rolled to his side taking Genny with him to lay back on the couch.

"Oh my god that was..."

"Yes it was", Lorean smiled at her rubbing her back.

"Let's go to bed, i'm really tired right now", Genny stood on wobbly legs and reached for his hands.

His jeans were stil pooled at his ankles and slowly he stepped out of them his heart still pounding in his chest. He grabbed her hand and let her lead him to the bedroom. This was the first time they made love and the first time they would share a bed. Once they were settled Lorean laid on his back and Genny flush against his side, her head on his shoulder and her left arm and left leg lay loosely over him. He heard her breath even out and knew she fell asleep. Listening to her even breaths sleep washed over him and he closed his eyes perfectly happy.

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