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The Las Vegas night stretched out across the city and the desert- clouds rolling through the sky like cigarettes smoke. Grissom swung the front door open expecting Sara to be sitting on the sofa watching television in her PJs.

He could almost see her smile once she'd realised that he'd come home early but there was nothing but darkness to greet him- it appeared as if none of the lights in the house were on. The only sound giving away that anyone was home had been the creaking off the floor boards above him. Long shift- he thought placing his suitcase aside and locking the door- she must have decided to get an early night.

"Sara" He called out but still no reply came so attempting to be as silent as possible he crept up the stairs- he wanted to surprise her. It was the sound of a low throaty groan that seemed to stop him in his tracks. Grissom paused for a moment hovering on the stairs attempting to figure out whether he wanted to proceed or not. In the end he found himself making his way up the stairs with a feeling of panic welling up inside him. He had never contemplated the prospect that Sara could be unfaithful to him, but he knew that those sounds could only be coming from one thing.

Now that he was faced with discovering her adultery it terrified him. He knew she would be justified; he couldn't claim to be any kind of husband to her, no matter how many times he promised her he would return to Vegas and give up his new jet setting career he always seemed to let her down. It broke his heart as much as hers when he left her alone but he never once looked back to think about what it was doing to her.

He approached the bedroom door, their bedroom door. Inside was their sanctuary, a place where they had shared the most intimate and poignant moments of his life; a place where she was now sharing them with someone else. He held his breath as he slowly opened the door, allowing himself to take in the sight in front of him as carefully as he dared.

Sara had her back to him, the bare skin glistening in the dim lighting as she moved over her lover in ways that he could only trudge up from his memories of long ago. Hands skimmed over her waist and brushed across her skin as though worshipping her body as her sighs joined his breathless whispers encouraging her to continue- to not end their moments of pleasure.

When he spotted Grissom in the doorway fear immediately ignited in Greg's eyes and Sara twisted her body around to meet her husband's broken gaze.

She clambered off the bed grabbing the first item of clothing that she could get her hands on which happened to be Greg's shirt and without giving it a second thought she wrapped it around herself rushing down the stairs.

"Grissom please...please wait..." She pleaded with him her arms firmly wrapped around herself hiding her body from his view.

"No Sara...I'm done." He threw the comment over his shoulder making his way towards the suitcase he had left by the front door.

"I'm so sorry...I'll do anything please...don't go..." Tears were stinging her eyes as she rushed to him standing in front of the door so he couldn't leave.

"How could you Sara. How could you, bring him into our home...into our bed." Grissom hissed at her pushing her aside with one firm shove.

"It just happened...It didn't mean anything..." She seemed to be promising him her hands wrapped around one of his wrists. It was this sentence that felt like a stab to Greg's heart as he stood at the top of the stairs attempting to assess the mess they had created.

"We could go away...we could start again...I'll do anything...but please...please don't leave me..." Tears were streaming down Sara's face as she begged him not to go. "I love you...I love you too much to lose you...Please Gil don't go..."

"I always knew you would hurt me eventually, I always knew it would come to this" He voice was dead-pan it was as if he was shutting his mind off from the hurt from what Sara had done. Grissom looked into her eyes one last time opening the door and disappearing into the night.

Sara could feel her whole world falling apart- everything she had built crumbling for something that she had always been unsure about. Everything had disintegrated because she hadn't been able to face the situation that her marriage had left her in.

She'd lost it all.

It was all her fault she acknowledged as she fell in a heap of emotions beside the front door her heart not wanting to believe that he was really gone.

Greg slowly crept towards her his eyes filled with guilt, sadness and concern but Sara refused to look at him. He knew he should have been angry about the things that Sara had said about what they had done. He loved her. He always had done but she had disregarded him- used him but Greg didn't care he realised he couldn't watch her hurting like this.

"Sara..." he reached out placing a hand gently on her shoulder as he attempted to help her stand up but it didn't work.

"Don't touch me..." Sara screamed at him flinching away from his hand. "Go...just go..." She whimpered wrapping her arms around herself tighter.

Greg stood up his eyes washing over her for a second and it was as if the wave of resentment that he should have been feeling before was finally settling in alongside the confusion he felt constantly when he was around Sara.

"If keep going like're not going to have anyone left to push away Sara..."

His words seemed to ring throughout the house as he grabbed his coat leaving through the front door- the same way her husband had done only moments before.

The silence and darkness seemed to consume her as Sara realised that now she was completely and utterly alone.