WARNING: THERE IS VIOLENCE IN THIS CHAPTER... Please see end note as well :)

Part VII

When I arrived at the airport the pilot and his crew were still performing the pre-flight checks for the journey. He seemed reluctant to fly before the scheduled time and tried to persuade me to return to my hotel but I told him I'd already cleared the flight with all the necessary people on my way to the airport, this was a lie but I assumed Steve would have known what to do when I informed him of my early return. After that was cleared up I went to nap on the plane and asked him to inform me before we took off.

I knew something was wrong the instant I woke up. I was still in the same overstuffed chair I'd fallen asleep in inside Stark's jet but it was obvious we were in the air, something I had requested to be informed about before we left. I was about to go and make the insolent mortal pay for disobeying my orders when I realised my hands had been bound to the seat. "What is the meaning of this?" I shouted across the empty craft as I struggled against my restraints. Escape should have been easy enough my magic could have easily dissolved the ropes holding me into nothingness, had I been in control of my magic. As with all my other pregnancies, the act of being pregnant drains a lot of my magical energy in order to maintain the pregnancy on an increasing scale until almost all of my power was being diverted into maintaining life. This made it increasingly harder to access my powers until I could not access them at all. I had known this would happen but in past experience it had not happened this quickly. Of course it was easy to see that this was due to the fact the magic had to support two lives instead of one and looking back the signs were there, my inability to transform at will without multiple attempts and I had become slightly more dependant on Thor for menial tasks recently.

A harsh crackle filled the air around the craft's passenger cabin followed by a voice interrupting my attempt to loosen my bindings "Nice to see you're awake, please stay in your seat. We will be arriving at our destination shortly." I recognised the voice, it was the pilot I had spoken to earlier
"What are you doing? Stark will hear about this!" I shouted into thin air assuming the man could hear me from the cockpit. The harsh laugh in reply confirmed my theory
"I don't work for Stark. We were looking for a way to hijack this plane when you stumbled into the cockpit. We've just been waiting for you to wake up so you could tell us where they've stashed the weapon S.H.E.I.L.D. are transporting. And you might want to think very carefully about your answer," At that point I felt cold metal tubes being pushed harshly into the back of my neck, I tried twisting to see what was behind me but my restraints prevented me
"It's not here. The other craft is carrying the weapon!" The other craft had Thor and a small army's worth of agents, I had no quibble with sending the hooligans their way as I had no doubt Thor could handle them
"Shit. We fell for the decoy! Kill him, we need to head back." The voice instructed
"No. I'm not a decoy!" I shout desperately, hyper aware of the weapon being pushed further into my skin "Listen to me, I'm much more valuable to you alive."
"Wait," the voice ordered and I felt the pressure on my neck lessen slightly "What does that mean?"
"It means that I'm not a decoy, S.H.E.I.L.D. doesn't even know I'm here. They sent Thor to guard whatever weapon it is they needed so badly from New Mexico and as his partner I believe I had the right to accompany him."
"Nice story and all but why does that mean we should keep you alive?" I resisted to urge to roll my eyes at the idiocy most midgardians seemed to posses
"Because if you kill me then you have the wrath of Thor to deal with, keep me alive as a hostage of sorts and Thor brings the weapon to you like a well trained puppy."
"And why would you be helping us?"
"We fought before I left, the bumbling idiot deserves whatever you may have in store for him. And I'm quite fond of being alive so if it's a choice between Thor or I, I know exactly who I'd choose." I felt the pressure on my neck vanish completely now, I wasn't naive enough to think there wasn't still a gun pointed at the back of my head but not having it pushed into my skin was certainly a plus.
"Very well, we'll try it your way for now. We should be landing soon, put our 'guest' to sleep for the time being." I begun to struggle again at that, not knowing how they would force my body to sleep until I felt a prick in my arm and looked to see a long piece of needle press into my skin and a clear liquid being pushed beneath my skin.

Within minutes my eyelids felt heavy and whatever tension I carried in my limbs was none existent. I could fight it no longer and I fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke the room was much less luxurious than the inside of the Stark jet. The room I was in was expansive, grew increasingly cold and dark as what little sunlight peaking through the tiny windows begun to fade and full of boxes. I could feel magic being focused heavily on concealing and protecting the bump on my abdomen and of course I was thrilled they were protected I just wished they'd left some magic accessible for me especially when the other man in the room noticed I was awake. "Good morning there Sleeping Beauty," The man stepped toward me and into the dimming evening light as he spoke. He was truly rancid to behold, a greying thug of a man with a nose that had been broken and reset too many times, his eyes were bloodshot and he had dark circles that may well have been bruises or lack of sleep, maybe even both and his rotund physique left much to be desired when compared to Thor's. And why would I even notice so much about the ugly man sent to guard me? Because as I was taking him in and looking for his weak spots I noticed the way he was looking at me, like some half starved animal and the, what he must of thought was subtle, way he readjusted himself as he walked toward me. Disgusting. For this mere mortal to think I would ever allow him to come anywhere near me with his sub-par little mortal prick and his body odor that was beyond a doubt a worse smell than Thor's cooking

However my 'captor' didn't seem to grasp my utter repugnance toward him "You're a quiet one, aren't you little princess? I bet I can make you scream though." I had to bite back the vomit as he said that. How dare this mortal think he could do anything of the sort to me? I am Loki, Prince of Asgard and I do what I want not what stupid, insignificant Midgardians tell me to do. So as his had reached for his pants in what I assume was going to be his 'big' reveal I felt something inside me snap. Old magic that had held my true form locked away from me the day Odin had stolen me. Magic that had only been broken by more Jotun magic unlocked itself and I watched as blue begun to spread along my arms starting at my fingertips and freezing everything it touched. The man before me no longer had lust in his eyes as terror took over. And for scum like him, terror was rightly deserved in my presence.

With my binds now frozen and my strength not only replenished but magnified I easily broke out of my bindings. He was trying to sneak away from me by this point but you cannot trick a trickster. As he scuttled backward I took calm steps toward him, freezing the ground in my wake until he had backed himself against a wall of boxes and I was quick to pin him against it. He went to shout out to his cronies but I quickly covered his mouth with my hand "Now it's your turn to be silent, worm." I told him as I put my arm out and grabbed the man by his groin, feeling it turn to ice beneath my hand. I pulled him up to my eye level using his frozen parts and I could see his pain in his eyes "Is this what you wanted? Does this give you the pleasure you desired?" he shook his head, tears streaming from his eyes and freezing on my hand "Good. Now down to business. I have questions, you will answer them like a good little worm." He nodded obviously unaware that I wasn't asking him, I was telling him. "Firstly how long did your potion force me to sleep?" I removed my hand from his mouth and I could see his lips were almost black with frostbite and small crystals of ice hung onto his skin
"A d-day." he rasped through his pain
"And they informed Thor they had me hostage? Gave him a location?" He couldn't even speak and instead just nodded in agreement. "Finally, how many men are here?"
"10...11... I don't kn-"
"Thank you." I cut him off dropping him to the ground. He looked relieved and tried to stand to run away
"P-please don't hurt me," He begged but I was beyond any sort of morals or rationality, besides I was doing Midgard a favour by expunging this drain on their precious resources from existence. Humanity practically owed me for snapping his neck and sending him to my darling Hela.

After the dealing with the first I made my way through the rest of what I can only assume was their warehouse hideaway and made each of the pathetic mortals pay for the inconvenience they had caused me by abducting me while I was trying to make a point to Thor, now he was going to think he'd saved my life and be so high and mighty about it I was certain to lose our fight. I hate being in Thor's debt. The problem was that by the 7th person I could feel my new found energy starting to drain. I needed Thor to swoop in and take care of the rest of them while I recuperated so I took a risk, I poured my energy into one final blast of ice but instead of using it in combat, there were still too many of them and I was just too exhausted, I sent a pillar of ice and magic through the roof and into the sky like a beacon.

As predicted, they'd given Thor an exchange point close to where they'd tried to detain me and when he saw my spell it was simple enough for him to follow it to my exact location just in time to see me lose control and slip into unconsciousness once again.

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