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Valek POV

After a weeks worth of traveling and a lot of complaining, we finally stopped last night at a hotel. Everythings been good except I can feel every time I encounter or am near a magician...and I don't know why. I mean I used to feel like a buzzing, well more like a vibrating, on my skin, allowing me to now that I'm close to one but this, this feeling, it's different. And I'm also hearing Yelena's name around, I know that I barely know her but she could be in some sort of danger, or, well it's obvious she has some Southern heritage in her, so maybe it's a family thing. Someone could be looking for her, their lost daughter! I know I should probably say something, but who knows who could see through my disguise? Plus there could be millions of Yelena's around here, and my Yelena could be the wrong thing. Now if only I could...wait! Did I just say'MY Yelena'? Oh God, that kiss, those eyes, it's all been in the back of my mind at all times. I knew it was there, trying to burst out and take control but so far I haven't let it, and out of the blue it chooses to come out, enveloping my mind with thoughts of Yelena. Her scent, her eyes, all rippling through my mind, images and memories and the sweet taste of her lips on mine when I...oh.

Out of all the memories, that was the one I wish was gone, or never happened.I mean I loved it, every minute of it, but who knows what happens if I ever see her again? That night was the last time I saw her, so many things could be running in her head now, all because of me and what I did and how I left. Me, me, me, me, me! All my fault. Who knows if she regrets it, she was alcoholized! I wonder if she will forgive me so that way I'll be near her again. Even if it's not as close as I want, it's better than nothing. One of my favourite quotes was: "Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with everything they have." That reminds me of how Yelena will never ove me the way I want her to, but maybe she will love me with everything she has. All I can do is hope.

Yelena POV

I finished packing and was waiting impatiently at the meeting site. After thirty minutes went by I was just about to leave when three small shadows began walking towards me. Thank God, I thought. Finally they neared and we decided to begin heading South. If someone was after Valek, that's where it would be wise to take him. During my nap earlier I had a dream about Valek, it was kind of disturbing. I felt a sensation that told me he ws indeed in trouble but the longer I waited, it felt like the more dangerous his situation got, and every second that ticked by meant the time it took to fail him. So now, I led the way South. I chose a route that was, at times, far from civilization, but others, close so we had food sources and places to rest. We decided that we were going to only be on the road for a couple of hours tonight and the first hotel we see is where we'll be staying. So hours later, we stopped in front of a hotel called The Ixi-lency, I guess meaning Ixia and excellency. So we hid our weapons in a bush and checked in.

"So what's the plan for tomorrow Yelena?" Ari asks me.

"Well I guess we travel as far as we can and keep an eye out. Oh and we'll be going through market places listening in on people, see if we can hear anything about Valek." They all agreed. Ari and janco got up and announced they were going to explore and possibly get a bite to eat. Maren and I readied our beds and sat down as we ordered room service. Whe we got our food we sat in awkward silence until Maren spoke.

"So what's all this for anyways?You can tell me, you know girl stuff?" She shrugged her shoulders. I wonder what she wants to hear, that I am completely infatuated with Valek, that I will save him for her? Not that I know that she likes him, just a little feeling.

"This," I indicated the weapons and bags,"is because I need to find my boss and get on with my stupid training, hopefully so I won't die," there that works. But obviously she didn't believe me.

"Mhm, okay Yelena, for real, what's with you? Ever since the day Valek disappeared you've acted strange. Let's see, it was the night of the Commanders' brandy party, a couple of nights after you moved in with him, what did you do?Hire someone to kill Valek, and your doing this to cover up your tracks because nobody will believe an innocent food taster killed a ruthless assassin, now would they? Tell me, really, what happened that night? Dd you two get in a fight, he make a move, something like that?" She took a look at my face, "I'm getting close aren't I?" She smiled and I replied with a short and simple no.

"Sure, I felt that something was going on between you two, I just don't know yet, and when we find him I'll get it out of him, and then he'll have me!" She covered her mouth when she admitted her feelings. I laughed and made and uh-oh face. She turned red and stomped out of the room. So that feeling I've been having is real, I wonder if I should warn Valek when I find him. But then again, what if he had feelings for her and I would be history? I didn't want that, I wanted what I couldn't have.