Fifty places, fifty times, fifty fucks.

Oh yes, she did. My latest stories have been quite descent on the let's-make-love fronts so I thought I'd give your dirty minds a little treat with this very, very, very, slashy story about.. sex!

This story will contain fifty one shots on (more or less) chronological order from their first time until their last during the Second Order of the Phoenix. I guess there is no explanation needed why this will be M-rated. And to satisfy as many dirty minds as possible, this will contain as well a top Sirius as a top Remus, sex on a lot of different locations and occasions and some kinky stuff as well. And of course a lot of cuteness and cuddling and perhaps even a little self-loving. Doubting about the transformation stuff yet.. Feel free to convince me if you think it should be part of it.

Don't be shy to give some requests or tips on what you'd like to see! Fifty pieces are quite a few to make up. And yes, I promise I will write all fifty of them.

First chapter is a bit long for I felt to bring them together anyway, so it isn't entirely all the way yet. The rest will probably have a lot less introduction and a lot more man to man action. Just the way we love it.


There is a first and a last for everything. Fifty pieces about fifty times our puppies were together.
And enjoyed the hell out of it. All the way from the marauders area to the second Order of the Phoenix and they're last time. Rated M with a reason, dear readers.

Of course I own nothing, it is all up to J.K. Rowling. I hope she can forgive me for what I'm about to make her little puppies do..

Chapter one

A lot of fighting had been done. At one point Remus had slapped Sirius in his face. The dormitory was one big mess and it was a good thing James and Peter were on holiday for they both knew they couldn't have held the tensions any longer. Out of nothing, it seemed, they had started shouting at each other. Pushing and pulling and yelling all the flaws they could think of one another. It made absolutely no sense and Remus wasn't sure whether they even knew why they were fighting themselves, until those words had left Sirius' mouth. 'I love you!'

The world stopped turning and his heart stopped beating. He could feel the pounding of his chest were Sirius was pushed him and the aching in his back where he had hit the bedpost. 'No you don't.' Remus spoke with a voice dripping with disbelieve. 'Yes I do! And I know you love me too!' Sirius yelled. 'I don't!' Remus shouted back. 'Don't be so stupid, I never gave you any reason to think I love you whatsoever'

'We kissed!' Sirius shouted in his turn, waving his hands through the air. 'That was a game!' Remus exclaimed. 'You love girls, birds, chicks! You don't love me! And how could you. I'm just an ugly, scarred creature, not even worth the glance of an eye.' After he finished that last sentence, Sirius grabbed him painfully by his arms and shook him. 'Don't talk about yourself like that, it is not true!' 'It is true!' Remus cried, trying to release himself from the iron grip those hands had on his fragile frame. 'Have you ever looked at me? I'm ugly!' 'I have looked at you. I look at you all the time!' Sirius shouted in answer. 'And I think you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! EVER!'

Remus stopped his struggle and stared at Sirius. The grey eyes, those stormy eyes that had been haunting his dreams for so long. Could it be those eyes weren't lying to him? 'I love you.' Sirius whispered. 'I have for a very long time.' 'You can't..' Remus' voice trembled. 'I can and I will. Even though it was a game, when we kissed everything changed. It made me realize I tried to fill a hole inside my heart with all those girls and then I knew why it never worked. You are the perfect piece of the puzzle that completes it.' He took Remus' hand placed it on his heart. 'Can't you feel how it just beats for you?'

Remus forgot how to breath. How could he possible, with that strong hand around his wrist, pushing it against a heart that banged from anger and arousal. 'I-I.' Remus stuttered, but he couldn't find any words that could describe his confusion. 'Are you not in love with me?' The voice of the dark haired boy sounded as if it was on the edge of breaking. 'From the moment I saw you.' Remus whispered, tears in his eyes as he was reminded of all the times his heart had shattered in millions of pieces when Sirius had proudly presented yet another girl. 'From the moment I sat down next to you on that train, you were the only thing that kept me standing.' 'Then prove it to me.' Sirius breathed. 'Right here, right now. Prove and promise that you love me. Kiss me.'

Remus hesitated clearly. How could he be sure this wasn't a prank? But there was a clear handprint on Sirius cheek and his own shoulder was bruised. Wasn't the first Marauder rule was that a prank between friends should never contain psychical pain. This clearly hadn't been a joke. It had been a fight. 'Kiss me.' Sirius repeated once more. Remus straightened his back and pushed the part of Sirius where his hand was still touching him. He pushed and pushed until the boy starting walking backwards. Just as long until his back hit the wall. A flow of air escaped from his between those plump lips as result of the smack and he stared at Remus in pleasant surprise. His hand left the scrawny wrist and followed it's way past the arm, the neck, the boy's back. It found its way back up by his chest and finally caressed the cheek that held the biggest of his scars. 'Kiss me.' It was quiet for a while. 'Three times is a charm.' Remus mumbled and simultaneously they leaned in for the touching of lips they had longed for. Since that first day on the train, the first wet dream in his third year and that game of spin the bottle a few weeks ago. It started out soft and gentle but soon turned into something fierce and devouring. They were, after all, both canine creatures and it was easy to lose control once lust took over.

Sirius made them change places and pinned Remus' wrists against the wall as his tongue fought its way in between those beautiful, slightly chapped lips. The young werewolf moaned at the touch of the beautiful body that pressed itself against him. When Sirius' mouth followed the trail of his jaw to his neck, Remus' mouth got a will of his own. 'Beautiful.' He whispered, his eyes closed and head leaning back. 'What's that?' Sirius mumbled in the nape of his neck. 'You are so beautiful.' Remus continued, his voice dripping with lust. 'I've never seen anything more beautiful.' He could feel a grin against his skin before teeth sank in it, making him shiver. 'Continue.' The mouth mumbled in its husky tones while it softly nibbled on the soft flesh it found. 'So sophisticated, refined. Your flawless skin and the way your curls fall into your eyes when you smile.' Remus groaned as Sirius slowly moved his hands from one wrist down past his chest and rested between his legs. 'Continue..' The teasing voice was driving him crazy. Remus shivered. 'How you know exactly what to say when I feel down. The way your eyes grow black as the night when you're angry. Those tight jeans when you bend over to pick something from your trunk.' The mouth left his neck and Sirius' face came back in sight. 'What?' He smiled widely and Remus could feel how he blushed. 'I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that.' 'Oh no.' Sirius answered. 'I like it when you say that. I had no idea you were so naughty.' 'Oh-' Remus exclaimed as the warm hand now fiercely rubbed his erection. 'Besides.' Sirius continued. 'My ass is irresistible.' He grabbed the werewolf by his wrist and pulled him towards the bed. Their bodies collided when Remus lost his balance as his legs bumped into the bed. Sirius landed on top of him as he had done so many times before when they had been fighting for fun. But this was different. His breath was hot and uncontrolled and the grey are stormy and flickering. 'Your eyes are gold.' He mumbled. 'What?' 'Your eyes.' Sirius added. 'They look like the most beautiful liquid gold when you are turned on. Gorgeous.'

'Oh shut up.' Remus mumbled and he closed the gap between their mouth in a crashing kiss. Hand were tangled in hair and fabric and blankets. It was messy, it was unrestrained but it was perfect.
When Sirius' fingers found their way to the hem of Remus' shirt, the latter held them still. 'I don't know..' He started but Sirius stared him in the eye. 'I know every single scar that's underneath there. I've seen them every full moon, every time you needed to recover and every time you thought I wasn't watching when you got dressed. And I love every single one of them.' In one elegant movement he removed the piece of cloth from the tender frame and let his eyes drown in the sight of the pale skin. 'Beautiful.' He repeated Remus' earlier spoken words. His mouth found its way towards every piece f harmed skin and kissed and caressed it as if it was their last moment on earth.

From that point everything seemed like a blur. Clothes were ripped off bodies until the floor was littered with them and they were as naked as the day they were born. The heat brought by the touch of their naked skin was one beyond believe. Their erections seemed to fight a battle of their own and every trust of Sirius' hips against his made his brain explode. At one point he was certain there was no way he could get out of this without permanent brain damage. 'Cause at that one point Sirius' kisses had followed the trail of scars all the way down to that one body part that had always survived. So far. Remus moaned loudly when Sirius, without hesitation, kissed the tip of his cock. 'Oh Merlin.' He exclaimed. 'My name is Sirius, thank you very much.' Sirius mumbled. Remus opened his mouth to reply but nothing more than a gasp of pleasant surprise left his lips when a warm mouth slid over his cock and all he could see was black curls waving when sparks flashed before his eyes every time the heath moved up or down.

'Sirius.' He was almost shouting. 'Close!' It was bizarre to realize how incapable of speech he had become in such a short period of time. And it didn't return when all the muscles in his body seemed to tense and gave in to the most mind blowing orgasm he had ever had the honor to have. Within seconds his body managed to go from entirely tensed to completely limp. He was breathing heavily when Sirius came back in sight and wiped his mouth. 'Was that good?' Remus could only moan. The dark-haired boy grinned. 'Thank Merlin. I've never done that before.' Sirius allowed himself to jump next to Remus on the bed, his head on the boy's shoulder and his arms wrapped around his scarred chest. 'You are sticky.' He mumbled. 'It was hot.' Remus answered, earning himself a grin from Sirius.

For a moment it was quiet. 'I must admit.' Remus spoke when he finally regained his ability to speak properly. 'That this is probably the most interesting ending of a fight I ever witnessed.' 'Oh, mine too.' Sirius mumbled in his shoulder. 'But since I'm mostly fighting my parents, no complaining from this side.' Remus rolled his eyes. 'But.' Sirius continued, looking up at Remus who could barely look back from this angle. 'Does this mean you won't mind being my boyfriend?' Remus bit his lip.
'Do you want me to be?' He finally had the guts to mumble. Was this the permanent brain damage? Doubting about a question like this after you just received a love declaration and a blowjob? 'Of course I do you flobberworm.' Sirius softly punched him in the chest. Remus couldn't help but smile. 'Then I do.' He answered. 'Excellent.' Sirius lifted his finger in the air. 'Do you hear that?' 'What?' Remus shot up. 'Is James back?' 'No silly.' Sirius barked. 'You ruined my perfect moment. Lay down and cooperate.' Remus let out a sigh of relieve and rolled himself in the muscled arms.
Once more Sirius lifted his finger. 'Do you hear that?' He asked, again. 'No, what is it?' Remus answered.

'That was you completing my heart.'