A Zonko's Valentine

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It was the night before Valentine's day. Well. No. Strictly speaking it was Valentines day. Sirius was sure of that as he had kept his eye on his watch, a muggle one, all night long and it had just passed twelve o' clock. He knew Remus wasn't the romantic kind of guy. But he could not let their first Valentine go by without a bit of sweet Siriusness.
They agreed not to give each other presents out in the open or anything big or expensive whatsoever. In all honesty, Sirius would've bought a planet for Remus, wrapped it up in rainbow colored paper and presented it to him in the great hall had he been allowed. But Remus did not like romance nor was he keen on being out and proud. So, Sirius decided, they just had to be in and proud. Had not the same ring to it, but it could work.

He slipped from underneath his blankets in the cold winter's breath on the stone floor. Blindly grabbing a pair of pants he started to get dressed. Eventually he had to settle for the third pair, seeing the first two were Peter's. Too short and too wide. That boy let everything lie around. Attempt three was one of his own, tight and black (he assumed the black part). A white tee on top and he was ready to go. Oh. Shoes. There. Now he was ready to go.

He walked over to the bed on his right (or left, depending on where you were standing) and carefully opened the thick curtains. Remus was sleeping. His hair poking every way, his eyes closed and his lips slightly parted. He would never believe how cute it was.
Sirius kneeled and his knees made a horrible sound, waking Remus up. He was quite a light sleeper, after all. The boy opened his drowsy eyes, greeted by the sight of his lover in the moonlight. He mumbled something incoherent and tried to push Sirius away with one arm.

'Come with me.' Sirius mumbled, ignoring the arm jabbing his chest.
'Why?' Remus croaked in a sleepy voice.
'Valentine's surprise.'
'You promised me not to.' He groaned, turning over and covering his head with the blankets.
'Come o-hon.' Sirius wined softly and Remus groaned again but obeyed. If someone knew how persistent (and incredibly annoying) Sirius could be, it was his boyfriend. He slung his feet over the edge of his bed and Sirius quickly tugged them into a pair of shoes.
'Pajamas!' Remus protested but Sirius pulled him away from his bed.
'No need for formal clothing, Moony my love.' He said as he dug underneath James' bed where he had left the invisibility cloak as a precaution. In agreement with James, of course. Sirius had borrowed once without asking and had returned to a James with bald spots from where he had been pulling out his own hair. His parents were very loving, but without doubt they would not have appreciated James losing something that valuable.

He wrapped it around the two of them, his arm tightly around Remus' waist, and they left the dormitory and the common room, walking down stairs and hallways. Going around a corner every now and then. He ignored Remus' urgent whispers about where they were heading or if Sirius was in his right mind, what if they got caught? And that he did not want to get in trouble because of Sirius again! The cloak was seriously getting too small for the two of them and Remus was sure the portraits would talk about detached feet wandering the hall the next day.

Remus knew where Sirius was taking him. He had drawn this route on the map himself. Within seconds he was proven to be right. Soon they passed around the corner and the statue of the one-eyed witch got in sight. Sirius tapped it with his wand and spoke the familiar words.
Sirius opened the cloak in a way that could prevent someone changing clothes from being seen and he nudged a slightly unwilling Remus towards the hole with his hips.
'I'm going, I'm going!' Remus complained as Sirius kept nudging him with his side as he tried to get through the hole without falling on his face.
When his feet safely touched the floor, a piece of cloth was thrown in his face. He pushed it away just in time to see Sirius make a rather impressive though exaggerated belly slide through the hole, somehow managing to land without broken noses of scattered teeth.
'You are insane.' Remus grumbled and Sirius pecked him on his cheek before happily strutting down the hallway. He loved slightly grumpy Remus.

They walked the long, small hallway until they reached a hatch Sirius pushed open. There was a deafening sound and Remus rolled his eyes, taking his wand (when did he stuff that in his pajamas?) and whispered something. The clinking stopped and Sirius relaxed.
'I always forget about that wretched trick bottle.' He scolded himself. 'The guy is a wizard for Merlin's sake. You'd say he could think of something a bit more inventive.'
'And yet you forget.' Remus teased, getting a nudge in the ribs. He was finally starting to warm up a bit towards the adventure Sirius decided to take him on to. It was the same old story every single time. He would resist, refuse to come along. But in the end his curiosity got the better of him and he'd follow anyway. It was a good thing curiosity didn't commonly kill werewolves.

They climbed through and closed the hatch. Sirius, for whatever reason Remus did not understand, put the bottle back on the hatch. Remus decided he had been obedient long enough and demanded answers. For starters, why he was lured here, of all places.

'Your gift is a trip to Zonko's cellar? I can go here whenever I want, Sirius.'
'Well yes.' Sirius agreed. 'But not at night, with me. Naked.' He wiggled his eyebrows.
'Imagine having a fantastic Valentine with me, midst boxing of your favorite chocolate. So, loverboy. What would you like to do first.' He asked Remus, who did not seem to mind the prospect of a naked Sirius or Sirius that much.

In fact, Remus' breath hitched in his throat. He could feel the wolf itch under his skin. It was night, there was chocolate, copious amounts of chocolate, and the possibility of a naked Sirius. There was not a force in the world that could keep him calm. He rushed forwards and pressed himself against Sirius, kissing him so hard it was a miracle no one was bleeding.
'I want you to fuck me again.' He growled. 'Right now.' He could feel something rise within him. A urge, a longing. Something he had not felt the first time they did it. Of course he wanted it and of course he had loved it. But he had been nervous too. Frightened it might not be what he, or worse, what Sirius had expected. Yet it had been all that and more. And now he knew he wanted even more than more. More.

Sirius' eyes widened from this exclamation. What a pleasant tone that voice held when aroused.
'Are you sure you don't want to.. for a change?' He tried to ask but Remus was ferociously unbuttoning his pajama top and shaking his head.
'Not with the wolf. Not the first time. I need you to take me. Hard. Let me show you the deep, raw passion of unbridled sexual frenzy.' And the pajama top was ever so easily discarded on the cold floor as Remus walked toward him with a hungry look of lust in his amber eyes.

Despite the fact he had grown so much in a short period of time, Remus easily wrapped his arms around Sirius' neck, lifting his legs and closing them around his lover's hips. Length didn't matter. The boy was so skinny that Sirius could easily hold him. The weight of his slim body resting down against his crotch was unbelievable. With just a few paces he was able to sat Remus down on a stack of boxes, just the perfect height. Remus lunged forward, kissing Sirius and biting his lower lips. The black haired boy kissed back eagerly. This was an even better Valentine than he had anticipated.

'What's with all the layers.' He mumbled in between kisses as he fought to take a t-shirt Remus had been wearing under the top off as quick as possible, Remus' ear getting stuck in the process.
'It's bloody winter, you want me to freeze?' Remus growled and returned to kissing Sirius, fumbling at the zipper of his jeans in the meantime.
'You want me to freeze?' Sirius joked, earning himself a growl.
'Not before you fucked me.' With a rough pull the jeans fell around Sirius' ankles and his erection sprang free to the cool air in the basement. He did not bother putting on underwear. The prospect of accidently putting on Peter's one had been too much.

That was just too much for Sirius to handle. In a very good way. He turned Remus around and pushed him over a stack of boxes a bit too rough. Who cared. Without further ado he stripped the boy from his pajama bottoms. A teasing finger played with him but Remus was impatient this night. Everything inside of him burned with raw passion. Desire.

'Do it already.'

But Sirius would not let it go by that easily. He sank down to his knees and slightly spread Remus' legs apart with his hands. He kissed the inner thighs and softly nudged his lover's left buttock with his nose. There was a hitch in Remus' breath as he bit the firm, pale flesh and kissed in the soft, red marks his teeth left.
'Tease.' Remus gasped. What was it with Sirius and leaving him incapable of speech as soon as that gorgeous mouth came along? Even his common thought was knocked out of him as something slid past his pucker. Not just something, a very talented tongue. Warm, soft fingers softly spread his cheeks as the tongue licked the crease and that one spot in particular. It was incredible.
Sirius went on for a couple of minutes until Remus started to buck his hips into the boxes. He could not hold on much longer. Sirius had always been a person for body language and he quickly grabbed his wand before rising back up. He whispered something and Remus felt a certain relieve at the slick, cold sensation.

'Do it.' He mumbled. 'Fuck me hard. No restrictions. I need this.'

Remus' hands grabbed the edges of the box on top. Mint berry crunch flavored chocolate, he read. He couldn't care less as Sirius' cock slid inside him in one, deep thrust. It burned and it hurt, but it was what he needed. He groaned and bit his own wrist as Sirius took up a steady rhythm instantly and plunged inside his lover's ass. Hard. The long, slender fingers dug in his hips and he got slammed into the boxes with every thrust.

In a moment of bedazzled clarity he realized he loved everything about having sex with Sirius. Not just that someone wanted to be with him. Accept him enough to fuck him. But all this. The sounds Sirius could extract from him. The hissing and moaning deep down in Sirius' throat. His fingers, grabbing and whatever they could out of lust and intensity. The need, the sounds, the passion. To sneak out in the middle of the night and do this. Make love. Fuck.

Without warning Sirius pulled back and Remus gasped at the sudden loss.
'Turn around.' Sirius growled and Remus obeyed. Slender hands wrapped around his waist and lifted him on top of the boxes. There was enough space for Remus to lie back and without further ado Sirius raised skinny legs over his shoulders and pushed back in to continue his rough rhythm. Remus bucked his hips and moved in contrast with Sirius to meet him with every thrust. He wanted Sirius inside of him as deep and as hard as he could.

His hand wrapped around his own cock and pulled in sync with Sirius' rhythm, giving everything thrust inside of him an extra kick. If Sirius did not have his eyes closed he would notice in front of him was the most beautiful thing he would ever see. Remus, so skinny drops of sweat lingered on his outlined abdomen. The dark, blonde hair stuck to his forehead and his eyes closed, mouth slightly open. With every thrust his chest would heave, his bag arch. Occasionally he would lean his head back as if it could relieve the intensity with which he was being fucked. As if they were under a spell and no one could see them, they fucked. Sirius had to bite his lip to not awaken the owners of the shop with a loud moan and Remus had to do the same.

Sirius came first. He bucked his hips ferociously a last few times, almost causing Remus to topple of the boxes. He was still wise enough not to make too much sound. Had he been somewhere safe, he would've howled loudly. Instead, he moaned. A sound that came from deep within and was the this that sent Remus over the edge. He came second, quiet and controlled. It was as if he could feel the wolf slipping away from him, back into the depths of the darkness within. He leaned his head back on another stack of boxes, Sirius' head resting on his chest all sticky.

'That was so good.' Remus gasped, still out of breath.
'Ngh.' Was all the response he got. He could feel Sirius' hard beat against his stomach like crazy. Hot breath streaming down his ribs with every breath. Remus wrapped is arms around Sirius. Or more, in this case, rested on arm on the boy his back and tangled the fingers of his other one in the moist, black curls. Sirius found the strength to raise up his arms and place one on either side of Remus, softly stroking his ribs. It was bliss. For a few minutes. Then Sirius' head seemed to gain weight with the second and Remus' ribs started to feel hard underneath his cheek.
They untangled, sweaty flesh sticking for just a second longer than they did. Sirius went on a search for the wand he had carelessly thrown away and Remus pushed himself up. Sitting on the boxes he heard Sirius return from the darkness, with wand, and the latter mumbled something. Instantly Remus felt clean and dry again. No more sticky stuff everywhere.

'What do we do now?' He whispered.
'How about eating some chocolate?' Sirius suggested, ripping open a box next to Remus without second thought.
'That is stealing.' Remus simply stated. 'You and James may be okay with that, but I'm not.'
'I know, mister Prefect.' Sirius said and Remus gave him a look. 'So I took some precautions.'
He tilted the box towards the werewolf. 'Lumos.' He whispered and the wand lighted a note of parchment stuck to the box.

'Valentinesday Order; Padfoot. Paid in advance.'

'Cheeky bastard.' Remus grinned. 'You promised, no presents.'
'Nah-ah. I promised no presents out in the open. We are in the confined space of Zonko's cellar for no one to see. And really, if you won't allow me to give you a present here after I just fucked you on boxes of his best chocolate, you need to straighten out your priorities, mister.' Sirius' eyes wandered off toward Remus sitting on top of the boxes of chocolate. Still naked with his hands folded in his lap, looking as ever so innocent with his large, honey brown eyes.

'Would you stop that.' Sirius complained.
'Stop what?' Remus gave him a puzzled look.
'Being all cute and Remusy after you just begged me to fuck your brains out. Those twists of character are really..'
'Annoying?' Remus suggested as he put some chocolate in his mouth.
'Sexy.' Sirius corrected him as he wriggled himself between Remus' legs, placing his arms around the chocolate-eating boy's neck. 'Really, really sexy. Look at you. Sitting there so cute and innocent, craving the chocolate.'
'Sappy.' Remus warned him, popping another piece into his mouth.
'What, can't a man in love be sappy? You'd rather have me fuck you again?'
Remus shrugged and looked down at Sirius' crotch.
'Looks like you're up for it.' He smiled, shyly.
'You bet I am.' And with a swift move he turned Remus around, bending him back over the Mint berry crunch boxes for another fucking fantastic fuck.

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