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A Certain Shinigami

A Shinigami, that's what everyone in this town, calls me.


That's because the people around me always ends up dying.

It was as if I was the one taking their lives, their souls, and sending them to "god" who had sent me down here for that duty. However, I of course, do not have any memories of such things. Be it meeting "god" or taking people's lives with my own two hands.

But… I didn't know that it was all covered up. That I wasn't meant to know the truth until the day I turned twenty.

And now, it's been a year since I've regained all the memories that were sealed up every time I finished a job. Now, I know the truth. I'm a real Shinigami; one that had been sent from above to collect the souls of those who were dying, from this world. All the people that I been in contact with, were all people who didn't have long to live. I've done about a 100 jobs since I was sent here when I was 10 it seems. And my aim is to get 10000 jobs done before I return back to where "god" is, to where I belong.

All the sufferings I had been through felt like nothing the moment I realized who I really was. Because it made me relieved that I was really a Shinigami and not a human who was cursed. I was glad that I wasn't a human and that is the real reason why I was isolated. It wasn't because I was a human, and I was different from the others. Somewhere in my heart, I felt superior to the humans who had been mocking me and that calmed me down.

*BAM!* something or someone had bumped hard into me. I didn't lose my balance or fell, but I felt the pain. On the other hand, I heard the other person falling hard onto the cement floor. I opened my eyes slowly after the pain subsided and turned my gaze to the person who had fallen. "Need a hand?" I stretched my hand out.

"S-sorry!" an orange-brown haired girl who wore spectacles apologized as she got up on her own, ignoring the hand that I had just put out for her. Tch! What a strange girl. Accepting my hand was the best way to get up yet she didn't take it and got up slowly on her own. Does she think that she can do everything on her own? "Er…Excuse me?" her face was so near to mine that I jumped back, literally, a meter away from her.

"W-what? You need not place your face so near! Don't you have some manners?" for some reason, my heart was racing. I could tell that it wasn't because of her suddenly appearing in front of me. It was because of her direct and innocent gaze blending into mine. What the hell is this? I will never fall for someone like her. So insensitive and acting all innocent.

"Sorry! It's because you weren't responding to me." She bowed continuously until I stopped her by placing my hand in front of her.

"Whatever. Just be careful the next time. And what is it that you needed to tell me? You've already apologized haven't you?"

"T-that's… Sorry, but I bumped into you because my friends were forcing me to finish the punishment game that I had. So they pushed me here... to you… so that I could… er… erm…" she was smooth at the start but she gradually started to stutter that it irritated me.

"What is it? Just hurry up and spit it out!" I shouted at her and caused her to flinch a little. To be honest, I felt pity for her but pitying her will do me no good. After all, no one has ever treated me normally. And this girl doesn't look familiar at all. If she had just moved to this town not long ago, then it wouldn't be strange that she doesn't know about me. I mean, if she knew about me, that's no way she would come near me even if it kills her.

"…C-could… y-you… d-do… m-me… a… favor… by… k-k-k-k-k-k…"

"HUH? I can't understand you at all. Please, hurry up, I don't have all day!" I was at my limit. Ugh! If you're going to say "kiss" then hurry up! Why take so long for just that one word!

"…I'm sorry. Please forget it!" she apologized again and this time, she turned around and ran towards a hiding group of girls at a corner. Tch! If you don't have the courage to do it, then don't come here in the first place; wasting my time and all, even though you're just the same as all the people in this town.

"…What a strange day it was today." I threw my bag on the couch and dropped myself on the couch hard. I faced the ceiling and the image of that girl suddenly came popping up. "What the hell is wrong with me, seriously." I covered my face with my right hand and closed my eyes, falling into deep slumber.

I woke up at dinner and was about to change into another set of clothes before I left for dinner outside when the door bell rang. "Ugh…Who is it? Or rather, who can it be?" I lived in an apartment that I rented from an old lady who was "kind" enough to rent me a place to live. Well, it wasn't a really good and proper apartment though. On the outside, the place looks like a haunted house. And on the inside, if I didn't do some changes, it would look like a beggar's home. All the things I had were all picked up from the garbage dump that was just behind this apartment. I did some adjustments to them, so that they looked decent enough for a "human" to own. "Who is it?" I finally reached the door, even though the distance to it was really short, and peeked into the door's hole. My eyes widened at the very shocking image of a girl. It was the same girl I had bumped into earlier.

What is she doing here! Has she come because of the punishment game she had again? Did she come to harass me or something? It must be those friends of her who told her where my home is! Damn it! Damn it!

"Erm… excuse me? I know that it is rude of me to come at dinner time but can you let me in? I've brought some things with me and I think that it maybe of some use to you. Since I don't need them and I didn't really want to throw them away… So I thought of giving it to someone. And then-"

"Go away!" I cut her off before she could finish what she had wanted to say. "I don't need any pity! And bring those things that you've brought along away! I don't want to see them when I step out of this house!"

"Wait, please listen to me!"

"I said go away!" I slammed my fist hard on the door, hoping to scare her away. I could hear her gasps from shock but I didn't hear any foot steps that suggested she was going away.

"Wait, please!" she begged again. Why? Why are you so persistent? I don't need anyone's pity!

"If you are only here to mock me, please leave this instant, I've no need for another person's help or pity." I was about to leave for my room when the door suddenly clicked open. The lock was somehow unlocked from the outside. "What the- You- You couldn't have gotten a key from that old lady could you?" I immediately pressed my body against the door, trying to put pressure on the door, hoping that she wouldn't have the strength to push it open.

"I did." Her honesty made me waver and the pressure that I had placed on the door decreased for a moment. She used the opportunity to push it open, causing me to fall to the ground in shock.

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