This is my new story, because I have literally to finish 32 stories within six months. Which includes a lot of crossovers, so yeah. And the categories are all over the place so that should interesting. This first story is gonna be another Shake It Up! one. This time, I'm going to take my time. And if anyone wants to take over Quitting, Lying, and A Lot of Secrets just say so...

Anyway, let this story begin!

"And that's our show! See you next time on... Shake It Up! Chicago!" Gary dropped his wide smile when he heard the buzzer announcing they were off the air. He straightened up from his hunched hosting position, turning to the four dancers he seemed to speak to a lot. The four teenagers stood together, talking within themselves. Most likely about each others' choose of clothing.

"Hey, you guys! I have great news!" He said, putting his arm on Rocky's shoulder. Partly because she was tall enough, partly because she was closest, and partly because he had a plan in mind. He saw her roll her eyes at his action, but didn't move.

"Don't tell me your special underwear arrived. You know, just because they apparently make your tush look 'absolutely fabu' doesn't mean you have to wear them over your pants," Cece retorted, a slight look of disgust on her face.

"No, no, nothing like that. The cast of Shake It Up has been-Raquel will you stop fidgeting? You're not a very good armrest. Although your jacket is very comfortable," Rocky sent a glare at Cece, who had giggled at the mention of the taller girl's full name.

"Anywho, the cast has been invited to a dinner party in Hydan,"

"No way! Who invited us?" Cece squealed, clapping her hands together. Her bright red curls bounced as she bounced herself in excitement.

"I don't know. Some hotshot millionaire who's never really ever been seen. But apparently, he's got a surprise for us if we attend, so going is mandatory. No exceptions! See you tonight," He looked at each one of them, and happy with their expressions, walked away to tell the other dancers the news.

Cece jumped in front of the other three, smiling brightly, her curls once again bouncing. She noticed the rather indifferent looks on her friends' faces, and her smile fell slightly. She put her hands on her small hips, jutting out the right one slightly. She put on a condescending look before speaking,

"Guys, come on be excited! We're going to a millionaire's dinner party!" Her smile came back, and she clasped her hands once again.

"Cece, I just don't see what the big deal is. I mean, it's not like we're even gonna meet him in person. You heard Gary, he's never been seen, so I doubt he'll show his face for a bunch of local dancers," Rocky explained her indifference, wiping off her shoulder with a grimace. Something about Gary's touch gave her shivers.

"But Rocky! This could be our big break! What if he does meet us personally? He could endorse us, and we could be the next big thing in dancing!" Cece grabbed Rocky's shoulders in excitement, squeezing so she would have her attention.

"Yeah, that's gonna happen," Tinka scoffed, patting her tightly piled hair.

"Rocks, come on get excited! We get to shopping," The small redhead nudged the taller girl, until Rocky smiled, giving in.

"Fine, but only if you tell the Hessenheffers they have to go with us," The brunette said.

"But, but, but, but, ok," Rocky turned Cece around so that she was facing the foreign twins, and pushed her into them. The shorter girl looked back at her glaring, but Rocky was looking away, whistling.

Tinka and Gunther looked at the girl who had bumped into them, both with a mild glare on their faces.

"What do you want, girl with horrible bangs?" Tinka jabbed, her hands on her hips. Cece gasped, and her hands flying to her bangs in defense. She patted them before speaking,

"Gunther, Tinka, would you two like to accompany me and Rocky-"

"Rocky and I!" Cece whipped her head around, sticking her tongue out at the girl who corrected her grammar, but once again Rocky was looking away while whistling.

"Rocky and I, to the dinner party?" Cece spoke monotonously, hoping that they would decline. But sadly, her hopes were dashed by a glittery boy.

"We would love to, Cece. As long as you two don't clash too much with our incredible style," Gunther ran his hand through his blond hair, looking quite proud of himself and his sparkly attire. He looked back at Cece, who gave him a sarcastic smile before trudging back her best friend.

He saw Rocky nod and smile, grabbing her friend's hand and leading her out of the studio, presumably to go shopping for tonight. He smoothed out his black glittery vest, swiping off small pieces of lint. He looked up to see his sister giving him a look of contempt.


"Why did you say yes to them? I do not want to show up at a millionaire's party with those two dweebs," Tinka questioned, bringing her hands from her hips to cross her arms.

"Because, sister dearest, if we arrive with them right next to us, we'll automatically look even better in comparision. Not that we weren't gonna be the best looking anyway," He added smugly, smoothing out his left eyebrow with his thumb, smiling arrogantly. Tinka smiled proudly as well, tugging at her own glittery vest. They looked at one another, and laughed in sync before walking off stage, and out of the studio to get their outfits ready for tonight.


"Rocky, I need your help!" The tall brunette jumped in surprise at the sudden sound of her best friend's voice. She had been painting her nails black, and now there was a streak of nail polish on her hand. She sighed, and used nail polish removal to take it off before she went into Cece's bedroom.

The hotheaded girl with red hair was currently staring hard at two outfits on her bed, shaking her head in defeat.

"What's up?" Cece turned to her friend, her eyes distressed.

"I can't decide which one to wear tonight. This one," She gestured to the blue dress, "Is really chic and soft. But this one," She gestured to the bright green dress, "Is totes eye catching and fab. I can't choose!"

She plopped down in a lime green chair sphere, feeling like she would never be able to decide what to wear. She needed to make a good impression tonight, and if she showed up in just anything the millionaire would never even consider endorsing her.

"Rocky help," Cece pleaded, giving her friend puppy dog eyes, and jutting out her bottom lip.

"Try on each one, and let me see which looks better," Rocky handed her upset friend the blue outfit, and shoved her into Cece's personal bathroom. She sighed as her friend changed, sitting down on the bed. She picked at her nails, noticing that she still had three left to paint, and one of them had chipped before she could put protectant on it.


The bathroom door opened, and an excited Cece stepped out. Rocky looked her up and down, then twirled her index finger telling Cece to turn. As her friend did as told, Rocky took in the light blue polka dotted dress with a large bow, white Neil Barrett ankle boots, and accessories. After thinking it over, she shook her head, telling Cece to try on the other one.

As she waited once again, she took out her phone to text her brother. She needed to make sure that her mother knew that she was going to a party, then staying over at Cece's. When Ty replied, promising he would tell their mother, she sent him a thank you before putting her phone away. Hearing the door open, she looked up at her friend and smiled.

Cece twirled in her green embroidered peacock dress, matching glitter ballet flats, with pink and yellow accessories. Cece looked absolutely stunning, and she looked way more comfortable in this outfit.

"Ce, you look gorgeous! The bright colours go so well with your hair and wow!" Cece squealed, happy to have found the perfect thing to wear. "Plus, the other one made you look more flat chested than you really are,"

Cece feigned shock, lightly hitting Rocky's arm as the latter giggled. Cece knew that she was on the small side, still an A-cup in ninth grade, but she had grown used to it. It helped with her dancing, and she knew quite well that she was able to pull the small chested look off. Rocky, however, had went from an A-cup to a C-cup over the summer while she was in Canada visiting family. It took awhile to get used to it, but it helped that she was only a 30, so she was still almost a B-cup.

"Shut up, and go get ready," Rocky laughed, grabbing her shopping bag with her chosen outfit, and went into the bathroom. Cece lay on her bed, anxiously waiting to see what her best friend had chosen to wear while she was getting them pretzels. Her phone vibrated, and she saw that she had gotten a text from Deuce, telling her that she should check her Tweeter. She pulled up her Tweeter, and saw someone had responded to her twit about the dinner party. It was Tinka, telling her that she better not make the Hessenheffers look bad. Cece shook her head, putting her phone in her Saffiano clutch.

The bathroom door opened, and Cece shot up to see what her friend had decided to wear. She gasped, squealed, and 'eep'ed all at once, making it sound like she was choking. She motioned for Rocky to twirl, and took in the total package. Rocky had picked the same dress as her, only instead of bright green it was black, but her shoes were totally different. The brunette had chosen black mid-calf boots, that went perfectly with her long legs. She had punk bracelets, and matching black accessories.

"You look badass adorable!" Cece hopped up, and hugged her best friend. "And the best thing? We still match!"

"Oh yeah!" Rocky held her hand up for a high five, which she received, "Hey, wait, what time is it?"

Cece looked at her kitty clock on the wall and gasped, "It's five-twenty-three! We have to be leave at six if we want to get to Hydan on time! And we still have to go get the troubled twins,"

"Well, if we do our hair now, we should be able to get to their place and still make it," Rocky explained, and the two nodded, going into the bathroom to do each others' hair. Cece's was fairly easy to do, as she just wanted a messy up do. Rocky's, however, took a little longer, since she had to teach the redhead how to do the braided style. When they were ready, and Rocky had grabbed her nail polish to finish her nails, they went downstairs to see Georgia Jones waiting in her cruiser.

"Well, that's one way to arrive at a party," Rocky snarked, but climbed into the backseat anyway.

After Cece had clambered in, they gave her directions to the Hessenheffers. Rocky sent Gunther a text to come downstairs, because they were almost there. When they pulled up in front of the twins' building, the two blonds were waiting. Rather impatiently, though. Rocky and Cece had to squish together, so that Tinka's large, elaborate dress could fit. Even then, it nearly completely covered the two others girls. Gunther had the luxury of sitting up front, away from the danger of death by dress suffocation.

"Okay, kids, buckle up," Georgia started the car, and began the hour long drive to Hydan.

"Don't worry Mom, if we do crash, Tinka's dress will protect Rocky and I from any harm," Cece quipped, swatting at said dress. Tinka huffed, but noticed that she used proper grammar this time. Rocky must have been rubbing off on her.

"Yeah, it's like our own fairy vomit coloured airbag," Rocky added, pushing the large dress from her chest so she could breathe better. Tinka huffed again, which started a small war between the backseat girls about what dress was appropriate.

"Girls, be quiet!" Mrs. Jones shouted, getting the girls to quiet almost at once. Their fight had lasted a rough thirty minutes, which was far too much for the cop.

"Are we there yet?" Gunther whined, crossing his arms over his, surprisingly non-sequined, black vest.

"Don't start that with me Blondie," Mrs. Jones snapped, her eyes never leaving the darkened road. Gunther turned to glare at Rocky, who had giggled, but found he couldn't see anything but his sister's dress. He could only hope that she and Rocky didn't look too horrible. He faced the front again, adjusting his medium grey shirt. He had decided that the millionaire might not appreciate being blinded by his usual clothes, so he opted for a more traditional look. He wore a black vest, grey dress shirt with elbow length sleeves, and a black tie. He had to borrow his neighbor's dress pants, but his shoes were old black converse he never bedazzled.

The rest of the car ride to the dinner party was pretty quiet, except for Rocky's heavy breathing. As they found the gravel road that led straight to the mansion, her breathing got worse and it was worrying Georgia.

"Rocky, honey, are you okay?" Her concern showed, and she was worried she might not allow Rocky to go after all.

A few moments passed, and Rocky hadn't replied, but her breathing was becoming raggid and uneven. Cece pushed the layers of fabric out of her way to see her friend sturggling to catch her breath, her hand over her chest, and her eyes closed. A few tears fell, as if she was in pain.

"Rocky, answer me, honey. Are you okay," Georgia's concern was growing when she still had no reply, "Cece, what's going on? Is she having a fit?"

"I-I don't know," Cece saw more tears fall from closed eyes, and Rocky clench her mouth in obvious pain. "Mom! Pull over, she's having a fit!"

The police cruiser immediately pulled over to the side of the road. Mrs. Jones got out of the car, and went to Rocky's car side. She opened the door, and pulled the hurting girl out. Cece crawled out as well, with Gunther getting out to see what was going on. After moments of struggle, Tinka also managed to get out. She stepped in front of her brother, blocking his view.

"Rocky, Rocky, can you hear me-Rocky, listen to me! Are you having a collapse?" Rocky nodded her head slowly, painfully. Cece's eyes watered, knowing what was happening to her best friend.

"Cece, I need you to help me," Said girl didn't seem to hear her mother, as she just stood there. "Cecelia Gertrude Jones, come over here and help me get Rocky in the car, now!"

That seemed to shock Cece out of her stupor, and she moved to grab Rocky's feet, while her mother grabbed her shoulders. They were able to get her in the backseat of the cruiser, though her breathing had gotten much worse.

"Listen guys, the place is jsut about a five minutes walk. Ten minutes, tops. Just stay on the road, and you'll get there. I'm gonna take Rocky to the hospital. If the doctor says she's good enough, I'll bring her back. Cece, keep your phone on so I can call you," Cece nodded, and her Georgia got back into the car, turned around, and sped off to the closest hospital.

Cece turned to the Hessenheffers, who were noticably confused. The redhead shook her head to the unasked questions, and started walking. After a moment's hesitation, the other two followed her, Tinka's large bright pink and glittery ballgown wedding dress mix dress dragging up dirt clouds.

Cecelia had started crying, so Tinka put her arm around her, bringing her closer as they walked. Her silent tears turned to sobs, and they stopped. Tinka brought the shorter girl into a comforting hug. They stood there in near silence while Cece cried into Tinka's chest. After a few minutes of weeping, Cece stood back and wiped her eyes.

"You okay, girl with bad bangs?" Cece gave a small laugh, but nodded. Tinka whispered okay, and kissed the other girl's cheek. She linked arms with Cece, and they began walking again. Gunther noticed that his sister hadn't even complained about Cece's tears and snot on her dress.

When they arrived at the very impressive looking Victorian mansion, Cece's eyes had dried and Tinka had let go of her. They were led inside by a snooty looking butler, and saw that everyone else had already arrived. Tinka went ahead, to make sure everyone could see her and her dress in all it's glory, even her hair was amazing. She had been able to pull it into a large golden bow on top of her hair.

"Gunther, your sister looks like a rejected Winx fairy," Cece half-whispered to the tall blond.

Gunther had proud smile as he looked at his twin, "I know,"

He finally looked at the redhead fully, taking in her outfit. He was surprised the bright colours matched his sister pretty closely, and she had her hair in an up-do, rather than just down. He even took a moment to admire her glittery shoes, which he was quite proud of. Even the peacock embroidery was nice.

"You look good, Cece," Said girl looked at him in shock. He took no heed, instead he walked over to the food table to grab a snack. Cece watched as he walked away, taking notice herself. And was glad to see that he looked like a regular party goer, even if his pants were a little too long.

"Nice ass though,"