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Chapter Eighteen of Shudder

Tinka looked at Rocky, wanting to know what exactly was going on. She stared at her friend, or whoever this girl was turning out to be, confused and in pain. "Rocky, Rocky, look at me,"

Gillett smiled, seeming to have forgotten that the blonde was still there. "Tinka, would you like for me to call an ambulance?"

Tinka glared at him, wanting to know what he was playing at. Rocky climbed out of the van, jumping onto the gravel road. She turned her back to them, "Call it Dimitri, we have to go,"

He smiled, pulling out a cell phone and tossing it at her. "Tell them you're by the old Ellington Manor," He leaned over and kissed her forehead before climbing out and taking Rocky by the arm, leading her away.

"Rocky! Don't leave with him!" Tinka called after them, fearful.

They continued walking until the brunette suddenly halted, turning back to her friend. Even from the distance, Tinka could make out a smirk that didn't belong on someone like Rocky's face. The brunette gave a small wave, to which Tinka slowly waved back to. Gillett, or Dimitri, or whoever he was now, came up behind the girl, his knife to her neck.

"Rocky, run!"

The knife slid across her throat, slicing it open and allowing the crimson to flow. She sputtered, her eyes widened before she fell to the ground; she trembled, feeling the warmness spread across her body and onto the road. Gillett-Dimitri took a look at the horrified blonde in the van before grabbing the body's ankles and dragging it away, out of sight.

Tinka grabbed the cell phone, fumbling with it before she was able to call anyone. After calling an ambulance, and having to repeat herself when telling them what happened to her friend, she dialed a number.


"Gunther, it's me! Tinka!" She swallowed, knowing what was coming.

"Tinka! Guys, it's Tinka and Rocky! Are you two okay? Are you hurt? Where are you?" Tears pricked her eyes at the questions, her knowing that she would have to anwer honestly.

"Gunther, I'm by Ellington Manor. I already called 911, but there's something you should know-"

"Tinka, it's Ty. Are you alright?" She sighed, telling Ty would be even harder than telling her brother.

"He shot me in the leg, but I'm doing good. Not seeing things that aren't there. If only," She gulped, and closed her eyes, wanting to get this part over and done before she lost the nerve. "Ty, listen to me, and listen carefully. But promise me that what I'm about to tell you happened totally out of my control, please believe me. I would've helped her but I couldn't move,"

Fearful of her rambling, "Tinka, sweetie, where is my sister?"

That question. She knew it was coming, but she wished it wouldn't have come to this. "He took her, and she-uh, she turned to me, smirking! She waved, and then, then-knife, blood-"

"Tinka, you're not making any sense, so just calm down-'

"She's dead, Ty! Rocky's dead!"

Everyone stared at Ty, their fears raising at the look on his face. He dropped the phone, muttering something about Tinka being shot.

"Is she okay?" Gunther asked, hoping that was why Ty had gone to pale. The older boy nodded, his color still gone.

"What about Rocky?" Cece asked, her vocie quiet and scared.

Ty looked up at them, his eyes sorry, and shook his head slowly. He looked away again, near silent sobs being heard. Cece gasped, crumbling to the ground for the second time that day. Flynn screamed, burying his head into his sister's shirt as she laid on the ground sobbing.

Deuce fell into Gunther, who paid him no mind. The blond was in shock, unable to do anything. His face was stoic, no emotion showing. He was glad that his sister was alright, albeit hurt.

"She, can't be gone. No, she can't be gone. She can't! She's Rocky, she probably went for help, and Tinka thought she died. Yeah, that's it, that's gotta be it," Deuce muttered, trying to make sense of it all.

"She saw the bastard kill her Deuce. Tinka, the girl I'm in love with, the girl I was going to propose to next year when she graduated, saw the only family who's always been there for me be killed," Ty said, not bothering to take notice the looks of surprise at the mention of his planned proposal.

Gunther stared at Ty, his eyes narrowed and his mouth in a tight line. He shrugged Deuce off of him, turning away from them all and walking away. He didn't look back, didn't gesture to any of them, just walked away.

No one went after him, not seeing the point anymore. They all wished they could just walk away at the moment, but something stopped them.

"Why? Why go through all this, just to kill her?" Cece muttered as they lowered the coffin into the ground.

It was empty, but that didn't stop them from grieving over it. Her coffin had been buried next to her parents, and it was all Ty had not to break completely, and start digging his spot next to them.

"Can we please not talk about that here?" Ty growled, wanting nothing but respect on this day. He didn't find talking about her actual murder to be the right topic at her funeral.

"Ty, everything's been settled, and you can move in after...well," Deuce gestured around them, his hand on the older boy's shoulder.

"Thanks man," Deuce nodded, walking away from the site hand in hand with Cece who continued to question everything even as her tears fell.

Ty turned to Tinka, watching her adjust herself in the wheelchair she was stuck in for a few more weeks. Her once glorious hair had been cut to her shoulders, and for the first time, he saw her in only one colour. She took his hand without looking at him.

"You okay?" She asked, her tone neutral.

"I should be asking you the same thing. Any word from Gunther?" Tinka shook her head, tears threatening to fall.

Ty sighed, mentally cursing the blond boy for leaving his sister alone, and missing Rocky's funeral. He really hoped that he would have a good reason as to not showing up for the past two weeks. With a final shake of his head, and a goodbye kiss to his sister and parent's headstones, he wheeled Tinka away from the tragic site.

"Ty, do you think that they'll find him? Gil-I mean, Dimitri?" The blonde whispered, her head hung.

Ty stopped, leaning over and kissing her on the back of her head. "If they don't, I will. I promise, I swear to you,"

"Swear to what, Ty? What do you promise to do if they don't find him?" She asked, the old defiance and confidence she used to hold leaking back into her voice.

"I swear, I promise, to avenge her,"

The End?

"So, this is it?" Gunther sighed, kneeling on one knee in front of the grave site, glancing around quickly to make sure that none of the others had returned for a final goodbye. "Pity that such a lovely girl got such and ugly place to be remembered," He mused, looking at the dying tree the graves were in front of.

"I think it's quite pretty, actually, sends a kind of message,"

Gunther smirked, deviance in his eyes. "Oh yeah, what kind of message?"

She turned to him, kissing him softly and quickly on the lips. He smiled, and she returned it. She took her hand in his, studying it for a moment before lining their fingers up, "Cold hands. Wanna dance?"

The blond chuckled, placing his other hand on her waist. He lead, their steps in sync as they moved to soundless music in their heads. He spun her around, watching at her hair danced along with them. Once she completed the turn, he brought her close to his body, a mischievous smile on his face.

"So, what kind of message?"

She stood on her toes, staring at him with her chocolate orbs. He shivered at the look, and noticed that the scent he could never place was back again.

Rocky, with a quick, small smile, answered, "That even dead, I'm still stronger than anyone thinks,"

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