REWIND: "So… Ray. How did you survive it?" Aeolia said.

I was puzzled. "Survive what?"

She answered, "Survive what? How did you survive the bus crash into the ocean?"

Was I in an accident? Is that why I can't remember anything? That would explain the dripper next to my bed. That would explain my loss of memory. But how did I survive? I felt a little angry. I felt frustrated not being able to know much. This stress was building up. I tried harder and harder to recall anything from my past, but I just could not. It was aggravating.

There were little metal squeaks coming from the ceiling. But I didn't care about that. I was so fed up. All of a sudden, I decided to release all this negative energy and I opened up my hands, symbolically washing them in a violent waterfall. I thought the waterfall would definitely wipe all the anger away. As I did that, the sprinklers went off and it was pouring. Everybody's books got wet. Students were screaming in fear. Teachers were running around, trying to find out what was going on. There was chaos everywhere. And I felt like I was the cause of it. So many weird things had happened; I was not very surprised by this. But it did distract me from my self-frustration.

I felt like I was connected with the water as it rained down on me. I could see every single raindrop falling down from the sprinklers. It was like all the water was highlighted. The blue was all I could see and everything else was outlined in black. I could trace the water even through the pipelines in the concrete ceiling. The pipes wrapped around the school both in ceilings and underground. They were connected to water fountains, toilets, showers, and the biggest, the swimming pool. It was amazing. I called it water-ray instead of the normal x-ray.

I saw the water in the sprinkler pipes. I imagined myself turning off the faucet of the tap, closing the sprinkler shut. As I tensed my hand, which was by my side, pointing in the direction of the sprinklers, and made a twisting action with my wrist, as if I were turning off the tap. As I did that, it stopped spraying water. And there was this voice in the back of my head," Well done, Water Acre.".

It was that voice! The rare whispering voice! The last time I heard it, it was a song poem with a lovely melodic tune:"

Born of pure sacred water,

From hidden Lake Illyia

With a drop of sap,

From Linthel Ivy,

There began your story….

What was a Water Acre? But that title just felt so suitable for me. I was a water Acre.

When I snapped out of my thinking zone, I saw Aeolia looking at me with a shocked expression. Did she see me 'turn off' the sprinklers? Oh no. Now she thinks I'm a freak or something. I just looked at her in her big, bright eyes and I saw peculiar things. It was as if clouds were floating at the back of her eyes, because her eyes were changing. They went from brown to being colourless. She looked like she was blind. She then gave me this focused look, as if she was trying to read me like a book. Then, strong winds blew through the classroom and papers were flying around all over.

After a few freaky seconds of that, she relaxed her face and her eyes went back to a light brown. The wind also cooled down and we were all dry.

"What was that?" I asked frantically.

"I should be asking that! Your eyes became to watery and ocean blue! And I saw you… I saw you do that THING with your hands, and the sprinklers, they like, WHAT WAS THAT?" She said anxiously but softly.

At this point, everybody was still screaming and running around, trying to find out what happened with the sprinklers. We were the only two sitting at our desks.

And my eyes turned blue? That was not unusual. But Aeolia's eyes became transparent!

"Wait. Aeolia, Are you… a Wind Acre?" I asked.

"How did you know about the word 'Acre'? And no, I am not a "Wind Acre". I am an Air Acre. Could you be a… erm… Water Acre? I guess?" She responded.

" I think I am. This voice told me."

"Wow! Another Acre! And I know that voice. It freaks me out! And we should get out of here. NOW. Change your state. I'm sure you can do that, " She commanded.

In a flash, I couldn't see her. She disappeared. What did she mean by changing state? Like where I live? No, she meant my state of matter. I was controlling my body in my mental mind. It was really hard. I was battling with it. The air pressure was so strong on me. It was preventing me from controlling my water. I tensed my hands and I was thinking really hard, imagining myself differently. And POOF! I Then I looked at myself. I too, was invisible. Or was I? Nope! I had changed my state. I was now made up of thousands of water vapour particles. My water-ray helped me to see myself made up of little tiny droplets.

"Hurry! Follow me!" Aeolia said.

I felt strong drafts of wind blow me forward. I passed through the windows of the classroom by separating my body into different areas. I was guessing Aeolia was behind me. The wind blew me far far away. I felt a little weak, like I couldn't control myself in this state as well, because I was in a gaseous state. It was like Aeolia's domain. It was kind of funny. Aeolia took me all the way to some high mountain. There was a cave entrance.

And then she spoke with a smile, "Welcome to my home."

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