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The Forest-Some Years Ago

He wasn't quite sure how he had let himself get into this mess. It could never be said that he was a deep thinker, or for that matter much of a thinker at all. However his genius had always been getting people to underestimate him, which almost always turned out to be their downfall. However that plan of attack only worked against those adversaries that didn't know how he thought of how he fought ahead of time. For those who knew him well any amount of planning pretty much went out the window. Even Happy was no help as the talking cat had a particular problem with keeping his mouth shut during fights. The feline found it almost impossible to not narrate each and every one of his confrontations for starters, followed then only by his propensity to constantly hope and search for fish, even in places where water was at a premium.

"Why are we at the top of this tree…in the rain…hey Natsu, what," Happy started to ask incessantly as he buzzed around Natsu's head before the fire wizard snapped his arms out and pulled the cat close, making sure to cover his mouth so that he couldn't utter another word.

"Cut it out Happy, we're hiding from Erza," Natsu snapped back sharply under his breath as his eyes constantly scanned every nook and cranny, his ears taking in every sound from the rain striking the ground to the formation of puddles on the forest floor below.

"Why, what did you do this time…and why are you half naked," Happy asked with an oddly cheerful expression on his face before his countenance slackened a bit, guessing that the pink haired fire wizard had screwed something up again.

"Me…I didn't do anything, it's Erza…she's crazy," Natsu muttered through a grimace as he kept himself pressed firmly up against the trunk of the tree, trying to keep himself as invisible as possible less he be discovered.

"So what else is new," A monotone voice called out from behind Natsu causing him to leap in surprise, only keeping silent by inadvertently biting his tongue.

"Wha…Juvia," Natsu started to mumble softly under his breath before his speech rose into a shout of exclamation, as the water wizard seemed to materialize completely out of thin air.

"Drip…drip…drop…huh, uh sorry but it's a force of habit," Juvia stuttered and stammered through her words with a slightly sheepish shrug of her shoulders and small smile as she fully formed herself and settled into a seated position on a branch nearby Natsu.

"Tell me about it," Happy remarked with a slightly dopey wide mouthed grin and a slight wave before a glare from the water wizard silenced his mirth.

"I'm hiding from Erza Juvia, she's in one of her moods and," Natsu started to explain very seriously before Happy stepped in and interrupted him.

"What kind of mood, happy…sad…bored…depressed…angry….please say she's not angry," Happy announced with an odd little laugh before the little winged cat's eyes bulged seemingly almost out of their sockets as he began to shake violently, so much so that Juvia had to stop studying the expression on Natsu's face to grab him by the tail to stop him from falling out of the tree. "Thanks," Happy added with a small sigh of relief as he wiped a paw across his brow.

"Don't mention it…Erza's not angry is she Natsu, you didn't knock her piece of strawberry cake onto the floor again did you, because if you did then you're on your own," Juvia replied with a small smile and nod of her head before patting Happy lightly on the top of his head and offered him a big fish that he eagerly took and stuffed into his mouth.

"Hell no…I wish that was the problem, because then I could just get her another piece of cake or," Natsu quickly answered as he tried to explain as quickly and simply as he could before the stillness through the rain was shattered by a scream of someone shouting Natsu's name.

"You're in trouble…uh, I just remembered that I have something to do, Lucy and Levy wanted me to help them buy Virgo a birthday present," Juvia stuttered through slightly chattering teeth before she brightened up suddenly out of the blue and started to wave goodbye to the pink haired fire wizard before the latter stopped her.

"Do celestial spirits have birthdays," Natsu wondered aloud with a curious frown before he had to catch himself to keep his position at the top of the tree.

"Beats me, but if they do I hope she has a party and there's plenty of fish," Happy remarked, the seriousness of the situation seemingly completely lost on him, before he momentarily went to his happy place thinking about fish.

"Maybe it wasn't a birthday present, they were talking about how beautiful Virgo looked in the moonlight…then something about birthday…I could smell that they'd been drinking, what do you think they were doing," Juvia slowly and nervously answered, suddenly very unsure as to exactly what she'd heard hours earlier.

"That doesn't make any sense," Happy started to point out while scratching his head before he was very nearly shaken out of the tree by a violent tremor that seemed to shake the entire forest.

"What was that," Juvia exclaimed fearfully as she struggled to like Happy adjust her position in the tree so that she didn't go tumbling out of it, here eyes wide in a mixture of fear and confusion.

"Don't you mean who…it's Erza," Natsu gasped, his eyes wider than he thought that they'd ever been as he knew that she must be getting desperate in her search for him. In the back of his mind he began to wonder that whenever she finally did find him if he'd somehow be able to survive the ordeal.

"Um…I just remembered that I left a cake on the fire, I'd better get back before it burns," Happy chirped up with an all to sweet smile as he held up one paw to the sky before he leapt up into the air and his wings appeared.

"Traitor," Natsu grumbled out loudly through tightly gritted teeth and hands clenched into fists as he glared straight ahead at the blue flying cat before the latter spoke back up.

"Aye," Happy called out back, eyes lit up in silent laughter, before he turned and took off like a bat out of hell into the dark night.

"Ungrateful little," Natsu started to snap angrily as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and tried to scrunch up his shoulders like he always did when he was pouting about something.

"Natsu…I've found you, you're not going to get away from me this time," Erza stated sharply, her voice full of certainty and determination, and an intense glare that left little doubt in even Natsu's mind that she meant each and every word.

"Er uh…hi Erza, fancy meeting you here, um I think I'm just going to," Natsu started to babble back nervously as the fact that Erza was only wearing a thin bathrobe, one that was now practically invisible given how soaked through from the rain it was, and was purely interested in doing things with and to him that he knew would be very pleasurable. Natsu's problem was more that he wasn't sure if he had enough stamina for the job.

"Tonight is our night…I put off eating the last piece of strawberry cake for this…so there's no getting out of it, we're doing this," Erza declared forcefully as she climbed through the top of the tree and grabbed Natsu by the arm, her grip very nearly painful.

"Gulp," Natsu managed to utter back softly before Erza ripped the remaining clothes from his body and crashed her lips against his. Nearly nine months later a little redheaded little girl would be born, which would be named Serena.

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The Guild Hall-A Few Minutes Later

"That isn't very manly," Elfman grumbled out impatiently as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and set the scowl that he found easy to wear, lightly glaring across the room at Gray.

"Says you little brother, you've got to get over it, things change," Mira countered with a small smile of frustration as she set about setting the first few empty glasses onto the tray in her left hand.

"Yeah man let it go, it's just," Gray started to say with an impatient little sigh as he began to line up his shot before just as he started to take his shot.

"Hey guys, have you seen Alicia," Levy exclaimed with a look of some desperation on her face as her hair became all disheveled when she stopped running.

"Oh hi Levy, what's up," Mira chimed in back with her usual sunny disposition before she rolled her eyes as the impatient scowl on Elfman's face.

"That little bra…I mean angel has run away again, have you guys seen her," Levy started to explain before she caught herself and corrected her words by clenching her hands into fists tightly and stomping her foot, managing to force a warm smile up onto her face in the end.

"She's missing…again," Elfman pouted with a quick roll of his eyes as this was a story that he felt that he'd hear nearly every week since Lucy and Levy had adopted the little blonde girl after a tragic mission.

"Isn't this like the fourth time this week…hey, I'm playing here," Gray grumbled softly as he went back to setting up his shot before managing to just stop himself at the last minute when Levy hurried up to the table and bumped it.

"Huh…oh sorry Gray I didn't see you there, yeah Alicia got mad because Lucy wouldn't let her run through the mud puddles after the rain stopped," Levy nervously apologized with an embarrassed smile before she decided that the only thing that she could do with her hands was to put her headband back on so that it brought her unruly hair back under control.

"Well what did you expect, having the mimic ability would make her very hard to find if she wants to stay hidden," Mira said with a shrug of her shoulders as she started to make her way back towards the bar with a full tray of empty drinks in her arms.

"Great…she could be anything, how do you expect us to find her, besides I think that there's a job on the board that's just calling my name," Elfman grouched out unhappily at first before he leaned off of the wall and then started for the door, only to be stopped by his big sister.

"And just where do you think you're going, you don't seriously expect us to buy that terrible job board idea do you," Mira commented softly, seemingly appearing in front of her much larger younger brother when he had been walking away from her only seconds before, leaving everyone else in the room blinking their eyes in amazement.

"Well uh," Elfman started to answer with an unsure frown as he debated whether or not to try to brush Mira off or listen to what she had to say.

"Just help her already okay," Gray interjected softly without looking up from concentrating on his shot before once again he only barely managed to stop himself when Levy spoke up.

"Are you feeling okay Gray," Levy wondered aloud with a curious and stunned expression as she looked fully at the ice wizard.

"Huh, what's wrong," Gray impatiently grumbled back after a few silent moments when he realized that everyone in the room was looking at him.

"N…Nothing, it's just that it's not like you to be so eager to help is all," Levy continued looking at Gray as if he had grown a second head.

"I'm not heartless…and I'm not that eager to help either, I've been trying to take this shot for awhile now, but all of you keep interrupting me," Gray answered with a glum expression as he only briefly glanced up from the table before then starting to line up his shot again.

"Then maybe you should just forget about the game and go and help them," A soft feminine voice called out with a bit of a laugh to it as the others in the room couldn't help but smile while Gray looked suddenly very much like he'd eaten a very spicy pepper.

"Uh Juvia, when did you get back," Gray stammered through looking suddenly like he was more than a bit nervous, having seemingly completely forgotten the game that he had been playing only seconds before.

"Just a few seconds ago…now what's this about not wanting to help Levy find her beautiful little daughter, did I hear you right," Juvia asked softly with a sweet but threatening tone to her words as she stepped into the room and smiled sweetly at the blue haired wizard.

"Uh no Juvia, I was just joking, come on Levy let's go find Alicia," Gray suddenly exclaimed with an eerie smile before he took Levy's hand and the two tore off out of the room and up the stairs.

"Thank you Juvia, Elfman will be sure to keep Gray on his toes, won't you little brother," Mira added quickly with an equally large grin before she lightly patted Elfman on the shoulder and only continued to smile when he grumbled something under his breath and then followed Gray and Levy out of the room.


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