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Nearly 30 hours after Tony Stark mysteriously disappeared from his Malibu mansion Steve Rogers found himself back up on the Hellicarrier. They had found nothing. There was no trace of Tony, no trace of Loki, and all of Stark's databanks had been fried. At least that's what SHIELD Techs had told him, further explaining that it meant they weren't able to get anything from the mansion. Even JARVIS was offline.

Fury had diverted Pepper Potts plane to the Hellicarrier to help in finding him and so far she was having a hard time working with Jarvis. It seemed that with Malibu offline, and the Tower in New York in such a state of disrepair, the AI wasn't up to full functionality. Dr Banner was helping her to try and get Tony's digital assistant back up and running.

Thor was trying to trace Loki's trail of magic; Steve wasn't sure how, but it must have been an Asgardian thing. Natasha and Barton were working with SHIELD to try and find Tony the same way they had found Loki; through the use of any available camera on the planet. What bothered Steve the most was that they weren't sure if Tony disappeared on his own accord, or if Loki had been waiting for him when he stormed off from the team. Was Stark throwing a temper tantrum, or was he genuinely in trouble?

"Captain." Fury had Steve's attention, waving him over to a a computer screen. "We've had reports of someone possibly fitting Stark's description checking into a hospital in London."

"Any confirmation?" Steve frowned a little. Did Tony check himself in, or was he found?

"Not yet, but I'm sending you in. If he's there I want you to assess the situation, get all the details." Fury handed Steve a small note, a number written on it. "Fifth floor, room 513." Steve nodded. "We'll drop you off and there will be a car waiting for you. Leave the shield in the car, the driver will be on stand-by if you need it. We don't need to call attention to us right now while our teams are still in New York helping with clean up."

"Yeah, seems like all of the modern Press wants a negative spin on us right now." Steve pocketed the paper and turned for the exit.

He waited, and he wasn't disappointed. Barely even an hour after getting a private room, Tony Stark saw Steve Rogers quietly enter the hospital room. He was also not disappointed when he saw the confused expression on Rogers' face when he noticed the light haired brunette man sitting next to Tony's bed.

"Stark?" Tony turned his full attention over to Steve.

"Fury sending you on find and retrieve missions now?" Tony couldn't help but poke a little. The man next to bed glanced at Tony, giving him an amused "play nice" look. "Well, I am happy to see another friendly face here." Steve looked at the mysterious man, visible looking him up and down, assessing if the man would be a threat or not. "I'm very happy to see that you didn't come in your spangly outfit, that would have drawn a lot of attention, and Liam went to a lot of trouble to make sure that the press didn't know I was here."

"Liam?" Steve was talking to Tony, but he was still looking at the man, Liam, when he spoke.

"He's an old business friend," Tony started to weave the story.

"Old?" Liam raised an eyebrow, one long leg crossed over the other. "You've got almost a good two decades on me, Anthony." He spoke in a smooth English accent, rather pleasing to the ears to all who heard it. Exactly how Loki wanted it.

Tony waved a hand at the comment. "Stark, how did you get here? Where did you go in the mansion?" Tony could tell that Steve wanted to ask more, but he didn't fully trust Liam yet, and he wasn't about to spill all the details to a "civilian."

"Well, funny thing about villains, they're never truly done with you. You'd think I'd remember that after having my own enemies." Tony leaned back in the rather comfortable bed. That was the beauty of being able to pay for a private room, everything was upgraded. "Since the mansion was offline, Jarvis was down, so I wasn't aware that Loki was hanging around in my workshop downstairs."

"I do hope that he didn't destroy any of your vehicles," Liam commented. "I had my eye on a couple of your rebuilt models."

"You'd have to ask Captain Rogers about that," Tony said motioned to Steve. "I remember heading down to my workshop, seeing Loki there with the glow stick of destiny, and then you were waking me up."

"It was a bit of luck that you were near my office."

"You found him?" Steve raised an eyebrow, his other eyebrow seeming to go down, still not fully trusting the stranger.

"I'm the one that helped get him to the hospital once I noticed that he wasn't exactly making sense in his speech," Liam explained, turning his attention over to Steve. "I had been worried when I heard about the attack in New York, and when I saw him here, I deduced that something was wrong."

"I'm told that I took a knock to the back of the head, and have a concussion." Tony turned his head so Steve could see the bandage on the back of his head. "Any reports about Loki? Has Thor found his murderous little brother, that seems to have taken a liking to me?"

"If you've been, well, you," Liam started, looking back at Tony, "then this villainous figure hasn't taken a 'liking' to you. He's probably rather annoyed by you."

"I'm so touched to be getting all the attention." Both Steve and Liam rolled their eyes; one in hardly feigned disbelief, the other in fond amusement. So far, Tony had everything exactly where he wanted it.