Half an hour later, Blaine returned, after receiving a text from Trent informing him the girl had left. He had honestly spent the night wishing he could be with Sebastian, instead of Santana being there. He had been with Nick and Jeff all night, watching them cuddled up while they all watched a movie, jealousy and longing too strong to allow him to pay any real attention to the movie. He didn't even remember which movie Nick had chosen. Eventually though, the movie ended, and like it or not, Blaine had to return to his own dorm room for the night. He was dreading it. Hearing all about the night – knowing Sebastian, he would be in for a 'fun' night, being given all the sordid details of his time with Santana.

He didn't say a word when he arrived, simply went into the bathroom to shower and wash all the gel out of his hair before bed. Blaine expected Sebastian to walk in anyway, to tell him the details, so he was surprised when his roommate didn't make an appearance. He was even more surprised when he walked out of the bathroom in just his sweatpants, finding Sebastian staring down at his phone, seemingly ignoring Blaine's presence at all. That wasn't like Sebastian at all.

"Are you okay?" Blaine asked as he sat on his bed, towel drying his hair a little so it was no longer dripping wet. Getting no response from Sebastian, he hung his towel over the chair at his desk, walking over to Sebastian's bed, perching on the edge. "Seb?" He prompted, noticing Sebastian's shoulders tensing at the nickname. "What's going on?"
"Nothing… just texting S-, uh, my… girlfriend." Sebastian finally spoke, still not daring to look up at Blaine, knowing the other boy's fondness of wearing nothing but pants after a shower, as the curly-headed boy always claimed his shirts stuck to him if he wore one directly after a shower – though Blaine really just wanted some kind of reaction from Sebastian, anything.

Blaine's heart sank when Sebastian called Santana his girlfriend, looking down at his hands which were suddenly fidgeting in his lap. "O-oh, girlfriend… good for you…" He mumbled, heading back over to his own bed. Sebastian, of course, noticed Blaine putting the distance between them, but thought nothing of it. "Yeah, she came here, and then we… did stuff." He shrugged, acting as though it was no big deal at all, though he could feel his stomach twisting in pain as he pushed Blaine away, again. It's for the best. He has Kurt now, he doesn't need me… he's never needed me, he thought to himself, dropping his phone onto his bedside table and leaving it there, ignoring as it buzzed with another text message. He should maybe reply to Santana, at least to keep up appearances, as though she truly was his girlfriend, but he didn't want to. He wanted for Blaine to snap out of his oblivious view on everything, and notice what was right in front of him, but it wasn't happening, and Sebastian had to accept that.

Two days later, Blaine was sat in the Lima Bean with Kurt, drinking coffee and talking. Kurt had sent him a text on the same night Sebastian had been with Santana, and Blaine couldn't bring himself to say no. Usually he would politely decline, say he had something else to do, anything. But now, he had nothing to lose.
"You do know you've been talking about Sebastian all afternoon, right?" Kurt raised his eyebrow as he looked at Blaine from over the rim of his coffee cup. The other boy paled and looked down at his own cup.
"Uh, sorry… I guess I just don't realise. I mean, I'm usually with him, and he is his own favourite subject…" Blaine laughed, trying to lighten the situation with a joke. Honestly, he was nervous. It was obvious to everyone that Kurt liked Blaine, but Blaine… well, he didn't. Kurt was nice, friendly, funny, and even rather attractive. But Blaine, he didn't like him like that. He wanted Sebastian, the boy who seemed to drive him crazy without even realising.

"It's alright." Kurt shrugged it off, his disheartened face instantly lighting up with a smile as he began to ramble on to Blaine about the latest fashions and music and who was dating who within the New Directions.

After the date ended, the two boys went their separate ways, and Blaine was relieved to be going back to his dorm room. So relieved, in fact, that he forgot Santana was visiting Sebastian. He unlocked the door to their room and pushed it open, freezing on the spot, his eyes wide, as he looked at the pair in the room. Sebastian was sat on the edge of his bed, trousers around his ankles, with his fingers tangled up gripping Santana's curls. Santana was on her knees in front of him, her eyes closed as she bobbed her head on Sebastian's cock. Blaine was both repulsed by the sight, and a little turned on, because, it was Sebastian. He quickly shut the door and ran into their bathroom, locking the door and sliding down it to sit on the floor.

Sebastian had seen Blaine when he walked in, but even though he wanted to go to his roommate, to see if he was alright, Santana's mouth was still sucking him and he couldn't pull himself away from that. He moaned as her tongue flicked over the head of his cock, and temporarily forgot everything around him.

Blaine could still hear the moans, and he wanted to throw up, but he couldn't. Those were Sebastian's moans, the noises Blaine wished he could cause the taller boy to make, and he couldn't ignore the fact that his cock was now hard in his boxers.

He stripped off within a matter of minutes and was tempted to turn the shower on, but then Sebastian's moans would be drowned out, so he simply leaned with his back against the door as one hand tentatively made its way down over his stomach, brushing over the dark trail of hair leading down to the little patch of dark curls, his hand stroking lightly over his hard cock, letting out a sigh of relief. Listening intently to Sebastian's noises, he began to stroke his cock, biting his lip to stop himself from moaning. He didn't want them to know what he was doing, he would be mortified. But he couldn't help it. Now he had started, he couldn't stop. He brushed his thumb over the tip of his cock and groaned, already feeling himself getting closer. It had been a week since Blaine last got off, and now, with Sebastian on the other side of the door moaning in pleasure, Blaine knew he couldn't have expected to last long. As Sebastian's moans became louder, Blaine was getting closer and closer to the edge, and just a minute later, he came on his hand and the bathroom floor. He jumped in the shower quickly to clean up, planning on cleaning the floor up when he was done, but now… he just needed to lose himself under the hot spray of water, to pretend Santana wasn't in their room.

Santana grinned up at Sebastian once she had swallowed his come, moving to sit beside him on the bed. "Not bad, Smythe." She teased. "I'd better go, before hobbit gets back out here." She said before kissing his cheek, ruffling his hair, and letting herself out of the room. Sebastian was too dazed from his orgasm to register that Santana had gone, and he didn't even notice when Blaine walked back in the room, sweatpants hanging low on his waist, showing the dark trail of curls and the delicious 'v' of his hips. Sebastian also seemed to forget that he was still sat on his bed, jeans around his ankles, cock now soft after his orgasm, completely on show. When he noticed, he tugged his boxers up to cover himself, though Blaine had already seen and turned away to hide his reddened cheeks.

"Uh, so… how's Santana?" Blaine asked, glancing at Sebastian over his shoulder before drying his hair a little with a towel.
"Good… she's good. Awesome, actually." Sebastian smirked, trying to keep up the façade of her truly being his girlfriend, buttoning up his jeans. Blaine nodded, his heart sinking as Sebastian said the girl was 'awesome'. "How's Kurt?" Sebastian practically spat out Kurt's name, the short word seemingly laced with hate.
"Good." Blaine said simply, as he tried to avoid talking about the boy he had spent the majority of his day with. It had been nice, really, but in the same way it would have been nice to spend the day with Nick and Jeff. He viewed Kurt as his friend – nothing more, nothing less.
"Good… uh, I'm glad you had fun." Sebastian said as he crossed the room to work on an essay for class, barely glancing at Blaine.
"Yeah, I did. Looked like you had a lot of fun, too." Blaine scoffed, rolling his eyes, knowing just how much fun Sebastian had been having with Santana. He looked away, trying to hide his jealousy.
"Uh, yeah, it was very… fun." Sebastian nodded, trying to smirk, though it was half-hearted, because he knew he would have had a lot more fun if it had been Blaine on his knees. Or on his back, his front, against the wall, bent over the bed… he groaned and ran his fingers through his hair, trying to calm himself down before he got turned on again. He couldn't risk that happening, not now. He opened his text book and hoped that it would effectively end the conversation, as they would no longer be able to talk if Sebastian was working.
Blaine sighed as Sebastian started reading from his book and writing, knowing that there was nothing more either of them could say. This was just how it had to be between them. Blaine would just have to keep hiding his feelings. On the opposite side of the room, the exact thought crossed Sebastian's mind, as he forced himself to focus on the poetry in front of him instead of the curly-headed boy on the bed.

Later that night, as the two lay in their separate beds, they each wished they had the courage to be honest, to go over and snuggle up to the other, to finally give in and be together. But it seemed too impossible. They each believed the other was interested in somebody else, that they had no interest in one another, and that was just the most awkward situation they could ever hope to find themselves in.

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