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The room was silent for a few brief seconds, the two of us just daring one another to make a sound. At last it was not I, but him that decided to interrogate first.

"Why are you in Otonashi's room?"

I sat up abruptly at the sudden anger in his voice, even though we had known each other for years. The one thing that constantly repelled us as being the friends we grew to be was our red-head, and him alone. Now every time he came into a conversation it was like a flock of crows fighting over a rabbit labeled free to take when a passing car made it road kill. And there wasn't anything we could do to change that unless we decreased our current relationships with him. Which, by the way, would never happen as long as the Earth kept spinning, the Moon kept controlling the tides, and the Sun remained as still as the firm ground beneath us.

I seriously couldn't take this absolute nonsense.

"What does it matter?" I retorted as I fell back onto the soft contents of the mattress beneath me and closed my eyes. I could tell by the unusual noise that escaped his mouth that he was almost utterly disgusted at my choice of words, as if I'd just insulted him in the worst possible way.

Seconds later I heard the door slam, but the ensuing footsteps that followed told me that he didn't leave. I flashed my eyes open to see him a foot away from the bed, his green irises narrowed to slits and glaring metaphorically very sharp daggers at me.

Leaning forward fluidly, he pulled up on my collar with his tiny fingers gripped in a fist and, completely surprisingly me, picked me up off the bed enough to slam me back down and knock the air from my lungs.

"Listen here," he growled, pulling me closer to his face. I coughed and took a deep breath, making sure it wasn't too drastic for him to gain pleasure from my pain.

"You're lucky Yuzuru isn't here. Our relationship was finally getting somewhere and then out of nowhere you decide to step in and screw it all up. So I suggest you figure out what's in your best interest and let things continue as they have been or–"

"Since when do you and Yuzuru have anything more than being friends," I interrupted, a little too hasty than it should've been.

Naoi's grip tightened when I had used Otonashi's first name, 'Yuzuru', as if he was the only one who could use it.

"Oh." It was a quiet whisper, which was way scarier than his previous shouting. His hold loosened as he took a step back, him looking like he had finally gone to his senses. That was until he looked up and his pupils dilated significantly and his eyes seemed to lock on me. He reached in his top-right black jean's pocket and pulled out something that was all too familiar.

He pointed it at my shocked expression and rested his index finger gently on the trigger, a wicked grin plastered on his face.

"Woah!" I screeched.

One second we were barely raising our voices and the next he pulls out a gun? What the literal hell?! Sure it's not like I can die or anything, but still! In the very least he could hypnotize me to never wake up, but even that may not be possible.

"It won't kill you but it'll keep you away long enough to let me prove myself to him. Then it won't matter what you do because there won't be anything left to take."

I slowly got off the bed, hands held up in surrender, and dared myself to speak.

"What exactly are you planning to do?"

Naoi smirked, although it was more frightening than amusing. "Don't tell me... you like him, too?"

I didn't know if it was just me but that statement didn't sound very much like a question. It was more of a 'Do you have a death wish?' kind of statement and I wasn't sure if I had to respond or not. I hated these kind of situations because they make me realize how pathetic I am.

Naoi raised the gun, which had been lowered slightly as he spoke. "Don't worry, you won't feel the fear of losing him anymore." His eyes darkened to a poisoning crimson red.

'Fuck', I thought. 'The freak is actually planning on hypnotizing me.'

I closed my eyes - at least I'd get to beat the crap out of him later.

Just then the door opened and we quickly averted our eyes from each other, heads snapping towards the door to see what punishment awaited us.

My heart took a huge leap when pale pink eyes flooded my vision. Yuzuru. It only took a second but I still seemed to miss the change in Naoi's attitude when our host gave a questioning look towards me before his gaze dropping down to my hand. I glanced down to see the familiar shiny object gripped tightly in my palm. A little gleam sparkled from the reflection of it from the light above.

I turned my attention to the forest-green haired male, the small smirk embedded in his features hardly noticeable because not but a moment later he went up in tears.

"Otonashi!" He cried and ran over to him. He pushed his head into the older male's chest and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"Hinata tried to shoot me! All I did was walk in the room and he kept yelling at me to get out! Please tell him to leave before he tries anything violent."

Otonashi looked surprised at Naoi's action, his cheeks darkening. I knew it wasn't because he liked him, of course, but still something got to me at how he was embarrassing him.

Then he looked up at me and gave a shy smile. Thank the Lord. I smiled back and then for some reason we both burst out in laughter, Naoi releasing him, obviously confused.

"I'm sorry, Naoi," he said wiping a tear from his eye. "Hinata wouldn't ever do something like that, no matter how much he wanted to."

I looked down at that because a very dark blush threatened to show and I didn't want to give myself away. 'Thanks.'

Naoi furrowed his brows in annoyance before letting out a breath and crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well whatever, it was worth a shot," he murmured, and I glanced up to see Yuzuru giving him a sympathetic look.

"Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that Shiina was asking you for something, a mop I think? She apparently needs it for practice tonight, so she asked me to get it from you." The red-head gave a nod in acknowledgement and went to the kitchen, snaking his arm behind the entranceway to grab the large cleaning supply and then handing it to Naoi.

Grasping it with one hand and then holding it down beside him he gave a smile of thanks. "See you later then?"

Yuzuru grinned. "Sure thing."

With that Naoi turned around and headed out the door, his eyes meeting mine a second in a silent good-bye acknowledgement and disappearing from the window in the door down the hallway. We had our disagreements - some more destructive than others - but we were still members of SSS, and even the most reluctant soul couldn't disrespect a bond like that.

Yuzuru turned back to me and the blush came back full force. He then walked over to me and slapped a hand on my back, not helping my predicament.

"It's okay, no need to be embarrassed."

I grinned back and nodded, though other thoughts ran through my head at the moment. 'Cute and oblivious, same old Yuzuru.'

I tried to enjoy those few seconds while they lasted, for these kind of moments were always times to make a move. I decided to go with something a little more cliché, not really something fake but also not something I would normally do. I embraced him in a bear hug and held back the urge to do something more. Surprisingly he wrapped his arms around me as well, and I smiled remembering the different action he had made when Naoi did the same.

"Nice to see you," I muttered.

"I know, I can't believe we're roommates now," he responded, pulling back from the hug to release the awkward atmosphere.

We started talking about classes then and how all the other members were doing, Yuzuru doing most of the talking on this subject considering I was the newbie when it came to this information; but that was okay as long as he was in fact talking to me, and not getting hugged by a green haired midget.

'At least he hugged me back,' I thought. But inside I knew it wasn't because of the reason I wanted it to be. It was just the kind of person he was. The kind of friend he was.

We high-fived one another and got started on helping me place the rest of my two things on my side of the room.


After we finished setting up our room, I started to walk around the hallways to get an image in my head for the classes that started tomorrow. The bright light from the day had significantly faded and only a dim glow now illuminated the long intersecting hallways, barely making the outline of furniture aligned on the walls visible. I made a note of Noda's dorm and Shiina's, just a few down from his. I was definitely going to have a talk with them later.

Then, a hallway down, I noticed the coffee machine I always saw Yuzuru by in the mornings. It was a routine: he would always buy a couple and offer one to me, and I would always turn him down saying I didn't drink caffeine. But the real reason was just because I didn't want him spending his money on me. I was sure he worked hard for it.

I walked over to it and inserted 200 yen in the coin compartment and received my change back from the slot. I then reluctantly popped open the can with a satisfying 'Click' and put the liquid to my lips.

It tasted sweet. That was the first thing that I thought of when the fluid flowed down my throat. Then my face screwed up into a grimace as the solid bitterness washed over me, lingering as remnants of the foul taste remained in my mouth. Now I remembered why I never drank caffeine.

How could he enjoy this? The thought puzzled me as images of red flooded my head.

About a half hour later I decided to head back to my room, having to switch hallways when I remembered my dorm had changed. I could imagine our door in the distance, although it would still take about a minute or two to reach.

I had just passed through another door when I saw someone staring back at me through the window set in to the corridor wall. I paused and took a step back, waiting for the figure to meet up with me outside. When the door opened it revealed, a completely surprisingly, oh-so pissed off Naoi.

I smirked as he glared at me through narrowed eyes.

"Looks like things didn't turn out so much like you planned," I said, amused and almost begging him to show a reaction.

"Filthy trash," he insulted, making my smirk grow wider.

"Stubborn brat," I threw back, casually shoving my hands in my pockets and continuing to walk down the hallway in my original path.

He growled but I just ignored it. What could he do?

"I'll get you back," I heard from behind me.

"I'm looking forward to it." I said, turning the corridor and losing sight of him.