Okay, guys :) This is the first chapter of Fifty Shades of Grey from Christian`s POV. I`d said it already but I`ll do it again: English is not my mother tongue, so excuse me if there are mistakes. Also, I write from someone else`s POV for a first time and I still got many things to learn.

I do NOT own Fifty Shades of Grey or any of the characters in it.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Once I was out of the shop, I got in my car and headed to the hotel. I was anxious. All I had to do right now is to wait for Anastasia to call. I started to wonder if that would happen. Maybe she won`t find a photographer and I would never see her again. Fuck, Christian! Stop thinking about her. What the hell was happening to me? I`d never thought of someone else, a girl in particular, like that. It all depended on Anastasia Steel now. I could be patient and wait.

I had just finished my dinner when my Blackberry started ringing. At first I thought it would be Mia, Elliot or my mother. But then I saw the name – Anastasia Steele. I decided to give nothing away. I was a little surprised, yet I knew this is my chance to see her again.

"Grey" My tone was clipped, calm and cold.

"Er...Mr. Grey? It`s Anastasia Steele." Her voice was nervous. It was flaterring to know that I affected her that way. That was the clue I needed so I could be sure how she felt for me.

I decided to change my attitude. I`m pretty sure I sounded surprised but that was just another advantage. It was high time for me to go from cold and calm to warm and seductive.

"Miss Steele. How nice to hear from you." Even though I couldn`t see her I knew she was blushing.

"Err – we`d like to go ahead with the photoshoot for the article. Tommorow if that`s okay? Where would be convenient for you, sir? "

Sir. I like how she said that. I grinned. Many thoughts crossed my mind. Many dirty one. That girl in my playroom. Oh, what I could do to her. But I couldn`t distract myself now.

"I`m staying at the Heathman in Portland. Shall we say, nine thirty tomorrow morning?"

"Okay, we`ll see you there."

"I look forward to it, Miss Steele."

She hung up. Well, Miss Steele, I think the morning would be pretty exciting. I repeated the whole conversation in my head. I was hundred percent sure she was into me. Now all I had to do is be me. Christian Grey.

It was still early in the evening so I had some time for working. And I had to distract myself from the spinning thoughts in my had. The submissive Anastasia Steele. The dirty thoughts came back to me.

I was still in the bathroom when Taylor informed me that Ms. Steele and her friends were at the hotel. It was still 9 o`clock so I had enough time to get ready. Both physically and mentally. I had to be sure I`m under control when I enter the other room. The whole idea of Anastasia under my control was still in my head. I needed to know that I won`t take her the moment I see her. Shit! I need to do that. And it better be soon.

Half an hour later I walked into the suite where the photoshoot was going to be. Anastasia`s look fixed on me. I was completely aware of the way I affected her. I felt Taylor beside me. For a brief moment I glanced at the other people in the room, then returned to Ms. Steele.

"Ms. Steele, we meet again." I extended my hand to her. Her cheekes blushed and I could hear her audiable erratic breathing.

The other girl in the room came forward and Anastasia waved a hand toward her.

"Mr. Grey, this is Katherine Kavanagh." Oh, so that`s Ms. Kavanagh. I imagined she would look something like that.

"The tenacious Miss Kavanagh. How do you do?" I gave her a small smile while judging her. I shall say I was a little amused. It was time for me to play a game. I had already decided that if I treated well Katherine Kavanagh, I had a fair chance with Anastasia Steele. "I trust you`re feeling better? Anastasia said you were unwell last week."

"I`m fine, thank you, Mr Grey." I noticed she shook my hand firmly without batting an eyelid. That was something new, but then I knew she was raised in a rich family. That`s not something unfamiliar for her.

"Thank you for taking the time to do this." She gave me a polite, professional smile.

"It`s a pleasure." I turn my gaze on Anastasia and she flushes again.

"This is Jose Rodriguez, our photographer" Anastasia introduced me to him. I didn`t like the way he looked her. So I stayed cold toward him. He did so as well.

"Mr. Grey" he nodded.

"Mr. Rodriguez"

"Where would you like me?" I made my voice sound as threatening as possible.

"Mr. Grey – if you could sit here, please." Good timing, Miss Kavanagh. "Be careful of the lightning cables. And then we will do a few standings, too."

I sat on a chair set up against the wall. The other guy in the room, Travis I think, switched on the lights blinding me. That pissed me but he apologized. He and Anastasia stood back and let Jose take the photos he needed. It was frustrating. I hated when someone told me what to do. I was the one controlling the things. Although only twenty minutes passed, it felt like hours. I hated photoshoots. I hated exposing myself to the media and the world. Twice I met Anastasia`s eyes. I was aware she was watcing me. I didn`t mind. Let her watch and admire.

"Enough sitting" Katherine waded in again. For God`s sake she`s so controlling too. I didn`t like that a lot. "Standing, Mr. Grey?"

I stand again feeling completely dull already but grateful I could watch Anastasia. The nasty thoughts crawled in my mind again. Fortunately, I shook them off easily. This wasn`t neither the right place for this nor the right time.

"I think we have enough" Again, the right time Katherine Kavanagh. I appreciated that. I shake both her hand and Jose`s glad I won`t see him again.

"Graat. Thank you again, Mr. Grey." Says one more Miss Kavanagh.

I had to get on the move right now. I needed some time with Anastasia. I`ve been thinking about it a lot since last night and I wouldn`t let her slip right through my hands again.

"I look forward to reading the article, Miss Kavanagh." I fix my gaze on Anastasia "Will you walk with me, Miss Steele?"

"Sure." I could tell she was completely thrown.

I opened the door, standing aside to allow herout first.

"Good day to you all." At last I could take my private time with this girl.

Taylor was walking behind me "I`ll call you Tylor."

He walked down the corridor and I turned my eyes to Anastasia.

"I wondered if you would join me for a coffee this morning." So I could admire you more, but I kept this to myself.

She was visibly nervous. She was twisting her hands and fingers.

"I have to drive everyone home." I could take care of that.

"TAYLOR," He immediately headed back towards us. I tried not to pay attention to the fact that I made Anastasia jump. "Are they based at the university?" She nodded.

"Taylor can take them. He`s my driver. We have a large 4x4 here, so he`ll be able o take the equipment too." I felt like I had to explain.

Taylor had reached us. "Mr. Grey?"

"Please, can you drive the photographer, his assistant and Miss Kavanagh back home?"

"Certainly, sir"

"There. Now you can join me for a coffee." I flash her a smile. It`s not a big deal after all.

"Um – Mr. Grey, er – this really…look, Taylor doesn`t have to drive them home. I`ll swap vehicles with Kate, if you give me a moment."

I gave her my dazzling, unguarded, all-teeth-showing, glorious smile, knowing what it can do to women. I opened the suite to her to re-enter.

After closing the door, I leaned on the opposite door. This girl lost her speech everytime she talked to me. I had already gotten under her skin. It was now just a matter of time till I have the chance to fuck her hard. Like I only know. I could tie her to the bed, and show her how much I wanted her body obeying my commands.

"Okay, let`s do coffee." She could only murmur while closing the door.

I stood up straight, holding my hand out for her. "After you, Miss Steele."

We walk together down the wide hotel corridor to the elevetors in silence. Her hand was so small and tiny in mine. I liked that feeling. I had to start a conversation. I had to go with something ordinary.

"How long have you known Katherine Kavanagh?"

"Since our freshman year. She`s a good friend."

"Hmm" I would have thought they knew each other since they were little kids. They grew up together and the entire sweet story.

At the elevators I pressed the call button, and the bell rings almost immediately. There was a couple in the elevator who jumped apart the moment they saw us. I knew what they wre doing there. I`ve done it. Not once.

Anastasia is looking once again down at the floor. That made me almost smile. She looked so innocent. We travel down to the first floor in silence but I don`t mind. I grap Anastasia`s hand once more while we head out of the elevator. I could hear the couple giggling behind us.

"What is it about elevators?" I murmur trying to distract Ms Steele. Truth is, I knew what was about elevators. They were a real temptation. To know that any moment you could get caught…it was turning.

We cross the expansive, bustling lobbyof the hotel and I avoid the revolving door. It wasn`t yet time to let her hand go.

Outside I turn left and stroll to the corner. I know a nice café near by. It was ordinary but still really good. For a secong a glance at Anastasia. She had a stupid grin on her face that threatened to split her face in two. She looked like a child at a funfair.

When we reach the Portland Coffee House, I released her hand opening the door.

Politely I ask, "Why don`t you choose a table, while I get the drinks. What would you like?"

"I`ll have...um – English breakfast tea, bag out."

I raised my eyebrows. That was a surprise.

"No coffee?"

"I`m not keen on coffee." For a first time today I really smile. That girl`s astonishing, I have to admit that.

"Okay, bag out tea. Sugar?"

For a moment she stayed silent.

"No thanks." Again she was staring at her knotted fingers. She did that a lot today.

"Anything to eat?"

"No thank you."

I headed for the counter. I could feel Anastasia was staring at me the whole time. While waiting for the order I thought of the innocent girl I was about to have breakfast with. She was nothing I`d seen before. She was different and the more time passed, the more curious I got. My purpose was getting to know her.

When I headed toward the table, Anastasia was all in thought. I decided to go with a joke.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

I sat at the table giving her the tea, watching her every move. She still hadn`t answered me.

"Your thoughts?"

"This is my favourite tea." Her voice was quiet, breathy. Not the answer I was expecting but it was something. I frowned. I knew she was hiding something. I knew what she was hiding.I watcher her every move. Anastasia popped the tea bag into the teapot and almost immediately fished it out. I cocked my head, gazing quizzically at her. That was strange, in a good way.

"I like my tea black and weak."

"I see. Is he your boyfriend?" This question has been eating me since the morning. I decided to go straight and ask without any hesitation.


"The photographer. Jose Rodriguez." I`ve reminded myself to check his background.

Anastasia laughed nervously.

"No. Jose`s a good friend of mine that`s all. Why did you think he was my boyfriend?"

"The way you smiled at him, and he at you." I was holding her blue gaze.

"He`s more like fmily."

I noddedslightly, satisfied with her response even though I was pretty sure that Jose didn`t think of her as a family. He wanted to get into her pants but I wasn`t going to let that happen. This thought irritated me but I managed to show nothing. I needed to something so I got down to unwrapping the muffin I`d bought. Anastasia was looking at it.

"No thanks." She frowned and stared doen at her hands. Bad habbit. I wanted to see her face but she kept looking down.

I had to know more about her.

"And the boy I met yeaterday, at the store. He`s not your boyfriend?"

"No. Paul`s just a friend. I told you yesterday. Why do you aks?"

"You seem nervous around men."

"I find you intimidating."

That was nothing I had expected. I took breath in sharpily.

"You should find me intimidating. You`re very honest. Please don`t look down. I like to see your face."

She glanced at me. My smile was encouraging and wry.

"It gives me some sort of clue what you might be `re a mystery, Miss Steele." If she was going to be honest, I was ging to be too. Or as much as I could be without revealing too much.

"There`s nothing mysterious about me."

"I think you`re a very self-contained. Except when you blush, of course, which is often. I wish I just knew what you were blushing about." I bit one small piece of the muffin without taking my eyes of her.

"Do you always make such personal observations?"

Whoa! That was a surprise. I was just playing the game.

"I hadn`t realized I was. Have I offended you?"



"But you`re very high-handed."

And before I know I had flushed a little too. That has never happened before. She read me like no one else before and frankly, that scared me a little.

"I`m used to getting my own way, Anastasia. In all things." She needed to know that from now.

"I don`t doubt it. Why haven`t you asked meto call you by your first hame?"

"The only people who use my given name are my family and few close friends."

This conversation needs o go into different direction. I already said enough.

"Are you an only child?" I already knew that but I needed new topic.


"Tell me about your parents." Something I know, too.

"Well, my mother lives in Georgia with her new husband Bob. My step-dad lives in Montesano."

"Your father?"

"My father died when I was a baby."

"I`m sorry." Horrible thoughts of my own childhood started playing in my mind. I couldn`t think of that right now.

"I don`t remember him."

"And your mother remarried?"

"You could say that." I frowned.

"You`re not giving much away, are you?"

"Neither are you."

"You`ve interviewed me once already, and I can recollect some quite probing questions then." I smirked at her.

"My mum is wonderful. She`s an incurable romantic. She`s currently on her fourth husband."

I raised my eyebrows in surprise even though I knew before.

"I miss has Bob now. I just hope he can keep an eye on her and pick up the pieces when her harebrained schemes didn`t go as planned." That`s a lot information. Slowly I take sips of my coffee, watching her intently."Do you get along with your stepfather?"

"Of course. I grew up with him. He`s the only father I know."

"And what`s he like?"

"Ray? He`s …taciturn."

"That`s it?" Only one word?

Anastasia shruged.

"Taciturn like her stepdaughter." I prompted.

"He like`s soccer – European soccer especially – and bowling, and fly-fishing, and making furniture. He`s a carpenter. Ex-army."

"You lived with him?"

"Yes. My mum met Husband Number Three when I was fifteen. I stayed with Ray."

I didn`t really understand that.

"You didn`t want to live with your mum?"

"Husband Number Three lived in Texas. My home was in Montesano. And…you know my mum was newly married. Tell me about your parents."

That was going to be brief. I won`t give away much information.

"My dad`s a lawyer, my mum`s a pediatrician. They live in Seattle."

"What do your sublings do?"

"Elliot`s in construction, and my little sister is in Paris, studying cookery under some renowned French chef." I was getting irritated. My family was nothing I wanted to talk about.

"I hear Paris is lovely." Change in conversation. That was good. My mood lifted.

"It`s beautiful. Have you been there?"

"I`ve never left mainland USA."

"Would you like to go?"

"To Paris?Of course. But it`s England that I`d really like to visit."

Hmm…I cocked my head to one side, running my index finger across my lower lip. This girl has something that fascinates me. I still don`t kno what but I`ll surely find out.


"It`s the home of Shakespear, Austen, the Bronte sisters, Thomas Hardy. I`d like to see the places that inspired those people to write such wonderful books."

Anastasia was so clever. I had the feeling I could talk to her with hours. But well, not talk is what I`d like to do with her for hours, but something really kinky, turning, controlling. She glanced at her watch.

"I`d better go. I have to study."

"For your exams?"

"Yes. They start Tuesday."

"Where`s Miss Kavanagh`s car?"

"In the hotel parking lot."

"I`ll walk you back."

"Thank you for the tea, Mr. Grey."

Mr. Grey. I couldn`t help a smile. It remineded me of how she had said 'sir' earlier. And the thoughts of Anastasia the Submissive came back to me. Again.

"You`re welcome, Anastasia. It`s my pleasure. Come." I held my hand out for her. I wanted to feel the tiny small fingers crossed with mine again.

We stroll back to the hotel in silence. My thoughts are somewhere in the future. The playroom with all the possibilities of how I could fuck that little girl walking beside me. All the ways I could control her and make her obey my rules. The clothes she could be wearing…

"Do you always wear jeans?" I surprised her with my question.


I nodded. I imagine Ms. Steele wearing only high heels and perfume, laying on the couch or the table in the room…cuffed and turned…

"Do you have a girlfriend?" The question came out of the blue. I half-smiled at the direct question and the answer that it gave me.

"No, Anastasia. I don`t do the girlfriend thing."

And then suddenly she trips. Crap!

"Shit, Ana!" I tugged the hand holding so hard that she fell back against me. For a first time she was so close to me. I felt an electricity go through me. Fuck! I wanted that girl. I needed to be inside her. Feel her naked body against mine. I just needed to fuck her.

"Are you okay?" My voice is a whisper. I lifted my free hand touching her face with my fingertips. Her skin was so soft. I brushed her lower lip with my thumb. I hadn`t realized I was staring at her. For God`s sake, what the fuck is this girl doing to me?