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1: Addiction

Gambit walked into the medical wing once more. He hated the medical wing with a burning passion, yet he was constantly in there nowadays. It was too white, too sterile and smelled like…clean. Not the good power-of-Pine-Sol kind of clean either. Despite his immense hatred, he was now its most frequent visitor.

His footsteps echoed eerily down the cold subbasement hall, sounding much louder than usual in the silence. It was so quiet, yet it held the feeling of the silence before a big storm. He sighed wearily and continued dutifully on his way. By the time he reached the solitary ward the rage filled screams were ringing down the halls. He winced visibly, his steps faltered for a moment as he got closer to his destination. He could practically feel the anger in rolling waves down the hall. His breath caught as the anger turned to anguish, the pleas ripped apart his soul, but he had to endure. Far too soon he was standing in front of the door, typing in the password that opened the first door to the cell. There were two, a solid adamantium one and a barred one that was nearly indestructible, lying behind it. His breath caught, there she was.

"Remy!" came her breathless sigh. She reached through the bars, craving his presence. Her stark white bangs were matted in front of her deep emerald eyes, her rich brown hair in complete disarray. "You came." She had a breathtaking smile on her face.

"'Course Remy did, chère," came his light reply. He had to be strong for her. Her perfect hands were still grasping at the air between them, beckoning him forward. Slowly he obliged. She drew him near until the bars blocked him from further movement. Like a great weight had been lifted she sagged into the bars between them, resting here head on the bars near his chest.

They stood like that for a long time, just soaking in the other's presence. But Remy knew it wouldn't last, she would ask that horrible question and his silence would answer for him. And everything would turn into a nightmare. He murmured comforting words in French, trying to delay the inevitable as long as he could.

"Are you going to stay?" she asked quietly. He sighed sadly and it was answer enough. He placed a hand on her head and calmly soothed her, ignoring the tear that rolled slowly down her alabaster cheek or how the hand that was clenching his shirt for dear life. They only had a few more seconds of Remy and Rogue before he was forced to let her go. To his despair, like always they quickly passed. Her whole body tensed and Remy quickly slipped out of her arms, backing up a few steps as he went. She screamed inhumanly, the sound of an animal in extreme pain or terror. The bars rattled as she pulled on them frantically, screaming curses at him. He stared at his chère sadly, wincing at every insult and scream. He stood silently taking his punishment. It was like he was addicted. Maybe he was a masochist, but he couldn't stop seeing her. It was his fault she was like this, had he been there…His thoughts trailed off. It was far too painful to think of 'what ifs.' The other members told him otherwise, he knew blame rested fully on him, he refused to allow her receive any of it.

He spared a look into her once green eyes, the pure, rampant hate in them made his heart break even though he knew it wasn't her behind those blackened eyes. The monster just wore her body. The fallen objects in her wrecked cell rose menacingly as a fiery glow surrounded her, causing her formerly beautiful hair to rise. Her screams of rage grew as her face darkened signaling his time to leave. Remy turned on his heel abruptly. And like that the spell over her broke.

Remy made it to the second door when she made a high keening sound that, as always, made him stop.

"Remy," she begged, "Don' leave me." And as always he was tempted to turn around and had to forcibly walk through the solid door. The first gut-wrenching sob tore at him and he risked a glance back as he closed the door. His once proud, powerful chère was sobbing against the bars, face turned downwards. The door swung shut as the last plea tumbled from her lips. Gambit stumbled against the nearest wall, choking back a sob at her request: "Kill me."

Author's note:

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