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Chapter 5: Rememberance

So, many years, so many little time… It feels like forever that boy who once saved the herd's home and themselves from chaos destruction but…do they still remember them?

A mammoth and a small mole hog entered and explored into the depths of this island that was a continent. It was their hobby; they like to explore new places; they want to learn new things. It was normal. The mammoth is female with a pony-tail feature on her hair, my, she is a young teen. Her mole hog friend, he is small, quite the shy kind and very the nerdy-smart person. They went together and explore the places that everyone would never go. However, there is a certain area that no one entered. It was abandon with trees surrounding them, it was like a jungle; dark and dense.

The mammoth and mole hog entered into the dark depths of the woods. The female mammoth looked around, humming; very suspicious about this place. It's like she's been here before. The mole hog shivered in fear, he didn't the looks of these dark woods.

"P-Peaches…are you sure about this…?" he questioned, hugging himself and looking around; imaging horrifying thoughts in his mind.

"Of course, Louis, it's not like you are scared" Peaches replied, observing around the woods. "It feels like I've been here before… Why does it feel so familiar?"

"I dunno but can we get outta' here…" Louis shivered once more as he was very close to Peaches.

As they continued to walk, a red beam-color of light twinkled like a red star in the sky. Peaches had her eyes half lit; the red light was bright, giving the color red around the woods. The red light was hidden in some vines, dangled around trees and shrubs as there was an opening of light above, appearing the sky. Peaches was in awe, she moved her head forward; at the red light. Carefully, her trunk slowly reached to the red light. The feeling of this light was like a "stone". She removed the vines; there was a red jewel or ruby stone on the rock. Peaches had the feeling that she remembered about this red stone. Who does this belongs to? She questioned herself. As she grabbed the red stone, the feeling felt so old. The stone was covered in dirt and moss. She cleaned the stone with her trunk and smiled at its beauty.

The mole hog's eyes widen bigger than its regular size. "Wow…it's so beautiful…" He smiled and looked at Peaches as she also smiled.

"I know…" she said, amazed as the red jewel began to light up; reflecting the sun's light.

She turns back to area where the red jewel was. She tend to notice a white image or marking on the stone wall. She was curious, probably it'll tell her who or what it belonged to. She removed the vines some more, and then an image was shown. It imaged a mammoth. Peaches is confused. A mammoth? She asked. She removed the vines and find a drawing of three mammoths, a saber-tooth, a sloth, two possums, a weasel, two wolves, and last but not least, three humans…

Her eyes widen. That drawing! It was made by her! This island was her home but the continental drift destroyed and separated parts of the continent! She recognized her drawing, and the stone. It belonged to "him". Who's him and what's his name? She had the stone on her trunk but the shock made her drop it.

"Peaches! Are you okay?!" Louis jumped on her back and stroked the back of her head.

"Uh…yes…" Peaches muttered, as she picked up the red stone. She stared at it for a few seconds, and then she hugged it as tears streamed from her eyes. Louis was completely confused, why was this stone so important to her? He can ask her but she was having her moment, probably it was someone she cared about. Luckily, Louis guessed it right, this stone belonged to someone she cared about but she can't remember him… Strange…how can she forget… then she remembered; it was six years ago when she last saw "him".

In her head, she pictures the three humans. She remembers; they are not from this time…they're modern humans. She tries to image the female human, she had short hair with a mini skirt but she can't picture her face…or she can't remember her name too. But she remembers the female's personality; she was smart, kind of aggressive, and also kind. Then came another human, she remembered he had blond hair with it spiked in the front, however, she can't remember his name or how he looks. His personality, she laughed; he was persistent, the dimwitted kind, he has a sense of humor, very sarcastic and was kind as well. Then last one was the important one, he was special and everyone loved him, especially, her uncle Diego which he so much cared for him; he actually cried… His personality was everything that the herd liked; he was kind, smart, optimistic, fights for his friends, brave, and friendly. He had the sort-of-spiked hair and had brown eyes but she didn't get fully detailed on his facial feature. He was like a blur of a fog and he was fading slowly…and slowly…

"Peaches…?" Louis called. Her eyes opened as he had a concerned look. "Are you okay?"

"Y-Yeah… I must tell the herd about this…they are not going to believe this!" Peaches said, dashing out of the woods.

"Peaches wait!" Louis called back, afraid to be alone.

Just not too far away from the duo, animals of different kinds of species roam around each other. There is a particular species of animals that are close together. There were two adult mammoths, two saber-tooth tigers, two sloths, and two possums. They were known as a herd. They go everywhere with each other; they are a family; never leaving each other's side.

The male bull mammoth strolled around to their large island home, it was a soothing island. He watched the waves crash to the beach as he relaxed and stared what nature takes. He closes his eyes and listens to the waves' bursting crashes. He sighed. This is home, he thought. He remembered his previous adventure a few weeks ago. The world collapses; breaking the continents into smaller continents as he risked his life to go back home to his family. He remembered the villainous pirate, Gutt, and his crew as they face off each other. His stubbornness won the battle, he has his family back and his herd now has a new home to settle in. However, he had this touch of feeling that he's been here before. But he doesn't know why, the island is very different, the environment is different but why does it feel the same?

"Manny…?" called a voice behind him. He opened his eyes, turning his head towards his call from the voice. He notices his mate, Ellie, as she slowly approaches to him. She held his trunk with hers as they sit together, watching the crashing waves in a sunny morning.

"Beautiful and peaceful, isn't it?" she asked, her head laying on his as she sighed of amazement. "It felt like it was yesterday."

"What was?" Manny asked. His eyebrow up high and was curious what she meant.

She chuckled of the memory as she turns her head to him and smiled. "The time when the earth fell apart, you trying to get back home and you fought with Gutt to save us. Time went so fast…"

Manny released a chuckle; agreeing with her. It was one heck of an adventure; the earth split apart, fighting with pirates, encountering the sirens, and meeting the hyraxes. What's next?

"Manny?" Ellie called him once more. Manny released an "hmph" for an answer. "I had this dream…and it was a strange one."

"What's about?" Manny asked, as he got closer to her.

"Do you remember what happened six years ago?" she questioned him. Manny was puzzled, what did happen in the last six years? Manny shrugged and waiting for her to answer. "Do you remember those three humans? The ones at aren't from the Ice Age who are from the future. As they say."

Manny thinks for a moment. Three humans? Future? Six years ago? Then, it hit him. Those three humans that saved his Ice Age home! "Yeah, I do! But I don't remember what happened to them." Manny answered with slight smile in his face.

"I was going to ask you that. Only for six years, we completely forgot about them…especially him." Ellie answered in a small tone, which she was depressed.

"Him…?" Manny asked confused who she was talking about.

"I had a dream about the three humans. Then that one boy who saved us all, who deeply cares about us, was gone like small dust. Don't you remember him...? He had that soft voice, a warming smile, that bright side thought and bravery. I cannot believe I forgot about him…I can't remember what's his name or his friends' name also." Ellie said, as she was depressed and guilty to forget the three.

"Hey, didn't Diego like him?" Manny asked, as another thought came into his mind. He remembers his saber friend cared about this boy that Ellie was talking about.

"The boy? Oh yes he did" Ellie chuckled of the memories that were left in her mind. "At first, they didn't like each other and moments later, they grew close…too bad he had to leave…I still wonder what happened to him. I can't remember what really happened to him".

"Don't worry, I bet it's gonna come back some day. I can't believe that dream of yours just made us remember them" Manny said, as he held Ellie close.

"I know… All of those years…" Ellie muttered, laying her head on him.


"Did I just hear Peaches?" Ellie asked her mate as he looked at her for a moment then heard the voice again.


"Yeah, it is Peaches." Manny agreed. He turns his head to the direction of his daughter's voice coming from. He saw Peaches charging towards them, swinging something on her trunk with a smile on her face. As she made it to her parents, Peaches gasped for air as she took a couple of deep breathes to catch her air.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" Ellie asked, concerned what her daughter is excited about.

"It's something that we found, Peaches' mother" Louis explained, taking Peaches' words for her.

"Yeah, look" Peaches revealed a red crystal on her trunk. It shined by the sun's light as Manny and Ellie were amazed by its structure and beauty.

"Where do you found it?" Manny asked, staring at Peaches.

"I found it over there," Peaches pointed to the area where Louis and herself explored at. "But do you know what this is?"

"I don't understand…" Ellie was confused by Peaches' question.

Peaches had a huge smile on her face and answered, "Remember the time when that boy came to the Ice Age and saved us from the bad humans. Well, this belongs to him! It's his friendship charm thingy that his friends came up with."

Ellie's and Manny's were stunned. Now, they finally remember who this belongs to; that boy that Ellie was talking about recently. They cannot believe this crystal came back to them as if there was a sign. A sign of a return…

"Now, I remember him…" Manny sadly answers. He remembers he cared about that human boy who was part of the herd; he deeply regretted to forget about him. He was family but now he's gone…

Ellie, however, smiled at her daughter and mate. "I know that they will return…someday"

"Mom! Dad! I've also got something to show but bring everyone! They also have to see this!" Peaches said excitedly. The three mammoths walked together, heading to the rest of their herd as they got some big news.

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