Please Note: I started writing this 3 years ago and left it unfinished, so now I've been adding new chapters to it. I always loved Tony's relationship with Sarah! Some of the characters' situations involved are entirely fictional. More to come and reviews greatly appreciated!

1)A New Guy In The House

"Sarah! Come on outside! There's someone I'd like you to meet!", her mother's voice comes across the hall.

Sarah has been lying on her bed for the past hour, just relaxing, gazing on the TV screen. Meg's words confuse her, wondering what trouble she has gotten herself into this time. Putting aside all of her thoughts, she stands up and heads towards the living room. On her way, she can hear her mother laughing in the background. She slowly walks towards her voice.

"Hey…there you are! Sarah, this is Tony. Tony, Sarah."

"Hey", sais Tony.

Sarah nods. She now gets her first glimpse of him. Tall and thin, with short brown hair, a strand falling over his right eye. His smile seems warm, intimate.

"Tony is a friend of mine. And he's a doctor, so he'll take care of you whenever you need it.", she smiles, tapping him on the back.

Sarah doesn't reply.

"Hey, why don't you both come to the kitchen, I'll make you something to eat, I know I'm starving!"

Tony and Sarah follow her. Sarah isn't surprised, nor interested at all. It's just another guy Meg would date for a week and then forget about. She doesn't want to give the wrong impression so she decides to avoid any sharp sarcastic comments towards her mother.

They both sit down on the small round table while Meg prepares sandwiches.

"So, where did you guys meet?", Sarah asks.

"Uh, we met about a week ago. Remember? That your grandma broke her arm and we had to bring her to the hospital? Tony was on duty that day."

"Oh. Yeah I remember.", she replies, lowering her look.

Tony knows this is a bit awkward for her. It's so easy to tell. He decides it would be good to try and break the ice.

"You know, Meg has told me a lot about you. How much you love football, and that you want to become a nurse when you grow up…"

"Well, I'm not sure, but I'm considering it.", she nodds.

"Well, maybe you could come to the hospital sometime, see how the nurses work, or shadow me if you want. You can see how things work in there, figure out if you like it. Really, whenever you can, you're welcome to join us."

"Thank you". Tony manages to earn a smile.

"Here you go", Meg each hands a sandwich.

"Oh, Mom, Kate is coming over tonight, okay?"

"Sure, of course honey. What time?"

"Around seven. Her mom will pick her up afterwards."

"Ok. Would it mind if Tony and I were around or do you want us to leave?"

"No, it's ok, do your thing. I can't ban you from staying in."

Tony smiles.

The three of them finish eating and Sarah goes back to her room. She puts her headphones in and finds herself in her own little world. Tony seems okay, putting aside the fact he is really handsome. Ha, good choice Mom

Sarah lets some time pass by watching TV. She then phones one of her friends and kills a couple of hours by talking about school, friendships and gossiping. Just the usual stuff.

After a while the bell rings. It's Kate.

Her and Sarah stay on the living room, talking their own stuff. Kate spotted Tony, but couldn't ask who he was until he and Meg left the room. After that, Sarah explains he is Meg's new boyfriend.

"Is he any good? I mean, he looks pretty handsome."

"Well, we talked a bit but…you can't be sure. I hope he turns out to be good. He's a doctor so…I don't know. He seems okay. But so did all the other boyfriends mom brought at home..."

"Look, just give the man a chance. Don't sort him out too early.", she laughs.

"Guess you're right…"