Scars and Bandages

Summary: Scenes taking place in the same universe/timeline/whatever as Wounds Both Old and New.

Disclaimer: If I owned Legend of Korra, Lin would have descape from the Equalists in the season finale and rescue Korra from being de-bending'd by tearing Amon's head off with her bare hands. Also, bender privilege and Korra being the link between the spirit and material worlds would have been addressed WAAAAAAY more. But they wouldn't show the first one on a kids' TV program and...well, they'd better address bender privilege and Korra's spiritual side in book 2...yeah, wherever I was going with this, I don't own the show.

Pairings: Lin/Korra ("Korralin")

Author's Notes: Dear Muses: FUCK. YOU.

Oh, right. Relevant things. This, being the first installment of Scars and Bandages, is Lin and Korra's first time. Are you happy, Korra? You get to sleep with Lin. Have fun.

Thank You for Being You

Korra moaned heavily as Lin's soft tongue traced her opening in long, careful, repeated strokes. She clenched her jaw, trying to stop herself from making noise. Lin paused to lift her head and say, "Go ahead and cry out, Korra."

"B-but...Asami says...guys don't like to hear that kind of thing..." Korra panted.

Lin sat up, hands on her hips. "Do I look like a 'guy' to you?"

Korra let her eyes rove over her lover's beautiful body. It had taken moving spirit world and earth to get Lin to undress, all because of the (slight) toll age had taken on her. No, she didn't look like a teenager, but Korra still couldn't believe she was fifty. Particularly when she was admiring Lin's narrow waist and sculpted stomach muscles. "No," she breathed.

"Good." Lin settled back in between Korra's legs, kissing the girl's delicate flesh as if she were kissing her mouth.

"Ohhh, that's nice."

"Oh, this is nothing, dear avatar."

Lin turned her attention to the little pearl of flesh at the top of Korra's sex, stroking it almost roughly with the tip and then the flat of her tongue. Korra whimpered as sharp tendrils of pleasure curled and spread throughout her lower body, her hips beginning to rise and rock in time with the older woman's ministrations. Wondering if Korra would also react so powerfully to something similar, Lin took hold of the Water Tribe girl's hips, trying to steady her, before covering the girl's bundle of nerves with her lips and suckling lightly. As her teeth brushed the flesh ever so softly, Korra yelped with surprise and elation, ber body straining against Lin's gentle but firm grip.

"Sorry I'm so...I', moving," Korra gasped.

"Don't be. It's fun to watch. Even better to feel." Lin gave Korra's hip bones a playful squeeze and returned to her pleasuring of the young avatar, giving her a full taste of both her well-practiced techniques. "Which is better?"

"Lin, this is not romantic," whimpered Korra.

"Would you rather your first time be silent and passionate yet unsatisfying, or would you rather we actually work to find out what pleases you the most?"

Korra squirmed. "Both so good. Just keep going."

"Should I alternate, then?"

"Yes, okay? For the love all the spirits in the world, please keep going!"

Lin shrugged. "Well, all right." She did as Korra asked, this time letting herself get a bit rougher. Some of her past lovers might have complained, but Korra only moaned harder. Her strong, toned body writhed with pleasure, her whole self but for her shoulders rising off the mattress, so that Lin was both clinging to Korra and having to move her head with the rhythm of Korra's hips.

"I'm sorry," Korra groaned. "I c-can't help it."

"I have an idea." Lin sat up.

"No no no don't stop..."

"Relax and let me help you out here." Lin swiftly pulled Korra onto her knees so she was upright, lay down, and tried to maneuver one of Korra's legs to the other side of her face.

"Oh...okay..." Korra shifted so she was straddling Lin's head. Lin slipped her arms through the triangle made by Korra's legs and around her waist, gently kneading the girl's sides. Though she was technically on top now, the soft flutter of Lin's breath on her raw, aching core made her feel immensely vulnerable. "Will this make it any easier for you?"

"A bit. But more importantly, you'll be less restricted."

The avatar took a deep, trembling breath. "I like this. I like being able to see your eyes."

"You and my eyes again. I know no one in the Southern Water Tribe has green eyes unless they're mixed blood, but you've seen plenty of green eyes since you've been in Republic City."

"You just don't accept compliments, do you?" Korra reached down to stroke Lin's hair. "You're so nice to me." She grinned shyly. "Trying to be less abrasive than usual?"

"Korra, that's terrible." Lin made a moue before leaning up slightly to continue the intense work of her lips and tongue, holding onto the girl tightly, never breaking rhythm and slowly increasing her pace.

"Lin! Hmmm, hmmm...oh, you're amazing...oh, yes! That! Right there!" Korra threw her head back, feeling as if the very blood was singing in her veins, perhaps because if bloodbending was the worst sensation she had ever felt, what Lin was doing to her now was the best. "Ohh, Lin! Ohhh...!" Korra collapsed on the bed beside Lin, lingering spasms of ecstasy still shaking her body. "Oh, oh Lin..."

Lin stroked the girl's sweaty hair. "You were lovely."

"I was humping your face. I'd think that would look silly." Korra smiled, blushing. Lin had to admit she was surprised at Korra's shyness in bed. She would have expected the young avatar to be fierce and aggressive, but perhaps that would come with more experience. Or maybe she was intimidated, but Lin hoped that wasn't it.

"You look lovely with my tongue inside you."

Korra chuckled out loud at that. "Lin!"

"In all seriousness, though..." Lin trailed her fingertips down Korra's spine. "I love strong women. I love watching your muscles work."

Korra tried to kiss Lin, but she was grinning too hard. "I hope I can be half as good at sex as you are."

"I wouldn't be concerned."

Korra nuzzled close to her lover. "So you were my first. Just like you promised."

Lin draped one arm over Korra's back and kissed the top of her head. "Was it like you expected?"

Korra sighed. "Kind of. I didn't really know what to expect. I just knew it would be awesome. And for the record, it was."

"Good." Lin kissed Korra's hair and settled down, as if to sleep.

"Come on, Lin, what are you doing?" Korra made an attempt to be tantalizing by stroking Lin's breasts with one hand.


"Don't I get a turn?"

Lin sighed, gently pushing Korra's hands away from her chest. "I'd rather you didn't."

"Are you that afraid I'm not going to be any good?" Korra looked hurt. Lin avoided making eye contact with her; more often than not, looking at Korra's eyes caused her to do things she would later regret.

"That's not it at all," Lin insisted.

"Is that why you told me not to be concerned that I'm inexperienced? Because you weren't going to let me touch you?"

"Korra, please drop it and go to sleep."

Korra sat up and placed a fist under her lover's chin, trying to get her to look up. "No! You were the one who wanted to talk about how to please each other!"

Lin moved closer and kissed Korra's forehead. "No, I wanted you to tell me how I could please you."

" you not like being touched there by anybody, then? Aren't some people like that?" Korra wrapped her arms around Lin's waist.

Lin sighed. "This is going to sound ridiculous, but I don't feel ready."

"You don't want me?" Korra whispered.

Lin clutched Korra to her tightly. "I do, Korra. Very much."

"Okay, so why don't you feel ready?" Korra pressed. "Do you still feel like you'd be taking advantage of me?"

For a moment, Lin was silent, stroking Korra's hair. "Do you remember the first night you stayed here?"

"Of course."

"Remember when you asked me if we could cuddle naked, and then when I took you in my arms, you started telling me how there was nothing you wouldn't do for me and all those other things?"

"Yeah." Korra gave Lin an affectionate little squeeze.

"I suppose...I'm afraid of what I might say to you." Lin dropped a few kisses on the top of the avatar's head.

Korra edged slightly away from Lin so she had room to bring one hand to her lover's front, cupping her palm around one of Lin's breasts. Lin shivered. "I love the shape of your breasts. They're so round and pretty. So perfect."

"Korra..." A whine crept into Lin's voice.

"How about I just keep kissing you no matter what? So you can't, you know, say much? And that's assuming I actually am able to make you feel anything." Korra began gently kneading the soft flesh beneath her hand.

"Ask me while you aren't doing that."

Somewhat wanting to be seductive, but feeling that she would much rather be respectful—she was the avatar, after all—Korra moved her offending hand to Lin's waist. "Do you want me to try to pleasure you if I promise to try to keep you from saying anything mushy?"

Lin sighed, nestling her face in the girl's hair. "We can try. But please...if I ask you to stop, stop."

"Of course." Korra kissed Lin's neck. "Your turn to talk. Tell me what you want me to do for you."

"I like what you're doing now." Lin sighed, rolling onto her back. "You know I like neck kisses. Just...keep moving. And just a warning: I get pushy. It bothered Tenzin."

"Oh, go ahead and be pushy. You can order me around." Korra left a trail of kisses across Lin's collarbones from left to right.

"In that case, get to my breasts already."

Korra giggled. "Yes, ma'am." She obeyed willingly, fastening her lips onto the tip of Lin's breast and suckling hungrily.

"You can be a little rough. You can bite, just do it lightly."

Korra remembered how Lin deliberately let her teeth graze her flesh when Lin had done the same thing for her. She tried to copy that, feeling clumsy as she struggled to use the same amount of precision as her lover had for her. "Is this okay?"

"Use your hand too. On the other one."

" it okay?"

"No. Better than okay. Keep going." Lin arched her back gently, pushing her breast deeper into Korra's mouth.

Korra tried. Fortunately, years of martial arts had given her excellent multitasking skills, and soon she had Lin with her spine tense and bent backward, head lolling sideways onto the pillow, asking for more with her body rather than her words. Korra slipped her free arm under her lover's waist to help keep her steady; the muscles in her back felt like iron. "Just so you know...mmm...I don't cry out much. If I'm quiet, it doesn't mean you're doing badly."

"Are you okay, Lin? You're shaking."

"Yes, I...I shake when I...when...that would be the indication that I need you inside me. Now." There could be no question; that was a command.

Korra moved to undo the drawstring on the loose cloth pants Lin was wearing. Lin made no protest until Korra started pulling the pants down.

"Remember when you first asked me to play with your breasts and I reached under your shirt? I like being touched under my clothes."

"Okay, Lin."

Trembling with anticipation—she'd never touched anyone so intimately before—Korra slipped her hand beneath Lin's waistband, fingertips trailing through a patch of surprisingly downy hair, reaching the wet heat between her lover's legs.

"Ooh. All this for me?" Korra whispered as she felt her fingers become slick with the evidence of Lin's desire for her.

"Mmm...of course," Lin sighed.

"So. Um. Should I put my fingers inside you?" Korra felt her cheeks flush.

"You. Had. Better," Lin panted.

Korra obeyed, sliding two fingers into Lin to the hilt. "You're going to have to help me out."

Lin took a short moment to adjust to the feeling of Korra's strong fingers buried within her, a sensation she had almost given up on experiencing. It almost felt like Korra had become a part of her. Somehow, she produced a few short commands. "Curl your fingers. Stroke me."

Korra did, bending down to keep kissing one of her lover's breasts. When Lin's hips began to roll in time with her caresses, Korra let the motion of her hand grow a little quicker and, realizing one of her hands was completely idle, cupped Lin's neglected breast and squeezed gently.

"Good girl, Korra," Lin moaned. Korra's loving actions felt good, they felt wonderful, but it wasn't enough. "I...I need more. Remember...nnng...what part of you I was working with my tongue? Touch me there."

Korra tried. She had to pause in her other attempts to please Lin to search out the nub of flesh that she hadn't expected to be so difficult to find. Lin made a low noise of frustration, attempting to grind herself against Korra's hand.

"I'm sorry, Lin, I'm trying. Can I take your pants off so I can look?"

"Fine." Lin yanked her pants off, revealing her elegant, strong, pale legs.

"Oooh, Lin, you're so beautiful." Korra slid backward on the bed as Lin's thighs parted for her. She carefully probed the place between the earthbender's legs with her fingertips, trying to figure out the right place to touch. By luck, her thumb slipped over the protective hood and brushed the cluster of nerves that made Lin cry out sharply.

"Right there, Korra!"

Korra huffed out a breath of relief. "Okay, Lin. I think I've got it." She crooked the two fingers still buried inside her lover and re-started her caresses, this time adding carefully placed strokes of her thumb.

Lin let out a long, shuddering breath, Korra's awkward but enthusiastic touches causing a taut coil of heat to build below her belly, spiraling toward climax. "Yes, you do."

Korra was too focused on her work between Lin's legs to go back to playing with her breasts, but Lin didn't seem to mind. She stopped ordering Korra around, choosing instead to grip the girl's shoulders tightly and let herself cry out. Lin had told the truth about being quiet; her breath came in rough heaves, the occasional low moan escaping her lips. Korra was surprised when she felt Lin's inner walls clench around her fingers and heard the breathless cry of her name.

Korra wiped her hand off on the sheets and leaned over to kiss Lin's face. "Did I do okay?"

Lin sat up halfway to bury her hands in Korra's hair and kiss her hard. "Thank you."

Korra grinned. "You're welcome."

With an exhausted sigh, Lin lay down. "I think we should sleep now."

"Okay." Korra stroked Lin's cheek. Her face was very expressive and Korra loved watching how peaceful and, yes, even happy she could look when they were together. It was such a refreshing change from her constant scowl. "Hey, Lin?"


"You're gorgeous." Korra pecked her a kiss. "You know, I didn't think I could love your mouth any more than I did before tonight. You have such nice lips. Now I think I might like your tongue better."

Lin muttered sleepily, "Except for the stupid 'abrasive' comment, I thought you wanted this to be all sappy and romantic."

"Okay, I'll be sappy and romantic." Korra paused. "I think you need to stop being so hard on yourself. I know you tried to keep me safe and you tried to protect the airbending family. You're still amazing and strong and badass. And you're completely beautiful and need to stop whining about keeping your clothes on. Also, you were amazing tonight. I caught myself thinking that if getting bloodbent when my bending was removed was the worst thing I've ever felt, what you did for me tonight was the best."

Lin opened her eyes. Korra started when she saw that they were glistening with tears. "I think you really mean all that."

Korra gathered Lin into her arms. "I do. Lin...I...really do think I'm in love with you."

Lin returned the embrace. "Korra, I...I don't think I'm ready to say that back to you either."

"It's okay." Korra kissed the base of Lin's neck. "You don't have to."

Lin buried her face in her lover's hair. She had no idea if Korra could tell that she was crying, but the soft, riled hair was growing wet. Was Korra really going to put up with her age, her coldness, and the fact that she may have completely lost her ability to love after what had happened with Tenzin? She had completely devoted herself to her career, and here was Korra blundering into her life, being so huggable and kissable and, damn her, adorable.

"Thank you, Korra."

"Hmm? For what?"

"For being you."

A/N: I know, I can't write smut. What do you want from me? I may be super gay, but I'm also a flaming ace.