This is all thanks to, and all because of Jess, aka beneath the stars. Without her, I would not have had the inspiration to finally write a multi-chapter story, not to mention my first Stiles/Lydia story in a whole week. Which is disgustingly long for me. So, who ever has not read her Stiles/Lydia story GO DO THAT! Because she is awesome and it may give her the encouragement she needs to write more.

I walked down the hall in a daze, my whole life has been a complete stupor of meaningless words, actions and blackouts lately. A lot of blackouts, actually. But I wasn't worried. It was completely normal for someone to experiences high levels of stress under extreme amounts of crisis. And what has my life been these past few months if not a huge clustered crisis?

It was just after the bell, signaling lunch, I headed towards the wide doors when something too bizarre for words caught my attention. Stiles Stiliniski and Erica Reyes were walking towards the entry too, very close may I add. They were whispering to each other, and- wait, are they smiling? Does Stiles even know what that girls deal is? When did they become friends? I pushed some curls out of my face and stormed into the cafeteria. The room buzzing with jitters, small talk, and the annoying groan of clattering trays and chairs. I made my way through the crowd to my usual table, Allison already there with that guy who's married to his camera.

What's his name?

"Lydia you remember Matt? From Sociology?" No.

"Yeah, hi." I smiled, pulling out my lunch bag.

Matt smiled at me, and I was shocked he took a second to acknowledge someone other than Allison.

Now I remember him...

"You were in that crazy Library accident right?"

Matt looked at me again, I was straining his attention.

"Yeah, don't remember much though, all I know is this girl was the first face I saw when I woke up in the hospital." Matt grinned at Allison who was way too kind not to return it.

I rose an eyebrow and suppressed a laugh, was he serious?

They fell back into a pointless conversation and I went back to picking at my sandwich. While scoping the room I saw faces in a blur, nothing was important enough to concentrate on. Nothing mattered. Before I could go back to pretending to listen to Allison and- crap, I forgot his name again, I saw the two people I didn't even know I was really looking for. They were sitting at a table in the back, three over from me. They were sitting across from each other and eating off each others plates. Erica's hair kept flipping in the horrendous florescent lighting and still managed to both look good and keep Stiles' attention. Which is a huge task, considering he can't concentrate for anything.


I jumped. Then blushed.

We were alone and my embarrassment subsided.

"Sorry." Allison smiled politely.


"Disturbing you." Her dark eyes narrowed.

"I wasn't doing-"

"They are spending a lot of time together." Allison frowned. She didn't seem too thrilled with the idea.

I shrugged. "Scott tell you that?"

Allison nodded, staring at the back corner table. I itched to look.

"They're not together or anything?" I asked, mixing the plastic spoon around my yogurt cup.

I wanted to cringe. Why was I even asking?

Allison smiled again, whatever bothering her passing.

"No, at least I don't think so."

I looked up, my face shamelessly giving away my urge to know.

"What aren't you telling me?" I asked, pushing my food aside and tilting my head.

"Nothing Lydia-" Allison sighed.
"Scott just told me that Stiles has been spending a lot of time with her since the whole detention fiasco. And, he thinks she's really pretty." She shrugged.

I rolled my eyes.

"Stiles doesn't like Erica, she isn't his type."

I turned back to their table, Erica was tossing a grape into Stiles' open mouth.

"Besides, so what if he called her pretty. She got a makeover. It's what she's going for."

Allison nodded, her face passive.

"Sensational is the word I think he used." She mumbled between cookie bites.


He called her sensational.