Title: Lace
Word Count:
Spoilers: None, really.
A/N: Written for a prompt by Amor90 on tumblr, who wanted "lace."

The lace panties are black, a stark contrast to the pale whiteness of Kurt's hips. Kurt tugs at them desperately, halting the movement when Dave's hand lands on his own, and he groans in frustration as he looks up at Dave hovering over him.

"Don't," Dave rasps, fingers moving Kurt's hand out of the way so that his own fingers can splay over Kurt's hips. He feels the lace beneath his hand, smooth to the touch, and glances down at the fabric stretching over Kurt's body. It's see-through; he can see the skin beneath the lighter parts and the way they wrap around him so nicely.

Dave could look at him like this forever.

Kurt squirms beneath him when Dave's hand stops moving, eyes shut tightly in frustration. "Dave," he gasps, "Dave please."

Dave's eyes roam over the entirety of Kurt's body, down once and then back up to his face. Kurt looks like he's about to explode at any moment from just the simplest touch.

And with a request like that, with so much heat... well, who is Dave to refuse.