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Beginning of story ages after chapter 1: Yahiko - 16

Naruto - 6

Chapter 1: Starting over...

"Nagato...kill me..."

That was it, a single proclamation of selflessness as Yahiko stared into the deep purple eyes of his best friend. Nagato panted hard as he began hyperventilating. Looking up to Konan who was captured and then back to his best friend who stood to his right.


Nagato flinched. Yahiko's voice resounded harsher than the first time as he glared at his friend with his light blue eyes edging him to do the unthinkable, to kill him, to save Konan's life. Yahiko looked on, he knew Nagato wouldn't do it as he formulated a plan in his mind. Nagato slowly took the kunai in his hand, slowly turning towards his friend.


Nagato's eyes widened as Yahiko rushed at him and buried the stab wound into his flesh. His eyes widened as Yahiko smiled at him, blood flowing down his mouth. Konan looked on in disbelieving eyes as she cried out.

"No! Yahiko!"

You and Konan… you've gotta stay alive somehow… You're… the saviour of… the world… You… can… bring… real-"

Her desperate cries resounded from her as she struggled to break free from her chains, from her captors. Yahiko felt numb as he slowly fell down onto the ground, clsoing his eyes. He didn't know if this was the end as he let unconciousness take over him. Nagato stood unwavering as he looked at Yahiko's fallen form. Konan cried her heart out seeing her friend die. Rage fueled Nagato as he jumped up to Hanzo who skidded backwards from the surprise. Grabbing Konan, he shunshinned back down only to be lead into a trap as explosions rocked the area. Konan and Nagato had escaped but the body of Yahiko was nowhere to be seen as Nagato frantically searched around.

Yahiko didn't know what he felt, at one moment, numbness, at the next moment, something crumbling all around him and and at the next moment, he felt cold, like he had plunged into something. And at the next moment, like he was floating, being carried away somewhere by something, like being swept away. The wound's didn't matter to him, he just slowly lost conciousness.

Nagato looked around frantically, he had seen cracks developing near Yahiko's body when the explosions occured. He had warded off their enemes. He ran to the place where he had placed Yahiko's body only to find the rocks had given way underneath him, he looked on in shock as he cursed himself. A fist planted itself onto the ground as Nagato cried out. Konan came up to him, now free of ehr shackles as she kneeled down next to him, hugging him as both of them cried for their fallen friend and for the rest of the comrades of the akatsuki.

Yahiko didn't know how much time had passed but he felt that he was lying on something soft, something comfortable. He also felt itchy as if something was wrapped around his torso. His eyes fluttered open as he got up, wincing in pain as he felt his body, wrapped in bandages. He looked around the room, he could see his coat on a chair to the opposite of him as was his footwear. He observed his surroundings, a room with a light bulb and curtains covering the whole room. He briefly wondered how he got here as the door slided open. His attention immedeaty turned to the door as his body stiffened in tension. A woman with shoulder length black hair came into the room, from Yahiko's perspective, she looked to be no more older than him wearing what appeared to be a black and gray cloak, with lines in the middle, that registered in Yahiko's mind as she walked up to him. She looked up in surprise.

"Oh...your awake?...please lie down...you've still not recovered..." came ehr soothing voice as Yahiko looked to her in curiosity.

"Could...you please tell me...where I am?" came his desperate voice as the woman looked up to him.

"Your in the land of waves...my sensei found you on the shore of a nearby river, she...know's you I think.." came her answer as Yahiko registered what she had said.

"Master?...who's your master?" came Yahiko's question as he got up once more wincing in pain.


"Shizune!" came a hoarse voice as the woman known as Shizune got up and mumbled an apology. "Please rest, I will go tell her that your awake, she must be waiting to talk to you" came her reply as Yahiko just nodded his head. He watched as the girl smiled at him and then made her way out of the room. Yahiko looked on meekly as he felt his head. It too was covered in bandages, he looked out the window as he saw the river calmly passing him by. The rays of the sun were dim. His head hurt as he clucthed it in pain. The door slided opened once more as Yahiko unclenched his hands and looked to the door as his eyes widened.

"You...You're!" stammered Yahiko as the woman came into his line of sight.

"Your finally awake huh? brat...you've grown.." smiled the woman as Yahiko looked on in shock at the woman. The woman came up to him as Yahiko stared at her unable to form words at his mouth.

"..You...your that old lady who was with Jiraiya-senei!" stammered Yahiko. A twitch formed at Tsuande's forehead as she smacked his head down onto the bed. Yahiko groaned in pain as he looked up to Tsunade in anger, he immedeatly paled as he looked at her face.

"Old am I?...is this the gratefulness you show your elders brat? after all i went through to fix you up!" scolded Tsunade as she glared at Yahiko. Yahiko blinked.

"My apologies Tsunade-sama...I didn't know..." apologised Yahiko as Tsunade blinked at the shift in attitude, she composed her self as she placed her right hand on her hips and looked at him.

"What happened to you?" asked Tsunade as Yahiko blinked.

"I...I don't know...all I can remmember is...that we were ambushed by Hanzo...and then..." stated Yahiko as he tried to complete his sentence. Tsunade looked on at the stammering boy as she sighed.

"Your teammates were reported dead...as were you. Jiraiya..." Tsunade hesitated as she sigehd once more "Jiraiya was distraught at your death...you and your teammates...he went back to Amegakure but didn't find either of them...you or your friends..."

Yahiko looked up in shock at her... "But...no they can't be..."

Tsunade looked at him emotionlessly, "That's what happens in war brat...deal with it..."

Yahiko bent his head down in shame as he recalled memories of both Nagato and Konan of how he had spent his days with them, his very lives with thema dn now it was all for nought. he knew he wanted revenge, anger boiled up inside him as clenched the bedsheets in anger. Tsunade looked at him as she waited for him to calm down.

"When was this reported?" asked Yahiko as he looked up to Tsunade.

"A year and a half ago..." came Tsuande's answer as Yahiko's eyes widened in shock. "I've been out for a year!" came his distraught voice.

"Calm down...you were in a coma, atleast that's what the villagers here told me...until I came here and patched you up..." came Tsunade's voice as Yahiko's face contorted into confusion.

"Villagers?" asked a curious Yahiko.

"Yes...it seems that your a hero...some thug called Gato tried to kill a man here...you appeared out of nowhere and saved them taking out all of his ninja and that man himself...after that, they say you just collapsed and been unconcious ever since..." explained Tsunade as Yahiko looked up to her in surprise.

"Your joking..." deadpanned Yahiko as a twitch developed on Tsunade's forehead once more. Yahiko paled as Tsunade held up a fist. He immedeatly apologiised to her which caused her to calm down.

"Does Jiraiya sensei know I'm here?" asked Yahiko as Tsunade furrowed her eyebrows. "No..."

Yahiko blinked "He doesn't know I'm here?...then where is he?"

"For all I know he's still in Konoha...things have been rough since the fourth hokage died..." explained Tsunade.

"The fourth hokage died?" asked a shocked Yahiko. Tsunade nodded her head as Yahiko asked her the cause.

"The nine tailed fox attacked the village, he sealed the demon into a child..." explained Tsunade as Yahiko listened on intently.

"But Tsunade-sama how did the fox come to Konoha? surely there must be a reason..." stated Yahiko.

"They say it was a natural disaster bound to occur when human malice reached a certain level...to tell you the truth, I don't believe it as well..." stated Tsunade as she folded her hands.

"Tsunade-sama...how come your not in Konoha?" asked Yahiko.

"I left" was Tsunade's simple answer as Yahiko almost fell out of the bed. "What! why!"

"My reason's are my own brat! you have no right prying into them!" scolded Tsunade. "But!"

"No buts!"

"Are you going back?" asked a concerned Yahiko.


Yahiko once more almost fell over at the simplicity of Tsunade's answer "Why? what happened?"

"That is none of your concern, do I make myself clear?" came Tsunade's angry voice as Yahiko gulped and nodded his head. Tsunade smirked at him.

"Good! now...what are your plans from here on out?" asked Tsunade as yahiko stroked his chin in thought.

"I want to go meet Jiriaya sensei!..." came his obvious answer. Tsunade looked to him and sighed.

"If your going to do that, wait...I'll write a letter to the hokage, carry this with you when you go there..." said Tsunade "And don't you tell anything to Jiraiya about my whereabouts do you understand?"

Yahiko paled as he nodded his head. "Good...now are you feeling better?"

"Yes ma'am!" came Yahiko's submissive voice as Tsunade glanced at him. Yahiko then grew serious as she questioned Tsunade once more.

"Tsunade-sama...what happened to Orochimaru?" came his serious voice as Tsunade galnced at him.

"He betrayed the village and defected from it...carried out illegal experiments..." muttered Tsunade as Yahiko looked on in shock, he shrugged it off as he slowly got up looking out the window. Tsunade glanced at him as she sighed and went oout of the room.

"Nagato...Konan...I'm sorry..."

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