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Chapter 11: "Our Nindo"


A poof sound could be heard throughout the arena as Kakashi shunshined and stood next to his gennin team. Naruto's head turned in surprise as he looked to his now appeared sensei "Kakashi sensei?!"'

"Hello there, Naruto"

Kakashi's lone eye curved up into an eye smile as he raised a hand and sent a saulte his students' way. Sakura immedeatly brightened up at this, and turned to her sensei in concern.. "Kakashi sensei?...is Sasuke-"

"He's fine, Sakura; nothing to be worried about" answered Kakashi, his tone was light and free of worry as he looked to the arena and raised his eyebrows in surprise at the damage that had occured in the arena "Hmm, as I expected...it was good that I managed to sneak a glance at Lee's battle after I finished with Sasuke..."

"You look relieved"

A voice cut his thughts at the moment, he slowly turned to the source of the voice; and galnced at the figure who placed her arms over her hips and looked to him, she raised an eyebrow and had a small smirk plastered on her face "Well, there was this beautiful woman on the way who insisted that she wanted to go dancing with me...luckily for me, another gentleman helped me escape her, Rin" came his small but meaningful excuse.

"Dancing...right" her voice was laced with sarcasm as she looked to him. "Now I know your trying to make me jealous but please try a little harder..."

"Will think of a better one next time then" eye smiled Kakashi, Rin let out an audible sigh as she turned away from the copy ninja leaving a nervous Naruto and Sakura in their wake, Kakashi then leaned over the barricade placed infront of them to see the matchup that was taking place. His lone yee lazily examined the participants in the match. One, he knew...the other? he assumed that it was a participant from the sound village which proved true as he looked to her headband.

"Hmm, a Nara huh?...isn't that the kid Asuma keeps saying has an IQ rare for kids these days? then again he is a Nara...Shikaku-san's son nonetheless..." thought Kakashi, he snuck a glance as Shikamaru finished exectuing his strategy, he unconsciously smirked underneath his mask at the finishing blow. With his signature shadow mimic technique, Shikamaru made her opponent bend over backwards but on doing so had made her hit the wall...a very hard wall.

Yahiko moved forward and knelt down examining the participant from the sound village, he let out an audible sigh and then looked up "The winner of this match is Shikamaru Nara...will the next participants prepare themselves for their match..."

"Yes! go Shikamaru!" shouted an enthusiatic Ino. Choji looked on as well and grinned at him "I knew you could do it!"

"That was ingenious..." murmured a disbelieving Sakura "Who would've thought that Shikamaru of all people would win the match?"

Naruto looked on as well sending praises to his classmate, he watched as Shikamru rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and spoke his trademark lines "What a drag..." he then proceeded to climb up back to the baclcony, Asuma slowly looked ot him and smirked "Not bad..."

"Heh...whatever" muttered Shikamaru "Let's get to the next match already, the sooner we finish, the sooner I can go home and sleep.."

"You are so lazy! be a lil' enthusiastic will you? you just won!" scolded a dissapointed Ino. Shikamaru just leaned over the railings and looked to her "Yeah, yeah...whatever.."

Down below, Yahiko looked on to the conversation and then proceeded to look to the computerized screen for the next match, so far, the matches had been uninteresting to him save for Lee's fight with Gaara and Sasuke's fight...he had watched a number of participants performed including Neji and Hinata Hyuuga. If he hadn't intervened at that moment, Hinata would've died. He had pinned Neji to the ground, his knee was ontop of his head and he had drove Neji's face into the ground stopping the match effectively. Gai had reprimanded him for injuring his student but Yahiko had stated that Hinata was a comrade to Neji and that he should either learn that or it should be taught to him by Yahiko, himself...this had promptly silenced the jonin. The next match had consisted of Sakura and Ino; with both of them coming to a draw...thanks to a certain blonde haired teenager...Yahiko silently snuck a glance at Naruto and smirked at him.

"You just can't shut up..can you Naruto?" silenetly chuckled Yahiko, his musings then came back to the screen to find the enxt matchup now decided. His gaze softened into a surprise. Letting out an audible sigh, he called out the participants "Will Naruto Uzumaki and Kiba Inazuka come down to the arena please...we will begin the match as soon as possible.."

Naruto grinned in surprise and then pumped his fist "Yeah! finally my turn!" he then looked to Kakashi and Rin respectively. Kakashi looked to Naruto and then proceeded to give him some advice "Naruto...teamwork isn't applicable here, so all bets are off...do your best" eye smiled Kakashi "Show them how much you've grown..."

Rin looked on as well and smiled at Naruto "Give it your best, don't hold back; you got it?"

"Yeah! I definetly will! thanks Kakashi sensei! Rin-nee chan!" they watched as he promptly jumped from the balcony and onto the ground. Rin twitched in anger as she looked to the blonde "I thought I told you to call me sensei from now on...Naruto."

Similarly, to the balcony oppostite to them, Kiba Inazuka grinned as his dog, akamaru barked at him "Yeah! we're up against the kid! let's do this!"...but before he could jump into the fray. A voice rang out to him "Kiba.."

"Huh? Kurenai sensei?.."

"Be careful, Naruto has been trained by Yahiko; there's no telling what he might pull out, be on your guard"

"Oh! I'll be fine, Kurenai sensei; he was nothing but a failure back in the academy days; heh I won't even break a sweat! just watch!" grinned Kiba. Kurenai let out an audible sigh and then nodded her head prompting the young Inuzuka to jump down into the arena.

Naruto held a determined gaze as he stood infront of the Inazuka, Kiba did the same but with a verbal abuse to his opponent "Ready to lose punk?"

"In your dreams, dog breath" grinned Naruto.

Yahiko silently snuck a glance at Naruto, he couldn't be biased in this match; that was the main reason the hokage had given him the position for the proctor of the exam; so that he would learn to make decisions down the middle and not favouring any of the participants.. "Alright...begin!"

Naruto immedeatly drew back and started making seals, Kiba's eyes widened at the speed of the seals that the young Uzumaki had made, Yahiko silently looked on as Naruto did the same. Kiba then moved to attack the young Uzumaki with superior speed but was too late as Naruto finished the seals and then brought a hand to his mouth and drew back his mouth. "Wind style: Multi vaccum wave!"

Kiba closed his eyes as he braced fro the impact of the jutsu, he stopped as did Naruto who let out a small breath of air. Yahiko's eyes widened in surprise as the jutsu didn't connect nor did it appear. "What's going on?...why didn't his jutsu!?..is he playing him? " thought a concerned Yahiko. Naruto stood in shock as well but quickly recovered from it and utiilising the moment; punched Kiba in the face sending him flying across the arena. The Inuzuka skidded to a halt as he looked to Naruto in anger "You punk! deceiving me eh!? I'll show you!"

Yahiko looked to Naruto who held a confused expression on his face "I knew it...he wasn't playing...he couldn't use the jutsu! but why? wasn't he able to build enough chakra?...no, he doesn't even need to build it...considering the amount of chakra he already has...he should've been easily able to dispatch it.."

Naruto glanced to Kiba and then looked to his own hands "Why couldn't I?...why couldn't I use the jutsu...It's taking so long to build up chakra, what's happening?" thought a confused Naruto.

Back in the stands, Sakura shouted with enthusiasim at her teammate's enthusiasim "Yeah! that's the way Naruto! good plan!"

Choji and Ino also supported her in the endeavor as they looked on as well "That's the way Naruto! come on! one more! you can do it!"

Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head and looked to them and chuckled "Hehe...can't say I planned it.."

Kakashi analysed the statement and the action that Naruto executed, He slowly opened and slided his headband upwards and his sharingan eye came into play "Something's wrong..." stated a concerned Kakashi. Rin and Gai heard him as they looked on "What's the matter Kakashi?" asked a condused Gai.

"Naruto...didn't fake that jutsu" stated Kakashi "He couldn't build up enough chakra to do it"

"What?" asked a surprised Rin, she then looked back to the match as Naruto adopted a fighting stance. "He's on a handicap then...worse than a handicap" muttered Rin.

Yahiko at that moment, didn; know what to do; for one he couldn't interfere in th ematch up but he knew that Naruto's sudden irregular control of chakra had something to do wtih Orochimaru. But he couldn't stop the match; if he did, that would be an immediate forfeit and he knew Naruto wouldn't forgive him if he did that. He let out an audible sigh and then his gaze softened as he looked to the young Uzumaki "Don't give up Naruto...you can do it."

Naruto looked back to his hands as a cold wave of doubt settled over him "What's going on?...why couldn't I use that wind jutsu!?"...he then looked to Yahiko who stood indefferent towards him. he clenched his fist and then looked to Kiba, who had now called out to his faithful pet. Naruto blinked as a small white puppy barked and stood infront of his oppenent.

"Eh?..." he picked up the puppy by it's front limbs and showed it to Kiba "Oi, that's kinda unfair using Akamaru for the battle, Kiba..." he then looked over to Yahiko who stood with his arms shoved into his pockets "Oi...carrot nii-san! isn't that unfair?!"

Yahiko rubbed his forehead in frustration and then looked up to reply to Naruto "It's not unfair, Akamaru is a ninken...they are used as ninja tools Naruto.." explained Yahiko. Naruto held on to the statement for a moment and then looked to Akamaru "Oh..."..He then threw Akamaru a fare distance away.

"What the hell did you do that for?!" shouted a now angered Kiba.

"Well you said he was a ninja tool right? so I kinda just thr-

"Shut your mouth!" shouted an enraged Kiba, he charged forward once more as Naruto looked on, bringing up both his arms; he made the sign for his trademark jutsu and then, two clones of Naruto popped up next to him. Naruto blinked in surprise as he glanced at the two clones "I thought I was making four of them, what's goin' on?"

Kiba however stopped midway and moved to survey the situation, he then glanced at Akamaru who came running back to him. He smirked and then pulled out a brown pill from his weapons pouch and threw it to the dog. Naruto blinked as Akamaru ate the pill, he narrowed his eyes as he looked on and then in a heartbeat, he was sent flying to the wall behind him. His clones reacted and moved to hit Kiba, only for another blur of speed to take them down. A *poof* sound could be heard and Naruto was laying in a corner with a small amount of blood falling from his mouth. He slowly wiped it and got up.

"What was that?...I couldn't even react" muttered a now shocked Naruto.

Yahiko however narrowed his eyes at the sudden beating that Naruto had taken "A food pill..." He then glanced up to the stands to a certain red eyed jonin "To think that you'd actually make him take that Kurenai-san...giving it to Akamaru nonetheless, this is not looking good for Naruto; he's not able to stabilise his chakra...and use the required amount, but I can't stop the match; Naruto, you have to do this on your own...I can't help you here"

"What's the matter? is that all you got punk? where'd all that confidence go?" shouted an arrogant Kiba. Naruto slowly got up and then smirked at him.

"What?...confidence? it's right here, dogbreath..come and get me!" shouted Naruto, his grin rivaled that of his plan that he had now come up in the short amount of time that he was fallen to the floor.

"Why! you!" shouted an angered Kiba "Let's go Akamaru! fang over fang attack!"

Naruto smirked as the duo spun towards him in blinding speed, Kiba blinked as he watched Naruto's left arm reach into his pouch and before the attack could connect, Naruto threw down a smoke pill. The white smoke covered the lower par tof the arena, Yahiko staggered back away from the smoke and looked on at what was happening.

Within the smoke, Naruto smirked and made three clones; of which had transformed into his opponent's image. "Tch...where is he?!" shouted an angered Kiba. Kiba's recklessness cost him as he looked to a shadow in the smoke, "Got ya!" and then with one punch sent the figure flying away from the smoke. Yahiko blinked as he watched a clone of Kiba emerged from the smoke and then crashed into the arena's wall. The smoke slowly cleared and Yahiko blinked as he saw four Kiba's standing in the arena.

"What the?..."

A small poof sound could be heard and then the original Kiba looked over to the wall to see a weary Akamaru on the ground unable to move. He called out in worry to his friend and then Naruto smirked as he undid the transformation, "Peek-a-boo!"

"What?!" shouted a surprised Kiba.

Naruto grinned as he launched Kiba into the air, using his two other clones as a platform; he jumped up and then pushed past Kiba, bringing his right leg down, he sent Kiba flying to the ground, face first into the concrete. Yahiko raised an amused eyebrow as Naruto stood on the ground panting.

"Chakra...or no chakra, I-I never give up and I never go back on my word! that's my nindo! my ninja way!" shouted an enthusiastic Naruto, he slowly looked to Yahiko and gave him a thumbs up. The older boy who in turn just smirked right back at him. Yahiko didn't know why but he felt a surge of pride of watching Naruto come out on top. He let out an audible sigh and walked to the fallen form of Kiba. He then looked to Naruto once more

"You did good...Naruto" smiled Yahiko.

Naruto just grinned back at his older brother and then Yahiko looked to upwards to the participants

"This match is over! the winner is Naruto Uzumaki!"

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